My Team 2018: Round 10

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Points for and against – Season

ADE 1575.74.30.3164341.3

Points for and against – Last 3

ADE 1575.74.30.3164341.3

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  • Finlayson to Simpson or Billings to buddy
    If I do the latter I have to trade fritch to get rocky next week but if I do the former I can use billings for him
    Suggestions? Cheers guys

  • DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Ryan, Doedee, Murray, Coffield (Finlayson, Murphy)
    MID: Macrae, Mitchell, Fyfe, Coniglio, Merrett, Whitfield, Kelly, Phillips (Banfield, Mutch)
    RUCK: Martin, Gawn (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: McLean, Heeney, Smith, Taranto, Ronke, Guelfi (Giles-Langdon, Spargo)

    Cash: $193k

    Currently have gone Coffield to Yeo and Finlayson to Ridley leaving $79k thoughts on trades and other options appreciated..

  • Hey legends, just a quick thanks to everyone giving advice on this site!
    Ranked well inside the top 500 so some help for this week would be greatly appreciated!

    Def: laird, yeo, lloyd, doedee, murray, cumming (oshea, pearce)
    Mid: macrae, titch, cogs, jelwood, beams, parker, merrett, phillips (banfield, fog)
    Ruck: gawn, stef (big O, cameron)
    Forward: mclean, menegola, taranto, smith, waterman, guelfi (rockliff, gowers)
    Bank: 4k

    Thinking of a double downgrade of oshea-> ridley/rice and waterman-> smith as my cash generation is shot and i cant do any meaningful upgrades. Thoughts?

    • I’d be moving cummings on ASAP and wouldn’t be very confident in fielding him. And I’d go Rice over Ridley due to JS and incoming byes. But depends what suits bye structure. Personally I’d be leaning towards Clarke over Smith.

      • yeah cummings was very average, the idea was to bring in either rice or ridley to field over him. if hes dropped this week then he wont leak cash but oshea will. Id rather clarke over smith too, however i am cautious about having too many essendon players!

  • Fantasy-
    Def: Laird, Tuohy, Ryan, Murray, Doedee, Finlayson (Naughton, Murphy)

    Mid: Titch, Danger, Cogs, Merrett, Neale, Thomas, Caddy, Banfield, (rocky, Worpel)

    Ruck: Gawn, Nank, (omac, DCam)

    Fwd: McLean, Smith, Hogan, Christensen, Ronke, Waterman, (Langdon, Crowden)

    112k banked,

    Doing finlayson to Angus Brayshaw and Waterman to Tim smith

    Caddy and Thomas will come down forward soon but it’s good for dpp for bye rounds.


    • Hey fatman, your team still looks similar to round one. Gotten absolutely nowhere. All talk at the start of the year yet you can’t even manage to get a decent set of promos already halfway through the year. What a squeezer…. say hi to the rest of the village people

  • Hibbered to Rudley
    Dusty to Macrae.

    What are your thoughts fellas

  • Play Ridley or Coffield on the field?

  • Yeo or Lloyd?
    Considering injury, form, role etc.

    • Yeo

      • Lloyd easy. Good bye and consistent. Yeo is injury prone and might not be playing. I’ve never listened to batgirl above. He can’t even string a good side together this stage of the year and he continues to blurt our inconsistent advice lol.

        • Lets back up a second- Gregga, Who are you?
          And Yeo is a tackling Machine, he’s also the eagles’ no. 1- 2 best mid, he gets the ball and maintains a consistent 25 disposal average, (without injury) Lloyd goes missing,

          Gotta think which player has a more fantasy friendly role and who is more likely to go missing,

          • he is a top bloke, loves to banter like a banter thing.

            he once made a really funny joke calling me gayderade. I laughed so hard my stomach started hurting.

  • LOL@ rookie carnage

  • ffs, it is like a full bye round, likely one donut, hoping no late changes

  • Murray, Coffield, Clarke, Mutch still not back, Yeo possible late out. Yuck

  • got rid of most looking good

  • A.Pearce – Ridley (Hold Murray)
    Banfield – Curnow/Kelly
    Murray and Doedee to any 2 defenders
    Current Backline is
    Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Simpson, Murray and Doedee

  • DEF: Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Simmo, Seedsman, Murray (Coffield, O’Shea)
    MID: Mitchell, Neale, Gibbs, Merrett, Parker, Kelly, Brayshaw, Phillips (Mutch, Clarke)
    RUC: Gawn, Martin (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: McLean, Heeney, D.Smith, Billings, Bundy, Guelfi (Rioli, ZGL)

    60k in the bank.
    Murray, Coff and no MID cover. Should I do Coffield > Ridley/Rice/Stoddart and Murray > Either Sicily or Blakely? This will leave me around 100k. Thoughts on what trades to do would be appreciated, cheers.

    • Coff to Ridley/Rice and Murray to Sicily is what I’d do, I’d expect Sicily to respond after last week. I can’t really say who’s the better pick out of Ridley and Rice. Ridley obviously has the higher scoring potential but both have shakey js imo.

  • Got 243k in the bank, probably gonna go Coff > Ridley/Rice and Finlayson > Any defender. Was keen on going to Yeo but now he is uncertain so not sure if thats a good plan anymore. Need more r12 byes but already have Sicily and dont really trust Simmo so thinking Seedsman is my best bet. Leaves me with 159k to do a downgrade upgrade to grab Rocky next week. Thoughts?

  • Love the carnage this week. Should help separate the men from the boys.

  • those riding the wave of rookie backs overachieving while sideways trading and those upgrading their whole team

    • ranking?

    • This.

      I complete my backline this week, have a playing emergency just in case Yeo is a late out and have only 3 rookies left in my starting 22.

      Meanwhile, the hindsight haters are struggling…

      • Same but with 1 rookie in each line (barring the ruck). However if Murphy and Poholke get dropped, I’ll be stuck with 4 still 😔

      • wow your a big boy!!! whats your ranking cobba

        • A big boy? You’ll find me inside the top 10 champ 😉

        • For farks sake squeezer who give a flying fark about other people ranking, just shut the fark up and play the game or go back to maccas and try to break your record of eating the whole place dry you fat ole

  • Guys,

    What’s better:
    Trade out Duman and Crowden for Rice and Smith and play Rice for Murray this week
    Crowden and Murray for Mitch Lewis and Whitfield or Crisp?

  • Can have anyone under 686k? Who?
    Already have Whitfield, Brayshaw, Withereen, Sicily, Taranto and Merrett

  • Play
    Yeo and T Kelly
    Macrae and Mirra?

  • Really need Help this time Guys

    DEF Laird,Simpson,Seedsman,Murray,Doedee,Mirra(Naughton,Pearce)

    MIDS Macrae,Mitchell,Conig,Danger,Gibbs,Dusty,Dow,Phillips(Crowden,Mutch)

    RUCKS Gawn,Martin(Flynn,Cameron)

    FWD McLean,Heeney,Smith,Christensen,Ronke,Guelfi(Waterman,Venables)

    CASH 2k Hate having Dow on field…Murray(B/E 67 to Ridley…Dow to Taranto,Langdon..Daisy Thomas

    Thoughts Guys please…Thanks

  • Posted this on the Teams post
    Has anyone have concerns with Ridley being in the team come the byes. Worsfold has shown with both Mutch and Guelfi that he plays them for a few games then rests them.

    • Yep. Essendon selection is like pin the tail on the donkey. Guelfi was playing well, then gets dropped, then brought back in after average VFL output. Clarke smashing it on ball at VFL but can’t get game, then gets selected and plays forward pocket, then despite his tackling numbers at VFL gets dropped for a back pocket. Mutch etc.

      At this point of the season you need JS from your rookies as your #1 priority, and not even Essendon has a clue who their best 22/25 is.

      • Enjoy jumping on Clarke early last week muff.

        • I brought Clarke in a month ago, muppet, and will have no bearing on my scoring this week. In fact, I have no need for him to play a game for the rest of the season.

          Try again, flog.

          • flog comment by a expert in being a flog: “In fact, I have no need for him to play a game for the rest of the season” – shows who the muppet is.

          • You tried having a crack, and still got it wrong, why would I care what a flog poster like you says.

            You can’t play Fantasy Footy and you can’t troll either. You’re useless.

  • 1. Kelly and Mutch to Macrae and Ridley
    2. Coffied and O’Connor to yeo and Ridley
    3. Kelly and Murray to yeo and Simpson

    1.2 or 3

    • 1 Macrae a must have

      • Stimpy, Macrae is not a must have (now) – there’s no such thing.
        What IS a must is ensuring we can field a team across the next five weeks and keep some cash generation happening. We need room on the bench to park bye players, which we won’t have if it’s clogged up with non-players (like Venables, O’Connor etc and now, probably, Crowden).

    • 1 yeo has a medial strain so not worth the risk

  • Crisp or Whit?

    • I like whitfield over crisp

      • i am considering whitfield this week. surely josh kelly’s inclusion is good for gws and hopefully whitfield’s scoring? would whitfield still get tagged you reckon?

        • Will probably have a positive effect on Coniglio more likely. If you look at Whitfields’ scores this year (3/9 tons), he’s not actually tracking that different to previous seasons when he finished averaging somewhere in the 80s (usually with a handful of tons). As an owner, I’m looking to move him on after the byes if he doesn’t improve and there are better top 6 defenders available at that point.

  • laird, yeo, seedsman, murray, finlayson, doodle (pearce, coffield)

    mitchell, curnow, conigilo, danger, cripps, kelly, fyfe, phillips (banfeld, brayshaw)

    gawn, jacobs (mcinereny, cameron)

    mclean, heeney, smith, tarrnto, rayner, rioli (clarke, spargo)

    have 32k in the bank

    first up i guess finlayson to rice etc

    2nd not too sure any suggestions appreiated will give em back

  • Original trades were:
    Coffield > Yeo (R12 bye)
    Finlayson > Ridley (R13 bye)

    But now with Yeo being a possible late out and Ridley’s JS concerns,
    my trades are looking like:
    Coffield > Lloyd (R14 bye)
    Finlayson > Rice (R14 bye)

    The only problem with these two trades is that bringing in two R14 byes will mean all six players on field in my backline will have a R14 bye, which is what I wanted to fix this week, but it looks like the situation has worsened. An alternative to getting Rice/Ridley would be Stoddart, but he also has a R14 bye. And there don’t seem to be many reliable defenders so Lloyd and Yeo would be the only two premo defenders I am willing to trade to. I can’t really risk a Yeo late out because I have no bench cover (Murray and Naughton).

    What on Earth should I do about this situation??

    • do you have any mid /def and mid/fwd

    • Just bring in Yeo. He played the match out and is named on field this week.

    • Well I guess we will know if Yeo gets on the plane or not, but if we find out he does, is it safe to get him knowing I won’t have any cover?

      • OK whatever. Yeo in. (which I would prefer anyway).
        Now, Ridley or Rice? (but everyone is debating that anyway)

        • No idea about the other pick, rookie defenders aren’t on my radar at the moment.

          • Something else that isn’t on your radar is the ability to pick a decent fantasy side, muff.

          • Excuse me if I don’t put to much value in what a bloke ranked at 80k thinks a good team is. The scoreboard speaks for itself, flogj.

        • I’m going with Rice. I can see Ridley being dropped for Hurley once he’s back, listed as a test so i’d assume he’s back within the next 1-2 weeks. Although for all we know Rice could be dropped next week too.

          • Nah not with Nathan Brown and Roberton out for a while. And if Nathan Brown is back, Logan Austin seems like he would be the one to be dropped. The only contender for his spot is probably Coffield, but I reckon White and McKenzie would go first.

    • Bringing in Lloyd to dodge a possible Yeo donut this week just makes you eat a certain Lloyd donut in round 14.

      • Well if Yeo has a donut this week, its quite probable he could have a donut for the next few weeks too (and thus has higher risk). I think the risk is probably worth it though.

  • Carnage for me in rookie defenders with Murray Fin and Cummings out.

    Time to cull and upgrade def.
    Going Ridley like pretty much everyone.

    Which def premo should I get?
    Have Laird Seeds Lloyd.
    Yeo seems obvious choice, but injury concerns have me spooked. Could even be a late out.

    Who is next? Def premos seem really shakey.

    • I really like Howe…Wanted to get him ages ago,someone advised me not to…Shags could you cast a eye over my team above please?

  • should i bring yeo in this week?

    • Its….risky.

      Im in the aame boat. Hes the obvious next def premo upgrade in my opinion but he is a late out risk…

      • i do have cover for a late out in Bailey Rice on the pine. i think that somewhat reduces the risk.
        Do you think i should hold coffield – considering he will be back next week and with all these troops going down around him, it might be the right choice to hold – especially with the late bye – im quite R13 heavy and he has the R14.

  • Which Forward or Defender 635k or under?
    Seedsman, Blakeley, Whitfield, Taranto, Menegola, Sic Dawg, Langdon.

    • The one who best suits your bye structure, i’m assuming thats sicily. If you don’t care about byes, go seedsman.

  • sicdog @633k or hurn @614k

  • Should I upgrade Murray or do a bit of dpp stuff keep him and upgrade Banfield or Brayshaw, cheers

  • Ok reassess on above post.

    2 choices.

    Finlayson > Ridley
    Murray > Any def premo (have laird, seeds, lloyd)

    Finlayson > Ridley
    Crowden > T.Smith

    (Have to play pearce on field and have no def bench cover, but if Murray is named next week its a win because Crowden is a spud that has to be culled)

    • Also if 1. is trading in Yeo too risky?

      • i think im going to do it – trade in yeo. he looked fine when he came back on against geelong so its definitely not too serious and there are no other options to bring in apart from Sicily (for the R12 bye) who spent the 2nd half last week forward foir 15 points. Was tagged and hawks lost which means more attention might be coming his way. To me, sicily feels more risky than yeo to be honest aha. :D

  • Look I’ve had a couple tins but I’m bloody bringing in Howe for Murray.

  • Yeo or Lloyd & Ridley or Rice.

  • My trades this week are Finlayson – Ridley and Murray to Rice which leaves me with $616k in the bank to bring in Rocky for Waterman next week :). What are your thoughts guys?

  • Def: Laird, Murray, Sicily, Seedsman, Doedee, Coffield
    Mid: Titch, Cogs, Neale, Sidebottom, Gibbs, Merret, Rockliffe, Kelly
    Ruc: Gawn, Stef
    Fwd: Dev Smith, Heeney, Taranto, Fritsch, Ronke, Gowers

    Trades –
    Murray/Coffield OUT for Lloyd/Ridley
    (Rockliffe benched for Banfield)

    Should i bring in Lloyd/Mcclean/Zorko/Buddy
    Leaning towards Lloyd coz 2 outs in the backline

  • “We’re really pleased to report he’s going to be fine. He will play this week.” – Simpson on Elliot Yeo

  • Pick one as a M7 upgrade from a rookie…Redden.. JPKennedy..Daisy..Taranto..Greenwood

    • Would pick Taranto but with Kelly back not sure what this does to his I don’t want to be too vanilla

  • Is Jack Macrae worth getting if h don’t have him ?

  • Definally

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