Round 3 Lockout Chat

We are away in round one! Discuss your moves up until lockout and everything across the weekend in the comments.

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  • AFL $2,000 Sydney vs GWS
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  • AFL $2,000 WCE vs Geelong

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  • Cant watch the game-anyone know what is happening with whitfield???

  • 1340/15

    terrible night

  • Billings, you are the weakest link!!!WTF is that? Maybe trade down to Hogan who can at least kick a goal as well as kick a ball and not handball so much!

  • Was looking to pat myself on the back for Acres after he’s 50 odd at half time. Then he comes out and get’s 25 in the 2nd half.

    Similar story with Coniglio who was 100ish at 3/4 time, and barely got a touch in the last :(


  • 16/1480 plus captain

  • Im on 1401 with Titch (C) Danger Zerrett Smith & Yeo looking like i might just hit 2000 this week.

    • Merrett must feel like the gift that keeps on giving. I’m hoping to straight swap him for Brayshaw in a few weeks, but I’m worried it might be a bit too sideways xD

    • 1845 with Jelwood, Yeo, Kelly and Ryan to come.

      Hopefully close to 2200 if things go well, and should be an ok score this round with some popular picks underperforming.

  • 15/1280 with capt to come and 3 other premiums.

    Scores have been a little down from some players, but not disastrous.

  • 1475 with Captain Titch, Guthrie, Kelly, Smith and Ryan to play. And also Beams replacement of Brayshaw’s 43. Pretty crap round overall. Trade-ins of Seedsman and Gray worked out pretty good for Hibberd and Sicily.

  • Couple of things I noticed this week:

    1. anyone reckon Whitefield will be tagged more often now (I brought him in ahead of Cogs this week)

    2. slightly concerned with Parker’s 71. anything it in it or just a hard match up?

  • Coffield looks like a player to get in (Def/Mid), if you haven’t already got him.

  • 1598 with 4 left. Titch (Captain), Smith, JOM, Kelly left. Not as bad as some scores i have seen, having Stef helps. Unless there are injuries today, Billings is sacked. Rubbish role in a shit team.

  • Merrett has to go, is he still concussed? I am chopping him for Tim Kelly to hopefully gain some cash back.

  • Can’t pick my rookies:
    Waterman on bench and Venables on ground.
    Holman on bench and Tim Kelly on ground.


  • Yeo murdering me.

  • I dumped Merrett at the end of round 1, and kept quiet about it with the high level of anti-trading talk about Merrett at that point. Even last week, I didn’t agree with the overriding sentiment that “you just gotta ride him out”. To the unlucky guys who held but were 50-50 on trading him before, sometimes you just gotta make your own choice in the face of a more popular sentiment if it doesn’t quite feel right.

  • Looks like par will be pretty low this week. Already jumped from 10000 to inside 3000, despite only scoring a touch over 2000. Really relying on Kelly/Venables to pull their fingers out to get me over 2100.

  • F u c k off mark

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