My Team 2018: Round 10

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Points for and against – Season

ADE 1575.74.30.3164341.3

Points for and against – Last 3

ADE 1575.74.30.3164341.3

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  • Can afford any mid

    Current midfield is Macrae, Titch, Duncan, Neale, Steven, Kelly, Banfield and Phillips.

    Curnow? Coniglio?

  • DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Ryan, Doedee, Murray, Coffield (Finlayson, Murphy)
    MID: Macrae, Mitchell, Fyfe, Coniglio, Merrett, Whitfield, Kelly, Phillips (Banfield, Mutch)
    RUCK: Martin, Gawn (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: McLean, Heeney, Smith, Taranto, Ronke, Guelfi (Giles-Langdon, Spargo)

    Cash: $193k

    Currently have gone Coffield to Yeo and Finlayson to Ridley leaving $79k, thoughts on trades and other options appreciated

  • Current trades for the week are sitting at Parker and A. Pearce to McLean and Ridley.

    Lost patience with Parker. Have Jelwood and Fyfe, no room for another R14 mid premium.

    Hoping to do something like the following in a mega 2 down 1 up pre R13 trade.
    Fritsch -> Macrae
    Big O -> ??
    Doedee -> ??

  • Currently have Jacobs and Stef as R1 and R2, Big O fattening up nicely in R3 and Darcy Cameron waiting for a gig in R4.

    Round 13 could be a problem here. What are the chances of

    1. Cameron getting a game in R13?
    2. Ratugolea getting a RUC tag after R11?

    I’m hoping it’s number 2, because I’m itching to say “I’ve got a big Sav with Sauce”.

  • Kelly or similar to cheap rookie and Lyons to Macrae he’s must have 885k with b/e 105 he will be 900k next week and v pies will sell my soul for him. Playing top guy in our league so gunna go for it – I realise it’s sudeways but stuff it don’t care

  • I dont understand why i cant trade out coffield move keefe via dpp and trade in mclean it wont let me

    • Advanced trades

    • did you select advance trades first?

    • Doesn’t work on my (android) app – see comment above. I cam only do ‘advanced trades’ on the website.

    • I use the app on android and i cant do it if one of them are on the bench. If thats your issue then move them onto field then proceed to trade

      • Thanks Mike – I just switched the players involved from bench onto field and it worked like a charm!
        Geez, it’s been driving me mad for ages. I’ll share this tip with a couple of mates who’ve been complaining too. Thanks again :)

  • New afl fantasy mid season league code for those wanting a fresh challenge….

  • DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Sicily, Murray, Doedee, Coffield (Cumming, Finlayson)
    MID: Macrae, Titch, Cogs, Neale, Sidey, Merrett, Kelly, Phillips (Mutch, Barry)
    RUCK: Stef, Gawn (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: McLean, Heeney, Smith, Taranto, Gowers, Guelfi (Waterman, Murphy)
    Currently gone Barry > Ridley and Finlayson > Yeo but not too happy with that def bench. Also starting to rack up r13 bye players. Any other ideas?

  • Considering a double downgrade this week.

    Looking at Ridley from Dons and Tim Smith Dees.

    However, JS is a concern for both. Ridley should be ok until Hurley comes back but thats only 1-2 weeks. As for Smith, no idea what his JS is like. Anyone know?

    • I’m looking at Mitchell Lewis Shags.
      Better bye round. Smith should score better but Hawthorn may want to get some games into their youth. Hopefully he stays in the team. Also getting Lewis allows me to get Dangerfield instead of Gibbs.
      What are your thoughts on this?

    • I watched ridley and was very impressed, if he keeps that form up he will stay even when hurley returns imo.

      Didnt see smith so i have no idea but with melbournes tough draw coming id expect guys like him to get cut if they start losing

    • Doing the same as I don’t have enough cash for a premo this week (only $31k banked) so going Coffield and Crowden to Ridley and Smith leave 250k+ for Rocky next week.
      Only have to play a couple of games during the byes to be useful.

      • Interesting … I’ve done similar. Naughton and Crowden to Ridley and Smith (at this point anyway), leaving 250K on tbe bank. The plan is to get E Curnow in next week.

  • Doedee to crisp or Dusty to Sidey/Treloar?

  • Anyone interested in DBJ?
    Last 5: 95, 88, 89, 104, 106 (AVG 96.4)
    Two of those scores were even from Port losses. He’s heavily underpriced at $556k, with a BE of 53. He’s a good POD (0.3% ownership) if you want to get him next week (I don’t have the balls to)

    • How much can you rely on him to keep that up? Then again, with the DEFs we paid good coin for being completely unreliable anyway… maybe it’s worth a punt. Probably won’t though…

    • DBJ is a lot like me really… cheap and unloved

  • Bonner (don’t laugh) and Coffield out, Macrae and Ridley in.

    Laird, Goddard, Whitfield, Seedsman, Murray, Doedee (Ridley, Pearce)

    Titch, Macrae, Neale, Parker, Steven. Merrett, JOM, Kelly (Phillips, Mutch)

    Gawn, Martin (McInerney, Cameron)

    Maclean, Sicily, Petracca, Billings, Ronke, Guelfi (Keeffe, Ratugolea)

    Got the feeling Petracca and Billings about to come right but forward line needs some investment, Rocky in next week.

  • coffield > Yeo

    Or Martin > any mid fielder?

  • Robbie gray and Luke Dunstan
    Ed Curnow and Devon smith

    Then next week
    Rockliff for Banfield and Ridley/rice/smith for Doedee

    • Are you stating this as a fact an merely informing of your pending trades? Or throwing it out there to see what people reckon?

      If the latter, Why would you be getting rid of Gray? Surely a top 6 forward? And Dunstan is averaging 100 for the season and about 106 for the last 3. If these are the best trades you can make to improve your team, your boys must be smashing it!

      • These trades have a better outcome though

        • My point was more that these trades seem like the height of luxury. But, again, if you’ve else that needs fixing up then chase that rainbow!

          • Will

            gray’s last 2 weeks (with rocky back) have been pretty bad, as he was named and played in the forward line. 6 goals for 104 and a 61 are not top 6 fwd material. Gray averaged 81 playing this same role last year, so if he’s back at it then it’s time to jump off whilst he’s still worth goof $$$.

  • When do we think Billings will pick up? He is a good player, this season so far just isn’t working for him… on NAB Fantasy he has lost almost 200k and may look to bring him in. Just like Zac Merrett. I also noticed 20% of players have him, my thoughts and prayers are out there for people who had him from the start, lol.

    • I would prefer rocky myself for similar money. Rookies are scoring similar to him and making money. I would want to see him put a couple of decent games together before you would consider. No form.

  • need a fourth whos down xx

  • Can bring in either Crisp or Goddard, thoughts?

  • Is Jeremy How Worth bringing in this week if Yeo doesn’t play?

  • When does Danger get his fwd status, after round 11 finishes or after round 12 finishes?

  • Chopper, issue with the stats tables…
    You’ve copied the same thing twice, could you please fix it? Cheers

  • Was sitting at about 450 but had a stinking 2052 this week which dropped me back about 500 spots. Maybe an unlucky week, maybe I’d been getting lucky before. Anyhoo…

    DEF: Laird, Savage, Simpson, Murray, Doedee, Finlayson (Cumming, Murphy)
    MID: Titch, Cogs, Neale, Whitfield, Merrett, Kelly, Cunico(Mutch, Phillips)
    RUCK: Stef, Gawn (Crossley, Cameron)
    FWD: McLean, Heeney, Smith, Gray, Sic Dawg, Fritsch (Guelfi, Higgins)

    Bank: 342k

    Thoughts are many. Was thinking first Finlayson to Yeo but then I lose the chance to get Whitfield back there. Now Yeo looks like he might miss so maybe hold off on him till after his bye.

    Just now I’m looking at:

    1) Finlayson to Clarke (via Whitfield DPP)
    2) Cunico to Macrae

    This leaves me with 100k which should be plenty to get in Rocky next week with Sic Dawg swinging back and Doedee getting the flick.

    Make sense? Just sick of not having Macrae!!!

  • Want to get a Rd 12 keeper for better balance through the bye rounds..

    Is it worth getting in Yeo/Simpson, McLean/Darling, Gaff/Cripps, OR just look for the best player I can afford like Cogs, Pendles, Danger and focus on balancing the team better in the coming weeks??

    • Or jump on an underpriced Zorko this week because I’ll struggle to get him in before his bye otherwise..

      • I wouldnt get Zorko mate, to risky with 2 tagging teams coming up.

        McLean is a must have FWD mate, Id try and get him.
        Darling if you want a POD, such a low break even and well priced. The guy is a gun and makes me happy to be a West Coast Eagles fan!!

        • Very true..

          Darling/McLean would mean only fielding 1 FWD rookie which is handy because Rocky can jump in at M7 next week..

          • 1 FWD rookie is good, hoping its Fritsch?

            McLean should be good vs Collingwood.
            Not sure how Darling will go against Hawks, in VIC they have always been a difficult team for Eagles to beat. Next week vs Saints he will be huge tho!

            I think everyone will have Rocky next week, he will be by F5

          • It’s not unfortunately.. I traded him out when he got dropped so I could bring in Fyfe..

  • Def: Lloyd, Simpson, Seedsman, Hibberd, Murray, Doedee (Coffield, Duman)
    Mid: Mitchell, Treloar, Fyfe, Coniglio, Beams, Merrett, Brayshaw, Phillips (Mutch, Spargo)
    Ruck: Gawn, Martin (Frampton, Cameron)
    Fwd: Gray, Smith, Heeney, Taranto, Billings, Christensen (Clarke, Long)

    Looking at going Brayshaw & Coffield > Dangerfield & Ridley. Will leave me 186k for an upgrade next week. Thoughts on this? Will play Spargo or Clarke in place of Gray this week. Will stick with Hibberd and Billings a bit longer I guess:) Help also if Dangerfield gets DPP.

    • Billings should have gone weeks ago. He has been leaking cash like a tap since Round 1 with no scores high enough to warrant keeping. I’d look at going to players that are still making good cash like fritsch or if you can get in Rcky for the Bye rounds in the fwd spot

  • Current team is:

    DEF: Laird, Simpson, Yeo, Murray, Doedee, Finlayson (Ridley, Brown)

    MID: Macrae, Curnow, Treloar, Coniglio, Gibbs, Heppell, Zorko, Phillips (Barry, Worpel)

    RUC: Grundy, Gawn (Crossley, Cameron)

    FWD: Gray, D. Smith, Heeney, Fisher, Stephenson, Fritsch (Guelfi, Poholke)

    Cash: 57K

    Trades: T Kelley with the first price drop has gone to Zorko and Naughton has gone to Ridley.

    Future: Ridley will have 1 week to back up his 89, then will move to the field with Finlayson dropping to a basement price. This will then allow Murray or Doedee to go to Sicily.

    then the plan to move either Phillips to Rockliff for the Bye rounds or Doedee to Lloyd depending on cash availability.


  • Seriously considering selling the farm to get Macrae this week, captain vs Collingwood would be worth it alone as Titch could struggle vs West Coast.

    Would have to be:
    Murray – Heron, or a $170K if named.
    Kelly – Macrae
    Leaves $3K in the bank, but can still get rocky next week via Doedee and Guelfi.

    Team looks very solid tho:

    DEF:Laird, Lloyd, Sicily, Seedsman, Hurn, Doedee (Murphy, Heron/??)
    MID:Macrae, Titch, Cogs, Neale, Bont, Zerrett, Taranto, Parker (Phillips, Mutch)
    RUC:Gawn, Nic Nat (Mcinerney, Cameron)
    FWD:Mclean, Smith, Heeney, Robinson, Fristch, Guelfi (ZGL, Clarke)

    Hopefully next week Doedee – Ridley, and Guelfi – Rocky

    Or to risky to trade out both Murray and Kelly?

    • Kingzy i think those are good trades mate, you are trading 2 rookies to the #1 fantasy player right now & another rook. I did it last week.. Your team is looking really solid now.

    • Nice team. What is your rank? May I ask why you’re looking to offload Murray before Doedee – is it for your bye structure?

      • Rank is 1440, had a terrible round 7 which put me back.

        It is so I can afford Kelly to Macrae, cant get there with Doedee.

        I am however rethinking the trade.
        Doedee – Ridley, Kelly to Danger. Bank $105K
        Next week ZGL – $170K rook, Guelfi to Rocky
        Then go Murray – Yeo after his bye, and id say Danger or Bont will get FWD DPP so upgrade Taranto to Macrae if still dominating.

        • Rank 1420.

          DEF:Laird, Lloyd, Yeo, Blakely, Murray, Coffield (Pearce, Mirra)
          MID:Danger, Titch, Cogs, Fyfe, Treloar, Zerrett, Kelly, Phillips (Banfield, Mutch)
          RUC:Gawn, Stef (Mcinerney, Cameron)
          FWD:Billings, Smith, Heeney, Taranto, Ronke, Guelfi (Spargo, Rioli)

          Looking at going Billings to Mclean and Pearce to Ridley to play on field. (Depending on whether Hurley plays).
          Thinking it will be a tough week for Coffield and Billings vs Richmond and also a tough week for Mirra v WCE so would like to keep those two on the bench for now.

          • Yea nice mate.
            20 ahead, hopefully we both climb the ladder this week!

            Billings to McLean is winning!

            Sounds like a good plan, Ridley was great on the weekend.

  • I feel like i have a decent team but i only scored 1986 this week & i am sitting around 23k overall.

    DEF: Laird Yeo Whitfield SicDawg Coff Murphy (Cumming, Naughton)
    MID: Mitchell Mcrae Danger Fyfe Merrett Dusty Zorko Dow (Worpel, Mutch)
    RUC: Stef Gawn (English, Cameron)
    FWD: Menagola Gray Smith Rioli Rayner Clarke (ZGL, Crowden)

    This week i am going to double down Naughton> Ridley & Rayner> Smith

    and next week i will use that cash to go Rioli > Rocky

    Does anyone have any better ideas for my trades?

    • You got shafted there mate, looking at your team it doesnt deserve 1986.
      Alot of great players letting you down.

      How much cash have you got in the bank before your trades?

      • 5k lol i emptied the bank last week bringing in Mcrae

        • Lol it is like that to get Macrae
          Id consider cleaning up non playing rooks then, might be hard to do a premo upgrade / downgrade.

          • Its generally the thing to do Ned.
            But hasnt always worked out this year in particular, Zerrett an example.

            I went that way round 7 and brought in the Bont over Macrae.
            Saved $180K BUT
            Bont was a late out, and has scored 209 since
            Macrae has scored 450

            Meanwhile people are getting ahead in the rankings.

            Sometimes you need to pay up I think

          • 1 bad score and ya moneys gone mate and ya years ruined, sloane did the same thing last year and blokes paid up and it destroyed them

          • Fair call, who would you put in?
            Danger is getting constant 100’s, maybe he is just warming up?
            Maybe Curnow, but vs Geelong this week then Sydney hard draw before the bye.

            I want Yeo, but under an injury cloud.
            I dont need any FWDS, or DEF bar Yeo.

            Could go:
            Doedee – Ridley
            Kelly – Danger
            Bank 105K

            Get Rocky next week, then triple downgrade first bye round to get ready for major upgrades remaining byes.

          • I went with duncan last week, hes just ticking along nicelyand does have the ability to match him,got to remember its only round nine mate, a better team without mcrae will beat a shit team with mcrae

          • Duncan is doing well, good choice.
            If I got Macrae in this week, and Rocky in next week, my only rookies on field would be Ridley D6 and Fritsch F6.
            Fristch at the moment doesnt need trading
            So my team is almost complete.

            Then its up to trading under performing premos to top guns

            Its a hard decision doing my head in lol

          • Nice, i would look to complete first and giv him a chance to fail, i think ridley on feild is gutsy as, with defensive bench being week, but its your call mate im still running 5 kids ronke guelfi murray doedee but ive got bulk coin on bench ready to rock

      • agreed, team look great on paper but zerret,dusty,whitfield and menagola certainly letting you and everyone else that have them down.

  • DEF: Laird, Whitfield, Sicily, Lloyd, Murray, Finlayson (Coffield, Mirra)
    MID: Titch, Treloar, Cogs, Gibbs, Parker, Kelly, Brayshaw, Phillips (Mutch, Banfield)
    RUCK: Stef, Gawn (Cameron, Flynn)
    FWD: Mclean, Heeney, Smith, Taranto, Fritsch, Guelfi (Gowers, Spargo)

    1) Finlayson > Ridley + Banfield > Clarke/Smith + 407k/376k

    2) Murray > Ridley + Parker > Macrae

    thoughts on anything else? cheers

  • Got 224k in the bank and was going to go Finlayson > Yeo and Barry > Ridley but with Yeo looking uncertain I was thinking more along the lines of Finlayson > Ridley and Barry > Giro, which leaves me enough for a double upgrade next week of Waterman/Gowers -> Rocky and Coffield > Yeo. Upgrade/Downgrade this week or double downgrade?

  • Thoughts on who might have better job security?? Ridley or rice?

  • Another great week this week but stuck on trades to complete this week, ranked in the 2k overall and looking to do well this week.

    AFL FANTASY, 228k remaining!!!!

    DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Whitfield, Simpson, Murray, Finlayson (Mirra, Pearce)

    MID: Mitchell, Curnow, Gibbs, Neale, Merrett, Zorko, Kelly, Phillips (Ship, Clarke)
    RUC: Stef, Gawn (Frampton, Cameron)

    FWD: Heeney, Mclean, Robinson, Christensen, Spargo, Guelfi (ZGL, Venebles)

    This seems a bit out there but after assessing it I really like the idea
    Wanna get rid of Zorko this week, I know he has been good but he has 2 hard tags coming up and his bye

    I am thinking of

    Veneble – Smith
    Zorko – Macrae

    Thoghts and advice is much appreciated :)

    • Id hold Zorko, I reckon hes turned the corner and should at-least tackle his way to a decent score.
      personally i would go Finlay to Ridley and Venables to Buddy or D. Smith.

  • Have 295k in the bank.

    Laird/ Lloyd/ Seedsman/ Sicily/ Murray/ doedee (keeffe/ Pearce)
    Titch/ Cong/ Fyfe/ treloar/ dusty/ zerrett/ e Phillips/ Brayshaw (spargo/ mutch)
    Gawn/ goldy (mcinery/ Cameron)
    McLean/ d smith/ Heeney/ Taranto/ Stephenson/ waterman (Gowers/ ZGL)

    What trades should I do this week.

    1) Ridley and t smith in
    2) Ridley and Macrae in trading out dusty
    3) any other suggestions

  • Undecided whether or not to bring Macrae in this week.

    Only 2 games out until his bye, even if he averages 140 over the next 2 games that will be 280 points in 3 weeks (+ any additional points he outscores Titch by, assuming he does, and if I captain him). If I save the cash and go for someone like Danger instead, say he goes at 105 average over the next 3 weeks, he’ll score more points (315) plus the extra $190k is an extra upgrade on a fattened rookie which will also generate extra points during this 3 week period.

    My head is telling me to hold out on macrae until after his bye but I’m sick of losing my mini league games as I’ve done over the past 2 weeks with a Macrae captainer. What are everyone’s thoughts? Spend up now or wait until round 13?

  • DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Ryan, Doedee, Murray, Coffield (Finlayson, Murphy)
    MID: Macrae, Mitchell, Fyfe, Coniglio, Merrett, Whitfield, Kelly, Phillips (Banfield, Mutch)
    RUCK: Martin, Gawn (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: McLean, Heeney, Smith, Taranto, Ronke, Guelfi (Giles-Langdon, Spargo)

    Cash: $193k

    Currently have gone Coffield to Yeo and Finlayson to Ridley leaving $79k thoughts on trades and other options appreciated

  • Mutch to Ridley and Kelly to Macrae


    Mutch/oconnor to Ridley and Coffield to Yeo

  • Mutch to Ridley and Kelly to Macrae


    Mutch/oconnor to Ridley and Coffield to Yeo

  • Got just enough for mcrae in for Finlayson, and 1 game clear on top of head to head ladder, but don’t know if i should get him or get a cheaper mid, and get mcrae later. My midfield at the moment is:

    Titch, Cogs, Cripps, Merret, Dusty, JOM, Kelly, Finlayson

  • 758k in the bank a risk?

    I’m going

    Murray – 170k def

    Barry – 170k mid

    Using this money for the bye rounds

    Please give your opinion

    • If Barry is currently on the bench then go for it..

      If Murray is, presumably, on the field, who would replace him?? Surely you have any other DEF lower in the pecking order than Murray??

  • What do people think about Danger this week?
    He is probably bottomed out in price, Geelong not playing good footy and they must need him in the guts from now on and win.

    Do we think he is just getting into gear and will start scoring better?
    Saves $190K from Macrae, thats another premo upgrade.

    • I like the move as a bit of a unique and saves 190k and Danger is still a gun. even though Macrae is playing really well, he is still expensive.

      Danger is a good option.

    • Personally I think he’s still building from that preseason injury and will be better 2nd half of year. You can be pretty sure he will be in your final 22 either as a fwd or a mid so why not get him now?

    • I’m bringing Danger in over Macrae this week if Greenwood is named for Collingwood. That extra 190k will come in handy next week.

  • Thoughts on this team/trades?

    IN ; Ridley, T.Smith
    OUT; Finlayson, J.Higgins

    DEF Laird, Simpson, Witherden, Murray, Doedee, Ridley [Coffield, Murphy]
    MID T.Mitchell (vc), Fyfe, Coniglio (c), Neale, Dangerfield, Bontempelli, T.Kelly, E.Phillips [Banfield, Mutch]
    RUC Gawn, S.Martin [McInerney, Cameron]
    FWD McLean, D.Smith, Heeney, Robinson, Christensen, Ronke [Waterman, T.Smith]

  • Can have any fwd?
    Already have McLean, Sicily and Taranto

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