JLT1A Fantasy Review – Ep. 178

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  • More gullible Redden suckers.
    Even Sheed and Gaff attended more centre bounces in the match.
    Just wait til the real thing starts, be even less.
    Hope to see Nic Nat play a few minutes so everyone jumps on him too.

  • I’m on redden train but agree with you on Nic Nat gonna have a lot sucked in if he plays

    • I really hope he runs out for at least a quarter because the amount who will jump on Nic Nat will be ridiculous.
      Also hoping Redden scores another 80+ in JLT2 to really suck the masses in there too.
      The main centre bounces will be Yeo, Gaff and Shuey with players like Ah Chee, Redden and Sheed filling in when needed.
      When Sheed attends more centre bounces then Redden, I’m not going to be sucked in.
      Plus his history with op.

      • William, you are the biggest douchebag.

      • You’re a flog! Sounds like you’re butt hurt that redden balled out… now your “secret POD” is on everyone’s radar…

        U were way too over the top with this. Its blatantly obvious!!!

      • Gaff generally starts on the wing pal.. and yes Yeo will get more midfield minutes but will also play through the backline. It could just be hype with Redden but he could fill that Priddis role as the main inside man. It is only JLT though

      • Is a big concern for the Eagles if Gaff is starting at CBs

  • William, Redden averaged about 98 over his last 8 games last season. With no Priddis and Mitchell this year, how can he get worse midfield time than last year?

    • Priced at 83, is low risk IMO

      • Yep. I Couldnt agree more Euman. Welcome back to my team Redden and to the near-elite fantasy scores. He is primed to walk into priddia’s role and will go up 15-20 points average.
        I didnt know my Eagles had employed a new senior coach called william who knows all and sees all, and calls all the shots on positions and midfield time. We’re stuffed! Where did simmo go????? Bring him back quick. This new, so called william doesnt sound like he knows much

    • 98 oh wow premium stuff there.
      Scores 3 tons in a row then finishes off with no ton in 6.
      His op wont allow him to score big on a regular basis.

  • Moving on all … given nic nat is a risk, where are we with R2? … I’m leaning towards witts. Is he on the rise? … it’s a tough choice this year and I’m tentative about investing in kruezer or grungy … and everyone is on Jacobs

    Thoughts all?

    • I’m considering: Jacobs, Ryder, Witts, and Goldy. They all honestly have about a 25% chance at this stage

    • was witts injured last year? otherwise is solid but is $650k yes?

      What about Sandi? im on Nank think he will be solid 90-95 wont set world on fire but will be safe

      Ruck position shits me to tears

    • I’m gonna be safe and go with Sauce, I know same as everyone else but the others are risky. Don’t mind Sandi as a left field shout but I doubt the bloke will play every game plus also Darcy might come in and they play 2 rucks.

    • whats your reason for not picking kreuzer?

    • Witts is a window cleaner

    • I’m really liking Ryder.. with the talent around him, and a full season under his belt at port, solo ruck – I think he’s going to go 100+

  • Zac smith i have

    • i like this pick looking at his stats he seemed to get better, how old is he? remember of course rucks seem to mature later around 24-25

      Note that Nankervis is still 23 soon to be 24 people forget that and he just came off his first full season a prior he played 5 & 6 games respectively due to lack of opportunity

  • 28 but first year with geelong and some games he smashed it 110 and most 85 above mark should be solid 90 a week for ruck so locked in at 595k

  • Redden or O’Meara

  • Get rid of The Chosen Won while you’re at it.

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