Round 4 Lockout Chat

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  • AFL $10,000 Kangaroos vs Bulldogs
  • AFL $10,000 Hawks vs Cats
  • AFL $5,000 Saturday Slam
  • AFL $2,000 Saturday Specky (Late)
  • AFL $1,000 Demons vs Dockers
  • AFL $1,000 Giants vs Power
  • AFL $1,000 Blues vs Suns
  • AFL $1,000 Crows vs Bombers
  • AFL $5,000 Sunday Funday
  • AFL $1,000 Magpies vs Saints
  • AFL $1,000 Lions vs Tigers


  • Headache Heath – won’t be in my team for round 6. He’s lucky pre-existing carnage will save him for the round 5 chop.

  • So GHS named on a wing and then dropped. Surely if he’s even 99% you put him on extended bench. Because of that I get to take Pickett’s score instead of fielding Houston and putting ANB in the mids. Name the team you intend to play, ffs, first time I’ll ever route for Hawthorn

  • What is the deal with David Swallow game tonight, is he injured

  • Monster carnage, will be lucky to crack 1900 at this rate

  • Is Hampton running water or something ??

    • Looks like it, I benched Marchbank to field Hampton this week too *facepalm*

  • I have noticed some scoring errors this week. Preuss should be 60(not 57) and Hampton should be 46(not 41). I know it doesn’t mean much but I wonder how often this happens.

  • So round 4 has been a huge crash back to Earth for team Ravalle….have a 39, 41 and 47 on field luckily though all premo’s have performed well with tons…actually Touk’s 66 was a letdown as well…
    Currently at 15 for 1287 with Treloar(c) Adams, Grundy,WHE, Stef, Titch & Parfitt to come. Hoping for 2k but all would have to perform well to get there.

  • Thoughts on this trade in my draft league? I rid melksham and sam gibson for reece conca?

  • is Ablett back to averaging 100+?
    even though getting old he still pulling scores!!
    also is he worth getting for under 600k?

  • I’m looking at around 1950 this week. Anyone else struggling?

  • 970 with 11 to come.
    Hampton, Otten, PP and Touk sucked
    Still got Adams, Danger x 2, Treloar, Titchell, Beams, SMartin, Nank, Steele, Roughy and WHE so hopefully 2150+

  • Pretty average. 804 with 11 to come and captain Dangerfield. Hopefully some big scores with Rocky, Treloar, Beams, Martin, Riewoldt, WHE Steele, Nank and Roughy. Might crack 2000 if I’m lucky:) Watson and swallow were BIG letdowns

  • The pain. Rolled the dice and fielded Preus, Hampton, Otten, SPP and SPS. And what the fuck Heppell?!

  • Going decent compared to some others im reading, sloane captain was handy, 1215 with adams, danger, rocky, dusty, stef, nank, Rough, WHE and butler, looking at around 2150

  • Preuss, Miller, Hampton and SPP crap for me. Neal-Bullen did well for his first game in my team though so I’m happy for that. Shame Houston copped a knock at the end of the third quarter last night or he would have probably got a ton

  • I’m sorry but whoever records the stats have been shocking this year. So many missed points. Obvious miss of a Ben Long tackle. Does a tackle only count if there’s a whistle now?

    • Just so people know I don’t have Long in any format.

    • From memory a tackle is if it leads to a ball up/incorrect disposal/ball is loose? I didn’t see though so can’t comment on if it was missed or not

      • I saw Murphy get given a +4 just for locking arms with someone who happened to have the football.

    • A tackle only counts if it affects the disposal, or the obvious one that leads to no disposal, so a little shove can be a tackle if the ball doesnt go to a player, but a crunching tackle wont be counted if the ball spills straight to a teammate

  • What does Jack Steele actually do?

  • How are people tracking so far? I’ve had a great start to the year, was in the top 500, I feel like I’m in danger of dropping out of the top 1000 this week though. Hampton 41, Watson 54, Heppell 66, Powel Pepper 39. Is it just me that is having a rough weekend or are a lot of you having a tough weekend? I think I’m looking at 1900-2100 this weekend

    • i’m looking at the delete team button, first i’ll rage trade several players just for the fun of it

      • It’s all relative, There have been plenty of rounds where I thought I did horrible only to find out that I was actually above others and my ranking went up. We need to remember it’s not the norm scoring consistently 2100+ in the first 3 rounds. A lot of the time when your team is performing bad the majority of others are having a tough time. This is why I’m trying to get a consensus of how I’m doing in relation to everyone else.

        I might of been able to get an idea if the fantasy website was displaying correct rankings. On the main team display I’m 36,923 odd down from 461….wtf? and in the rankings section 1564, though that ranking has not changed for hours

        • I think the website simply lists your rank based on total points including the current round. Thus, all the people with captain played and without Dangerfield, Titchell etc, go above those with these players to come. In the early rounds someone in 30k may be only 300pts behind 500 and so with 4 extra players played goes above you, but you’ll steam back past tomorrow.

          I’m on for about 2000-2100, BTW. No Heppell, Watson for me (but Swallow, SPP, Hampton) – I think I’m about par for a top 15k team. But we’ll see…

    • I feel like im about average this week 1657 with Danger (c), Titch, Roughy.

  • Rocky road…Easter treat!

  • Gawn > Riewoldt this week looks awesome! 122 and I’m not complaining along with Steele’s 97:)

  • As much as i dislike the pies, watching them play has become a guilty pleasure. Swan, Pendles, now Treloar. Every year i have at least one in my side.

  • Anyone have Treloar as captain. My team is fucked this week.

  • Nankervis is taller but getting absolutely monstered in the ruck

    • Stef Martin is so much more better rucking than Nankervis.

      • Nankervis was always a dodgy selection. I got 77 with Spencer which was less than I wanted but about what I expected.. he’l get better ; you don’t face Sandilands every week.

        • He also kicked 2 goals though

        • Yup the danger of mid pricers in general is that they may not necessarily score more than the top rookies, and often may only go up 50 grand in price. Might as well get someone cheaper that will make you more money. Best to stick to Guns & Rookies in my opinion. My exceptions to the guns and rookies Jaeger and Roughead are already out of my side, so next year I will try to have no mid pricers at all

          • I think it’s easy to get carried away with mid-pricers and everyone usually gets the wrong ones. But if you’d started with Oliver and Murphy you’d be laughing.

            I think Spencer might still be cheap enough to be worth a punt. I think he’s good for an average of 80-85, so should go past $460k (i.e. a gain of $180k). But even if he only average 70, he should still find his way to $400k. Yes, he will cost you points compared to Grundy/Martin, but the extra money ($300k before price changes) will allow you to upgrade elsewhere from someone less reliable.

  • 1715 with still danger as cap, titch and taranto as emerg for GHS, so 1781 with titch and danger as cap.

    round was looking bleak with SPP and hampton doing pretty bad, but still looking like ill get 2100 if these guys tomorrow get a normal score

  • Does anybody know how much Grundy and Balic will go up in value? (roughly)

    • roughly speaking grundy up 18-20k and balic 2527k

      • 25-27k

        • thanks mate

        • Thanks Stevo. I’m probably looking at both these guys (unless I take the risk and go Zac Fisher). Do you have a spreadsheet or something you use for these projections?

          • it’s just a rough guess based on my own quick calculations. It’s usually slightly less than half the difference of the player’s score and their break even. For example if a b/e is 60 and he scores 70 the difference is 10 so he’ll probably go up 4. My guesses should be within a few at most

  • I’m sitting on 1946 thanks to rocky as C
    Only have danger and roughy to play so I’ll be happy with a 2100

    • I’d want a little more than that from here if I were you. But overall, yes, 2100 seems decent this week.

  • AF 2000+ first three rounds wasn’t good enough.
    2000 RD4 could be OK ;2100 Possibly V.G.

  • 1674 with captain Dangerfield and Tom Mitchell to go. Probably looking at somewhere between 1950-2050. My ranking has gone down from to 2079 from 461. Looks like par score for higher ranked coaches is 2100+

  • Danger(C), Roughy and Burton to come if they hit the projected scores (238,72,81) I am looking at 2138.

    Good Luck

  • 1872 with danger and tich Mitchell Rockliff saved my ass thanks rocky

  • 2230 last week. Looking lucky to crack 2000 this week.

  • 1710 with Roughy, Mitchell and 2x Danger.

    Should see me close to 2150 and maybe move from 9000 to 8000.

    Missing Rocky and Adams this year.

  • Dangerfield must be one of the most looked after players in the AFL.
    In that first quarter versus Hawthorn, he dropped the ball, then threw it and then gathered it again for a kick all in the same play without having a free paid against him.
    Then just before the break he plays on, runs out of bounds then kicks a contested ball and so the umpires bring him back for his free kick….

    • The boundary umpire called it out; hence there was no advantage and the free kick was allowed to be taken.

      He didn’t drop it; he fumbled it. You want a free kick for every time someone fumbles?

      Don’t be a salty non-danger owner, that is… dangerous.

      • If there was a like button for that reply I’d spam it

      • True, if I owned Danger I would be appreciative of it.
        But disagree in regards to the fumble. It looked like he dropped it, then threw it (incorrect disposal) and then picked it up.

        I do think that certain players do get looked after in the AFL in regards to free kicks etc, dating back to Wayne Carey.

  • I smelt bacon and the pig was my captain Calvin never had him… lol all good a lazy 314 i had some shockers as well Heater hepple Watson Pruiss and others 1930 not good at all