My Team 2016 – Round 21

Discuss your team, strategy, players, etc. in this post. Name it up if it’s for RDT or Fantasy as that can make a difference with what you should do. Offer up constructive comments if you want questions answered yourself! Be a giver, not just a taker! This is a great community and we want it to stay that way. We love banter as much as the next person, just keep it clean!

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ADE 1737.7551.51537.551.25


ADE 1690.743.791.051520.052.951


  • On another note, good to see the AFL website rates my input, from “The people’s trade period”:

    What most of you said: Sweeping change is what is being called for at Fremantle. Key position players are the priority. Cam McCarthy, Jesse Hogan, Rory Lobb and Shane Kersten are the names most believe the Dockers should target. Bradley Hill is another but some have questioned the need for another outside midfielder. Almost every player on the list is also on the trade table.

    Best entry: With Matthew Pavlich retiring, Fremantle’s most pressing need is for a key forward. Ideally with Cam McCarthy having been out of action for a year, Greater Western Sydney trade the troubled youngster for a third-round pick. I don’t agree that Bradley Hill is worth a pick between 15-20. I would be inclined to wait until 2017 to get a deal done. Fremantle’s need for a player like Hill is not that pressing. Beyond that, Fremantle needs talent with elite skills and decision making. The 2016 draft is the best place for that.
    Dream trade: Pick No.3 for Jesse Hogan – Alex W, Perth (WA)

    Bloody good

  • Goldstein or Jacobs is he’s back?? Cheers

  • Sloane, Bontempelli, Hannebery or Cripps?

  • Trade out Vince or Hodge for Docherty?

    • I’ve asked the same question a few times (to trade Vince or Hodge). Nobody is game enough to answer.

      • Probably Hodge tbh, neither are going well, could you trade both to something like JJ and Houli?

        • Not a bad option…but Docherty is the only one that feels like an actual upgrade rather than sideways. I could trade Vince and Hodge to the two you mentioned and lose 50 points in the process

          • I got Docherty last week and feel really good about having him for the rest of the year. I have JJ at D6 and am thinking about bringing Houli in for Bartel

      • same boat here. I have Kelly, Vince, Hodge, Bartel, Laird and Shaw. Feel compelled to upgrade maybe Bartel, Vince or Shaw to Docherty or Simpson. Just not sure which one?

        • I’ve got the same defence as you except Simpson instead of Kelly. I wouldn’t upgrade Shaw as he has a soft draw and can go big… wouldn’t blame you for upgrading Bartel, Vince or Hodge though

      • All pretty similar. I got Shaw, Doc, Boyd, Simmo, Laird and Vince. Thinking maybe Houli in for Vince.

  • JJ for value or kade simpson? JJ leaves me with 77k to upgrade suckling (F6) next week to anyone (inc cash from random downgrade). otherwise i’ll be struggling to get that last F6 upgrade..

    or should i put suckers at D6 and get nick riewoldt in the fwds?
    (will get aaron hall and abandon above plans if hes named)

  • goldy, grundy or jacobs?

    • As a trade in option i assume?
      Obviously see if Jacobs is named but in my opinion he is by far the best option out there. Adelaide have a nice run home and he has been in cracking form.

      I’d say Grundy is your next best bet, however i do worry about his ability to perform against better teams.

      Goldy has been in poor form and has a very tough finish, i’d put him last.

      Also look at stefan , highest averaging ruckmen over the last 3 games he has played, well discounted and finishes seasons very well

    • Yeah gotta be Jacobs if he is named. Has a good run home!

  • which option?
    1.vince/bartel to jj
    2. robbie gray to hall
    3. one of selwood/hunter/lewis to tmitch/adams/gibbs/treloar

    • Certainly not 3.

      Gray will bounce back this week.

      Not sure I like any of those options – 1 if any.

      • yea not really sure what to do as my team is pretty much complete, might look at a gibbs as a POD as I’m 5th overall

  • Enright or Houli


    Zac Williams or JJ

  • Knock out for both leagues matches this week for me, one is semi and one is prelim.

    my team with 74K in the bank

    shaw, doc, Kelly, laird, vince, z Williams (Collins, Hartley)
    danger, rocky, Sloane, steven, hunter, titch, b ellis, t miller (menegola, Mathieson)
    gwan, Naismith (a smith, cox)
    z merrett, zorko, dusty, monty, r gray, franklin (c smith, s reid)

    B Ellis and t Miller out for t Greene and b crouch
    Mathieson and Naismith out for rookie mid and goldy
    T Miller and Mathieson out for mid roomier and Parker

  • Trade in Doch, Boyd or Kelly?

  • Mathieson and b Ellis out for goldy and either t walker or Heeney

    Thoughts – my team above

  • Mathieson and t Miller out for Mumford and t walker ??

  • Best 125K defender

    • None. They would’ve played ’em by now. I assume ur just doing a throwaway anyways so take yr pick. Leonidis from Syd was an Emergency one week I think but cant see any finals team blooding any newbies now. Pick a bottom side.

  • My team
    DEF: Shaw, Docherty, Laird, Mills, Vince, Boyd, Ashby, Drummond
    MID: Danger, Parker, Gibbs, Duncan, Steven, T. Mitchell, Hunter, Rockliff, Reid, Wills
    RUC: Gawn, Cox, A.Smith, Frost
    FWD: Franklin, Merrett, Dusty, Zorko, Robinson, C.smith, Hams, Phillips
    14k in bank

    Don’t really know to do with trades. Suggestions would be good

  • Best ruck to get in? I have 550k to spend and I already have Gawn

  • Isaac Smith to Dahlhaus
    Selwood to Hannebery?

    • Option 2- depends on who gets rested. Selwood started late this season, but I Smith hasn’t had a rest yet.

  • Shaw, vince, simmo, docherty, jj, ruggles (collins, broad)
    Hanna, danger, steven, titchel, hunter, lewis, rocky, treloar (menegola, reid)
    Gawn, trengove (nankervis, currie)
    Monty, nroo, dusty, zorko, buddy, naismith (sausage, kommer)

    Trade ideas:
    Trengove – goldy
    Ruggles – guthie

    Trengove – lycett/mummy
    Ruggles – suckling/pittard

    Trengove – a.smith
    Naismith – zerrett

    Trengove – j.roughead
    Naismith – dahlhaus

  • Drat – Sauce is out again. Looks like a double-downgrade is on the cards, depending on final teams (I’m looking at you Clay Smith).

    DEF: Shaw, Doc, Kelly, Laird, Hodge, BSmith (Drummond, Hammertime)
    MID: Danger, Rocky, Parker, Steven, Hunter, Conglio, Titchell, Duncan (Menegola, Foote)
    RUCK: Gawn, Jacobs (SMichael, Cox)
    FWD: Zerrett, DMartin, Buddy, Greene, I Smith, C Smith (Reid, Willis)

    This week – probable trades:
    Foote->Willis DPP, Apeness in FWDs
    Frees up $117 cash for next week’s prelim.

  • DEF:Shaw,Boyd,Docherty,Simpson,Laird
    $88k in the bank
    Thinking Cox > 125k ruck & Collins to premo back, who’s best to bring in
    Thoughts ?

  • Cash: $248k

    DEF: Docherty, Simpson, Kelly, Laird, Shaw, Vince (Collins, Broad)
    MID: Dangerfield, Rockliff, Steven, Lewis, Hunter, Hannebery, T.Mitchell, Menegola (Wills, Foote)
    RUCK: Gawn, Martin (Naismith, Smith)
    FWD: Martin, Merrett, Zorko, Gray, Wells, Montagna (Smith, Reid)

    My first trade was Foote (via Smith) to Apeness, but i’m stuck on my second trade, thoughts appreciated cheers.

  • Hey people, who do you reckon is going to score more this week out of Naismith, A.Smith or Clay Smith? I’ll likely have to field one of them and trade a premium ruc or fwd in in the others place. Cheers people.

    • Im calling my side The Smiths next year and will have the above + Brodie, Josh and whover then maybe get all the Saints Jacks to complete it

      • Best of luck man, they’re all fantasy relevant (more so this year), had a similar idea with people with Jack in their name but never got around to it.

        • Anyway, back to your question. I hope and think Naismith scores the most as I’m taking a gamble on him this week to score 70+. A Smith will be interesting and could challenge that. Ive traded C Smith at this stage.

  • Trade in Danger, Treloar, Sloane or Gibbs for Gaff? I’m in a prelim so scores this week are no issue.

  • Where is Jeppa’s Juniors this week, is he back in Bali again? How dare he take another vacation before the season finishes. Did he even bother to think how I’m meant to make my trades this week?

    I’m deleting my team. There’s just no point now.

  • Vince and Jacobs need to go, have 106k in the bank
    Other ruck is Grundy
    Other Def are Shaw Laird Hodge Simpson Bartel

    Who do I get?

    A) Johannisen and Gawn

    B) Docherty and Goldstein

  • Houli or JJ?

  • Hey guys Gibbs or Bonts? Struggling to pick it with them both having great runs. Help appreciated!

  • Option 1. Hold Sauce (hes got Port next week), play Naismith, complete team by upgrading C Smith to N Roo.
    Option 2. Play C Smith, trade Sauce to Goldy or Grundy
    Btw Im in 2 semis my opponents have 2 or 3 rooks on field

  • Really don’t know what to do this week and i am in a must win game. So any thoughts on what trades todo would be appreciated!

    My team is as follows:
    Def: Simpson, Shaw, Bartel, Vince, Gibson, Biggs (Aliir, Ashby)
    Mid: Rockliff, Hannebery, Steven, Lewis, Hunter, Mitchell, Duncan (Phillips, Foote)
    Ruck: Grundy, Martin (Smith, Frampton)
    Fwd: Merrett, Martin, Zorko, Riewoldt, Kerridge, Whitecross (Silvagni, Reid)

    I am worried about Gibson as he has got back to back 50’s and got 16 last time he played North Melbourne.

  • Who is the best midfielder under 522k????

  • Clay to Devon locked in
    Vince is going for me – pick one please:
    a) Houli with $23k left
    b) Hodge with $60k left
    c) Suckling with $83k left (finish with Ess and Freo)


    • I probs go hodge tbh, Suckling is hurting and houli too inconsistant. tbh i would keep vince use the money else were

  • Hall, Gray or Dahlhaus?

  • N Roo (Form 104) has SYD, RICH, BNE or Dahl (Form 65) but $74k cheaper and has COLL, ESS, FREO???

  • Ranked top 50 overall

    DEF: Shaw, Boyd, Docherty, Simpson, Vince, Bartel ( Drummond, Lee )
    MID: Danger, Rocky, Neale, Hanners, Hunter, Treloar,Steven,Menegola( C.Smith,Phillips)
    RUCK: Gawn, Martin ( Naismith, Frampton )
    FWD: Zerrett, Dusty, Riewoldt, Gray, Montagna, Zorko ( Reid, Silvagni )

    Which option is best ?

    A) reid > Long & C.Smith > T.Mitchell
    B) Naismith > Chol ( No ruck cover ) & C.Smith > Sloane / Parker

  • hi guys, would appreciate any help with my second trade:

    1. Zaha (yeah I held him) > Cripps ($112k left)
    2. Clay Smith > Greene ($105k left)
    3. Clay Smith > D. Smith ($131k left)

    leaning towards number 3, but would really love to have Cripps in my team for the GF, assuming I get there


  • DEF: Shaw, Vince, Docherty, Laird, JJ, Bartel (Drummond, Austin)
    MID: Rockliff, Titch, Dangerfield, Pendles, Hunter, Parker, Duncan, C. Smith (S Reid, Mathisen)
    RUCK: Gawn, Martin (Naismith, Obrien)
    FWD: Dusty, Zerret, Montagna, R. Gray, Zorko, Dalahus (Hams, Silvagni)

    I have

    Op 1: Pendles -> B. Crouch and C.Smith -> any mid under 445k
    Op 2: C. Smith -> Sloane and Hams -> Palmers (2k remaining)

    Have my prelim final this week Please help


    Who wins out of these uniques? (One of the right without trades)

  • who to trade out of ruggles or nankervis?

    ruggles – z.william (means naismith on field as F6)

    nankervis – j.billings (means rugs on field as D6)

  • 1. C.Smith to Hall
    2. C.Smith to Riewoldt ?

  • A) reid > Long & C.Smith > T.Mitchell
    B) Naismith > Chol ( No ruck cover ) & C.Smith > Sloane / Parker

    • B is too risky for me. Mitchell plus cover > Sloane and no cover

      Could be looking at 80 point loss with option B. Who have you got in the ruck?

  • Hall or Dahlhaus?