Round 1 Lockout Chat

We are away in round one! Discuss your moves up until lockout and everything across the weekend in the comments.

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  • AFL $2,000 WCE vs Sydney

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  • Well some good and bad in this start for me. Good: choosing Titch and sticking with him as the cap, despite having Cripps’ 130 as VC. Also lucky I put Zerrett and Rocky Into the upgrade to later pile ingenious JOM made cash.
    Bad: should have checked the team sheets, I overlooked Angus Bradshaw being the emergency. At least I had a reasonable size Doodee with the E on him!

    Early days, plenty of room to go FMDT.
    Hope everyone gets some good with their bad.

  • 1242 / Hibberd, Naughton, Parker, Cog, T,Kelly, Gawn, Heeney, Dahlhaus, Fritsch left

    Bad scores: Merrett 23, Brayshaw 45.

  • Anyone see what role Doedee was playing in to score his 80?
    Also what roles were Savage and Roberton playing?

  • Will Merrett play next week?

    • Its irrelevant. Merrett has had two concussions in a month. Get him out now.

      • pfft

      • I have to admit, I’m worried about this. This is (from what the radio broadcast was saying during the game) his third concussion in 8 weeks. I’m also burned by the fact that I swapped Gibbs out last minute for Merrett through the usual last minute loss of conviction $%#^$#!! In saying that, to get him out now you’d be taking a massive haircut (dropped 55k) and he’ll bounce back as long as he recovers from the concussion issue. Sideways trades are really not a good idea in this game, but gee it’s tempting sometimes.

  • If you’ve had a bad start to the season, don’t despair. Things could always be worse. You could be an Australian cricketer.

  • I actually hate Geelong. I got screwed over by GHS last year being named then dropped twice and now Mark O’Connor after lockout. If they’re borderline don’t bloody name them

    • I switched out Naughton for O’Connor, luckily I had Doedee as my emergency, but now I’ve got to carry O’Connor on my bench….

  • 845 with only Naughton and Gawn to play…. lol how embarrassing . I’ve had Ryder, Merrett as captain, rich, burton list goes on. Can anyone else cheer a Gloomy cockatoo up.

  • 1287 with Hibberd, Tuohy, Naughton, Finlayson, Newman, Gawn, Hogan, Trengove and Florent to play.

    Poor from Brayshaw and Banfield, also Merrett but who can blame him, he got back up and the docs called it quits for him.

    Titch is a god haha

    • Nice mate…. hopefully hogan and trengrove get some good scores today for you. Do you think Merrett will pull up right for next week.

      • Yeah, he got up and the docs wanted to assess a concussion. He didnt have one but they thought it would be best to sit him out for the game

        I found this out for myself, you need to back in your choices yourself, take advice from others but at the end of the day, the team you picked before lockout was your own decision,

        Don’t blame the community writers, the traders or even some of the veterans on here. We’ll give you advice but dont blame the traders for Your bad decisions in picking a player who played poor. That’s on you. a concussion/ Knock can happen to anyone, look at 2015. Ablett, Rocky and sidebum all out after round 1, its your own decisions and if you’re lucky, your team scored well round 1.

        Good luck everyone!

        • Trengrove struggling mate, quarter time he is on 1, he has one tackle and gave away one free kick. Glad I haven’t been following you lol

  • AF 1154/11+ proj 1994
    SC 1192/12+ 1969
    RDT1288/12+ 2129

  • Libba red cross on dtlive, bandaid on fanfooty :(

  • Is Zac Langdon playing, or still sitting on the bench?

    At this moment it looks like it was a good move to pass on Libra.

    • Well in hindsight his form last year plus history with injuries makes him a bad decision.

      My reasoning though I think was pretty sound, priced at about 70, capable of going near 100 (has averaged 98 before)

    • Judging by the lack of injury markers and the spud next to his name, i’d say unfortunately Langdon is actually playing

    • I also thought Libera would be good. I only went off him at the last moment and re-arranged my team and brought in Duncan.
      Just like Merrett, it looks like I dodged another bullet.

      Zac L. up to 20 at half time- killin’ it!

  • Trengove is my bad pick haha

    • Quick update mate. Nearly half time . Trengrove no possessions, 1 take and 4 hitouts , gave away a free kick and score is just 5. Should be traded out next week and will lose considerable amount of cash the way he’s going

  • Naughton struggling and looks like he don’t want to be out there. Too scared of the contest for 11 at half time

  • Coniglio!

  • Half time
    Greene 82
    Cognilo 89
    Kelly 69 got ’em all roll. on 2000 plus.

  • A few low scores by rookies on the field.
    But the only thing that really annoys me so far is my decision to have Jacobs (37) on the bench at 243k. That could have been Barry(72)for 170k.

  • Wheres Hawk??? Menegola 31 at half time lolololol

  • Hibberd?

  • Merrett as Captain, also had Rocky FML…

    Positives, Charlie Curnow..

  • Unbelievable… I’m currently in the top 10.

  • 1687 with Heeney, Yeo, LLoyd and Ryan to go. Praying to hit the 2000 mark.
    Duds:Merrett, Beams(Barely got a touch after half time), Rockliff, Rayner, Brayshaw, Banfield.
    Guns: Laird, Titch (C), Cripps, Gawn, Billings.

    Last minute change of Conigs and Kelly to Cripps and Barry looking the absolute goods early on but missed out on points in the end. Didn’t really lose either way but funny how it works haha.

  • 1761 with Parker, Fox, Heeney and Florent to come. One bad choice of POD so far, hope I can still say that in 3 hours.

  • 2032 with Heeney and Parker to come. Not too bad a start so far (for once).

  • I HATE Elliot Yeo. When he don’t have him he averages 110 but when I pick him just watch that jackass average 60

  • Ha ha lol lol arctic wombat had Florent too, I wonder how he is feeling at the moment. Good on im

  • F u c k you greg

    • Hey arctic dingleberry , how did Newman go and your second year rook Florent go bwahahahahsha I can only imagine how your reacting now in the computer room in the basement lol, looks like plenty of trades for you this week not forgetting the possible donuts too. You really shit me to tears

  • Proud Naitanui owner here …. oooo boy what a risk to pay off. Good luck all who chose him.

  • Two Traders down in Jonathon’s league.
    Warnie got rookies nearly right and flew the flag.

  • 2274 ranked 281 take that

  • Why does the fantasy website have two different ranks? Apparently I’m either 704th or 506th… Either way I’m stoked with 2260.

  • What happened to the traditional cluster of a weekend 1? I suppose a lot of people had Rocky and/or Merrett but rookies shone which is bloody relieving. Bring on rd2 delete team posts.

  • Anyone else’s fantasy app shit itself??

  • Made a last minute upgrade from Cogs & Parker to Rocky & Beams. Cost myself 100 points right there.

  • when is full lockout guys?

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