Hodgey’s back back – Ep. 89

The third and final batch of DPPs are revealed and the boys talk through who are the best options to bring in over the last six rounds. How do you prioritise your trades? Should I be looking unique? Who should I make captain this week? Those questions are answered and a whole lot more on the official AFL Fantasy podcast with Roy, Calvin and Warnie.

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  • No wash up?

  • Jayden Short (fwd) has been playing back for the last 5/6 weeks

  • With heater being so shit atm and if like 80% (or whatever it was) of the top 200 teams that have him, would it be wise to trade him to a more consistent player?

    • too much of a luxury trade, dont do it

    • Relax, he’ll come good

    • If I had no rookies left on my field and had no one like Kerridge etc still in my team, I’d consider it, but just like Stef Martin, there’s every chance he goes on a run between now and the end of the season where he doesn’t drop under 100.

    • Seriously considering it. Can afford a bit of a luxury trade atm. Got just over $200k for trades and my only 2 rookies on the field are mills and clay smith. Mills still slowly making money but upgrading mills mean zaka stays and he is doing my head in and obviously clay smith doing very well. Can do heater to doc and zaka to lewis. Swap hodge into defence and mills into mid. Then next week downgrade cox to $125k ruck and mills up to approx $530k mid. Ranked 455 atm so IF heater still spuds it up, could work out well.

  • hey fellas
    im tossing up between hodgey and laird.. both are similar price leaning towards hodge cause hes a gun but was thinking laird cause of his easier run home?
    thank you

    • Same problem but I’m leaning towards Lairds easy run

    • I like the fact that Hodge wasn’t injured last weekend and is able to average 110+

    • Hodge for me. Firstly he is one of those rare players who is matchup proof..Secondly while Adelaide have easier fixtures that doesn’t necessarily translate to big points for defenders. Easy matchups help Mids, Rucks and Forwards more..Hodge is owned in a lot less as well..

  • I was going to trade-
    Josh smith to laird
    Blakely to treloar
    77k left

    Simpson vince shaw suckling b smith j smith
    Rockliff hunter Parker neale t Mitchell Duncan sheil blakely
    Gawn goldy
    Merret zorko Martin grey hall hams

    Tempted to get hodge after hearing the pod also Montagna with blakely this week and move him forward next week for hams and get treloar.

  • What to do with wells??

  • Who goes first out of j smith, yeo, rich, blakely, kerridge and Walters

  • Whats the better option for upgrading J Smith and T Ruggles

    Hall and P Hanley or
    J Steven and KK or
    Zorko and KK

  • Cash: 122k
    Backs: Boyd, Vince, Docherty, Enright,B.Smith,Trengove (Ruggles,hammelmann)
    Mid:Hunter,Hannebery, Cotchin, Selwood, Bontempelli, Duncan, Hodge,Gaff (matho,Wagner)
    Ruck: Jacobs,Bilcavs (frost,Currie)
    Fwd: Merret, Riewoldt, Montagna Wells, Wingard, Johnson (Phillips, silvagni)
    Thoughts on what trades to do?
    Do I trade or hold Bilcavs if trade I can put Trengove in ruck and get s.martin next week

    • agreed with your thinking..

      • What is it you agree with putting Trengove in ruck?

        • how do i get trengrove into rucks in fantasy hes in my backs atm i want him 4 backup 4 goldy trying to swap 4 gorringe and make him a bench backman is this possible and how

          • is he not ruck/def?

          • yes euman he is how do i get trengrove into rucks when i trade gorringe from rucks it wont let me swap trengrove to ruck posy am i missing something or do i need another ruck/back or is there some magic way iam 44 th posy so it might help

          • it should just work did he lose his def/ruck status? but still? he would still be ruck at least log a call

  • What to do with wells

  • Haha.. half the podcast is twitter!