The Friday Scramble: Round 9

Nǐ hǎo or for those of us not in China, Hello! That’s right the annual game in China is on this weekend between the Gold Coast and Port Adelaide. The importance of this for us Fantasy Coaches is that the all important Round 10 bye is just around the corner and this is the last game these players will play before their bye. But before we get there we have plenty of other things to worry about.

The Jack Macrae Conundrum

Jack has been the hottest topic over the last couple of weeks. The concern here is that if you bring him in this week he will be fully priced. Yes he may still have a good score (however, I am concerned he may not given he is playing Adelaide at home), but you will be playing top dollar.  It is only Calvin that likes to do this, and it isn’t the ideal strategy.

For me, I wouldn’t be bringing him in at this point. I think there is far better value out there that you can use your valuable dollars on. Odds are that he won’t be scoring like this every week and in a week or two his price will come down…. hmm. that seems as though it could coincide with his bye round! For me, I wait for his price to normalise a little and then I go for him after he has had his bye.

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Upgrade Decisions

There are a few players that a lot of people are targeting this week including Dangerfield, Yeo and McLean. For me these are all guys that we should be looking at for our teams this season. The question is when to bring them in. There are a few things that I will be considering in my upgrades and it doesn’t just apply to these three guys.

  1. Firstly I will be considering the break even of the players.  Danger has 120 AF, Yeo has 104 and McLean has 84. If we look at this McLean is the obvious choice as he is set to rise the most this week. On top of that he also has dual position status and is a forward, he is valuable to us there.
  2. Secondly, at this stage of the season I am seriously considering my bye structure. Whether you do it on a spreadsheet or use the app, it is important to look to the byes. If I was to bring in a premium at this stage I would be looking at one from the Round 12 bye which means they are here for the two bye rounds that have 6 teams out and will cause us most problems. That first bye has the Blues, Hawks, Eagles and Dogs. Many of us should still be fairly strong in round 12 with plenty of players available so taking a player like McLean or Yeo shouldn’t hurt you too much.
  3. Lastly my on field structure. As we upgrade we need to be making sure that we are reducing our exposure to rookies on the field. I am fairly sure I have mentioned it before, but when trading you should be looking at reducing the number of rookies on your field. Sideways trading isn’t what we want to do, it is by upgrading the rookies on the field that will help you improve your team in the longer term.

Many of us have a fairly stacked midfield and based on that I would be looking at going McLean, Yeo then Danger in that order if I was to upgrade to one of these guys.

I was asked about going a double downgrade or a down and up this week. To be honest I wouldn’t be adverse to either of these decisions. It really depends on what you can do. If you are struggling for cash then you may want to do the double downgrade this week. I would look to improve my team first but if I didn’t have the cash to do the upgrades then I would be looking to double down ready for next week.

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Quickfire Answers

Jacobs – For now I say hold. He is underperforming but if you are going to trade him then I would look to do it around his bye unless he is a late out.
Buddy – He is back. So for those that traded I would reverse that. He is hopefully ok for us now.
Billings – As an owner, it pains me to say I am still holding. As with Jacobs, if you are going to trade him out I would do it around his bye round.
Doedee – If you are trading him out I would be going for Yeo over Simpson. I think he has a higher ceiling and plays more through the midfield so should be more consistent. They both have that R12 bye though which is helpful.
Rocky – I wait til round 11. Not only do I want to see one more game out of him I also want to wait until after his bye.

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Rookie Movement

It was a massive week at the selection table for the Rookies this week. Here is a bit of a run down and my thoughts on them…..

Darcy Fogarty – He returns as Walker is out of the team. Walker is set for a few weeks out so Fogarty should be a solid option for a few weeks.
Lachie Murphy – Another Crow rookie comes back in to cover the many injuries that the Crows have. His job security is shaky, but with the number of injuries at Adelaide he should be ok.
Aaron Naughton – Trade him out. Simple as that. No ifs buts or maybes about it.
Matt Guelfi – He is back!!  Just what we needed! We all know he can play, it is just a matter of the coach understanding this!
Dylan Clarke – He makes his debut this week. He is an option to bring in in AF and he is cheap.
Jordan Ridley – Probably not at this stage.
Kobe Mutch
– Has been rested. Not ideal. But thankfully Guelfi came back in. Given it is a ‘rest’ he should hopefully be back and good to go by the time we need him for bye rounds.
Esava Ratugolea – Injured and our first official victim of the General! General Soreness has hit and he should only be out for one week.
Taylin Duman – Omitted. Not sure on his likelihood of getting back in at this stage.
Pat Ker – Debut for Carlton. I wouldn’t jump on him, I prefer Clarke.
Mitch Lewis – Debut for Hawthorn. As with Ker I wouldn’t be relying on him just yet.

Things to Remember

  • With all that Rookie movement double and triple check your teams this week.
  • Something tells me the Crows aren’t finished with changes, keep an eye on late outs tonight. Nothing official, just a feeling I have.
  • Beware the tagger. Taggers seem to keep ruining our captains. Check out what Calvin has to say and then make sure your choice doesn’t play a tagger this week.

Heaps going on at the moment and it is only getting harder as we are heading to the bye rounds. Make sure you have done your research on your players this week and back them in. As I said earlier, trade the underperforming premiums around the byes and keep improving your team and removing rookies from the field.
Have a great weekend and hopefully you have a great score too!  Catch you all next Friday as the Suns and Power prepare for a week off and our teams face their first test of depth.


  • Here’s my conundrum.
    I’m trading crouch but if I go from Banfield to Phillips I can’t quite afford to get Crouch to Macrae, so do I miss Phillips another week if it means getting Macrae
    A). Banfield to Clarke and Crouch to Macrae
    B). Banfield to Phillips and Crouch to Danger

  • Trade Finlayson to Simpson or Doedee to Yeo?
    Can’t do Finlayson to Yeo

    Current DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Savage, Murray, Doedee, Fin (COS, Pearce)
    Got Seedsman and Whit in the mids who will eventually become defs, so can only choose one of Yeo or Simpson

  • stuck at bottom of last page

    1. christensen + Waterman to phillips + Clarke (play spargo + guelfi F5+F6) leaves 613K


    2. Christensen + waterman to phillips + sicily. Leaves 157K

  • Stuck with who to trade out. Do I go Banfield or Mutch.
    Banfield trade would give me more cash to spend next week. But he is still playing.
    Mutch gives me less cash but he’s not playing and generating cash. Plus who knows how long the rest will be for.

  • Finlayson > Yeo or Holman > Taranto?

  • Sicily or Yeo? Apparently Yeo is going to run with dusty this week, can’t see him having a big score. On the other hand I feel like sicily may get a tag too. Do I save the cash and go with sicily?

  • Captain Titch or Gawn?

    Feel Titch could get 70, or could get 150

    Gawn pretty safe for 110-115

  • Field Guelfi? Or Dylan Clarke on debut?

    • Guelfi is the safer option

    • Guelfi named in the centre, not that it probably means too much… but his exposed form suggests this will get him to around 70ish, hopefully more. He goes alright for a rookie

  • What’s going on with Greene?

  • Sicily or McLean?

  • I don’t have any port or GC players to cover next week as yet , so I was thinking

    JOM – Rocky and Naughton to Phillips Or Clarke Via Sick dawg DPP ( moving SIC back , rocky to the FWD line and phillips/Clarke to the Mid

    Thoughts ?

    • So who will u field nxt week

    • Hello Guys, which one wud u trade O’Meara to? I have already locked in Finlayson to Ed Richards.

      Macrae (97be) and make him captain ahead of Titch and 9k left over,
      Yeo (104be) and about 190k left over and a DPP in the midfield?

      I have Doedee, Christensen, Banfield etc to trade next week so i dont need cash and havnt got Dylan Clarke.

    • Do it, grab rocky and philips this week
      Next week get Clarke in the mid and he can be your cover for rocky via dpp.

  • Hello Guys, which one wud u trade O’Meara to? I have already locked in Finlayson to Ed Richards.

    Macrae (97be) and make him captain ahead of Titch and 9k left over,
    Yeo (104be) and about 190k left over and a DPP in the midfield?

    I have Doedee, Christensen, Banfield etc to trade next week so i dont need cash and havnt got Dylan Clarke.

    • I know Macrae is top dollar but he’s scoring that well. Yeo probably better value though, could get him this week then have cash next week for Macrae to see what happens with him.

  • Which 1 to play out of Finlasyon, Doedee or Coffield

  • Lots of very similar trades just can’t choose between billings and Christensen/ cash generation or scoring

    1. Billings to Clarke, crowden to Phillips

    2. Christensen to Clarke, crowden to Phillips

    3. Billings to Clarke, doedee to premo defender

    4. Christensen to Clarke, doedee to premo defender

  • Hey guys, any thoughts on these options?

    1. Doedee –> Phillips (via DPP)
    Finlayson –> Simpson

    2. Doedee –> D. Clarke (via DPP)
    Finlayson –> Yeo

    3. Doedee/Finlayson –> Phillips
    Nankervis –> Grundy (am scared Nank could be late out and have no ruck cover)


  • DEF-Laird,Simpson,Lloyd,Doedee,Murray,Coffield(Naughton,Pearce)

    $37k in the chest
    Currently thinking:
    Banfield to Clarke
    Doedee to Yeo
    Leaves $7k

    Thoughts ?

  • D5 & D6 out of Doedee, L.Murphy & Coffield

  • I havent seen anyone comment on Lachy Hunter? If you drop his 1 bad day hes averaging 120.. Thoughts?

    • He comes into my RDT this week for Banfield. Cheapest $ per point player by a mile averaging over 100 unless you count Curnow… but we can’t bring him in. So bang for buck, Hunter’s hard to beat imho

  • Seriously considering chucking the C on big Grundy over Macrae. Silly idea?

  • Get rid of Crouch or O’Meara? Crouch definitely the better player, but O’Meara has a good bye round.

  • which 2 to play out of coffield, finlayson, phillips??

  • DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Ryan, Doedee, Murray, Coffield (Finlayson, Murphy)
    MID: Mitchell, Fyfe, Coniglio, Merrett, Whitfield, JOM, Kelly, Banfield (Spargo, Mutch)
    RUCK: Martin, Gawn (McInerney, Cameron)
    FWD: McLean, Heeney, Smith, Taranto, Billings, Ronke (Giles-Langdon, Guelfi)

    Cash: $172k

    Originally went Billings to Sicily and Banfield to Phillips, leaving $253k for next week. But now with JOM out what should I do? Currently have gone Billings to Sicily and JOM to Ed Phillips leaving $425k
    Thoughts on trades or other options appreciated.

  • Field Phillips or Guelfi

  • Trade out Banfield and Doedee for Clarke and Sicily or trade out non playing rookies Duman and Mutch for Clarke and Racing ce or Cumming?

  • Crazy to do a double downgrade this week with Barry & Ratugolea > Phillips & Clarke? Give me 309k to play with next week. Also, who to play between Doedee and Coffield in the backline? And which 2 of Brayshaw, Phillips, Clarke, and Spargo in the midfield? Cheers

    • Not crazy, getting 2 cash cows who look like they’ll be must haves replacing dead weight on the bench. Good trades. I’d go with coff in defence over doedee. And Brayshaw + Phillips in the mids.

  • Gowers or Wigg to Clarke. Thinking the latter, as I can still make a bit of a cash off Gowers.

  • Is it risky getting Clarke in this week with the risk that he might just be dropped again next week? I’m thinking of going Ah Chee instead, but even he is named on an extended bench. What do people think?

    • The reason Im not going Clarke is due to his JS being a concern.
      If he smashes it and confirms a top 22 spot in the team I will jp on next week.

  • Ronke + 125k or Clarke + 283k

    I know Ronke is overpriced, but I just cant go past that – 30 breakeven.

    • Ive nevwr been a fan of buying expensive rookies after a few price rises. There could be 100k or more in Ronke but Clarke has a higher potential.

      Saying that Clarkes JS concerns me. Bombers rookies are in and out of the side this year.

  • Sicily or Adams? Really like Adams this wk vs STK but Sicily probably top 6 DEF and a nice bye.

    Thanks a lot!

  • RDT
    Looking at doing Doedee to Yeo and Banfield to Ainsworth (can only afford him)
    Next week get Phillips in for Ratuglea (dpp spargo)


  • 1. Ronke or Guelfi on field
    2. One of Spargo Philips or Stephensen on field.

  • play spargo or guelfi?

  • Would you rather get rid of banfield or Dow? have to play one of them on field because i cant keep another week of zerret, also l.hunter or l.neale for the upgrade, really torn on this

  • Def: Laird, Yeo, Brayshaw, Doedee, Murray, Keefe (Naughton, Irra)
    Mid: Macrae, Titchell, Coniglio, Neale, JSelwood, Gibbs, O’Meara, Kelly (Bayok, Brayshaw)
    Run: Gawn, NicNat (Big O, Olango)
    FWD: McLean, Taranto, B Ah Chee, Spargo, Guelfi, Poholke (Ratugolea, Kirby)

    1) O’Meara + Doedee/Naughton –> Phillips + Sicily/Simpson + 410k
    2) O’Meara + Ratugolea/other bench fwd or mid –> Treloar/Fyfe/Pendlebury + Clarke + 46k~70k

    Option 1 – most likely trade Doedee cos of high BE with some cover and hold naughton to trade next week. Most likely for other of Sicily/Simpson

  • Where’s my name sake?

  • Play Finlayson or Doedee?

  • Play Doedee or Keeffe

  • Play only 2
    Waterman, gowers. ZGL

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