My Team 2018: Round 5

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Points for and against – Season

ADE 1659.34.5215303.31.5

Points for and against – Last 3

ADE 1710.751.7148431.7

Click here for Fantasy points against stats thanks to Morts from @DFSAustralia


  • Holman,brayshaw,kelly time to go i think,have got $130g in the bank,looking at downgrading Brayshaw to a 170g rookie and getting either seedman or omeara for holman

    • Brayshaw definitely goes before Kelly and Holman. Kelly still has a lot to make, he went up $40k this week. If you have nothing else to worry about Holman can go, but will still go up a bit.

      • Good point.Gonna double downgrade frisch and brayshaw to make a double upgrade nxt week

        • Good call, I’m going the same. 1 down 1 up this week with 190k in thr kitty for the same next week.

          Can you not get a premium in this week?

    • Holman and Kelly still have money to make. Hold them a bit longer, but Brayshaw could go.

    • Yep. Brayshaw first out of those three.

  • So frustrating, everyones gonna hop on merrett now and save 200k in comparison to those who have had him this whole time

    • Thx BT i didnt think of that haha

    • I believe merrett will be tagged 3 times out of the next 5 games anyway. Still a risky pick IMO.

    • I reckon his BE will still be about 120 so everyone has another week to make sure his turnaround is confirmed

    • I really can’t understand team’s talking trades Monday morning considering the teams get announced Thursday afternoon. Wouldn’t it be more constructive talking about injuries and players hitting form. I’ll start by saying I think menegola is a must have at his price and should i will be reshuffling my team to get him in.

  • thoughts on trelor ?

    • Umm he played well this week

    • I’ve had him since the beginning of the season and he’s been terrible up until this week. He was great last year, but I’d wait for a few good weeks before bringing him in.

  • Doedee and Holman to Mirra and Merrett?

    Or do I get Jaegar for Barry, and offload Fritsch instead?

    Do we wait a week on Merrett – I mean it is one good game in 4, he could always just flop again- I have said to myself I want to see 3 100s in a row

    • Tough one im leaning towards omeara purely because Titch is gonna receive all the attention now and omeara will left to rack em up

  • who should go out of Holman, Brayshaw and Barry (leaning towards Holman or Brayshaw as it gets me more cash). Merrett or Fyfe for WHitefield??

    • trade or hold Whitefield?? Also what’s the feel on Merrett??

      • Whitfield: hold till round 5 five. Was tagged in first half to 4 points this week, but plays saints next. If he gets DPP, he’d be worth holding. Will surely rack up some big scores this year when he’s not tagged.

        Merrett ripe to bring but also dropped $ this week for not meeting BE. I’d see how he goes this week, to see if he back on an up-trend. If he gets a low hundred again, his price won’t go up dramatically (or at all, even)

    • Brayshaw then holman,merrett for value and to save some more coin

    • Not much to choose from atm so hes as good as any

  • Hold or trade Llyod?

  • Is Taranto the real deal? Only need 90+ to be a forward keeper

    Under priced if he can do that

    • same could be said of parfitt, seems to be mirroring Taranto and got more mid minutes than fancier types like menagola

    • I recon he is. Can see him in his second year doing a bit of a Clayton Oliver from last year. Especially with GWS injuries in the midfield.

  • What trade do people suggest?

    1) Zuthrie —> Mirra + Fritsch —> Sidebottom (leaving $11k)
    2) Zuthrie —> Mirra + Fritsch —> McLean (leaving $158k)
    3) Fritsch —> Guelfi + Zuthrie —> Seedsman (leaving $200k)

    Want to get rid of Billings, but get a rookie off the ground if I do any of these options, and can also go a swap to Zerrett next week if he fails again.

    • #1 by a long way. Then 2

    • 1 for sure

    • 3. Seedsman is the cheapest of the lot and has a higher ceiling than McLean. Sidebottom will be a top 8 mid but his price isn’t going to vary a whole lot. You get Seedsman in now, he’ll continue to go up in price and if for whatever reason he’s not a top 6 defender later in the year, you can straight swap him for someone that is. Plus it’ll leave you $200k for another upgrade next week.

      Always back in the underpriced premos, they’ll score you points and make you money. Players going for top dollar can only go down.

  • Round 4 Score: 1934
    Ranking: 4956

    DEF: Laird, Simpson, Lloyd, Finlayson, Murray, Doedee (Pearce, Mirra)
    MID: Titch, Gibbs, Coniglio, Parker, Kelly, Holman, Coffield, Banfield (Brayshaw, Barry)
    RUC: Gawn, NicNat (English, Cameron)
    FWD: Heeney, Walters, Billings, Smith, Taranto, Christensen (Fritsch, Venables)

    Trades made so far: L.Ryan > Mirra (Taranto to fwds, Coffield to mids).
    Other trade I am looking to make is a downgrade/rookie adjustment. Will be between Brayshaw/Barry/Venables (dependent on selection) and therefore has to be either a fwd/mid preferably Crowdon or ZGL (if he returns) for JS purposes. 150k in the bank to target Zerrett, the following week through a downgrade of Fritsch/Barry/Brayshaw and an upgrade of Holman, what are your thoughts :D

  • Holman-> Mirra (vis Finlayson DPP, have to play Naughton/Pearce/Mirra this week)

    Def: Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Murray, Doedee, 1 of Mirra/Naughton/Pearce

    Mid: Titch, Gibbs, Cogs, Treloar, Parket, Zerrett, Coffield, Finlayson (Banfield,Brayshaw)

    Ruck: Gawn, Nicnat (English, Cameron)

    Fwd: Heeney, Smith, Petracca, Walters, Christensen, Waterman (Fritsch, Rioli)

    Thinking following week a bit of work into that fwd line to get Gray

  • Does anyone know if Josh Kelly will return this week?

  • Brayshaw to JOM
    Fritsch to Taranto??

    Could also do Fritsch to Crowden and just keeping building a war chest, thoughts?

  • Trade out caddy or windgard?

  • DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Ryan, Murray, Coffield, Finlyason (Doedee, Murphy)
    MID: Mitchell, Fyfe, Merrett, Whitfield, JOM, Kelly, Brayshaw, Holman (Banfield, Barry)
    RUCK: Martin, Gawn (English, Cameron)
    FWD: Billings, Heeney, Smith, Taranto, Christensen, Fritsch (Giles-Langdon, Venables)

    Cash: $170k
    Thoughts on trade options appreciated.

  • That’s it…. Holman out for Constable (hope he plays) and Sidearse for armitage

  • Trades:
    Daniel Venables > Matt Guelfi.
    Luke Ryan > Paul Seedsman.

    DEF: R Laird, J Lloyd, P Seedsman, J Finlayson, S Murray, N Coffield (T Doedee, A Pearce).
    MID: T Mitchell, S Coniglio, D Martin, P Cripps, D Zorko, T Kelly, N Holman, B Banfield (A Brayshaw, D Barry).
    RUC: S Martin, M Gawn (D Cameron, M Flynn).

    FWD: I Heeney, J Billings, D Smith, A Christensen, T English, M Guelfi (J Waterman, E Ratugolea).

    I have decided not to dump Zorko just yet, due to the fact he plays GC at home this week.

    Thoughts? Cheers.

  • Thoughts on Billings & Fritstch to Kent & Parfitt?

  • Parfitt looked bloody good in the bit I saw. What happens when Gabblet comes back though? I can’t see Kent doing that each week though…

  • What do people think will be the highest averaging players in their position (including benches)? (Non-injury affected games and have to play at least 18 games, so Ablett is removed from the conversation). New DDP’s will no doubt change the names on these lists, but for argument’s sake, I am disregarding them for this.

    Heres my take-

    Laird, Savage, Yeo, Hurley, Simpson, Seedsman, (Lloyd, Tuohy)

    Mitchell, Gibbs, Coniglio, Macrae, M. Crouch, Duncan, Dangerfield, Merrett, (D. Martin, Dunstan (maybe I’m crazy, but I think this guy can average 110 if he can stay in the team))

    Gawn, Grundy, (S. Martin, Kreuzer)

    Franklin, Gray, Heeney, Greene, D. Smith, McLean, (Menegola, Walters)

  • Matt, this game shits me.

  • Thoughts on Rayner.
    Is Venables is ok was thinking Fritsch to Rayner.
    Or sacrificing my ruck to get English in fwd line.
    What’s better
    Venables to Rayner
    Venables to Guelfi and Guthrie to Mirra.
    Venables to Frampton
    Or Venables to Rioli.

  • I have traded Brayshaw to Coffield and tossing up the following for my second trade:

    – Lloyd to Seedsman OR
    – Billings to Gray/Menegola/Taranto


  • Which one (or two) of Cripps, Billings and Lloyd should I trade

  • How’s the BE’s on Holman, Brayshaw and DFog?

  • There seems to be something about Melbourne… so many high draft picks, so much talent on paper… If Tich went to Melbourne, would he become ordinary too?

    • Not as talented as everybody thinks!
      Lots of good honest footballers, no elite mids, need a defensive gorilla to play on the buddy, brown, tomahawk types.
      A lot of overrated players too!
      Fwd line is good, so is Oliver..
      A Sloane type running mid would be good too.

      • Interesting thoughts.
        Yes, Oliver is a gun, and Gawn is one of the best rucks in the competition.
        Petracca and Hogan go okay. Hibberd has fallen away badly.
        The rest can be lacking.

  • Okay, trading Merrett out was my biggest mistake.

    DEF: Laird, Tuohy, Ryan, Doedee, Murray, Finlayson, (Naughton, Murphy)

    Mid: Titch, Danger, Cogs, Neale, Lyons, JOM, Banfield, Holman (Crowden, Barry)

    Ruck: Gawn, Nank, (Cameron, O mac)

    Fwd: Billings, Smith, Hogan, Christensen, English, Waterman, (Florent, Langdon)
    105k left.

    Thinking, waterman to Coffield via Crowden, which leaves me 97k

    Then i go billings to Taranto to bank a total of 180k.

    Downgrade a rookie and go a rookie to a premium, such as Yeo, Gray or even back to Zach Merrett.

    Thoughts on all those ideas?

    • treloar could be considered IMO

    • You’ve got to get Yeo in at some point and that 40 odd will be out of his system after next week. Also saves you self loathing of bringijg back in Merrett, but Merrett probably needs to come back in if you think it was a mistake to axe him.

  • The big question: Holman to O’Meara, or T Kelly to Zerrett?

    • Jacobs is going to tag Mitchell this coming week, and after that, O’meara wont go above 110 unless Titch is tagged again,

      Zach seemed quick, ballsy and tackle friendly so he seems like the better pick this week.

  • I reckon it’s all academic at this point. A few rookies may be a bit cooked just now … could be some cashcow carnage at selection this week. ‘Rested’, ‘managed’ and plain old ‘omitted’ coming our way …
    At least, in one way, it’s kind of a relief when the decisions are made for us!

    • Yeah, I reckon Banfield, Naughton, Mirra, Coffield, Kelly, Waterman, English, Doedee, Murray, Rayner and Rioli are safe from that

      In the firing line: Brayshaw, Dow, Holman, Fritsch

  • Would you trade T Kelly now if you can get Seedsman? Or just wait longer on Kelly?

    • I traded him to get Zerrett, don’t see why not.

      Seedsman seems pretty useful pick up this week or next

    • I think Seedsman is a great pick. I don’t think he will keep averaging 100+ but 90+ is easily doable.

      If you are going to get Seedsman he is going to increase on price, so you don’t want to wait too long

      The good thing about Seedsman is Sloane, Gibbs, Laird, Crouch (when playing) should all be ahead of him for tags, so he should be fairly consistent

      • Go Seedsman first he will only go next week.
        Zerrett probably will drop slightly and give him another week to see if he’s back.
        I’d give Kelly another week unless you think he wont go up as much as seedsman

    • He’s approaching the end soon, but surely you’ve got other priorities to chop first?

      Brayshaw, Holman, Barry, Fritsch, Waterman all need to go in the next week or so.

  • Operation bring in Seedsman and O’Meara with breakevens of 43 and 37 respectively! Thinking to go Fritsch to Frampton so I can play T English forward and then Holman to O’Meara. Will have to get Seedsman next week I think.

    • Just be aware that the Bulldogs’ rucks may be boosted this week – may impact negatively on English.
      Also I’m not a fan of having no emergency cover. Yes it works … until it doesn’t! Too risky imo. Having English’s points on my field is far outweighed by having a ‘set & forget’ ruck emergency

  • Def: Coffield, Laird, Doedee, Finlayson, B Ellis, Murray (Murphy, Pearce)

    Mid: Jaeger, Titch, Gibbs, Parker, Coniglio, Seedsman, Holman, Kelly (Dow, Banfield)

    Ruck: Jacobs, Gawn (English, McInerny)

    Forward: McLean, Billings, Taranto, Mundy, Chrstinsen, D Smith (Fritsch, Ratulogea)

    Likely going Fritsch & Ellis to Guelfi & Hurley. If Murphy doesn’t come back in then it might be him to Mirra

    I considered Yeo, but I’d prefer someone more predictable like Hurley. I don’t know if I could put up with the stress of Yeo’s position changes and yo-yo scores.

    The experiment of Ellis is over, thought he would at least score according to his price then be a stepping stone, best case scenario return to form of a couple years ago and turn in to a keeper

  • Done

    My midfield is….

  • I have English on my ruck bench and want to move him to my forward line. I haven’t played AFL Fantasy for a while and I’m sure you used to be able to trade out a forward with a ruck and move the dual position player. Am I going crazy? If not how can I do that?

  • I think time to trade Paddy Dow as his BE is topping out and Carlton are looking like real cellar dwellers this year. Maybe a swap for Crowden would be a wise move.

  • What to do with beams? Haven’t watched many Brisbane games and not sure what he is doing? Hold because he started off as a premium and can go big or tome let go (thinking trade down to seedsman if that’s the case)?

  • Def: Laird, Lloyd, Savage, Doodee, Finlayson, Murray (Naughton, O’Keefe)

    Mid: Titch, Gibbs, J Selwood, Neale, Whitfield, JOM, T Kelly, Holman (Banfield, Crowden)

    Ruck: Gawn, Stef Martin (Cameron, Frampton)

    Fwd: Billings, Heeney, Petraca, Christensen, English, Waterman (Fritsch, Veneables)

    Some underperforming premos have been limiting my scores recently (and ability to predict which rooks are going to score best). Particularly disappointed in Lloyd and Billings (and Whitfield although if he gets DPP then I won’t care too much). Have a couple of options;

    1. Billings –> Coniglio/Sidebottom, Holman –> Guelfi (with a bit of DPP)
    2. Fritsch –> Guelfi, Holman –> Coffield which would build up a chest for next week

    If you see anything else useful please tell me, the teams wavering a bit after a solid start.

  • What do you guys think about trading out Tim Kelly this week?
    He still has cash to make, but a 60 on the weekend could suggest Duncan and Menegola getting more MID time affects his scoring?

    Holman – Guelfi
    Kelly -Seedsman


    • It’s fine if you have no other rookies on the field scoring less or not making money. Kelly still has a lot of money to make and is still low on the priority list.

      • I have others that should go first, but cant get me an upgrade.
        Dow, Brayshaw.

        But this trade makes my onfield structure a lot better.

        Leaves me with:

        DEF:Laird, Hurn, LLoyd, Williams, Murray, Doedee (Naughton, Murphy)
        MID:Titch, Cogs, Parker, Neale, Seedsman, Taranto, Finlayson, Banfield (Brayshaw, Dow)
        RUC:Gawn, Nic Nat (English, Cameron)
        FWD:Heeney, Billings, Smith, Robinson, Petracca, Guelfi (Fritsch, ZGL)

        Hoping Murphy and ZGL are back in this week.

  • Fritsch – Guelfi
    Brayshaw – O’Meara or Taranto?

  • Any DPP locks.

  • Cunico a good option? May trade on Holman. Also Lloyd to merret a good trade

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