My Team 2018: Round 14

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Points for and against – Season

ADE 159740.91620.53.61.2

Click here for Fantasy points against stats thanks to Morts from @DFSAustralia


  • Def: Laird, Lloyd, Sicily, Brayshaw (mel), Austin, Doedee (Pearce, Naughton)
    Mid: Titch, Coniglio, Sidebottom, Gibbs, Neale, Merret, banfield (Fogarty, Ahern)
    Ruc: Gawn, Martin (Cameron, Mcinerney)
    Fwd: Mclean, D Smith, Heeney, Fritsch, Rockliff, L Ryan (Gowers, Battle)
    12k in bank

    which trades
    A. Doedee -> Yeo
    Banfield -> Redman
    Naughton -> J Smith

    B. Doedee -> Yeo
    Banfield -> Wingard
    Fritsch -> J Smith

    I love fritta but Wingard is at prime price/be rn

  • Hannebery at 399k… will he ever return to form?

  • Macrae to 1.Curnow 2.Kelly 3.Sidebottom (someone different)

  • Macrae > Wingard
    Kelly > Kelly
    Murphy > J.Smith
    Thoughts on this, leaves me with 323k.

  • Merrett or Wines?

  • Def: Lloyd, Simpson, Jones, Burton, Doedee, Rice (Duman, Ridley)
    Mid: Macrae, Mitchell, Treloar, Fyfe, Coniglio, Beams, Merrett, Seedsman (Ahern, Phillips)
    Ruck: Gawn, Martin (Frampton, Cameron)
    Fwd: Smith, Heeney, Westhoff, Gray, Rockliff, Taranto (Battle, Clarke)

    Looking at going Macrae, Seedsman, and Doedee > Wines, Whitfield & Wingard. Leaves me 68k for next week. Throws Rocky in at M8 for me and Wingard at F6.

    Or I can go Yeo instead of Whitfield but a lot less left over for next week.

    Any input would be great, cheers.

  • A Pearce- J Smith
    Macrae – Kelly
    Seedsman – Yeo

    Hopefully with a bit of luck I can actually field 18 this week….

  • wingard vs rockliff? will wingard continue that mid role? Wingard has a BE of 32 and Rockliff has a BE of 65.

    Winged gives me 150k in the bank for next week and rockliff gives me 94k

    Would love to know some thoughts!

    • I own both and either of them is a bit of a gamble to be honest. Both can go huge and equally flop depending on role. Wingard’s concern is a return to the forward line whilst rocky’s worry is the tag role. I personally believe you can’t go wrong with either atm so you may as well play the BE game and go Wingard. With the coaching staff happy with Gray’s performance in the fwd line atm, Wingard looks safe in the mids for now.

      • Wingard and his role does worry me. Especially with easy games coming up swell. If winged keeps playing well in the mids then i find it hard for port to take him out of there. Gray and Winged played in the guts at stages together so i think they are starting to find the right balance now.

        I like wingard and i think he could be a good F6 for the rest of the season and average 90-95 if his role is consistent.

      • I own both too. you have nothing to lose with either through the byes imo and then monitor from then on….I just wish I didn’t have to carry Gray, I think he’s the weakest link atm

    • Wingard’s role is no revelation. Take out his game ending injury and averaged 102 from round five last year. Only behind Sidebottom and Macrae. I started him this season for that reason. Averaged 64 and lost $130,000 before getting cut in round six.

      Too many players can take that spot and Hinkley likes him forward, where he has made All-Australian team and been Port’s leading season goal kicker. Gray’s best seasons have been more in midfield. Quite possible this shift is just to find form before moving around again.

  • Cogs vs Kelly?

    What do people realistically think both will ave from now to the end of the season?

    If I bring in cogs I can ditch poholke otherwise he stays as bench fodder if I go Kelly.

    • kelly and cogs should both average around 110-115 and they are both stars. GWS face must win games in the next month and those guys need to be at their best. Kelly takes the pressure of cogs ward and shiel and makes all of them better. Cant go wrong with either and in the end you might need both by the time r23 comes along. The plan for me is probably get both of them. Cogs probably won’t be tagged which is a major advantage and kelly might cop attention if he starts to dominate.

    • I reckon Kelly goes 110-120 from here. Every time I match up against someone with him in the team I lose… he comes in for me this week (thanks for fkn nothing, Luke Parker)

  • Stuck with what will be my third trade this week:

    Sauce to Grundy
    Banfield to Redman (500k for next week double up) (Field McInerny for Sauce)
    Banfield to J.Kelly (Field McInerny for Sauce)
    Thoughts appreciated, Cheers

    • if u could go option three and get in a premo ruck week then yes, if u can’t get a premo ruck next week then go option 2, Sauce does not NEED to go this week, however he NEEDS to go in the next 2 weeks

      • True, but is their even any point in trading Sauce before someone like Banfield when he is not leaking cash anymore?

        • Upgrading sauce to Grundy will net you more points than Banfield to a premo mid so I agree option 2.

  • quick question where is the delete team option, so that i can just quit fantasy for the rest of the year, and then wait for ever just for next season, just to become far too emotionally attached to fantasy, and only to do shit like every other year and then repeat the whole experience for the next 20-30 years.

  • Mason redman or Tim Smith?

  • New
    Going to need a little bit of help for this week, scratching my head

    Laird, Brayshaw, Sicily, Yeo, J. Smith, J. Henry, (Austin, Doedee)
    Treloar, Gaff, Oliver, Cripps, Merrett, Danger, J.P.K, Fyfe, (Giro, Phillips)
    Gawn, Nic Nat, (Cameron, Hunter…..)
    Mclean, Gray, Rockliff, Fritta, Ahern, Spargo, (Ronke, Heeney)

    20k in the bank, only options I think I have is Doedee/Henry -> Redman & a premo. No idea for the third, any ideas?

    • You hanging on to Phillips for any special reason? He’ll free up some cash to upgrade either Spargo or Ronke when you’re sick of them

      • Honestly just was thinking he’d be generating a bit more cash next week if selected, and also don’t know who to downgrade/upgrade him to

        • I would look at getting Wingard for Ronke, while cheap. Alternatively, you could pick up Grundy for Nicnat or try trade Doedee to Simmo/Whitfield

  • `Joel Smith` corrections

  • Plwase answer, Mason Redman or Joel Smith….Why???

  • DEF: Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Whitfield, Sicily, Austin (Rice, Coffield)
    MID: Titchell, Treloar, Curnow, Cogs, Gibbs, Parker, Rocky, Brayshaw (Mutch, Ahern)
    RUCK: Gawn, Stef
    FWD: Mclean, Heeney, Smith, Fritsch, Taranto, Guelfi (Ryan, Wilson)


    1) Coffield, Austin, Brayshaw >> Smith, Redman, J.Kelly + 131k

    2) Coffield, Parker, Brayshaw >> Smith, Wingard, J.Kelly + 46k

    3) Coffield, Mutch, Austin >> Smith, Redman, Simmo + 55k

  • Ainsworth/Phillips/Mutch/Spargo for premo mid (have 527k in the back)
    Options please

  • Tim Kelly to Wingard or Trelor
    Going Wingard leaves me with 260k and trelor leaves me with 60k
    Please help

  • Hey Guys

    644K this week

    Guelfi > Westhoff
    Dodee> Whitfield or Simpson
    Rice > Redman


  • Austin-> J Smith
    Ronke -> Wingard
    Parker-> Kelly

    Def: Simmo, Yeo, Howe, J Smith, Doedee*, Rice* (Lloyd*, Laird*)

    Mid: Cogs, Titch, Kelly, Rocky, Zerrett, Treloar, McLean, Ahern (Gibbs*, Neale*)

    Ruck: Gawn, NicNat (McInerney, Cameron*)

    Fwd: D Smith, Fritsch, Sic, Gray, Wingard, L Ryan (Apeness*, Wilson*)

    Am tempted by both Steele or Zork in exchange for Kelly. Also banking on McLean getting up this week for a solid 20.

    Next week thinking try swing Rock/McLean forward, Sic dog back and maybe, if the numbers come out, Ryan-> Battle and Doedee to Franklin. Would leave me with only Nicnat -> Grundy, and one of Fritsch/Gray-> someone like Zorko or a bottomed out Macrae in a few weeks for a complete team. Alternatively, could double downgrade to get Grundy/Stef ASAP. Their absence has been killing me with Nicnat on low minutes

  • Cog or Kelly? Both averaging 112

    • Kelly has a higher ceiling but I/m not yet 100% convinced (about 90% atm) and he could get tagged if he dominates, Cogs has less chance of a tag

  • Current team

    Laird, Lloyd, Yeo, Brayshaw, Doedee, Burton (Naughton, Stoddart)

    Macrae, Titch, Jelly, Cogs, Merrett, Zorko, Cripps, Cunico (J. Smith, Phillips)

    Gawn, NN (Crossley, Cameron)

    McLean, Gray, Smith, Rocky, Fritta, Wingard (Ronke, Ahern)
    154k in bank

    Thinking for this week.
    Macrae —> Wines or Treloar
    Doedee —> Crisp or Whitfield
    Naughton —> Redman

    Works out to be about a 160k difference if I take the cheaper options (Whitfield and Wines) but on the other hand I like the consistency that Treloar and Crisp will bring. Especially considering I’ve already got a lot of speculative high potential guys already (most of them being from Port as well).

  • J Kelly or Sidebottom?

  • Chances of Ridley or Tim Smith playing this week? I know I can just wait to teams but thought I would ask in case anyone had a better indication.


  • DEF: Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Howe, Austin, Doedee ( Ridley/Rice )
    MID: Titch, Cogs, Treloar, Cripps, Wines, Angus Brayshaw, Merrett, Ahern (Mutch/
    E Phillips)
    RUCK: Gawn, Jacobs (Cameron/McInerney)
    FWD: McLean, D Smith, Heeney, Rockliff, Guelfi, Christensen (Wilson/L Ryan)
    Bank = $118k

    If all traded in players play i have 20 this week.


    1) Doedee -> J Smith
    Jacobs -> Grundy
    Ridley -> Redman
    Bank= $109k

    2) Doedee -> Burton
    McInerney -> Abbott/Flynn
    Jaboccs -> Martin
    Bank = $42k

    3) Doedee -> J Smith
    Austin -> Redman
    Ridley -> Zorko ( via DPP )
    Bank = $69k

  • Who has the highest “low” score so far this year, as in who is the most consistent with their scores across 10+ rounds, injury & tag games included?

    It was Macrae up until the weekend, but now I see Selwood at the top with 87?

  • Def: Laird Yeo Lloyd Simpson Blakely Austin (Rice, Brander)
    Mid: Titch Curnow Neale Gibbs Parker Merrett Rockliff Brayshaw (Phillips Clarke)
    Ruck: Gawn Stef (McInerny Cameron)
    Fwd: McLean Heeney Smith Westhoff Christensen Guelfi (Ahern, Wilson)

    50k in the bank, thinking of trading Austin, Rice and Phillips > Smith, Redman and Josh Kelly. Thoughts? Not sure what to do.

  • Thoughts on Wines or J.Kelly?

    120K in the bank if I go for Wines.

  • Need forward to trade walters to.
    Thinking of wingard or billings or should I keep him

  • Currently having a problem choosing between Yeo and Crisp.

    I like Crisps fixtures in the coming weeks over WCE, but Yep has definitely been playing more Midfield.

    Does Yeos tough matchups make him a better choice? ie more +4s?

  • Who do I trade out of Austin and Rice

    • Milkies reckon Austin, and I tend to agree. Anyone capable of scoring 7 points over three quarters — Rocky aside — needs to go.

  • D: Yeo, Lloyd, Simpson, Doedee, SicDawg, DBJ (Austin, Laird)

    M: Tictch, Danger, Holman, Neale, Phillips, Rocky, Spargo, Zerrett (Ahern, T. Brown)

    R: SMartin, Gawn (Frampton, Crossley)

    F: Heeney, McLean, D. Smith, Hoff, Fritsch, Gray (Kerr, Ronke)


    Pretty vanilla trades this week;

    Doedee -> Redman
    Phillips -> Kelly
    J Smith -> Ronke via DPP

    Looking to upgrade DBJ -> Whitfield next week but open to suggestions?

    Danger is getting close to the blade if he doesn’t lift after the bye.

  • What are DBJ and McLean’s chances of playing this week?

  • DBJ to McDonald, Whitfield or Crsip

  • josh kelly over cogs?

  • Which mid to bring in?

    J Kelly
    T Phillips

  • Think I’ve got my trades ready to go. Thoughts on Macrae, Seedsman & Doedee > Wines, Wingard & Yeo? Leaves me 24k.

  • kelly, treloar or sidebottom?

  • who should i trade Macrae too:
    J.Kelly or A.Treloar

  • What the hell is Fantasy Freako talking about (for those who don’t have Twitter). Both Smith’s and Spargo. What does that mean? They are out?

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