My Team 2017 – Round 3

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2017 averages – Fantasy points for and against

ADE 166531.51576.520.5


  • Who to get out of witts,Oliver or Salem for Steele ?

  • Wonder if Barrett will play for Brisbane????

    • He should, hasn’t done too much wrong. Although if he does get dropped, be prepared to put someone else in his spot whether it is M8 or M9

  • trade ghs to Pepper, berry or balic? Also if Barrett doesn’t play who to field out of eddy or hannan?

    • If I go pepper I won’t have any cash and most likely will still have hibberd who I can’t trade in that case. Berry is nice as I’ll have enough to go hibberd to balic next rd

      • In that case, if you need cash, then go Balic, great scoring potential, Ross is looking to play the kids, so if can impress, he will hold his spot. Saves the cash as well

  • Rockliff and 20k or Merrett and 3k?

    • Gee that’s a toss of coin, can’t go wrong. One would go Rocky cos he’s the Pig, but I like Merrett as the smokey. So therefore Merrett, but really you should aim to have both of them come season’s end.

      • Cheers mate, Yeah true you’d want to have both by mid way point of the year. Think I’ll go with Merrett just

  • Thoughts on trading Crouch?

  • any info on:
    James Parsins?
    Timothy Smith?

  • Got a couple of options for y’all to discuss
    1. Mills -> Newman
    GHS -> Merrett/Titch/Nroo

    2. Mills -> Burton
    GHS -> Gaff/Heppell/Oliver

  • Not sure whether I’m overthinking it but round 1 and 2 Parker listed as a follower, this week listed on forward flank. Should I be taking this into consideration?

    • Yeah I saw that too haha, personally he’s gone for me this week

      • Glenn

        Guys he’s averaging 90odd, just back him in! Surely you must have bigger issues to fix

        • Otten or Newman at D6?

          Expecting Otten to play as a swing Def/Fwd with the occassional tap out, given that Jenkins is out. So leaning toward Otten.

        • hmm that posted in the wrong spot. sorry

        • Burger

          I’m with Glenn there re Parker Thrice as I’ve said to you before. Also never worry about where anyone’s named as long as it’s on the field!

  • Keep or trade Zak Jones?

  • Any info on Dawson the Syd Fwd? Should we expect a small fwd role?

  • 1st Trade Taranto > Balic. Thoughts on 2nd trade have 220k. COuld look at Newman.

    Def: Adams, Laird, Shaw, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten ( Hibberd, Stewart )
    Mid: Danger, Titch, SMitchell, Hall, Fyfe, Beams, O’Meara, SPP (Barrett,Pickett)
    Ruck: Martin, Nankervis ( Preuss, Pierce )
    Fwd: Dahlhaus, Steele, Roughy, WHE, Balic, Butler (McCarthy, Miles)

  • Taranto to WHE
    Or M Crouch to Treloer

  • Who to bring in for Steven?

    A. Grundy (via DPPs)

    B. Oliver + 120K


  • Glenn

    I can trade out either Eddy or Stewart for Newman, Eddy has more scoring potential but I feel like this could be his last week in the Port side?

  • What are these guys Break Evens?

    Aaron Hall
    Cam McCarthy

    • Glenn

      Get the fantasy coach season pass and you can check it yourself ;)

    • Hampton: 5, A.Hall: 126, C.McCarthy: 26, M.Hibberd: 28. You can get b/e from footywire if you don’t have a season pass although it’s a bit of a pain to do so.

  • DEF: Adams, Laird, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten, Newman (Stewart, Hibberd)
    MID: Dangerfield, Treloar, Titch, Parker, Fyfe, Beams, O’Meara, GHS (Barrett, Pickett)
    RUC: Goldstein, Martin (Preuss, Cameron)
    FWD: Greene, Dahl, Roughy, Nankervis, WHE, Taranto (Houston, Miles)

    This is my side before trades… Thinking of doing GHS > SPP and Taranto > Balic and then move Houston onto the field, Thoughts… Anything you would do different!? Leaves me 94k for next week.

    • Glenn

      Sounds good to me, although wait until final teams to see if Barrett gets dropped because then you should trade him instead of Taranto. And I’d put Miles on field instead of Houston

  • Who will score more this week?

    Taranto or Butler


    • Glenn

      Taranto surely, playing a weak side while Richmond are up against West Coast

  • Otten or Newman at D6?

    Expecting Otten to play as a swing Def/Fwd with the occassional tap out, given that Jenkins is out. So leaning toward Otten.

  • Def

    Adams Laird mills marchbank Otten Hampton (Hibberd Stewart )

    Dangerfield Treloar Fyfe beams murphy O’mera SPP Barrett (mountford picket)

    Grundy hickey ( Cameron preuss )
MacraevDahlhaus Greene Roughead nankervis miles (Eddy Houston )

    Possible trades for Rd3 do I keep Mills? Someone please help 168k in bank

  • Mills, Berry, Barrett, Balic with Otten bench


    Watson, Newman, Otten, Butler with no def bench

    which would be better

  • 1. Roughy to WHE and Horlin-Smith to Powell-Pepper with 77k remaining

    2. Horlin-Smith to Balic and Butler to WHE

    3. Roughy to WHE and Barrett to Powell Pepper

    Just don’t know if I should hold Roughy because he’ll go big against GC. Only way I can really get Powell-Pepper in though

    Feedback would be appreciated guys, thanks!

  • Thoughts on trades?
    Steven and Tarranto -> Rockliff/ Merret and Balic (will start over Butler F6)
    56k Remaining


    Steven and Tarranto -> Marc Murphy and Balic (213k remaining)

  • Thoughts on trade

    1. Hibberd to Newman and Hannan to Berry via DPP (safe option)
    2. Hibberd to Newman and ANB to Oliver (risky but might pay off)

    • If Hibberd is the only rookie issue (i.e. Hannan and ANB are still playing) then option 2 is probably preferable.

      • Thanks Sognesis

        Yep Hibberd is the only rookie issue.

        My team currently

        Def: Adams, Laird, Doch, Marchbank, Hampton, Newman,(Stewart, Otten)
        Mid: Danger, Rocky, Treloar, Titch, Fyfe, Beams, JOM, SPP, (Hibberd, Barrett)
        Rucks: S Martin, Nank,(Preuss, Cameron)
        Fwd: Dahl, ROughy, WHE, ANB, Taranto, Hannan (Butler, Pickett)

        My forward line needs working, but happy to go light till new DPP players announced.
        198k remaining.

        If i go 1. i will have plenty of cash left to use up in coming weeks.
        If i go 2. my mids will be Danger, Rocky, Treloar, Titch, Fyfe, Beams, Oliver, JOM (SPP, Barrett). Pretty stacked and will be make money from Oliver’s low BE and after Geelong has a few easy games ahead.

  • 120k looking at Taranto > Baltic for starters. Any ideas would be great?

    Def: Adams , Shaw, Laird , Marchbank, Hampton, Otten ( Hibberd,Stewart)
    Mid: Danger, Titch, SMitch, Hall, Fyfe, Beams , O’Meara, SPP (Barrett,Pickett)
    Ruck: Martin, Nank ( Preuss, Pierce)
    Fwd: Dahlhaus, Steele, Roughy, WHE , Taranto, Miles ( McCarthy, Butler)

  • Def: Adams, Laird, Doc, Marchbank, Hampton, Stewart (Otten, Newman)
    Mid: Danger, Treloar, Titch, Fyfe, Beams, JOM, SPP, Barrett (Pickett, Miles)
    Ruc: Grundy, Martin (Preuss, Cameron)
    Fwd: Macrae, Dahl, Nank, Roughy, WHE, Taranto (Houston, Butler)

    That’s my side before trades… 15k remaining. I have no idea who to trade at the moment, so some help would be much appreciated, cheers lads.

    • Burger

      You’ve done well grabbing all the playing rooks bar Cameron. You need to generate some cash but hard to know what to do for a couple of hours until you see whether Barrett is named. If he’s named, I’d start with Taranto -> Balic

  • Hey urgent help my team is:

    Def: Adams Laird Mills Marchbank Hampton Otten (Stewart Hibberd)
    Mid: Danger Treloar Titch Fyfe Beams O’Meara SPP Barrett (Pickett Mountford)
    Fwd: Macrae Dahlhaus Steele Roughy Taranto Neal-Bullen (Houston, M.Kennedy)

    Thinking of going:
    Mills>Newman & M.Kennedy>WHE + 269k for next week
    Or Neal-Bullen> WHE & Mills> Lloyd +30k
    What are your thoughts or are there better trades/options

  • DEF: Adams, Doc, Lloyd, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten (Newman, Hibberd)
    MID: Danger, Rocky, Trealor, Titch, Fyfe, Beams, O’meara, Barrett (Miles, Mountford)
    RUC: Grundy, Nank (Preuss, Cameron)
    FOR: Macrae, Dahl, ROugh, WHE, Taranto, Houston (Butler, Pickett)

    I currently have Ok in the bank and two trades to use. Now that Miles, Barrett and pickett have all been named who should i trade?
    Thoughts? Balic?

  • This has made my day. I wish all pongists were this good.