My Team 2016 – Round 23

Discuss your team, strategy, players, etc. in this post. Name it up if it’s for RDT or Fantasy as that can make a difference with what you should do. Offer up constructive comments if you want questions answered yourself! Be a giver, not just a taker! This is a great community and we want it to stay that way. We love banter as much as the next person, just keep it clean!


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ADE 1812.55.51.51404.2530.5


ADE 1693.293.8111514.862.860.90


  • Hodge and Neale or JJ and Cripps?

  • Do I trade out Wells for any premo mid/fwd or trade out goldstein for grundy????

  • Kelly and Enright or Simpson and Johanissen? Please help!

    • Tough call, Kelly/Enright is safer, Simpson/JJ could go big or crash. Do you need to take a risk to win? JJ doesn’t have a good record in the west.

      • JJ scored 121 on them in the first round, he will go big again this week. JJ simpson is a no brainer…

  • Luke Parker, Lachie Neale, or Adam Treloar for the final?

  • Do any Crow MIDs stand to benefit from Sloane missing? Looking to straight swap to one of his team mates.

  • Need help, which option is best?

    Simpson & Montagna

    Hodge & Treloar

    JJ & Tyson

    Please help.

  • Last upgrade – after trading Frost down to a throwaway ruck I can pretty much do anyone left to anyone available.

    My sub 90 players from R22:
    Def – Laird
    Mid – SMitch and Blics
    Ruc – Jacobs
    FWD – Dalhaus

    I’m thinking Blics to Hannas. Is that better than Jacobs to Gawn, given NicNat is out?

  • What is the chances of Nick Riewoldt being rested? Have Tom Phillips to fill him in, but I don’t want to resort to that, I do have a full squad heading into the AF GF, so if you can give me an indication on him it’d be great. :)

  • So my two weakest links are Vince (not forced) & Nic Nat (forced).

    Do I:
    1) Vince -> JJ, Nic Nat -> Ruck under $374k like Lycett
    2) Leave Vince, Nic Nat -> Grundy (other trade is downgrade Menegola to cheap rook like Long)

  • who will score better out of these two player this week:

    Houli (playing Sydney)
    Vince (Playing Geelong)

    thoughts appreciated

  • Where is Dane Swan’s tribute thread?

    He was Dream Team…

  • Trading in Sloane for Adams last week may have been my worst trade for the year.

    Bringing in the most expensive midfielder I don’t have; so Parker over JPK.

  • yes parker over JPK

  • Need help, which option is the best?

    1. Miller and M.Boyd


    2. James Kelly and Hall

    • I would actually go number 1. if boyd plays he will give you an instant 110 and miller should do well against a depleted port. If boyd does not play however, go option 2.

  • DEF: Shaw, Boyd, Docherty, Simpson, Laird, Hodge (Collins, Clayton)
    MID: Danger, Rocky, Neale, Parker, Hunter, Steven, Titchell, Selwood (Menegola, Wagner)
    RUC: Gawn, Martin (Naismith, O’Brien)
    FWD: Merrett, Martin, Zorko, Montagna, Dahlhaus, I.Smith (Phillips, Palmer)

    160k in the bank
    Thinking I.Smith -> Riewoldt and Hodge -> Johannisen?

  • Fooz

    played poorly last week. Oh well.

    $7K spare
    DEF: Shaw, Kelly, Doc, Laird, B Smith, Hodge (Clayton/Hammertime)
    MID: Rocky, Danger, Parker, Steven, Hunter, Coniglio, Titchell, Duncan (Menegola/Willis)
    RUCK: Gawn, Jacobs (O’Brien/Naismith)
    FWD: Merrett, Martin, Franklin, Greene, Dahlhaus, I Smith (C Smith, Apeness)

    in GF v Traders. Dang. Was hoping to play my brother, but he just got pipped.

    Keeping an eye on Franklin and Brodie Smith

    1) Franklin -> Miller, BSmith > Biggs / Mills
    2) B Smith -> JJ, Franklin > ?Dunkley / J Howe / etc
    3) Franklin -> Monty, B Smith -> Biggs / Mills

    too many options looking for a POD that will go nuts on the day.

  • Fooz

    Lachie Neale to request trade to Richmond? WTF is going on at the Dockers…

    too much rumour and innuendo. get rid of Ross first…

  • Hi this is not relevant to fantasy, but does anyone know if there are any disadvantages of compression clothing on an athletes performance and recovery? I know there are advantages but I need more for the other side of the argument.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Fooz

      From a personal p.o.v – I’d say yes. After multiple hammy injuries, I worked out the compression stuff was occasionally not allowing muscles to properly move enough during strenuous activity and then tweak somewhere else adjacent to the original injury.

      • thankyou so much. do you mind if I grab your email address so I can reference you in my essay?

  • Kenobi

    DEF: Shaw, Kelly, Laird, Simpson, Docherty, Hodge (Clayton, Cordy)

    MID: Rockliff, Hannebery, Neale, Dangerfield, T.Mitchell, Steven, Lewis, Hunter (Sumner, Wagner)

    RUC: Gawn, Martin (Smith, Naismith)

    FWD: Merrett, Zorko, Martin, Riewoldt, Dahlhaus, Hall (Silvagni, Long)


    Help me out people. Have the dilemma of not knowing if I should sideways trade players and who to. I should have players on the bench playing to cover if I have late outs so that should be ok.

    Thinking maybe Martin to Grundy. Or maybe getting JJ in. But have no idea really who out and who in.

  • Menegola vs Dees or Miles vs Sydney? Menegola seems the obvious choice but Miles averages 113 against Sydney and 134 at the SCG. This is if miles gets picked haha

  • Should I get Simpson or Docherty?

  • [REPOST]

    Hey guys.. Into the GF in both my leagues so need some help on my final trades of the year..

    DEF: Docherty, Simmo, Boyd, Laird, Shaw, Vince (Drummond, Mohr)
    MID: Rocky, Danger, Hanners, Bont, Neale, Gibbs, Titch, Hunter (Menegola, Long)
    RUC: Gawn, Stef (Naismith, Frost)
    FWD: Merrett, Dusty, Riewoldt, Zorko, Montagna, Dahlhaus (Phillips, Palmer)

    81k in the bank..

    Vince >> JJ?? – I will have 5 Bulldogs if I do this trade.. Is this ok??
    Stef >> Grundy?? – If Archie Smith plays again??

    Any other trades that would help me would be fantastic!!
    Cheers :D

    P.S: Good luck to anyone else that is in a GF!!

    • Vince to JJ (yes it’s ok)

      And if Archie does play then getting rid of Stef to Grundy is perfect.

  • neale and jacobs v gibbs and stef v JPK and lycett

  • DEF: Shaw Boyd Docherty Simpson Laird JJ(Clayton William)
    MID: Danger Rocky Steven Hunter Hanners JPK Titchell Jelwood(Wills Long)
    RUC: Gawn Martin(Smith Chol)
    FWD: Zerrett Zorko Riewoldt Martin Montagna JJK(Apeness Phillips)

    Have $331000
    Thinking JJK needs to Hall or Dahlhaus but stumped for my final trade though, any thoughts please, cheers guys

  • Fooz

    So – Franklin made the cut.

    That leaves only one forced trade.

  • Surely we gotta offload Stef now that West & Archie are named ?
    I got Stef,Gawn,Archie & Chol all named haha

  • DT and AF Grand Final teamsheets are IN!

    Check them here as always!


  • Who should i replace Callum Mills with? got 125K in the bank

  • premo 472 or less

  • Still got Sam Reid on my field and need gone asap!
    I’ve only got 300k

    Can afford..Markov, Lindsay Thomas, Ah chee, Amon, Boyd, Daw or clay smith?

    Plz help haha

  • Kenobi

    $20k short of going Martin to Grundy.
    Should I go
    Kelly to JJ
    Hall/Martin to Montagna?
    Or downgrade a rookie?

  • Pick two of these trades … Cant decide, Thanks!

    Jelwood – Montagna
    Zorko – Riewoldt
    B. Vince – johannisen

  • [REPOST]

    Hey guys.. Into the GF in both my leagues so need some help on my final trades of the year..

    DEF: Docherty, Simmo, Boyd, Laird, Shaw, Vince (Drummond, Mohr)
    MID: Rocky, Danger, Hanners, Bont, Neale, Gibbs, Titch, Hunter (Menegola, Long)
    RUC: Gawn, Stef (Naismith, Frost)
    FWD: Merrett, Dusty, Riewoldt, Zorko, Montagna, Dahlhaus (Phillips, Palmer)

    81k in the bank..

    Vince >> JJ?? – I will have 5 Bulldogs if I do this trade.. Is this ok??
    Stef >> Jacobs?? – I can’t afford Grundy by 6k!! Dammit

    Any other trades that would help me would be fantastic!!
    Cheers :D

    P.S: Good luck to anyone else that is in a GF!!

  • Sauce + JJ OR Grundy + Hodge??


  • Defenders: Boyd, Laird, Johannisen, Simpson, Docherty, Shaw (Drummond, Castagna)
    Midfield: Rockliff, Steven, Hanners, Sloane, Selwood, Danger, Hunter, Ward (Clayton, Menegola)
    Ruck: Gawn, Goldstein (irrelevant)
    Forwards: Martin, Merrett, Montagna, Greene, C.Smith, Zorko (Reid, Kommer)

    C.Smith will become Hall leaving $2k.

    Need to side Sloane to someone up to 525! Lewis/Pendles/Roo?!?!?!

    Thoughts appreciated!

  • is David Zahararkis a good option to bring in this week? has had two good games but can he really keep it up? thanks.

  • Fooz


    is there any thread for looking at the trades/drafts/pre-season for 2017?

    the cleanouts at North Melbourne and WCE will make for interesting viewing to see what rookies come through over the next 8 weeks.

    • Fooz

      *Chopper* silly autocorrect

    • We’ll start that up following the Grand Final.

      • Any idea if the banned Essendon players receive a discount in 2017, Or will it be another ridiculous tax hike on there 2015 Average?

        • I believe they should just be priced at their 2015 average. No discount… and no ‘tax hike’ would be needed (I don’t think).

          That tax certain players received because their previous year’s average was an outlier (ie. Ablett, Wells, Kerridge) was fine in my opinion. It certainly didn’t stop people picking Wells and Kerridge… and Ablett was still one of the most popular players in round 1.

          • Wells Made 253k in RDT
            Wells Made 137k in Fantasty

            Kerridge Made 169k in RDT
            Kerridge Made 54k in Fantasy

            Ablett LOST 1k in RDT
            Ablett LOST 39k in Fantasy

            Wells Made 253k in RDT
            Wells Made 137k in Fantasy

            Kerridge Made 169k in RDT
            Kerridge Made 54k in Fantasy

            Ablett LOST 1K in RDT
            Ablett LOST 39K in Fantasy

            194k in 2014
            162k in 2015
            152k in 2016

            See numbers dropping off from previous years, Its stupid decision like taxing players that cause this!

            Hope some better decisions are made with the game in 2017, As I huge lover of the game I would hate to see it died out!

          • So having a proven player make $253K, like Wells in RDT, is a good thing for the game? Hmm… I don’t want half a dozen ‘gimmie’ picks because they were priced at an average that was such an incredible outlier from their previous scores. Did they get it exactly right? Maybe not… but better than what was done in the other formats.

            We all play by the same prices and rules. It’s up to you to master them better than others… but if you just want part of your team picked for you by selecting a consensus selection like a wells or Kerridge at under $200K, then you’re playing a lazy game.

            For the record – numbers are dropping off everywhere. RDT has had a huge percentage drop off year on year, yet apparently it is such a better platform. That percentage drop off was significantly higher than Fantasy.

            I’m not here to argue, but the community reaction to things can be overblown and, sometimes, people can’t even accept why something has been done… such as the case with the ‘tax’ (when in all reality, it was pricing player much more fairly to have a unique game, rather than selections that are handed to them on a platter).

  • Hi Could I have seen you somewhere? Contact info on my bio


  • I know this is for posting teams but I’m looking for a draft league to join, hit me up in the comments