My Team 2018: Version 1.1

Chad, the man behind DT Live, has updated the Drawing Board for the 2018 season. Head over to the siteand select ‘Drawing Board’ from the drop down menu and you can start picking your AFL Fantasy Classic squads for the upcoming season.

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Once you have picked your team, you can simply copy and paste your team to put in the comments below. Now that we have My Team cranking, discuss any players, team structure, etc in the comments. As always, keep it civil and if you’re advice, make sure you dish out some of your own (make sure it well thought out and not blatant trolling – we’re totally over that after 10+ years of DT Talk!).

Get keen for a massive season ahead.

The 100 most popular players selected in the Drawing Board for AFL Fantasy Classic. As at 5 January.

Nic NaitanuiWCERUC41700086.491.5
Max GawnMELBRUC60500099.386.9
Harley BennellFREFWD24900076.485.3
Paul AhernNMMID/FWD17000058.170.2
Rory LairdADEDEF708000101.769.6
Tom MitchellHAWMID897000124.765.6
Cam O'SheaCARLDEF23000065.264
Tom DoedeeADEDEF17000056.763.1
Darcy CameronSYDRUC17000049.762.6
Nathan FreemanSTKMID17000060.161.3
Allen ChristensenBLFWD33100077.459.5
Luke Davies-UniackeNMMID26400067.854.9
Isaac HeeneySYDMID/FWD65000097.954.6
Harrison WiggGCMID17000063.550.9
Timothy KellyGEEMID22400066.246.2
Daniel VenablesWCEFWD17000057.745.4
Joel SmithMELBDEF/MID17000057.844.5
Willie RioliWCEFWD17000053.143.6
Jaeger O'MearaHAWMID43800088.442.9
Cameron RaynerBLMID/FWD27000067.941
Jack HigginsRICHMID/FWD23800064.938.7
Jack BillingsSTKFWD66700099.238.7
Sam MurrayCOLLDEF17000055.437.8
Dayne BeamsBLMID737000111.937.7
Tom RockliffPAMID726000113.837.5
Jake LloydSYDDEF65000097.137.1
Elliot YeoWCEDEF693000100.536.6
Patrick DangerfieldGEEMID850000120.135.7
Nat FyfeFREMID687000107.234.6
Rory LobbGWSFWD46700084.734
Josh KellyGWSMID796000115.433.5
Patrick CrippsCARLMID693000107.231.4
Michael BarlowGCMID/FWD66800098.131.3
Timothy EnglishWBRUC/FWD18700051.630.9
Zach MerrettESSMID826000118.130.1
Billy FramptonPARUC/FWD17000047.528
Kade SimpsonCARLDEF689000100.627.6
Jack CrispCOLLDEF62200094.525
Andrew BrayshawFREMID26800069.525
Mitchell HibberdNMDEF23500063.524.4
David MirraHAWDEF17000056.224.2
Lachlan KeeffeGWSDEF/FWD17000053.523.7
Andrew McGrathESSDEF49700085.722.4
Devon SmithESSFWD57500090.822
Matt CrouchADEMID752000112.621.5
Oscar McInerneyBLRUC17000053.520.5
Mitch RobinsonBLMID/FWD58300092.220.2
Taylor AdamsCOLLMID809000115.617.1
Stephen ConiglioGWSMID675000105.517.1
Liam RyanWCEFWD22000061.216.5
Dustin MartinRICHMID801000115.516.2
James WorpelHAWMID1820006015.9
Hugh GoddardSTKDEF17000052.814.5
Paddy DowCARLMID26600066.414
Francis WatsonWCEDEF17000057.813.5
Grant BirchallHAWDEF48500082.613.4
Angus BrayshawMELBDEF/MID52800086.713.4
Michael HibberdMELBDEF65300095.713
Dom BarryPAMID17000058.512.4
Christian PetraccaMELBMID/FWD50100086.212.4
Kobe MutchESSMID17000057.512.3
Brendon Ah CheeWCEMID/FWD41300076.711.5
Dylan ClarkeESSMID/FWD17000056.411.5
Luke ParkerSYDMID694000107.711.2
Matthew FlynnGWSRUC/FWD17000046.510.9
Adam TreloarCOLLMID761000111.810.8
Alex WitherdenBLDEF60500092.610.8
Alex MorganNMDEF17000056.810.6
Brayden AinsworthWCEMID20800061.610.3
Callum MillsSYDDEF48900084.210.1
Will SetterfieldGWSMID/FWD26500066.89.9
Jeremy FinlaysonGWSDEF/MID17000054.89.5
Nicholas CoffieldSTKDEF/MID25600063.79.5
Lewis PierceSTKRUC17000045.79.2
Bailey RiceSTKDEF17000054.88.5
Luke DahlhausWBMID/FWD62400092.58.4
Ryan ClarkeNMDEF48400081.78.3
Sam MenegolaGEEMID/FWD720000102.48.3
Robbie GrayPAFWD57300092.58
James SicilyHAWDEF/FWD52400088.87.5
Dayne ZorkoBLMID806000116.37.5
Pearce HanleyGCDEF/MID50900087.67.4
Matthew KennedyCARLMID485000867.4
Aaron HallGCMID691000107.26.7
Zac WilliamsGWSDEF58400092.46.5
Mitch DuncanGEEMID794000113.26.5
Nick HolmanGCMID17000053.66.3
Mitchell KingMELBRUC17000043.46.2
Darcy ParishESSMID/FWD55200087.16.1
Bryce GibbsADEMID791000114.66.1
Aaron YoungGCFWD38800075.46
Myles PoholkeADEMID/FWD17000051.15.9
Ryan BurtonHAWDEF59500091.95.9
Isaac CummingGWSDEF17000056.75.7
Hamish BrayshawWCEMID170000545.7
Nathan WilsonFREDEF50000083.45.6
Dan HanneberySYDMID666000104.95.6
Alex JohnsonSYDDEF17000052.65.5
Luke McDonaldNMDEF/MID604000925.5
Michael HurleyESSDEF66400097.85.3



  • Hannebery and O’Meara vs Ablett/Kelly and Andrew Brayshaw? If I go with Kelly it will allow me to upgrade to T Kelly on the bench. Cheers

  • Kelly/Brayshaw. Kelly a definite keeper IMO, and Brayshaw may claw his was to a D6.

    Hanners/JOM have limited chance to be keepers IMO, Hanners more likely to bounce back, but will he go 110? Maybe 105 at least for a keeper? T Kelly on bench will be a big safety net, there’s minimal 170-200k rookies in the mids.

  • Libba looking back to his best. Definitely underpriced. Would you roll the dice?

  • OK i need some cash because after reading this article i think i need all of the dearer priced rookies, ryan, brayshaw, dow etc

    was thinking maybe McGrath down to Ciaran byrne who is 350k, or coefiled/ shea? thoughts

    TEAM NAME: Eumans Premiership Tigers 2018. (AFL Fantasy 2018)
    Used: $12,592,000 (99.9%), Remaining: $8,000 (0.1%) On Ground: $11,213,000 (89%), On Bench: $1,379,000 (10.9%)
    Expected Total: 2094, Site Expected Total: 2092
    Def: R.Laird (102), K.Simpson (101), J.Crisp (95), A.McGrath (86), J.Smith (58), T.Doedee (57) (I.Cumming (55), S.Murray (56))
    Mid: T.Mitchell (125), T.Adams (116), J.Kelly (115), D.Beams (112), P.Cripps (107), J.Redden (98), L.Davies-Uniacke (68), T.Kelly (66) (K.Mutch (60), N.Freeman (60))
    Ruc: M.Gawn (100), N.Naitanui (86) (T.English (60), D.Cameron (60))
    Fwd: J.Billings (100), I.Heeney (98), A.Christensen (77), C.Rayner (68), H.Bennell (76), P.Ahern (58) (T.Brown (55), D.Venables (55))

  • So here is the two teams Iam looking at.

    First team a guns and rookies, both defence and forward top end guns.
    EAM NAME: Meow. (AFL Fantasy 2018)
    Used: $12,596,000 (100%), Remaining: $4,000 (0%) On Ground: $11,182,000 (88.7%), On Bench: $1,414,000 (11.2%)
    Expected Total: 1883, Site Expected Total: 2070
    Def: R.Laird (100), K.Simpson (100), J.Lloyd (95), N.Coffield (36.29), L.O’Brien (35.72), C.O’Shea (75) (D.Mirra (24.10), T.Doedee (60))
    Mid: T.Mitchell (120), Z.Merrett (117), J.Kelly (112.69), T.Rockliff (120), J.Redden (83.35), A.Brayshaw (37.99), P.Dow (37.70), L.Davies-Uniacke (37.42) (T.Kelly (70), D.Barry (24.10))
    Ruc: M.Gawn (105), N.Naitanui (85) (D.Cameron (24.10), O.McInerney (24.10))
    Fwd: M.Barlow (94.54), J.Billings (94.40), I.Heeney (95), C.Rayner (70), J.Stephenson (36.85), J.Higgins (70) (P.Ahern (24.10), W.Rioli (24.10))

    Second has a few mid pricers and extra mid.
    TEAM NAME: Meow 2. (AFL Fantasy 2018)
    Used: $12,600,000 (100%), Remaining: $0 (0%) On Ground: $11,240,000 (89.2%), On Bench: $1,360,000 (10.8%)
    Expected Total: 2023, Site Expected Total: 2105
    Def: R.Laird (100), J.Lloyd (95), J.Crisp (88.16), A.McGrath (70.30), L.O’Brien (35.72), C.O’Shea (75) (D.Mirra (24.10), T.Doedee (60))
    Mid: T.Mitchell (120), Z.Merrett (117), J.Kelly (112.69), T.Rockliff (120), D.Hannebery (94.26), J.Redden (83.35), L.Davies-Uniacke (37.42), T.Kelly (70) (H.Wigg (24.10), N.Freeman (65))
    Ruc: M.Gawn (105), N.Naitanui (85) (O.McInerney (24.10), D.Cameron (24.10))
    Fwd: I.Heeney (95), M.Robinson (95), A.Christensen (80), C.Rayner (70), H.Bennell (80), J.Higgins (70) (W.Rioli (24.10), P.Ahern (24.10))

    What’s people’s thoughts on what’s bests?

    I think the guns n rookies will start slower, but cash generation will help around round 6-8.

    • 1 is probs the best team IMO

    • im in same boat, see team above, after reading an article on the gun rookies it is becoming evident that these guys are the ones who will play round one but they all dear, i will have to sacrifice either a mid premo or McGrath in backline to afford some of them. I am starting to think i will have no choice. I remember last i was early on having to swap in and out rookies as had poor JS because i picked the cheaper guys. Im leaning toward dropping Mcgrath in def so instead of 3/1/2 it will be 3/0/3 then can use cash to upgrade a couple of rookies possibly 3

      • I did mention this a few days..

        The Chosen Won January 17, 2018 4:24 pm

        Its good to have a good team, If you don’t have great rookies to make cash and cover injured or late out’s then you are screwed.

        Remember its not about having the best team after round 1 it’s about have a round 1 team you can turn into a great team by round 23.

        Good Luck

        • So what are you saying, you like team 1 better?

          • Team 1 has more potential to generate cash than team 2, Not saying team 2 won’t generate its own cash but 1 has a better chance.

            Good Luck

  • I feel like i’m missing out on a west coast midfielder, but unsure on who to take out. only way would be maybe taking out beams u t then i feel like im missing out on points.
    This is my team anyway

    TEAM NAME: Beating the Meat. (AFL Fantasy 2018)
    Used: $12,580,000 (99.8%), Remaining: $20,000 (0.2%) On Ground: $11,220,000 (89%), On Bench: $1,360,000 (10.8%)
    Expected Total: 1717, Site Expected Total: 2081
    Def: K.Simpson (97.52), J.Crisp (88.16), A.McGrath (70.30), A.Brayshaw (65.49), N.Coffield (36.29), D.Mirra (24.10) (T.Doedee (24.10), L.Keeffe (24.10))
    Mid: T.Mitchell (127.00), D.Zorko (114.10), S.Sidebottom (105.60), D.Beams (104.32), B.Crouch (102.91), M.Kennedy (68.75), L.Davies-Uniacke (37.42), T.Kelly (31.75) (K.Mutch (24.10), N.Freeman (24.10))
    Ruc: M.Gawn (85.75), N.Naitanui (59.11) (D.Cameron (24.10), O.McInerney (24.10))
    Fwd: M.Barlow (94.54), J.Billings (94.40), D.Parish (78.10), A.Christensen (46.92), J.Higgins (33.73), P.Ahern (24.10) (W.Rioli (24.10), D.Venables (24.10))

  • Thoughts?

    TEAM NAME: Mid-January . (AFL Fantasy 2018)
    Used: $12,573,000 (99.8%), Remaining: $27,000 (0.2%) On Ground: $11,213,000 (89%), On Bench: $1,360,000 (10.8%)
    Expected Total: 1967, Site Expected Total: 2101
    Def: Z.Tuohy (85.47), L.McDonald (85.47), H.Shaw (80.09), A.McGrath (70.30), C.O’Shea (72), T.Doedee (67) (S.Murray (59), D.Mirra (24.10))
    Mid: Z.Merrett (116.94), D.Beams (104.32), T.Rockliff (102.76), L.Shuey (98.65), P.Cripps (107), J.P. Kennedy (97.80), S.Coniglio (93.98), J.O’Meara (95) (N.Holman (60), N.Freeman (62))
    Ruc: M.Gawn (98), N.Naitanui (93) (D.Cameron (24.10), B.Frampton (60))
    Fwd: I.Heeney (103), C.Petracca (70.87), A.Christensen (46.92), J.Higgins (33.73), D.Venables (62), P.Ahern (65) (L.Keeffe (24.10), W.Rioli (24.10))

  • News from the Dockers is Walters is shaping for a lot more midfield time. A few mammoth scores including one of 172 last year. Is he worth a gamble?

  • FevsBingles

    Hi all, could I get some feedback on this side please?

    Still $124K in the bank, thank you.

    Def: R.Laird (100.21), J.Lloyd (91.99), J.Crisp (88.16), N.Coffield (36.29), A.Naughton (36.00), T.Doedee (24.10) (J.Smith (24.10), D.Mirra (24.10))
    Mid: T.Mitchell (127.00), Z.Merrett (116.94), J.Kelly (112.69), M.Crouch (106.59), B.Crouch (102.91), M.Kennedy (68.75), A.Brayshaw (37.99), L.Davies-Uniacke (37.42) (D.Barry (24.10), D.Clarke (24.10))
    Ruc: M.Gawn (85.75), N.Naitanui (59.11) (D.Cameron (24.10), M.Flynn (24.10))
    Fwd: M.Barlow (94.54), J.Billings (94.40), B.Ah Chee (55.56), C.Rayner (38.27), J.Stephenson (36.85), P.Ahern (24.10) (M.Guelfi (24.10), Z.Giles-Langdon (24.10))

    • Looks a seriously solid team.
      Def is really solid. My only question mark would be on Naughton. More of a key back role which is an absolute killer of fantasy scores. Also not sure if he’ll be in the team from day dot. Brought in Trengove and Crozier in the off season and they look set to play majority back and probably fill the shoes of Boyd and Murphy.

      Your midfield is probably one of the strongest I’ve seen. Not sure about Kennedy. I’d probably want to find a way to turn him into a genuine promo or a rookie.

      Ruck is stock standard.

      I’m just a little worried that you don’t have any top dollar rookies. I don’t see your bench getting regular games and gaining you cash so you can build a real war chest.

      • FevsBingles

        Cheers Shagger, what/who would you suggest?

        • Def- O’Shea, O’Brien, hibberd
          Mid- Dow, cerra, h.clark (st.k)
          Fwd- higgins, d.fogarty, Bennell (if not sacked

        • Sam Murray is probably the pick of the defence rookies missing but I think looks solid already. If he looks like getting games early swap him for Naughton and free a bit of dosh.

          In the midfield I’d want to bring in Paddy Dow. Looks guaranteed games. I’d put him in for Kennedy if you’re game to go a 5/0/3 midfield. That then frees up cash to get more sturdy rooks.
          On the bench I’d look at James Worpel from Hawks has a body ready made for AFL footy. Apparently his kicking efficiency has improved over pre-season and with Hawks being thin for depth in the midfield looks like he’ll be playing sooner rather than later. Tim Kelly as well if you have the cash.

          Forward line look at Liam Ryan. I think he’s straight in WCE best 22. Keep in mind he’s about 50k more than Paul Ahern. Maybe Willie Rioli and Jack Higgins as well

        • Rookies who are most likely to play Round 1 at the moment are;


          Some other cheap players who might play R1;

          Mitch Hibberd
          Darcy Fogarty
          Hunter Clark

      • Your easy to impress shagger

      • Peter sumich said about Naughton best 18 year old he has seen since Glen Jakovich and bulldogs don’t have a lot of defenders so could get early games kid can play just keep a eye out.

    • Really like the team mate, only thing would be your defence looks a touch weak with 3 rookies on the field. Maybe use the 124k and find a bit more to upgrade one of them (most likely Naughton) to a reasonable mid pricer?

      Also, I’ve seen a lot of teams so far with Rayner in them, but I’m personally not much of a fan. Perhaps think about going down to Bennell or Higgins.

  • Zerrett and Kelly
    Danger and M.Crouch?

  • B.Crouch or Rockliff?

  • Would love your thoughts, Gus Brayshaw & Robinson could change after the JLT but I’m pretty happy with this structure.

    TEAM NAME: (AFL Fantasy 2018)
    Used: $12,584,000 (99.9%), Remaining: $16,000 (0.1%) On Ground: $11,195,000 (88.8%), On Bench: $1,389,000 (11%)
    Expected Total: 1713, Site Expected Total: 2095
    Def: R.Laird (100.21), J.Lloyd (91.99), A.McGrath (70.30), A.Brayshaw (65.49), N.Coffield (36.29), C.O’Shea (32.74) (D.Mirra (24.10), T.Doedee (24.10))
    Mid: T.Mitchell (127.00), P.Dangerfield (120.34), A.Treloar (107.87), M.Crouch (106.59), T.Rockliff (102.76), A.Brayshaw (37.99), L.Davies-Uniacke (37.42), T.Kelly (31.75) (J.Worpel (25.80), N.Freeman (24.10))
    Ruc: M.Gawn (85.75), N.Naitanui (59.11) (T.English (26.51), D.Cameron (24.10))
    Fwd: I.Heeney (91.99), T.McLean (85.47), M.Robinson (76.82), A.Christensen (46.92), C.Rayner (38.27), J.Higgins (33.73) (P.Ahern (24.10), D.Venables (24.10))

    • Love the McLean pick, all I’ve heard so far is everyone saying he won’t improve and they’re scared off your him. I personally think he’ll go between 88-95. Beveridge loves him and he’ll get plenty of midfield/wing minutes

      • “Our younger guys, that middle bracket of Bailey Dale, Toby McLean and Caleb Daniel are starting to take their training to a new level which has been really exciting.”
        Sounds like improvement to me, if he gets plenty of midfield minutes in the JLT he is a lock in my side.

        • Yeah bar any dramatic changes to role, he’s locked for me. I think he’s a genuine chance to be a top 6 forward

        • Would you pick him over Dahl?

          • Depends on the JLT, last year dahlhaus play predominantly forward where McLean played midfield. Dahlhaus should average 90 though both will be solid, I just see McLean taking it to the next level in the midfield

          • also wondering if stringer going effects dahl as he’s a forward threat which the doggies are lacking in

      • I agree, looks a good selection but for me he’s still behind Billings, Heeney sn Robbo.

  • Who would be the cheapest Fwd who is most likely to get a game early (for F7/8)

  • 2nd go at my team thoughts??

    Dream Team Talk blog

    TEAM NAME: Fantasy Fan
    (AFL Fantasy 2018)
    Used: $12,569,000 (99.8%), Remaining: $31,000 (0.2%) On Ground: $11,197,000 (88.9%), On Bench: $1,372,000 (10.9%)
    Expected Total: 2006, Site Expected Total: 2069
    Def: R.Laird (105), J.Lloyd (100), J.Crisp (88.16), N.Coffield (65), L.O’Brien (35.72), I.Cumming (24.10) (T.Doedee (55), D.Mirra (24.10))
    Mid: T.Mitchell (125), P.Dangerfield (120), Z.Merrett (120), M.Crouch (115), T.Rockliff (125), P.Dow (37.70), L.Davies-Uniacke (70), T.Kelly (70) (J.Worpel (25.80), N.Freeman (24.10))
    Ruc: M.Gawn (100), N.Naitanui (100) (D.Cameron (24.10), B.Frampton (24.10))
    Fwd: J.Billings (95), I.Heeney (100), T.McLean (85.47), B.Ah Chee (80), J.Higgins (60), P.Ahern (60) (L.Keeffe (24.10), D.Venables (24.10))

    • Lol, pretty much bang on my team!
      Something along the lines of Jacobs, Barlow, Robbo, Rayner vs Nic Nat, Billings, Mclean, Ah chee!
      Would be close between us, but I’m happy with my 4!

  • Is anyone considering starting with Ablett at M1? I’ve got Adams, Kelly, Martin, Treloar, B Crouch, Dow and T Kelly as my other mids.

    Would like to hear some thoughts!

    • The last couple days I had Ablett at M2, but now I’ve managed to sneak in Titch and Danger so Ablett is at M3 for me. I don’t think you can afford to start the season without Titch and/or Danger.

    • Mids are stacked already…. but in theory yeah, I have no problem with Gaz at M1, although if you aren’t going to start Titch at least have a plan to get him in (you’ll need a stepping stone premo)

  • What’s peoples thoughts on a 5/0/3 midfield? Looks to be a strong crop of draftees in the mid and it frees up cash to get stronger in other positions. Or too risky

    • 5 premo, 3 rookies is the way to go. There’s so many gun premos and quite a few gun rookies. For that reaso I’m avoiding the Omeara, Redden,Kennedy types

  • For those not starting Rocky whats your thoughts, because i’m thinking if he fires great but if he’s playing forward he’s a chance to pick up DPP and be a top 6 Fwd anyway, he’ll be around the 100 mark anyway so worst case a stepping stone before rnd 10 bye.

    • Highly doubt he’ll play enough FWD to get DPP. He will play fwd which will affect his scoring, dependent upon how much up fwd we will have to wait and see, to make the call on whether he’s in our team or not.
      I’m not starting with him ATM, I do think he will be in my team at some point as long as he doesn’t get injured.

    • Just ask yourself what’s going to piss you off more, Not having him and he goes 130 or having him and he goes 95.

      Good Luck

  • TEAM NAME: Tigers back to Back. (AFL Fantasy 2018)
    Used: $12,586,000 (99.9%), Remaining: $14,000 (0.1%) On Ground: $10,989,000 (87.2%), On Bench: $1,597,000 (12.7%)
    Expected Total: 2115, Site Expected Total: 2079
    Def: R.Laird (100), P.Hanley (95), A.McGrath (90), P.Seedsman (90), N.Coffield (65), C.O’Shea (65) (T.Murphy (65), T.Doedee (60))
    Mid: T.Mitchell (125), D.Martin (120), J.Kelly (120), S.Coniglio (105), M.Kennedy (95), A.Brayshaw (70), P.Dow (65), L.Davies-Uniacke (70) (T.Kelly (65), B.Ainsworth (60))
    Ruc: T.Nankervis (100), M.Gawn (100) (B.Frampton (50), D.Cameron (50))
    Fwd: M.Barlow (100), I.Heeney (100), M.Robinson (95), A.Christensen (80), H.Bennell (75), J.Higgins (65) (W.Setterfield (70), L.Ryan (60))

    Would love your thoughts everyone!

    • I love people expectation’s of what “they” think players will average in 2018.

      Not enough keepers to start the season with.

      Good Luck

      • Personally I may have overshot on the averages but tbh these averages are not out of the picture. Personally I see myself as having around 10 keepers and I have a set and forget ruck. I appreciate the feedback but I don’t believe that Chosen actually give feedback…I mean I would love to know how many keepers you have Chosen. And thanks Scott and the other guy for the feedback!

        • I agree, he just likes pointing out weaknesses or what he thinks are shotty opinions. I’d say Laird, Hanley (if he can average what you think he will), Titch, Dusty, Kelly, Coniglio (M8), Nank, Gawn, Barlow, Heeney and Robinson are all keepers.

          • I thought pointing out weakness in others peoples teams was the whole idea of giving feedback so they can make improvement’s if they deem it necessary.

            11 Scott? You have just confirmed my suspicions I have had about you really have no clue about this game.

            Good Luck

          • The players you listed are exactly who I was thinking. Another one I might add with a changed role and better JS is Seedsman. But I do believe I have at least 10 keepers!

          • Okay Chosen Won, now you just sound like you think everyone has a wrong opinion unless they agree with you hahahaha. Prick

        • I start every season with 12

          3 Defenders
          5 Midfielder
          1 Ruck
          3 Forwards

          Good Luck

          • Well I believe I have at least 10 with Seedsman, Robbo and McGrath as maybe keepers. I like the team cause I have value with players that have a high ceiling and a Set and forget ruck. I take it you have Nic Nat Chosen. See my comment as too why I have not chose him. You seem to not like people who have POD’s and are not Vanilla. I mean we wouldn’t know because you haven’t posted your team Chosen. All talk and no show!

          • Looks lets make this clear, I’m not knocking your team or the strategy you want use in 2018, You asked for feedback and as someone who has been around the game long before it was call “Fantasy” I gave feedback nothing more nothing less at the end of the day you make the final decision before lockout not me or anyone else on this site.

            I never post my team for 2 reasons:

            1. I don’t need help I do my own research and back my own judgment.

            2. I have spent hours researching players and crunching numbers unless you want to pay me i am not sharing it with anyone!

            Good Luck

  • I like your team, few mid pricers in there may pay off, what I do love as a mad Tiger is the Nank pick, he finished season well last year and is only 23 years and 152 days old coming into ruck prime, and we know now the tigers are running with Grigg as backup ruckman so Nank is it really. Has full pre-season under belt, and as well as a full AFL season – I am very tempted I can see 100 plus maybe

    last year last 3 round avg H&A 109.7, last 5 round 96.4 and the finals he got 70/97/92

  • What do people realistically see the expensive rookies averaging this year?


  • Thoughts with the big Kreuzer in the team?

    I count Redden and Robbo as a keeper, as I count 13 keepers.

    TEAM NAME: Meow. (AFL Fantasy 2018)
    Used: $12,587,000 (99.9%), Remaining: $13,000 (0.1%) On Ground: $11,173,000 (88.7%), On Bench: $1,414,000 (11.2%)
    Expected Total: 1835, Site Expected Total: 2064
    Def: R.Laird (100), J.Lloyd (95), J.Crisp (88.16), N.Coffield (36.29), L.O’Brien (35.72), C.O’Shea (75) (D.Mirra (24.10), T.Doedee (60))
    Mid: T.Mitchell (120), J.Kelly (112.69), M.Crouch (106.59), T.Rockliff (120), J.Redden (83.35), A.Brayshaw (37.99), P.Dow (37.70), L.Davies-Uniacke (37.42) (T.Kelly (70), N.Freeman (65))
    Ruc: M.Kreuzer (104.89), M.Gawn (105) (D.Cameron (24.10), O.McInerney (24.10))
    Fwd: J.Billings (94.40), I.Heeney (95), M.Robinson (95), C.Rayner (70), J.Stephenson (36.85), D.Venables (24.10) (P.Ahern (24.10), W.Rioli (24.10))

  • Is B. Crouch and Rockliff in the midfield too much of an injury risk?

    • Having 2 trades per week I would think takes all the risk away from that picture.

      Just curious why you choosing Brad over Matt.?

      Good Luck

      • Brad more of a POD which was what my midfield in particular was lacking. But as we speak I’ve done a reshuffle which has opened the door for Matt. My only concern with Matt is I don’t see him going bigger this year.

        • 10 times he last 100 in his last 11 games (including finals) and averaged 116 during that time, Has to nudge 110 surely?

          Good Luck

          • *Past

            Good Luck

          • He should hit 110 if his form from last year continues. The crows midfield is so bloody strong though will they pinch points from each other?

          • Think back to 2012 Swannie(130) (Pendles(110) Beams(116) Sidebottom(104) I wouldn’t worry too much if anything it could help him.

            Good Luck

        • Here is what I wrote about Matt Last pre season:

          The Chosen Won February 3, 2017 4:06 pm

          I see Matt around the 105-108 Its his ceiling that excites me 128,128,125,126 he can find the football!

          Good Luck

          • You went that far back just to prove a point. I mean why do you care what he thinks. I mean most of us me included do out own research but listening to other opinions. But you don’t want to give a f**k. A lot of us have played Fantasy before it was called Fantasy. If you aren’t picking Ablett, or Menegola over a stack midfield then it would be hard to pick a crouch with a Gibbs and Gibson coming into the side. Even with Fogarty looking at early games

          • Ease up Jugs mate. I’m happy to hear their opinion just like I’m happy to hear yours. Menegola probably not in the same echelon as Crouch but I do see your point.

  • Merret v Kelly?

  • (Real Dream Team 2018)
    Used: $12,533,700 (99.5%), Remaining: $66,300 (0.5%) On Ground: $11,345,900 (90%), On Bench: $1,187,800 (9.4%)
    Expected Total: 2155, Site Expected Total: 2090
    Def: R.Laird (105), M.Hurley (100), J.Lloyd (95), L.O’Brien (65), C.O’Shea (75), T.Doedee (60) (S.Murray (60), D.Mirra (60))
    Mid: T.Mitchell (125), P.Dangerfield (120), Z.Merrett (115), S.Pendlebury (110), N.Fyfe (110), S.Coniglio (100), L.Davies-Uniacke (70), H.Wigg (75) (J.Smith (60), T.Kelly (60), N.Holman (65))
    Ruc: B.Grundy (105), M.Gawn (105) (D.Cameron (60))
    Fwd: J.Billings (95), I.Heeney (95), T.Greene (90), B.Ah Chee (80), J.Higgins (75), P.Ahern (60) (W.Rioli (55), J.Garlett (55))


    The way I look at the Nic Nat issue is that he probably won’t be in my team come seasons end so I went with Grundy and don’t think it has had a negative impact on my overall team.

    • Overall not too bad, Good to see Pendles make a team, Toby Greene drove me bonkers last season.

      Not sure Wigg will start maybe upgrade Holman to Worpel is more of a chance to get a game.

      Just make sure you have good bench cover with only 30 trades in a season its hard to avoid a donut if you don’t have that cover.

      Good Luck

  • So whats the deal with the ruck benches this year. That R4 position will be a waste if they went with 2 ruck benches like previous years as i dont see any 170k ruck getting a game early.

  • +1

    When I questioned Warnie about it a while ago he told us they didn’t want to be like the “others” and have 1 bench ruck /3 Midfield bench.

    I doubt anything has changed.

    Good Luck

    • Sometimes its ok to be like the “others” if it means your users have a better experience. There’s been 2 incidents last year where ive had to cop donuts in the mids, this is completely my fault for not picking the right bench cover but that extra rookie would of helped. Like you i dont think anything will change and we’ll have to do with a dead rookie position for most of the year.

  • Alrighty my team vol. 2.

    Tried to get a 6/0/2 midfield but it made everywhere else too light on IMO so stuck with a 5/0/3. Trying it on with 3 rooks in the forward line. Anyway, rip it to pieces!

    Def: Laird, Lloyd, Crisp, McGrath, Coffield, O’Shea (Murray, Doedee)

    Mid: T. Mitchell, Kelly, Treloar, M. Crouch, Rockliff, A. Brayshaw (Fre), LDU, T. Kelly (J. Worpel, N. Freeman)

    Ruc: Nankervis, Naitinui (English, Cameron)

    Fwd: Billings, Heeney, Lobb, Rayner, Higgins, Ryan (Ahern, W. Rioli)

    • Nanker over Gawn takes balls I will pay that one!

      Heeney has to be watched fell away towards end of season averaged under 90

      What it the plan for Lobb? Stepping Stone for premo forward or R2 if and when DPP is awarded?

      Good Luck

      • The Nank move is a big question mark. I think I want to stay away from Gawn because I have very few POD’s and Nank is coming off a solid pre season. I may lose nerve and go back to Gawn but only time will tell.

        Cheers for the heads up on Heeney. I was thinking trading his spot for Toby McLean. Looks certain to rack up midfield time (maybe at the expense of Dahl) and racks up big points when he does make that shift to the centre. But I’d be up for any suggestions.

        Plan for Lobb is cover for bye rounds ruck role. Should earn DPP status. Don’t want to waste a trade on a ruck. Once bye rounds are done he’ll be traded out. But for now he’ll earn cash and give me cover.

    • I have a 6/0/2 mid, with still a decent fwd and def still, it will work if you make it work.

  • @the chosen won, would like your thoughts on my team as well as anyone else who is willing to give feedback!

    DEF: Laird, Hurley, Lloyd, coffield, O’Shea, Smith (Murray, Mirra)

    MID: Titch, Danger, Merrett, Kelly, Rocky, Dow, LDU, Kelly (Freeman, Wigg)

    RUCK: Gawn, Naitanui (Cameron, Lynch)

    FWD: Barlow, Billings, Heeney, Rayner, Higgins, Rioli (venables, Ahern)

    38k Remaining. Not a fan of a 170k player at F6… thoughts?

    • Basically have the same team as me… I have a 170k F6 as well that worries me but if Ahern especially gets up round one I think he’ll be worthy

    • Hurley interesting pick decent POD can he go again?

      Solid Midfield

      Just watch Heeney’s preseason dropped off a little towards end of 2017 make sure of no role chance. Maybe Rioli to Liam Ryan seems to be the pick of the WCE rookies.

      Good Luck

    • Love the Hurley pick, he’s been locked into my team since Day 1. Perhaps consider moving Merrett to Adams to help get more cash to upgrade that F6.

  • Thoughts on the team at this point? I have a plan to rearrange 170k rooks up if need be, but this is the team as of now. I have the big 3 as I think it’ll be hard to get them later on and I’ll have bigger things to worry about…

    Def: R.Laird (100), J.Lloyd (98), J.Crisp (95), N.Coffield (65), M.Hibberd (65), T.Doedee (60) (J.Smith (60), D.Mirra (55))
    Mid: T.Mitchell (125), P.Dangerfield (120), Z.Merrett (120), J.Kelly (115), T.Rockliff (112), P.Dow (70), L.Davies-Uniacke (70), T.Kelly (65) (N.Freeman (60), H.Wigg (60))
    Ruc: M.Gawn (100), N.Naitanui (85) (B.Frampton (24.10), D.Cameron (40))
    Fwd: M.Barlow (100), J.Billings (100), I.Heeney (98), A.Christensen (80), J.Higgins (65), P.Ahern (60) (Z.Giles-Langdon (55), D.Venables (60))

  • Chosen Won, whats your thoughts on my current rookie situation…

    Bennell (if named of course) and Rayner
    Christensen and 170k

    • I would go Bennell (if named)and Rayner if I had to make that choice.

      If Bennell is named round 1 he will be very popular!

      Good Luck

  • Apparently Tippet has retired, effective immediately. Darcy Cameron surely gets a gig early on now?

    • I thought he still had 8 years to run on his 15 year 20 billion dollar Contract :)

      Yes this makes Darcy relevant.

      Good Luck

    • If Cameron is named round 1, would anyone have the balls to slot him in R2 instead of Nic Nat and use that cash to boost up a mid?

      • Very, very tempting. Especially with the form Sinclair had up forward. I think the difference in average would be no more than 10-15 if at all

        • For sure.
          Especially if Timothy English was named round 1 to, pay the little extra and have back up.
          Very tempting

      • Does this also make Buddy more relevant, Not having to share with Tippet?

        Good Luck

        • I wouldn’t think so to be honest, Tippet did bugger all last year I think he had 1 good game. Missed about 2/3 of the season.

        • FevsBingles

          I don’t think it would make too much of a difference really, MAYBE only slightly.

      • No way would I swap Nic Nat for cam or English they won’t score as much as Nic Nat he will be 80+ they won’t and like I said after He makes you your quick cash you upgrade him to maybe a Grundy or who ever but I do see what you trying to do free up some cash.

      • I would if he’s a sole ruck, but unlikely.

    • Yeah but the swans still have Naismith and Sinclair.

  • Haven’t seen much of Kennedy from Carlton in teams. Is this maybe because people are choosing O’meara over him or are people just not picking mid price mdifielders?

  • FevsBingles

    Had a play last night, also worked my side around after taking on some feedback, let me know what you think lads, cheers.

    Laird, lloyd, Crisps, Coffield, O’Shea, Doedee, Smith, Murray.
    Mitchell, Merrett, Kelly, Crouch, Crouch, Brayshaw, Dow, Davies-Uniacke, Kelly, Worpel.
    Gawn, Naitenui, Cameron, Flynn.
    Barlow, Billings, Lobb, Ah Chee, Rayner, Ryan, Ahern, Rioli.

    Again, all feedback is taken on, thank you.

    • Solid Mid Rookies and good bench cover

      Lobb as F3 seems a little weak to me, Other than that it looks good.

      Good Luck Mate

    • Teams looking good.
      No Rocky? No love for the pig?
      DO you have enough cash to go Ryan to Higgins or Bennell if named round 1? I think they will score better?

      • FevsBingles

        Do love the Pig, but not sure he can go better then the Crouch boys, call me insane?

        I do have the coin mate, just, ha.

    • I wouldn’t have bouch with mouch, purely for balance reasons only though, would rather another club prospect.

      not sold on ah chee,i think better choices out there at that price.

      lobb on the other hand is someone I am seriously considering as he probably will be sole ruck most of the season.

  • Hi everyone. I have plenty of cash left over but I am not sure where I should use it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, check the team name because it will only be used if he or English plays. Thanks!

    TEAM NAME: If Darcy Plays. (AFL Fantasy 2018)
    Used: $12,418,000 (98.6%), Remaining: $182,000 (1.4%) On Ground: $10,906,000 (86.6%), On Bench: $1,512,000 (12%)
    Expected Total: 2068, Site Expected Total: 2051
    Def: K.Simpson (100), J.Lloyd (97), J.Crisp (95), L.O’Brien (63), M.Hibberd (62), J.Smith (60) (I.Cumming (24.10), T.Doedee (60))
    Mid: T.Mitchell (122), P.Dangerfield (120), G.Ablett (116), Z.Merrett (117), T.Rockliff (115), P.Dow (65), L.Davies-Uniacke (68), T.Kelly (68) (B.Jacobs (34.44), J.Worpel (25.80))
    Ruc: M.Gawn (103), D.Cameron (70) (T.English (26.51), L.Pierce (24.10))
    Fwd: J.Billings (99), T.McLean (93), M.Robinson (93), A.Christensen (80), H.Bennell (70), J.Higgins (68) (L.Ryan (62), L.Keeffe (24.10))

    • FevsBingles

      Now that’s a PIG midfield!

    • I’d try and upgrade the basement priced rookies

    • I am guessing this will not be the only team to have Darcy at R2.


      Good Luck

    • You would be a brave man to field Cameron, I salute you!
      Id slap some phat stacks on J Smith who I don’t think will play round 1 to maybe O’shea if named.

    • I like this team a lot with the one exception.

      I would move heaven and earth to put a decent ruck at r2 instead of Cameron. with the cash you have left over I would cash in ablett for a cheaper option to add nic nat at the least although I am not 100% on nic nat, he does represent value.

      really good rooks at this stage, should make a sh1t load of cash during the season

  • TEAM NAME: powerade 2015. (AFL Fantasy 2015)
    Used: $9,934,000 (99.3%), Remaining: $66,000 (0.7%) On Ground: $8,797,000 (88%), On Bench: $1,137,000 (11.4%)
    Expected Total: 1674, Site Expected Total: 2072
    Def: L.Hodge (97.17), H.Lumumba (71.02), P.Seedsman (62.19), B.Waters (60.78), G.Ibbotson (59.36), B.Whitecross (45.58) (M.Dick (21.20), J.Kolodjashnij (21.20))
    Mid: G.Ablett (119.26), B.Harvey (99.82), B.Goddard (97.17), D.Swan (93.82), E.Yeo (63.07), N.van Berlo (48.06), D.Rich (47.35), I.Heeney (43.46) (N.Krakouer (25.09), C.Adamson (21.20))
    Ruc: M.Leuenberger (48.94), M.Kreuzer (43.11) (J.Griffin (25.09), M.Cox (21.20))
    Fwd: D.Martin (97.70), R.Gray (96.47), L.Franklin (94.70), D.Zorko (87.99), T.Bellchambers (49.65), M.Clark (27.56) (J.Steele (40.11), B.Reid (25.80))

  • FevsBingles

    Billings v Wingard?

  • Who’s getting on Seb Ross?

  • What is better:

    O’Brien D5, Dow M7, Robinson F3, Rayner F4 (Kelly M9)
    MID bench is M9 Kelly and M10 is Worpel


    Doedee D6, Kelly M8, Barlow F1, Christenson F4, (Freeman M10)
    So MID bench is M9 Worpel and M10 Freeman

  • Any worry about Zerrett coping more attention this year? Or will he just continue at 115-120 and be a top 2-3 mid?

  • Any love for Dunstan? He finished off last season with some very handy numbers.

    Rnd 18 v Syd, 107 points from 84% TOG
    Rnd 19 v PA, 116 points from 68% TOG
    Rnd 20 v WC, 100 points from 79% TOG
    Rnd 21 v Mel, 110 points from 79% TOG
    Rnd 22 v NM, 118 points from 72% TOG
    Rnd 23 v Ric, 103 points from 77% TOG

    Those figures are not too shabby. Priced at $617,000 with just 1.5% ownership. Could be a nice POD.

    • Didn’t give him a thought might have a look at him now with those stats well done Dulcify.

    • DUDE DON’T BRING THOSE STATS HERE. WE WANT HIM TO STAY A POD. But tbh he was in my team for a long time at M6, but now I can’t squeeze him in. Great pick, should go 104ish.

      • No need to shout Scott, I may be old, but I can still hear. I also apologize for posting here, I didn’t realize this was your site.

        • Well if you want him to remain with very little ownership it would make sense not to post his stats on a public forum, correct?

          • I never said I was picking him. I just posted his figures for the fantasy coaches who might like someone different. Would love to be in a league with you.

    • Unfortunately I chose Blakely over him, just 29k more and finished the season on fire last year in an excellent fantasy role. Only 3.5% ownership as well.

    • Was looking at Dunstan but I believe he will struggle to get a game. With Armitage and Coffield, Clark and Freeman looking at early games as well. They already have Ross, Steele on the Inside with Steven being able to play Inside and Outside. They then have Stevens, Acres and Gresham rotating from Forward to that Midfield/ Wing role