Fantasy 101 – Ep. 175

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  • On my stream you guys sound like you’ve been sucking Helium, that’s hysterical. Roy sounds like a munchkin from Wizard of Oz!

  • Was this recorded while inhaling helium?

    Good Luck

  • A refresh should have a new file in there … sounding normal.

  • Warnie (or anyone), any intel as to why when Fantasy launched this year selecting bye rounds off would give you the Port/GC round off in your league too, but now it’s been changed back to only the 3 MBR’s? Or more importantly, why you can’t choose from either option?

    • Good question as to why – we’ll suggest for next year’s rebuild having that option. I like playing through the ‘mini-bye’, though.

      • Thanks for reply. Yeah, it’s not a huge deal, but we have a 16 team draft league with finals, so it makes more sense to skip the 4 bye weeks, rather than 3 MBR plus rd 1 (which means open slather on scrapheap players after lockout) or R23.

  • Regarding Nic Nat you say no cheaper options yet lycet is just a few $$ more and has proven he can score good with and without Naitanui playing
    Just look at his scores from 2016
    That is who I am going

    • Good luck with that mate, Lycett is a total dud. Not convinced about NicNat’s fitness either. Not exactly ‘training the house down’…Steer clear early, will be rusty.

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