Jeppa’s Juniors – Round 19

Can you believe Fantasy finals are here!? I’ve enjoyed this season thoroughly and I hope you have too. Whether it’s for overall ranking or a league victory, we’ve still got plenty to play for. Thankfully, a few quality youngsters will see us through these last four rounds but who should we be targeting?


Sam Menegola (Mid. $200,000, -29 be AF. $121,300, -111 be DT) – Backed up his ton on debut with 81 Fantasy points against the Dogs. As good as his Fantasy scores have been, Menegola may not be in Geelong’s senior side much longer. How does Chris Scott fit Menegola, a healthy Josh Caddy, both Selwoods and Danger all in the same team? He can’t but Danger, Duncan, Jelwood are due for a rest in my opinion hence why we should see our prized cashcow for a couple more weeks yet. If the short-term cash injection suits your plans then take the punt and trade him in.

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Rupert Wills (Mid. $149,000, -12 be AF. $121,300 DT) – Posing a strong body, Wills loves to tackle and he set a new record on the weekend with 11…the most by any AFL debutant. Fantasy coaches love a tackling machine especially when they’re cheap rookies. Like most inside mids, Wills is handball happy but you can still lock in 65+ from him each week making him ideal bench cover. Sure, job security is far from guaranteed but we’re nearing the end and he’s worth the risk in my opinion.

Adam Marcon (Mid. $143,000, -5 be AF. $105,800 DT) – Even though the Tigers got pumped, Marcon was far from disgraced. The mature age on baller did not look out of place and he actually ran hard both ways, which is more than I can say for other Richmond mids! Marcon did make a few mistakes with the ball in hand but I’m confident Richmond will give him a go in these final rounds. Expect scores in the low 60’s from this point forward. Consider.

Michael Apeness (Fwd. $120,000, 45 be AF. $128,200 DT) – After making a full recovery from a broken collarbone, Apeness is looking to end the season on a high. Freo’s developing key forward is coming off 5 goals in the WAFL on the weekend and reports are that he’ll line up in the derby on Sunday. With scores likely in the 50’s, Apeness is one you’d definitely write-off at F8. Super cheap!

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 1.03.54 AM

Archie Smith (Ruc. $154,000, -20 be AF. $121,300 DT) – All rooks need is an opportunity and boy oh boy did Smith relish his chance as the Lions number one ruckman last weekend. He wasn’t going to die wondering on his way to 19 possessions, 1 mark, 30 hitouts, 5 tackles and 96 Fantasy points. He was Brisbane’s best player! Naturally, the dynamics of Smith playing alongside Stefan Martin will hinder both players scoring potential but he’s still cheap enough to trade in. I’m conveniently in the market for an R4.

Josh Schoenfeld (Mid. $207,000, 6 be AF. $121,300, -68 be DT) – Was quiet in his second senior game against the Dees but showed enough grit to lay 6 tackles. Schoenfeld hails from Rockingham so he’s as tough as a coffin nail thus the rough stuff is no problem for him. Given the Suns injury crisis, Schoenfeld has no job security concerns and he rarely wastes a possession. A solid option.

Reilly O’Brien (Ruc. $125,000, 25 be AF. $121,300 DT) – A slight ankle injury to Jacobs means O’Brien will suit up for the Crows in Round 20. The big fella had 15 possessions, 4 marks, 34 hitouts, 4 tackles, 1 goal and 106 Fantasy in the SANFL on Saturday and gave Lobbe a touch up in the process. Realistically, O’Brien plays just one game so he’s for those coaches that cant spend the extra on Archie Smith at R4.

Brayden Fiorini (Mid. $166,000, 33 be AF. $139,300 DT) – Who you say? Fiorini is a goal kicking midfielder that wins a heap of the ball making him very Fantasy relevant. He’s honestly a replica of Steele Sidebottom. Last year’s pick 20 has had his injury problems this season but thankfully he’s ready for a crack at the big time. Expect Eade to play him as an outside midfielder against the Giants and don’t be surprised when he scores 70 plus. All in all, it’s probably wise to wait and see what Fiorini produces this week before trading him in.


Considering price, scoring potential and job security, here’s my Top 5 rookie downgrade options for Round 20:


  1. Sam Menegola
  2. Rupert Wills
  3. Archie Smith
  4. Adam Marcon
  5. Brayden Fiorini


  1. Sam Menegola
  2. Josh Schoenfeld
  3. Rupert Wills
  4. Archie Smith
  5. Adam Marcon

Twitter Q&A

Adams, no question. He’s got a better ceiling than Haus and Laird.

No! Should get more midfield time with the Dogs injury woes.

Love him but I love Dahlhaus more.

50 to 60 Fantasy points

Neale or Lewis

Interestingly, 5 of the current top 12 Fantasy teams are from WA. Sandgroper represent!

Hodge. He’ll ton up against the Dees.

Naismith. Blics looks out of sorts this season. Good trades too!


2016 AFL Fantasy Rookie of the Year

It’s time to vote for this season’s best Fantasy rookie. Select the ‘junior’ that you believe was the most valuable throughout the season. Consider scoring, games played, consistency, and the like.


That’s a wrap! What a year. I hope you have enjoyed my research and opinions. This job isn’t easy but I enjoy it immensely. Good luck in the finals and be sure to send through your questions via the article or Twitter @JeppaDT.


  • Thanks, Jep! You are a legend.

  • Hey Jeppa, love your work again this year! Quality stuff! just wondering why your all over Devon Smith now when you referred to him as an imposter couple weeks ago in response to my Twitter question?

    • All over him? He’s definitely got his hunger back, proven by his 14 tackles last Saturday but I still think Haus is a better option if i were to compare the two…

  • Quality article Jep! Best defenc down agree for Castagna? I already own Cowan.

    Cheers in advance…

    • Drummond is the only one or you could take a punt on Zaine Cordy if youre desperate.

  • Sauce reckons he’s playing according to yesterday’s Advertiser.

  • Who do I get to cover Jacobs if he is out Naismith+51k,A.Smith+144k,O’brien+173k or do I play frost or trade Jacobs

  • With the possibility of stars being rested, is it worth trading in a mid-price DPP to hold on to the likes of Danger and Zerrett if they miss? I have Sam Reid currently as bench cover, but was looking at bringing in someone like Angus Brayshaw as well who might offer a more consistent score and better JS. Any ideas?

  • Would have voted for Mills in the poll if included. Worth more than anyone bar Blakely, just missed one game, and been in my team all year. Although, will probably trade (reluctantly) this week to Docherty or Laird.

  • Thanks Jep, always helpful! Blakely gets the nod for me, followed by Dea then Mills

    Which 125k defender is most likely to get a game by the end of the season? I was thinking Rainbow from Carlton but I haven’t heard much on him since maybe round 6.

    • Smith from the pies is the best rookie this year. Consistent, played a lot of games,carried my back line when it needed a stand up player. Regretted trading him out,he should have been a keeper.

    • Yeah rainbow or Leonardis

  • Good stuff Jep.

    For those who can, now might be a really good time to start saving some pennies and getting in a bona fide DPP star onto your bench for when the general strikes.

    For instance, I am going to try my darndest to have Monty or Dahl sitting at F7 to be swung into the mid or FWD line whenever someone is rested.

    Jeppa, sitting 12th, are you looking to upgrade C Smith or Math in the quest for victory?

    • Yep good strategy.

      I cant share my trades for obvious reasons but im def making an upgrade

  • Hey Jeppa, how comfortable would you be with having Naismith on the field for the rest of the year? I’m considering trading Stef Martin down to Reilly O’Brien (making $352k), playing Naismith R2 with frost & O’Brien on the bench.
    Then using the cash to turn my M10 into Dangerfield. Shuffling Clay Smith to M9 and Sam Reid to M10. Gives me solid cover on each bench line too.

    I’m concerned Stef will go back to scoring 60-80’s with Smith in the side I and think Naismith could do that for $230k less.
    Anyone’s opinion welcome

    • I’m worried about that too. I don’t need the cash this week so I’m gonna give Stef a week… but yeah I could pull that trigger next week.
      If you’re brave this week may be the time as Port have given points to ruckmen this year, and Naismith has looked pretty active since he came in.

    • Good theory and decent trade options. You have to back in Stef for at least one week.

  • Great article as per usual Jep.

    Not on the list but Mathieson has an average of 70 off the bench. Could come in handy come finals time. Although not cashing in may be a mistake.

    Prepping for finals, would you lads rather sideways under performing premos or downgrade/upgrade until you complete your team.

    I don’t have Merrett still and I am trucking along nicely, but Petracca is the only playing rookie I have.

  • Kedge out – zerret


    Clay out – zerret

  • Fantastic article Jep! Love your work, has been a brilliant year with your rookie choices! Good luck in your quest for a top 3 finish!

  • Blakely, rose so much in such little time. if not then it would have to be mills

  • thanks for all the articles this season Jeppa – invaluable stuff. Good luck for the finals.

  • I’m interested in one of those cheap rucks, but currently I’m sweating on Boyd and Hall playing. If they don’t play I’ll be forced to make a double trade.
    (Boyd to: Bartel or Johannisen?; and Hall to: Gray or Dahlhaus?)

  • mids are danger, rocky, steven, hunter, titch, b ellis and t miller

    need 1 more mid which one to get can get anyone

  • Why don’t you recommend Sloane to Liam Clarence?

  • Who to get for Jacobs Mumford or Goldstein?

  • Great article jep, I no its unrelated to this article, but who is the best forward to get out of dahl, monty, riewoldt or gray, thanks guys

  • Should Stef Martin owners trade him out now if this Archie Smith kid is playing?

  • Assuming Archie Smith and Reilly O’brien play, which would you get? Already have naismith and despite smith’s score, he’s probably not worth an extra 30k

  • Assuming all are named: Archie Smith, Apeness or O’Brien?
    All for bench, obviously Smith costs more>

  • Do I trade Mathieson or C.Smith?? Downgrading Sam Collins to upgrade to Coniglio, so which do I keep as M7/8 and which gets traded??

  • Thanks Jeppa for yet another insightful and useful article. I have really appreciated all your good work throughout this year (and past for that matter). Well done on your position in the overall rankings!

  • If Stef Martin plays this week, and Archie Smith is still in the side is it worth trading him?
    I have Naismith so I am thinking:
    Martin – Devon Smith (DPP with Naismith sitting in F6)
    Wingard – Motlop

  • D Smith + Sloane vs Dahl + Hanners??

  • Also let me add my thank you to Jeppa. Must take a long time to do these, and this is probably the most important article of the week. Great effort!

  • You have been doing this for a few years now Jep but continue to innovate. I sometimes choose my own path but have learned not to doubt you sensei. You know your shit… I’m guessing the dozen or so in front of you stole a few of your ideas. If not they should start their own blogs

  • Your weekly posts are the best Jeppa thanks for your hard work, research & wisdom every year, good luck in the rankings!

  • Hey Jeppa Which trades should I do???

    1. Collins to Drummond and Mills to Riewoldt/Haus/Gray and bench C.Smith

    2. Mills to Wills/Marcon/Menegola and C. Smith to Riewoldt/Haus/Gray

  • The left-handed earned the top spot in the cruiserweight division after winning the elimination bout with an h-round stoppage of Thabiso Mchunu in Durban in May last year.

  • The bye rounds are here and you need rookie advice from the best in the business. Jeppa has all the The bye rounds are here and you need rookie advice from the best in the business. Jeppa has all the facts ahead of a round full of strategic trading. Read more