Round 2 Lockout Chat

We are away in round one! Discuss your moves up until lockout and everything across the weekend in the comments.

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  • Who still has Kruezer? If you do i hope you have English at R3

  • What the hell?!?!??! My trades got reversed!! They were saved during the game yesterday, now my old players are back! This partial lockout BS has really screwed people over

  • Toby Greene out, glad I didn’t get him in, it was so close.

  • Are Gold Coast putting a forward tag on Simpson?

  • Where the f has Oshea gone lol? had 30 at qtr time

  • Aaron Young 42. Anyone bring him in?

  • Lol 6mins into pies game have 5 players : Coniglio,Lobb,Finlayson,Murray,Langdon all combined for a score of -1…Has that ever been done before? Haha

  • Langdon on 0 points at Quarter time

  • Tossed up between Cripps and Coniglio this week and of course I fail with Cripps !!

    • But you didn’t trade him just for this week. You won’t know which was the right option for a least another couple of weeks. It’s a marathon not a sprint.

  • Treloar playing forward. Looks to have 0 confidence. Doesn’t look good. Looks like him and adams have random roles

  • What happened to O’shea

    • He was in the backline for the first half. think he had his whole days score by then something like 43. 2nd half he played forward. Got a few touches and gave a few free’s away. His disposal was very ordanary. He might even be dropped next week. Polson was worse tho. And Bryne was injured. How bad we’ll have to wait n see

  • So far so good this round. Status of my more unique starting picks + round 2 trade ins:

    FAIL – O’Shea
    TICK – Whitfield
    (TICK TICK – trade out Merrett/O’Connor)

    slightly riskier or unique:
    TICK – Finlayson on ground
    TICK – Neale
    TICK – Fyfe
    TICK – Coniglio
    TICK – Christiansen

  • Hi, I didn’t get to watch the Brisbane game tonight, what’s the go with Rayner?

    • Rayner is enthusiastic but does not score – I think he is still adjusting to the pace and nature of the game. Would not be surprised if he is dropped but maybe they will give him plenty of time to pick up the feel of the game. In some ways may as well – he does look as if he will become a good player though, just not yet

  • I’m disgusted that AFL Fantasy wont even acknowledge their mistake on Friday. They reversed my trades of Hibberd and Merrett to Lloyd and Whitfield so as you can imagine I’m pretty pissed! I’ve lost points and TV because of THEIR technical issue, not happy.

    • I’m assuming it’s because you traded after lockout. It would have reverted back to what you had at 4:20pm AEDT. Send them a message (not social media, as I run that… and the main purpose of that is to promote the game, not offer tech support).

      • Yeah see I made a trade around 4:15, reversed it after 4:20 (saw partial lockout so was just testing) then made the same trade. Sent an email but unfortunately think I’m out of luck. Bit confused as to why it would let me reverse trades after the supposed lockout time but these things happen

        • I would say it was a programming error. Hopefully they will be able to fix it up with logs, however… I wouldn’t go ‘testing’ things!

          • Roy Warnie and Calvin clearly advertised it was Full Lockout at the start of that game. With the different and earlier start time anyone with half a brain wouldn’t even try to ‘test’ the system. Clearly there were always going to be teething issues with the earlier lockout. You did something stupid, you live with the consequences.

          • Hopefully.. thanks for the help anyway, you boys do your best giving advice and cop unnecessary flak when players/things go wrong

          • The problem is their ‘fix’ was worse than the problem. They only undid half of what people are reporting happened. They see that you traded after 4:20 and simply reversed those trades without seeming to acknowledge/realise that people also reversed trades after 4:20 (and often then did the same trades).

            I imagine what happens is that there’s an image taken at lockout, but unlikely that there’s an image taken at every moment, so they can’t easily rollback to how everyone’s team was at 4:20. Maybe they can generate an algorithm to figure out what everyone’s team was like at 4:20, but it will probably be time-consuming. So, I see three possibilities: 1. It’s all too hard/impossible and you get what you now have. 2. They let you have trades made after 4:20. 3. Re-opening at the end of the round takes ages as they fix everything. Here’s hoping it’s option 3.

          • @ChaSeq, exactly, couldn’t have put it better. What you said is exactly what I did. Hopefully it’s option 3.

        • “Testing” after lockout is very similar to ball tampering.

          • Alright well expect a tear-filled interview from me tomorrow, I’m sure you’d be the bloke to ask about MAFS too ;)

          • @SensibleJimmy Teething issues? They’ve had partial lockout for years… okay maybe it wasn’t the smartest thing to test but I just guessed maybe it was wrong info. If it was really full lockout it shouldn’t have allowed me to reverse my trades – one minute later I successfully made my trades, Lloyd and Whitfield were in my team.

          • “I apologise for my actions and I take full responsibility for my part in what happened on day 3 at Newlands in Johannesburg in the 3rd Test.”

          • Seems we are on the same page with that issue too Dulcify. Sometimes in life there was such a thing as the good old days.

      • Warnie, thanks for all your efforts – always appreciated.

        But, I did NOT trade after the Friday (full) lockout. I’d done my 2nd trade for the round earlier that day.

        Despite this, my second trade has been reversed and my team is showing only one trade done.

        Whatever happens, no worries, I’m sure I’ll survive (still going to take out my league premiership and get a cool hat lol)

        • I suggest emailing AFL Fantasy all that (go Contact Us on the AFL Fantasy site) as I have done. The more people who make them notice, the greater chance they’ll do something about it.

  • It baffles me why Roy would gloat that he could change Merrett to Dangerfield when the ability to change like this seems kind of random – some lucky ones can, some can’t. Also if you don’t own Merrett this puts you at a disadvantage to someone like Roy. Am I missing something here? If he’s trying to protect his brand this is not the way to go about it.

    • Chris – posted on April 1.

      • Was hoping I’d wake up this morning to find out Merrett’s score was an April Fool’s joke, sadly not

      • With the disgruntlement thats happened this weekend, I don’t find remotely funny and is in poor taste

        • Did I miss something or are we playing a free fantasy football game where we get a series of fictional points for various sporting activities undertaken by grown men kicking a ball around a field?

          • I pay $20 for gold but guess thats an add on, also invest numerous hours of my time which is very valuable. The issues mentioned did not affect me, but i must disagree with your above reasoning it as it is not correct. I am sure that others invest way more time than i do. I understand their frustrations as i had an issue similar last year reversed my trades and that stuffed up my entire year put me 2 trades behind everyone else and had 0 scoring players on field so the rest of the year was a complete waste of time as was all the work done in the first half of the year. I contacted the people that run it (not Warnie or DT Talk as it has nothing to do with them) and basically they said ‘boo hoo’ i said then i want my $20 back and they said ‘boo hoo’. Now it maybe free (ignore the $20 for gold because is add on and game runs without it and it does what it says it will), but the organizers make a lot of money (dont know the figures but understand business and they wouldn’t bother if they did not), via advertising etc, and assume it is possibly monitored via hits on the site, so they should look after each member otherwise they will lose them, thus lose hits on the site thus lose advertising dollars. I play all formats and Fantasy it says 126,290 registered, SC 185,700 and RDT 12,276, now fantasy may look flash with its pictures of players but i have never ever had an issue with SC or RDT in its running. Cheers food for thought, but you cant say oh well it costs nothing thats completely incorrect.

    • Think you missed the joke

    • You’re a hell of a lot of fun out with the boys.


  • Holy F u c k, some of you blokes need to lighten up.

    Btw, should’ve had hogan like me fellas, he’s a star and everyone knows it.
    Hibberds role has changed, dump him this week due to the lever inclusion.

    • Except about Buckley ruining Taylor Adams and Adam Treloar. There is no room for levity there. Only pitchforks!

      • Maybe the coaches all get together and decide which one is going to screw up Fantasy each week… this week, Buckley’a name came out of the hat?

      • Buckley couldn’t coach a mini league team
        good footy player but if he wasn’t Eddies bum boy then he wouldn’t be coaching.

  • Hi, is this the Police? I would like to file a missing persons report for Tim English

  • NicNat owners, don’t worry- at least you’ll have English to cover the games he misses.

  • Laughing at all those who swung English of the RUC bench into the FWD line to play on ground.

  • Nic Nat’s time on ground is currently at 56%, so score is pretty decent for time on ground

  • Yess McLean! Stayed strong and kept him for this week. Traded out Florent for Crowden though :( Already doubled last week’s score

  • Oh … Rocky. Why, oh why did I hold on for another week!

    • I got rocky too, I don’t know what to do with him now. Will he be like this all year.

      • Looking forward to when he’s a FWD after round six, and after he has been eased into the side enough to be getting some midfield time, and also tackles again.

        I’d settle for picking him up as a FWD if he can average 85+ after round 6. Should be really cheap at that point.

    • I feel your pain, Maggie :(

      I ended up trading him out, but felt sort of disloyal doing it!

      It’s a sad thing to watch a Pig falling … let’s hope he can return to his piggish ways and delight us again with the magic!

      • Thanks The Cricket. Yes, it is sad to see the Pig falling … I hope he can return to his piggish ways – at some stage! Tim, I will be selling this week and will monitor his performance. j, I’d like to think he could eventually average 85+ and certainly more!

  • robbie gray looks a really good fwd option, especially now that 30-point-average-spud forward pocket role he had last year is filled this year by rocky…

  • My son cries so much the last couple of weeks watching the pig fall. I really hate to see him like this. He is 10 but still has him captain like the last few years. I hope for a miracle for him.

    • Aaaw! Are you getting the little bloke a Rocky Pig Beanie in Port colours? They don’t stop being our heroes just because they’re going through a bad patch hey :)

      Long live the Pig!

  • What’s everyone looking at score wise this week? 1758 with Mitchell x 2, Kelly and Jelwood.

    2nd week straight I’ve had a DNP, and I’m having a hard time getting my starting rookie picks right.

  • What a weekend
    Only Titch left and he has the big C
    181 and I will get 2000

  • Re: The lockout/trading issue this week. They’ve just sent a mass reply (my reply wasn’t addressed to my nane) and didn’t really answer what my query actually was. Can’t see why they can’t just roll affected teams back to what they were at 4:20

    • So what did they actually say?

      • My reply from Fan Hub Media:

        “Hi Lachlan

        Unfortunately we are unable to go into our system and adjust your fantasy scores or Team set-up.

        We understand your frustrations, however these settings are in place for the users security and privacy so we are unable to change them

        Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

        Kind regards,

        FanHub Media.”

        Pretty annoying because I’m stuck with Rayner’s score and price drop but I suppose it could be worse.

        • And for reference, here are my original messages (read bottom message first):


          Apr 1, 14:35 AEST

          Hi, really hoping to hear back before lockout is lifted on Monday. Is there a way that you could view the state of my team at 4:20pm on Friday? I didn’t know trying to reverse after this time would stuff things up since it said it was still a partial lockout. I made trades after I reversed and it worked, it just reset sometime later on Friday or Saturday morning. That is, no trades were registered at all for Round 2.

          I don’t mind which trades I get (the first ones before 4:20 were different to the ones after) but I suppose the pre 4:20 trades make the most sense. If you can’t view this on site logs or something then as I said in my original email I had traded Christensen and Rayner to Acres and Crowden, with Giles-Langdon on the field and Crowden on the bench.


          ——– Original message ——–


          Mar 31, 18:00 AEDT


          At lockout on Friday 4:20 I had traded Christensen and Rayner to Acres and Crowden. I reversed this before quarter time of the Saints vs North game because I read that it wasn’t a full lockout and made different trades to see if it was true that it was still a partial lockout. Now my trades have been reversed and my team is as it was at the end of Round 1.

          Could I have my trades back please as they were at 4:20pm (Acres and Crowden)? I’m sure if you check the logs it would back this up.


          • I got this:
            Hi Levin, (who?????)

            Unfortunately there was an issue with lockout, where it only locked trades for North Melbourne and St Kilda players so other trades could go through. When we realised this, we made sure to implement full lockout, then go back through any trades that were made when full lockout was supposed to be in place so we could reverse them.

            The reason we implemented full lockout before the final teams were announced is because we always start full lockout once the first Friday game starts. Unfortunately, this game happened earlier than most Friday night matches and so lockout started before teams were announced.

            We know this is frustrating as it makes planning your team difficult, but the best we can do when something like this is happening is to try to notify users via social media. Updates and announcements are posted there to keep people up to date, so in order to avoid situations like this we recommend checking the AFL Fantasy accounts for updates whenever you can.

            Sorry again for the confusion, but please let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with.

          • Yeah, so they f**ked up. They reversed trades, but did not reverse “reverse trades”. Perhaps try sending them something very clear saying that you:

            1. Had made two trades at 4:20
            2. Reversed trades after 4:20
            3. Made two alternative trades after that

            Thus, to correct their mistake they would have to undo the trades and undo the reverse trades, not just undo the trades. Ask them something like, “If this is not possible, please inform me precisely why it is not possible?” or something like that. Perhaps also suggest that making people miss out on trades is not necessarily a fairer option than letting people have the trades they weren’t meant to be able to have since:

            a) Some people made the exact same trades before 4:20 and after
            b) The original trades were probably decent options even if slightly worse than the later trades
            c) It was their f**k up not yours.

        • So they can reverse our trades but somehow they’re unable to change our team set-up? Rightio…

    • Probably because they don’t have an image of what every team was at 4:20 because they only took an image when lockout actually happened. They may be able to reconstruct what every team was at 4:20 by looking at logs, but I have no idea if this can be automated and/or done in a timely manner. It may mean that they’ll fix it all in the period following the game tomorrow… or not. Not sure why they can’t simply admit that they f**ked up and give some indication of whether it’ll be fixed or not though.

      If not, I’m afraid you’re probably out of luck. Taken from the T&Cs:

      “If, for any reason, the Game or this Promotion is not capable of running as planned, including… technical failure…, which corrupt or affect the administration…, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this Promotion, the Promoter reserves the right in its sole discretion to take any action that may be available, subject to State and Territory regulations.”


      “The judges’ decision is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.”

  • Disappointed with a lot of my picks, pretty much only Laird, Whitfield and Walters standing up, along with maybe Neale. Twitch too. Coach needs to have a long think about his recruiting tactics.

  • Is Cripps injures?

  • Is Merrett a trade this week? Gonna be leaking money and not performing. Or back your premiums? My only other major problem is Rayner.

  • Ok just throwing it out there is or is not Rayner the worst Rookie ever? Please name a worse one over they years? Best for a while seems to be Holman the tackling machine. Not joking but at this stage a Rocky to Holman would be good trade make huge cash and double your weekly points.

    Trades this week i looked at Rayner v Christensen and thought Rayner at home and if trade Christensen get extra $60k, genius right? Rayner will drop like $15-$20 i recon wow his numbers are like Nathan Brown like.

    I know its totally different format in SC/RDT but i love how i can trade out Rocky next week and not lose a cent. That said though trading out premos in that format is not ideal given lower number of trades.

  • Thoughts on Darcy Macpherson ($440k before price change)? Stats from the first two games are looking good – and basically identical.

    9 and 10 tackles.
    huge kick : handball ratio.
    97 and 98 points.
    Only kicking 1 goal a game for those scores as well.

    • Oh and he’s a FWD

    • Yes kicking myself now I tossed up between him and young and lost 50 points basically. Will still make cash in Young as has break even of 24.

      I really looked at Darcy after jlt and shoulda jumped on I assume his break even be low so I say jump on

  • Wow okay so now reports are coming in that Mitch Duncan is out today with a hammy.

    Let’s recap. Last week I had Merrett and Libba. This week it’s Duncan, to go with the putrid scores of: Merrett, Beams, Billings, Gawn, Lloyd, Rayner, Petracca….

    f this game :|

  • 1787 with T.Mitchell (c), T.Kelly and S.Menegola to play – could be a tidy score if Mitchell manages to get off the chain again

  • Goddamnit Mitch Duncan. One the bright side, he’s still scored more points in 1 game than Merrett has in 2…

  • Suck on that Duncan owners

  • Oh well, at leat the top 1000 players will know they’re only there because of crazy good luck

  • Fk thatd be right Oconnor is playing, traded him out for that spud Oshea

  • Geez I thought Selwood got the rub with the umps but Dangerfield got them in his pocket today!!!

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