My Team 2018: Round 13

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Points for and against – Season

ADE 1608.34.111619.33.71.2

Click here for Fantasy points against stats thanks to Morts from @DFSAustralia


  • laird, yeo, seedsman, loyd, logan, doodle, (rice, pearce)

    mitchell coniglo, danger, curnow, fyfe, cripps, brayshaw, coffield (phillips, ahern)

    Gawn, Jacobs (mcinerney, cameron)

    Mclean, heeney, smith, rokliff, rioli, spargo (clarke, smith)
    got 372 k in the bank

    am thinking, seedsman to simpson as seedsman is stating to drop off

    then cripps to westhoff, then downgrade smith in the fwd line to someone

    not too sure on what else bit sideways but good chance to sort the side out, not too fussed about the byes, Any thoughts???

  • Laird, Lloyd, Simpson, Yeo, Doedee, Austin (Ridley, Coff)

    Mitchell, Coniglio, Selwood, Zorko, Merrett, JPK, Cunico, Spargo (Phillips, Giro)

    Gawn, Stef (Cameron, English)

    Taranto, Robinson, Heeney, Rockliff, D.Smith Guelfi, (Ahern, T.Smith)

    Bank: 812k

    Thinking of going Spargo ->E.Curnow, Taranto -> McLean and Guelfi -> Westhoff ($0 left)


    • Nice! Always feels like it’s meant to be when you have the exact cash…

      Curious to know why you prefer the Hoff over Sicily?

      • Think he’s more consistent and will Hopefully push him fwd at some stage . I’m also hopefully gunna get Mcdonald from the dees down back next week all going well as a bit of a pod

      • Consistency, better average and less brain fades

  • Hi all

    Westhoff or Sicily?

  • Trade Coniglio to Gaff? Loving Gaff rn and really want him in but it will probably come at the expense of Cogs. Just a bit worried about his post-concussion games, give how Merrett played after his. Any idea?

    • Fooz

      Gaff still needs to learn how to tackle IMO.

    • Wouldn’t compare Merrett to Coniglio as Merrett couldn’t handle a tag. Coniglio will be fine and in regards to Gaff, from personal experience he is great besides he doesn’t tackle or can handle a tag.

  • What’s the better trade?

    1. Hibberd, Walters & Ridley > Burton, Wingard & Bryce-Jones and 40k for next week? 15 on the field this week.

    2. Christensen, Walters & Hibberd > Westhoff, Burton & Bryce-Jones and 62k for next week? 16 on the field.

    Going by a suggestion someone made earlier and playing the breakevens this week. But would having 3 Port players in the forward line be too much. Westhoff, Gray & Rocky?

  • My dilemma for the week

    Gaff or Curnow? Cheers

  • read the versus article, however in my opinion, just go with whoever is cheaper, u never know when the extra 3 or 4k could come in handy

  • need help
    0k in the bank (triple upgrade last week)
    DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Brayshaw, Seedsman, Hibberd, Austin (pearce and ridley)
    MID: Titch, zorko, Cogs, Gibbs, Merret, Parker, JOM, Phillps (ed) (brayshaw and coffield)
    RUCK: Gawn and Jacobs (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: Mclean, Menegola, Heeney, Walters, Fritsch, Waterman (Smith (tim) and ZGL)
    thoughts thanks

  • Thoughts on trades and team for this week?
    OUT T.Kelly, Coffield, J.Higgins
    IN Gaff, Burton, Sicily
    $6k Salary

    DEF Laird, Simpson, Sicily, Burton, Doedee, Austin [Rice, Witherden]
    MID T.Mitchell (c), Gaff, Fyfe, Dangerfield, Neale, Bontempelli, Banfield, E.Phillips [Coniglio, Ahern]
    RUC S.Martin, Cameron [Gawn, McInerney]
    FWD McLean (vc), Westhoff, Heeney, Rockliff, Ronke, Murphy [D.Smith, T.Smith]

  • This is what Iam thinking:

    I am bringing in Gaff this week for Guelfi.

    Next week Seedsman – Kelly, banking $246
    After the bye its either Nic Nat – Grundy, or Bont to Macrae.

  • Need help deciding between the following 2 options.

    1 – Trade Seedsman to Curnow which will mean trading out Tim Kelly and Cunico next week

    2 – Trade Seedsman to Yeo which will mean trading out Tim Kelly and Austin/Doedee

    I know that Curnow is likely to outscore Yeo but also think that Austin/Doedee should go before Cunico.

    Thanks for any suggestions/input.

  • Any chance there’ll be news of Laird before the bounce tonight?!

    Seedsman will get another last chance, and lose some more $$, if Laird is out..

    • I highly doubt Laird will play this week mate, id say 80/20% he wont play.
      Seedsman will drop about $25K this week, but is a heartbeat on the field.

      Could even score over 70 lol

    • Fooz

      I think that Adelaide, where they are on the ladder, will have to play Laird – broken hand and all.

      So I’m going to hold Laird and trade out Seedsman – as I think the injury that Seedsman had when he was a late withdrawal – the abdominal strain – is still lingering, and he is definitely losing cash… and Laird’s fitness isn’t in question, it’s just a widdle bwoken bone in his hand.

  • spargo to macrae (59K left)


    Giles-langon to westhoff (237k left)

  • Hold Dusty Martin still if he is named? If not, who should I trade him to?

  • Any help is appreciated.

    My team before trades:

    DEF: Whitfield, Laird, Simpson, Austin, Rice, Doedee (Murray, Mihocek)

    MID: Macrae, Mitchell, Gibbs, Seedsman, Taranto, Kelly(Gee), Spargo, Giro (Fogarty Banfield)

    RUCK: Grundy, Martin (McInerney, Pittonet)

    FWD: McLean, Heeney, Smith, Sicily, RGray, Fritsch (Giles-Langdon, Murphy)

    Cash: $22k

    18 “available”.

    I was thinking Murray, ZGL and Banfield for Wingard, Wines and Wilson. Leaving me with $32K. It also still leaves me with Fogarty, Pittonet and Murphy who I all want to get rid of though.

  • Fooz

    Does anyone know if there’s a loophole (partial lockout) for RDT ?

    And as I’m still cutting my teeth on Supercoach – is that a rolling lockout always?

    Cheers all

  • Fooz

    State of the Game Questions for the broader community:

    a) Do faster contests and more open play mean higher fantasy scoring? i.e. Would it mean more +6s (mark/kick combo) than +4 (tackles) in tighter games…?

    b) I read that Danger et al. want the length of the game trimmed down to 100 minutes. Interesting how quickly people forget that the games used to be 25 minutes + time on in a quarter, and now they are only 20 minutes + time on… So question is: If the footy players want shorter games can we then have more of them… e.g. a 34 round season where everyone plays everyone else twice? Imagine the fantasy season going that long!!!

  • Have only 20k in the bank, who goes and who trade in

    Laird/ Lloyd/ Austin/ Sicily/ Seedsman/ doedee (Pearce/ Ridley)
    Macrae/ titch/ Cong/ treloar/ fyfe/ zerrett/ ahern/ Phillips (stephenson/ spargo)
    Gawn/ goldy (mcinery/ cameron)
    Mclean/ westy/ Heeney/ d smith/ rocky/ Taranto (ZGL/ keeffe)


  • Fooz

    Phillips and Murphy out.
    Brings forward panic trades.

    Muprhy > Wilson
    Pearce > Brander
    ZGL > Westhoff

  • Okay, with my team I need to trade Laird, Phillips and Ah Chee this week to field 18 this week and field 18 next week.

    So looking at a few options:

    Laird –> Yeo
    Phillips –> Gaff
    Ah Chee –> Wingard
    (Leaving me with $8k)


    Laird –> DBJ
    Phillips –> Curnow
    Ah Chee –> Wingard
    (Leaving me with $62k)


    Laird –> Yeo
    Phillips –> Curnow
    Ah Chee –> Kerr (from Carlton)
    (Leaving me with $242k for next week)

    Thoughts would be great please?

    • Fish, you gotta do what you think is best,
      Obviously leaving no cash in the bank is a dumb move but 3 premiums is tempting

      DBJ is looking like a Zach Tuohy scorer which is a Tick in my book,
      Number 2 is what id pick, but i dont like Wingard

      But 2 is my pick out of those options,

      Good luck

    • I’d go 1 but only just over 2. Avoiding two Port trades lets you wait for Friday teams.

      You say you have to but it’s a pity about Phillips, he has plenty of money to make.

  • Fielding 20 this week,

    Basically all sideways but not too shabby,

    Laird to Sicily
    Hogan to Macrae
    Crowden to Pat Wilson

    Def: Yeo, Tuohy, Ryan, Doedee, Austin, Rice (Brayshaw, Murphy)

    Mid: Titch, Danger, Macrae, Zerrett, Westoff, Rocky, Neale, Banfield (Ahern, Worpel)

    Ruck: Gawn, Nank, (Omac, DCam)

    Fwd: McLean, Sicily, Caddy, Dale Thomas, Ronke, Wilson, (Devo Smith, ZGL)

    367k banked,

    Lookin pretty solid!

  • Trade in
    Wines, Wingard, Burton
    Westhoff, Byrne-Jones, Battle

  • Fooz

    Fantasy site just crashed on me. I think my carnage has got to it!

  • Trade in Liam Ryan, Wilson and curnow
    Wingard, Wilson and Simpson
    Got screwed over in team selections as usual

  • curnow or westhoff?? HELPPPP

  • DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Yeo, Simpson, Blakely, Seedsman (Austin, Rice)
    MID: Mitchell, Gibbs, Neale, Merrett, Parker, Rockliff, Brayshaw, Phillips (Mutch, Clarke)
    RUC: Gawn, Martin (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: McLean, Smith, Heeney, Westhoff, Christensen, Guelfi (Tim Smith, Ahern)

    76k, Phillips out is annoying. Thinking of doing:
    Seedsman > Brander
    Tim Smith > Ballard
    Phillips > Curnow leaving 92k or do I go Mutch > Gaff leaving 9k. Any other trade ideas are welcome, thanks.

    • I’ve got Phillips but am trading Guelfi in front of him

    • Hey mate – id go phillips to Curnow. better bank for next week (still important), Curnow decent run ahead, can still grab Gaff next week (reports are mutch killed it in 2s, ?more chance to come back and make more coin then phillips).

      Just my 2c

  • Which two to field of these three? Rice, Austin and Doedee?

    Gaff or Curnow? going to have to trade Coniglio to field 18 :(

  • Wingard or Liam Ryan?

    Don’t know whether I can trust Wingard so thinking of getting a rookie (despite being pretty expensive) instead to bank some cash for next week?

  • What’s better ?

    T.Kelly/ Drew. Brayshaw/ Phillips


    Wingard/ McLean/ Apeness


    Kelly/ Brayshaw/ Phillips


    Wingard, Hunter, Liam Ryan?

  • Yeo or DBJ

  • So after my bye plans got thrown out the window by good rookies being dropped (Murray, T.Smith, E.Phillips,…Billings), inopportune injuries (Laird, Coniglio, Pearce) and dusty having a mid-season break to freshen up for his bender planned for the bye weekend I have just managed to scrape together 18 on field again for the 2nd week running.

    What do you lads think of:
    Out: Zerrett, Murray, Phillips
    In: Gaff, McLean (VC), Brander +50k left

    Shame to kick Zerrett, but not 100% convinced he is top line mid for rest of season now with increased focus with heppell being out for a bit, whereas Gaff is looking top 10 and McLean is must have fwd line.

  • man can not f**king decide between gaff and curnow, yeo and dbj pls help out

  • DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Yeo, Simpson, Blakely, Seedsman (Austin, Rice)
    MID: Mitchell, Gibbs, Neale, Merrett, Parker, Rockliff, Brayshaw, Phillips (Mutch, Clarke)
    RUC: Gawn, Martin (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: McLean, Smith, Heeney, Westhoff, Christensen, Guelfi (Tim Smith, Ahern)

    76k. After reversing my trades countless times, I think i’ve come to my final decision for trades this week.
    Seedsman > Brander
    Tim Smith > Patty Wilson
    Mutch > Curnow, leaving 50k

    This leaves 17 on field this week. Need to trade out Seedsman, losing way too much $ and has the bye next week which I’m heavy on. Hopefully Brander can stay in the side for a month or so… Patty Wilson looks to be the popular rookie this week and should stay in Adelaide’s depleted side if they get a win. Finally trading Mutch > Curnow who is the best premo I can get IMO. Clarke should come in over Mutch next week for the bombers having 38 disposals and 11 tackles in the VFL. This will also leave me with 15 on field before trades next week, 16 if Clarke is named. 50k I can use and aim to get Kelly in next week.

    Quite long but i’d appreciate other’s opinions on the trades/plan, good luck with the rest of the byes.

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