Round 5 Lockout Chat

Discuss your moves up until lockout and everything across the weekend in the comments.

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  • Geez bought savage this week in for Naughton, he he doing a tagging job or what not happy with his 40 in the last term

  • 662/7. Cogs, taranto and coffield great. My only let down so far is finlayson.

  • Wow, who knew fox footy was so biased towards the blues

  • Who has Ed Curnow ???

    • Sooo underrated. Got a great fantasy game when not tagging

    • Wish I had him instead of 4 of my 5 premo picks (Zerrett, M Crouch, Zorko and Parker)… would be enjoying this season instead of constantly hovering over the ‘Delete team’ button

      • Someone in my league got him in after his big 160 game and I scoffed at first thinking there they go, chasing scores… but he’s actually been getting pretty great scores every week!

  • Screw you Cripps !! On the never again list ! Traded him in for Fyfe, screws me for 3-4 weeks, I trade him out and he pulls his finger out his arse. Fantasy can be highly frustrating sometimes !

  • F00k, I was goping Simpson would have a quiet one so I could bring him in this week or next after his 65 last week. 79 at half time and looking like he’ll hit his BE :(

  • Go waterman !!!

  • I tell you what… some blokes on here need a down right belting I tell ya… sick of these trolls who can only talk but not walk…. ya feein me….. represent

    • You’re the troll! I made an innocent comment that I had Waterman as a reserve, and you completely over-reacted like some bullshit drunk!

      You’re the troll!!!! Pull your head in, you prick!

        • FevsBingles

          Jesus Spud, things have gotten worse since I was here last, ha.

          • There’s always someone who gets a bit loose on the weekend. I might end up the same way myself tonight if things don’t go well for Freo v WB and a few red vino’s.

          • FevsBingles

            How do you think I feel? I’m a Carlton supporter, haha.

      • You want to sort this out offline you weak price of s**t. I’ll drop you on your f’n fat ol you old c**t. You are the troll so if you can’t back it up then don’t say stuff at all wank stain
        Grow up ffs

        • You have just confirmed that you are the prince of trolls. Have another drink, you alcoholic!

          What to others think? Is this guy for real, or is he just another sad troll with no life?

          Something has to be done about this site with morons like this out of jail.

          • This Chuck Norris needs mental help…

          • It will b hawk mate, he changes names all the time, he is a strange egg

          • He needs to be reported, which I will be doing with the AFL.
            I know that this is not an official AFL site, but The Traders are employed by the AFL, and this is a health and safety issue.
            I will be making an official complaint to the AFL about this ‘hawk’.

          • Trying to get the crowd on your side, to back you up. Lol.

          • So you think it’s okay that this guy just constantly abuses people, do you? Wot’s your point?

          • Actually, you’re a bit of an arrogant prick as well.

          • As opposed to a verbally abusive hypocrite eh? Anyone else you want to have a crack at while your’e on a rampage, Tiger?

            What happened, one of your sideways trades a late withdrawl?

          • Doesn’t disguise your complete arrogance. No wonder this guy has a shot at you: you’re fair game.

          • The only flog that has had a shot at me is you kid. And that’s because I had the ‘arrogant’ audacity to question your downhill vanilla sideways trade of Jacobs to Grundy. In hindsight, I should have saved the advice for kids that actually have potential and are open minded enough to learn about the game. It’s ok though, you’re the best player in the comp at ranked 30 thousand, and the only reason you’re not rank 1 is because of luck. We all know it’s not your coaching at all.

            Loved your speach about greatness though Boris Trump. LET’S BUILD THE WALL!


          • You’re actually a simpleton, and probably worse than ‘hawk’, or whatever he is calling himself at the moment.
            It’s people like you who ruin society, not Hawk, because You are just a symptom of dumbness, when what this world really needs is greatness.
            Good luck with this crap, because, personally, I’m not going to bother with it anymore: it’s for arrogant simpletons, like you.
            Good luck.

          • Starting to sound like a rage trade kind of week for you buddy. Who’s in the chopping block this week, T Mitchell to Relton Roberts? Sauce Jacobs for Grundy?

            Don’t get emo that you’re not as good as me mate, just get better…! Shit, I’ll even give you some coaching lessons for free if you’re struggling that much!

            Here’s a freebie: Don’t trade Sauce for Grundy. Spend the coin on upgrading your spud rookies so maybe they play on field, instead of spending all season at D8.

          • You’re not only an idiot, you are very strange. Have you considered seeking psychiatric help?

          • Unless the psychiatrist is going to give me tips on which rookies to field, she can piss off, I’ve got no interest.

          • U need a lethal injection carnt

          • Hahaha 😂😂😂

  • when you field O’Shea over Doedee… last minute change killed my weekend

  • FevsBingles

    Thank You Cripps and Simpson, haha, damn you Waterman…

  • Is Touhy injured? Didn’t see the start of the game

  • I see Brayshaw has decided to lift his output now that he’s been traded out of Team JungleMuffin…

    Still burning me even after being traded out. To be expected. No wondwr I didn’t want him from the start.

  • Who wins Grundy + 40 points vs Dusty?

  • my team is absolutely cooked

  • I had Tabener , waterman, Naughton & gaylinson ffs I hate this game.

  • Currently on 1004

    Ive had Laird, Tuohy and Luke Ryan all go under 90, Neale for 86 and then finlayson, Crowden and Florent around the 60 mark.

    Danger, Coffield, English, Doedee and Coniglio have all done their part.

    Got Murray, Capt Titch, Lyons, Merrett, JOM, Gawn, Nank, Devon SMith, Christensen and Hulk hogan left.

    Should go around 2100 if lucky, not a bad round,

    Premium coming in for a rook next round too!

  • Anyone having trouble logging into the RDT (Sportsdeck) site via username and password access?

  • So i am on 1013 with 11 to play..

    Titch (C), Dusty, Zerrett, Stef, Gawn, Devo, Sicdawg, Murray, Christiansen, Rayner, Holman left to play. I think im looking at around 2000-2100 from here. Does that feel like par for the round?

  • I’m 818/9. Still got Titch C, Treloar, merret, omeara, McDonald, gawn, stef, Devo, petrecca, Robinson, Sicily, murray and Rayner…….theres been plenty of spud scores. So I think par is around 2000-2050

  • whitfields gotta go. 3 scores in the 60s. cant handle a tag. a shame

  • Fooz

    Got my +3 / -3 sorted already.

    +3 is Tim English
    -3 is me for bringing in Dunkley over McLean… sure I saved $100k for upgrades and DPPs next week… but FMDT

  • I’m glad I never started with Naughton. Alot of money for a rookie at grass growing price rises lol

  • Mitchell not doing too well. Bot sure if it’s the tag that’s the problem, or North absolutely pumping the Hawks. Fortunately he’s had a few tackles to keep his score respectable.

  • Once again. Strong start and Sunday takes a shit me lol…..Btw TV report say there was nothing in the Mitchell hit. Said it mainly hit shoulder and low impact. But who knows. Time will tell. There will conflicting reports and views as per usual.

    • The vision is blurry, and a little unclear, maybe this saves Mitchell. But it also shows a head hit (most likely). The thing that counts against Titch is the report being made + reporting umpire right there in front of him.

  • Glad I ignored that lack-of-sense advice from Calvin to captain Titch over Cogs.

    “Nathan Jones is a superior tagger to Ben Jacobs” bullshit. Titch even got a run on when Jacobs was on the bench, and saved his score this week tackling.

    But silly to elbow Goldstien in the head 10 m in front of the field umpire. Only careless, low impact will save him from being suspended.

  • My only saver was finally Sicily decided he likes getting the footy. Omeara was awful and gave away frees to top it off. Might be time to move him on. Good buy for 430k but time to go. Hope nobody paid 527k for him this week for 63 points :/

    • After one down game lol you are the biggest blunted tool in the shed Peter.. honestly everyone has a tough game now and then. Are you going to move titch on as well after today. Have a look in the mirror ffs

  • Whatever mate. It’s his 2nd sub 70 score this season. He’s gone up enough and I’ve got the cash to upgrade him. Il hold premos mate. I don’t hold midpricers. That’s the point of the game. Upgrade to premos. And I will do that.

    • I agree with Peter, I want to trade O’Meara but I’ve got Tabener to deal with instead now hopefully in two weeks time

      • I will either move on this week or next week Trev. No rush to be this week as will have low BE. But definitely time to upgrade him in next couple of weeks.

    • I wonder if Zorko will be a good pickup once he comes good again, already dropped 150k and struggling again today. He must miss his pal Rocky

      • He was a gun rookie last time I played, so to see him as a supposed oremium now, blows my mind!

        My biggest query is, is he a legit premium? I haven’t seen his output over the last few years to have the belief. If he was/is a legitikate premium, his price is getting really hard to ignore. He’s going to drop even further, but my question is, is he worth picking up?

  • I’m a regular reader on this forum and haven’t ever posted until now but I can honestly say I really enjoy the banter between Ned kelly and the hawk , cracks me up big time. Yet….. I believe they are the same people because they are always responding same time. Keep it up cheers!!

  • Temporarily up to 5th! Only Murray, Gawn and Devon to play though.

  • Looks like we are heading into a round of lowish scores. Who wins these scenarios:

    1. Me with 86 points + Dusty vs Opponent with Merrett, Hurley, Guelfi ?

    2. Me with 86 points + Dusty vs Opponent with Merrett, Petracca, Guelfi ?

    3. Me with 131 points + Devon Smith vs Opponent with Pendlebury, Hibberd, Fritsch (if playing) ?

    4. Me with 133 points vs Opponent with Hibberd, Fritsch (if playing) ?

    5. Me with 42 points + Devon Smith vs Opponent with Lambert, Fritsch (if playing) ?

    • I’d say it’s a bit grim for the first 3, with 4 and 5 being coin flips and your best bet.

      • Dang, I knew I was in trouble this round. In around 7-8 leagues, and so far only lost 1 matchup out if them all over all the rounds to date. Might end up losing 5 this round alone.

        1585 with 4 to come. Looking at a bye round-like score, and massive drop in rankings.

        • Sounds like you’re in good knick and one of the better teams. Even the good ones have a quiet week or two, so don’t stress.

  • 1548 with 6 to go.

  • So I’m pretty stoked I picked up Phillips at R3 and flipped English up to F4. Hoping Kruezer stays sidelined a bit longer. Great to see Holman turning it up again for all the non-believers.

    Looking like a traditional down/up this week. Something like:

    A. Pearce to rookie
    Fritsch to R. Gray

    Happy days!

  • Calvin’s captain picks thus far:
    Titch – 83
    Danger – 109
    Cogs -112
    Gibbs – 65
    Sidey -?
    Laird -89
    Dusty -?
    Duncan -90
    Zerrett -?
    Zorko -55

    I went with Laird. Unless you went totally left field like Fyfe, Simpson or R.Gray (all in my team, didn’t consider any of them for captain at all) you’re going to be OK.

    All my players are done for the round, only got 1963, currently ranked 53 for the round, obviously that will drop considerably, but 2000 for this round won’t be too bad.

    Consider the high ownership (>10%) tons so far:
    Cripps – 17.5% 138
    Fyfe – 31% 136
    Simpson – 35% 131
    Gray – 11% 126
    Heeney – 45% 115
    Cogs – 28% 112
    Danger – 18% 109
    Yeo – 33% 108
    English – 64% 107 (but mostly in R3 I would guess)
    Menegola – 16% 103
    Doedee – 63% 102

    On average, these players are owned by 1/3 of players, so if you have 4 or more that’s not so bad.
    I have Fyfe, Simpson, Gray, Heeney, Doedee and English (R3) plus the ‘unique’ Jelwood.

    The high ownership players yet to play are:

    Murray, Gawn, Dusty, Fritsch, Smith, Petracca, Grundy, Stephenson, Smith, Zerrett, Caddy, Guelfi, Hibberd and Rance.

    On average you might have 3-5 players lining up tomorrow.

    Most of the 20 or so teams on 2000 already only have 0-2 players left, I’m guessing 2150 will be enough to rank top 1000 for the round.

    Also interesting to note is that team scoring seems low this round. Out of 7 games, only Freo have managed 100 points; teams averaging around 70-80 points.

  • Happy with my ins this week, Coffield and Crowden, both just above their average and well above their BE.

    Don’t know that I will have any forced trades this week, gives me a chance to fix up Nathan Brown and O’connor.

    A 170k ruck, English on the field and another cheap DEF might be the go.

    • I wan2 field english but also wan2 make inroads in the byes so dont wan2 lose a ruck bench option… hard call cant have 100 wasting on the pine

  • 1464 with gawn, petracca, treloar, merret, Dev smith and Murray to go

    • Where are you ranked Peter? That is a good score coming this round

      • 22,000 ATM….completely stuffed up round 1. Was ranked 61,000 after first round. But picking my way back through the pack since. Oh how round 1 stuffed me over lol. Worst start to fantasy ever lol


  • 1385 with gawn (c), nank, petracca, murray and guelfi to go.

    Gibbs 65, parker 73, savage 50, titch 83 (not captain thankfully). another putrid round. first round of the season without late outs or early game injuries (i started with a midfield of titch, merrett, libba, duncan, crouch, beams… seriously) and my premos serve up this. this game is cursed. if you’re doing well this year congrats, i don’t know what god you pray to but you’re one lucky bastard.

    • Gawn with the C, good luck!
      I feel you with the bad start, (Merrett, Crouch, Duncan, Treloar)
      was finally getting some decent results and then this one has blown me back down again :(

  • So I’ve decided that 80 per week from my premo mids is a good score
    Am 1450 with 5 to play includes Gawn and dusty so may get to 1900

    Went cogs captain was disappointed with his 112 at first but not now for this round that’s gold

    So what’s changed this year is it the taggers are back and or teams are adopting the tigers style high pressure game

  • Gawd, this is gonna be a looong round.

    1474 from 19. Top scores are Sicily 111, English 106 [bench!], Steven 104, Doedee 102 [bench!].

    Started the year rolling dice on Jack Steele, McGrath and Parish. Bam bow. Went Whitfield over Cogs and Neale over Fyfe. Bam bow. Parker, Billings, bam bow.

    Off to the asylum.

  • What worse than having titch captain? Having Lyons captain. He literally scored 27 in the second half 😣🔨 Plus Dunkley, Christensen & Waterman combined for 145 in the forward line. I’m on 1385 with Murray Treloar Merrett Gawn and DSmith to come.. FMDT

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