Round 7 Lockout Chat

Discuss your moves up until lockout and everything across the weekend in the comments.

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  • Sunday night, English and Waterman become Lids + whichever FWD fresh meat is cheapest

  • Men Ebola, English, Merrett, Goddard, with plenty of Rookies to come. I think that’s the end of my run boys. It was fun while it lasted.

  • This year 50s or 60s from some rookies seems acceptable. It’s better than 20s or 30s.

  • I’m battling this week. Need a big night from my stars. I’m 1128/11(titch C) . I’ve got Seedsman, crouch, heeney and doedee are up tonight. Fire up boys……Either Waterman or finlayson are going Sunday night. 2 solid rookies who have done well. But time is up…..Crouch going HUGE tonight. !

  • I’m sure Bont’s owners loved seeing Bevo’s comment that they knew yesterday he wouldn’t be playing – but withheld the info until just before the game to throw the opposition’s plans out of whack. What a legend.

  • Tim English definite trade out next week, he is up against Stef next week. Omg imagine the outcome of that hulking beast against that wimpy Napoleon dynamite look – a – like

  • So glad I started Ben Jacobs this week, when he is not tagging he is carving up those steaks boy… on 56 at the 8 minute mark 2nd quarter.

  • 16/1340. Probably won’t crack 2000 this round. RIP.

  • Need a rock to hide. Awful night lol.
    1439 with 7 left. He might not of killed it like I thought. But glad I got crouch in. His Ton come in handy on a average week.

    • Mate I’m on 1330 with 7 to play absolutely pathetic from zerret, Parker and Cripps in the mid.

      • Unlucky mate. Parker is surprising. I nearly started with. Kicked myself I didn’t. Now he’s been MIA on a regular basis. Merret well I have him as well, doesn’t like a tag. Cripps was okay considering he was tagged…..wish they would stop tagging players in afl.

    • I was weighing up going Crouch or Bont. Went Bont because of their BE’s. Crouch coming in the this week

  • Under the circumstances, I’m reasonably happy. Zerrett, Waterman and Doedee could have done better, but it’s an improvement on last week when I played Coffield, Langdon and English.

    • Look on the bright side. I like it. For me,
      Waterman and finlayson will be moved on tomoz night barring injuries or another stupid coffield score.

      • For me, English is becoming a premo fwd, and I’ll get rid of Holman so I can bring in Mutch. (Barring any unexpected carnage, that is.)

        If I had another two trades I’d also cut Coffield and Langdon.

  • 1200 with 8 to go . (Murray Savage Neale Treloar Martin Gawn Billings Fritsch).. Lucky to scrap to 2000 I reckon! For next week .. Out go English (fwd) and Finlayson + 148k…should give me 980k odd … So who might be the best mid for upto 700k?

  • The round 13 Bye looks like it might be the round that defines the season.
    I don’t know which ones of my rookies will still be there but at this stage, I will only have 9 premiums playing. Possibly only 9 players at all. How is everyone else looking?

  • 1380/15. A horrendous round. If my remaining 7 score their averages, I should reach 2070. Would be nice for a bit more to counterbalance out the carnage so far a bit.

    These shit-fest scoring rounds really bridge the gap between better and weaker coaches, to be closer. League games that I should win really comfortably become closer, and that shits me.

  • 1397/16 (C)
    No player that doesn’t play for Hawthorn tonned up for me.
    You’re welcome.

  • Lucky to crack 2000 this week. Bit of dpp to get English out for MCrouch and Goddard in for Doedee or Finlayson… Worried Dons are all out of form so don’t want their players and English is sharing ruck with Boyd now so writing is on the wall

  • So I started the year with Merrett. Copped his first 3 rounds, decided I had to move him out for Fyfe (which I think was the right call despite being a sideways ish trade), only from him to ton up the next three games. I figure great, get him in while he’s cheap and he can get back to his best. Then he rocks a 68. F you man. What did I ever do to you!?

  • Shocking shocking news 8 trades tonight

  • Oops need 8 trades tonight

  • 1461 with 7 left guess seems par ish from what I’m seeing
    Double downgraded this week and Happy to have 450k in the kitty for upgrades of up and down rooks in the coming weeks leading into the byes where I went from 30,000 inside the top 1000.

  • Finlayson to Yeo/Simpson (can’t decide yet) or Parker to Macrae?

    If I upgrade Finlayson I’ll only have six rookies left on field and my team will look pretty good, however Parker is rubbish and Macrae is amazing. Thoughts?

    DEF Laird, Lloyd, Savage, Doedee, Murray, Finlayson
    MID Titch, Duncan, Gibbs, Coniglio, Parker, Zerrett, T Kelly, Cunico
    RUCK Gawn, Nank
    FWD Gray, Mclean, Heeney, Taranto, Fritsch, Waterman

  • Martin playing like he has done it all and just running around the park for 1mill plus

  • I remember the good old days when I’d pick Luke Hodge. As I watch him destroy the hopes of a young team in Brisbane I can only be glad he’s not in my fantasy team any more.

  • Took a punt on Zorko this week, new his price wouldn’t be like this ever again. Big call and knew Collingwood didn’t have any targets. 91 at half time is simply perfect luv ya Zorko

    • That must be the pick of the season!

    • Bloody great move mate!

      When I saw him at 90, I was hoping he wouldn’t get to his BE of145. He bloody smashed it! Makes it hard to bring in with the price rise, plus I don’t reslly need another midfielder right now. Gonna have to give some serious thought into thinking of him as a mid priced cash cow now. Might have trade out dusty just to do this

  • Whatever happened to Taylor Adams? Owned by 0.87%.

  • Finally Beams paying off

  • Absolutely typical that I’m having the worst week ever and dropped 5k in rankings to 7000 and needed 15 points with Pendlebury in the second half to win my league matchup and he gets injured. FMDT

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