AFL Fantasy off-season 2018

Start making your (long) short lists for potential AFL Fantasy recruits now! Discuss all of the off-season issues in the comments. We will have some Trade period posts coming up looking at Fantasy relevance, some Draft content and more! We are keen for another HUGE pre-season.


  • FRIDAY 6 OCTOBER – Free Agency period commences
  • MONDAY 9 OCTOBER – Trade period commences (9am)
  • SUNDAY 15 OCTOBER – Free Agency period offer closes (5pm)
  • WEDNESDAY 18 OCTOBER – Free Agency matching offer period ends
  • THURSDAY 19 OCTOBER – Trade Period closes (2pm)
  • MONDAY 27 NOVEMBER – Pre-Season Draft


  • Will the players who missed some or all of 2017 be subject to the ridiculous “Fantasy Tax”?

    3 Mid bench players, 1 ruck bench please and thank-you!

    Good Luck in 2018

    • a) There isn’t a fantasy tax, players who qualify for a discount are discounted based on their highest average from the last two years to avoid players being ridiculously under priced. Remember, they are still discounted.

      b) I really hope they don’t go for the boring 3 MID and 1 RUC bench set up.

      Good luck.

      • So what would a player like Nic Nat, this year $510K and not played be worth next year?

        • I’d see it like this.

          Nic Nat averaged 84.53 in 2016, and obviously 0 in 2017. His 2016 Average would be taken into account, then you gotta implement the 30% discount, he should get for not playing any games all year.

          Therefore, Nic Nat should be priced at 84.53 * 70% (.70)= 59.17, which going off this season’s magic number would price him at about $357,000.

          • That would be a steal! I think at that price everyone would have him, so they would nerf the discount.

          • That’s basically how it’s done! New salary cap (to be in line with the official one) and therefore new magic number will see price different, but that formula is how he’ll be priced!

          • Ooooodalally, so 99% of teams will have Nic Nat, Bennell, JOM to start with!

          • Surely bennell can’t more discount can he?
            already priced at 356k and with a 24% discount and (bearing in mind he hasnt played for a good 2-3 years) using his 2 games (avg 46.5).
            So hes going to be priced around 200k after an average of 35?! surely not

          • Rohan – I’m thinking there was (or will be?!) a rule about players averaging under 50 shouldn’t get a discount… I don’t know. I would throw in a suggestion around that. Regardless, we’ll probably be picking Bennell so long as those calves are fine.

            Kingzy – Naitanui will be effectively priced at 59 (a lock), Bennell (see above), O’Meara at 62 which will be more than what he started at this year… and how did that turn out?! Haha. I think JOM will be a lock though so long as he has a full enough pre-season.

          • @Warnie
            Haha yea JOM was a fail, but he did finish off strong with a tonne vs Bulldogs. Should be better for the run.
            Nic Nat and Lobb ruck combo if Mummy is retired.

  • Hey Crew – cheers for all your insights throughout the season. Absolute goldmine of info as usual.

    Any chance that the Draft competition might move to a “keeper league” arrangement? It came up in the survey as a question.

    We have a league that’s been running for 5 or 6 years and whilst we do enjoy the fresh draft each year, we prefer our NFL leagues set up because we have 5 keepers (optional) and we can trade players and even pics for the coming season.

    What do you think – any chance?

    • I think a Keeper league is in the plans… but maybe not in time for 2018. You can always do your own style and get your players to draft their keepers first (I know this is hard), or run a commissioner draft.

      Fingers crossed we see a keeper league soon!

      • Or just do it on Ultimate Footy which is already well setup to cater for it…

        • For how long though…

        • Cheers barkhammer for the suggestion – we have set one up on there already, but concerned that if we start one there and then AFL Fantasy adds their version and a few of our other guys just like the classic, we’d end up with competitions everywhere.

  • I wonder how many players will get weird discount prices again when they are eligible for 30%. Or 3% off 30% for every game under 10 they’ve played. Or whatever it was. Example Braydon Fiorini of this year. And Ablett no discount at all. Players that come to mind are Jack Graham. 2 games in the home and away season. All 3 finals :P . Which don’t or shouldn’t count to his average. Be interesting if he’s another Fiorini priced player next year.
    I don’t want him so expensive no one will touch him or so cheap everyone will have him. Same with Nic Nat. A happy medium would be nice.
    Ps love your work always Warnie/Roy/Calv

    • 3% discount for all games under 10, based on the higher average of the last two seasons. 30% would be for someone who missed the whole season and would therefore be based on his 2016 average.

      Jack Graham will receive a 24% discount on his 2017 average of 84, therefore priced at approx. 64.

      Not sure who qualifies for the ‘Ablett’ type rule this year. That was common sense – basically anyone who has averaged more than 100 and qualify for a discount, they wouldn’t receive one and would be based on their average like other players playing 10+ games.

      Fiorini… whatever he was priced at would have made people question it. AFL Fantasy Classic has a (logical) rule and stuck with it. 👍

  • Hi Warnie, whats your thoughts now on Rocky as it looks as though he will be at Port next year?

    • It’ll be interesting. I think he could share some time forward. Time will tell. Once the deal is done, I’ll put my thoughts in the trade period blog post. Hopefully we hear some stuff from him and PAFC to work stuff out. He will be a bargain based on what he CAN do though.

  • Thanks for that Warnie you Legend

  • Hey Warnie. Any idea when prices and positions start to get released for 2018? Cheers