My Team 2016 – Round 9

Discuss your team, strategy, players, etc. in this post. Name it up if it’s for RDT or Fantasy as that can make a difference with what you should do. Offer up constructive comments if you want questions answered yourself! Be a giver, not just a taker! This is a great community and we want it to stay that way. We love banter as much as the next person, just keep it clean!

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  • Trade Barlow or Wells?

    Wells looks to be back in next week with Kangas saying theyre being overly cautious. But its that Achilles from last year…

    I’d hate to trade Barlow and he’s named next week but it’s concerning that 39 disposals didn’t help his cause this week

    Thoughts? One needs to go.

    • I have a weird feeling Barlow will be a late in.

      Is named as an emg, wasn’t named in the WAFL side, bad weather could force a few of the talls out. I don’t know but i dont think they would have named him as an EMG if they weren’t planning on bringing him in.

      Praying he comes in tho to save me a 0.

  • Zorko or Nroo?

    • I prefer Zorko, but can’t go wrong with either.

      • I would say you couldn’t go wrong with a fallen premo (Montagna or Martin) or one on the way up (Buddy or Walters), but buying someone at top dollar can only really go one way for you.

        Is the guaranteed $100k extra going to guarantee you the extra 20pts a week that it costs? If the answer’s “no”, there are probably better options.

        Happy to be proven wrong though.

  • Who would be better pick for value.


    I know mathieson is cheaper but just thinking better pick, will have to be my M8 for awhile

  • Trade Ablett to Lewis & Wells to Monty leaving a 0 in defence with $101k for next week


    Wells to Monty and Adams to Leslie with $268k next week and only 4 mid premos on field

  • Mcrouch and barlow to dusty and simpson


    Mcrouch and wells to dusty and mathieson?

    1 or 2?

    • dusty and simpson much better to own for obvious reasons

      if Mathieson is going to be on your field then I’d go with 1 – also depends who you have as cover for wells

      I brought in both dusty and simpson last week (for wells and fantasia)

  • So I’m thinking:

    M crouch to hopper
    Ablett to Viney (Can afford up to $580k). Already have danger and hanners. Any standouts instead of viney? Considering pendles as well.

    Jack Steven too, even though his price likely to fall again


  • Should I trade Gazza or Rocky this week?

    • I could do Ablett to Gibbs/Viney or Rockliff to Sloane/Lewis

    • Rocky’s coming along nicely and Gaz was only out with concussion so they “should” be back next week (I wouldn’t bank on anything after this week though). So if you want to trade one, I’d probably go with Ablett to a premium rather than the slightly more risky Lewis/Sloane. I wouldn’t trade either but that’s mostly because of the other carnage in my team.

  • Trade Wells or Rocky?

  • Wells – Trengove (Tippa DPP)
    Ablett – Treloar
    Berger – Goldy
    Ablett – Trengove/Hopper

  • Mcrouch and barlow to dusty and simpson


    Mcrouch and wells to dusty and mathieson?


  • Have Boyd, Laird, Ablett, Rocky, Hall, Wells, Barlow, Crouch and Ruggles all sitting out with $2k in the bank. I can get away with trading Crouch and Ruggles to Dusty and Mohr using all my money. Is it worth it or do i just trade a premium instead. Feel like my trades are better for the long run, thoughts?

    • Dusty’s a good trade, not sold on Mohr tho. Could you go Wells and Crouch to Mathieson and Marin instead? I have a sneaky feeling Wells will be out for a while still… time to cut the bad fruit (Crouch Bros) off the tree, so good call there!

  • Do I upgrade McCarthy to Walters or double downgrade which leaves me with $400K but Menadue on ground? Do care about ranking.

    The downgrade would be Matt Crouch to Macpherson and Clay Cameron to Leslie?

  • Hanners or Danger captain?

    Hanners more reliable overall but Danger is hot at the moment. Surely he carves up the pies.


    • Yeah I’m bringing in danger this week and possibly chucking the big C on him. He’s just consistently going 110+

      • One of the few players in the league who can’t be stopped when he’s on his game.

        • Who have the Maggies got that could stop him anyway? Will carve the sh!t out of them, unless he decides to get lazy.

          • Greenwood tagged Murphy 2 weeks ago, might run with him. Won’t bother him though.

  • I heard Zerret hobbled off at training a couple days ago with a calf complaint. I believe this was minor and should still definitely play, but has anything else been heard on this? Tossing up whether to put the C on him or Dangerfield

  • Best forward option between Walters, Franklin, Waite & Dahlhaus? Would prefer Zorko or Montagna but not enough cash this week.

    • Walters this week in terms of form, Dahlhaus in the long run. Personally I’d go dahlhaus as he’d be consistent and possible top 6 forward

  • who to get in:

    montagna, walters, buddy, zerret?

    • Monty for value.
      Walters for a big risk, Buddy for a little risk.
      Zerrett for the safe scores.

      If you have the $$ I’d go Zerrett. For value ‘d go Monty.

    • I like Monty for his price, scoring ability and his upcoming games. The rest have considerable upside (especially Walters if he maintains his role) so all should serve you well.

  • My outs are Wells, Barlow, Gaz, Rocky, Laird, Ruggles, Hall and McCarthy.

    Are my highest priorities Wells and Barlow? Wells should be out for 2 and realistically would have needed to be upgraded at some point. Barlow seems to be out of favor at the moment but could come back and unlike Gaz and Rocky for instance, is uninjured. thanks guys.

    • Barlow should hopefully be back next week, I am keeping him. Also not named in the WAFL, potential rain over here in Perth on the weekend, could be called up to play if Freo feel they need to go smaller.

      • Thanks for that, him not being named in the 2nd’s gives me some hope he’ll be back sooner rather than later. I might still trade him out but trading McCarthy down to Mathieson or trading Gaz in Barlow’s place looks more enticing.

  • Currently have four 0s on the field (2 after trades). What I do with my trades will be shaped by potential late changes. Which two are most likely to be late call-ups out of Barlow, Ruggles and Howe (I’ll know Howe’s fate before lockout but I want to make some trades now in case I can’t get to it later)?

    Barlow isn’t named for the Peel and there’s speculation that he might come in for a tall due to the weather.
    Lonergan is named for the Cats despite being taken out of last week’s game due to concussion. Might be replaced by Ruggles.
    Hawks are a great source of late changes and apparently Birchall is carrying an injury.

  • Which of S. Gray or M. Crouch should get the boot?

  • Bartel & Petracca/Mathieson


    Mullett & Treloar/Anypremo

  • DEF: Shaw, Vince, Simpson, HOULI, Dea, Hartley ( Ruggles, Lee )
    MID: GAZ, Danger, Hanners, Steven, Hunter, Zaha, MCROUCH, Macpherson ( Smith, Blakely )
    RUCK: Martin, Gawn ( Cox, Currie )
    FWD: Zerrett, Dusty, Kerridge, Davis, Hewett, McGovern ( Hall, Sumner )

    Should I downgrade Houli > Mullett and do Crouch up to treloar or any premo
    or Houli > Bartel & Crouch to either hopper or Petracca ?

  • MCrouch and Wells > K Collins and Montagna

    Solid or are Brand/Mohr better options?

  • hey dudes,
    Who should I trade out between Menadue or McCarthy?

    McCarth a better player and should be bck next week (Probs make some more $$)
    While Mena is playing this week on bench and has DPP status …..

  • Who is a good replacement for Hall?

  • DEF: Shaw, Mills, Walla, DBJ, Wagner, Harwood (Hartley, Ruggles)
    MID: Hanners, Danger, T.Adams, Titchell, Duncan, J.Smith, Gresham, Macpherson (Rocky, Gaz)
    RUCK: Martin, Sauce (Currie, Gorringe)
    FWD: Zerrett, Dusty, Walters, Kerridge, Menadue, Cox (Hall, Wells)

    Went McCarthy>Gorringe (for dpp with Cox) & M.Crouch>Danger
    Have $126k in the bank

    Thoughts anyone?

  • Sorry for the repost

    Def: Docherty, Kelly, Mills, Wagner, Ruggles, Hartley (MAdams, Cowan)
    Mid: Titchell, Danger, Parker, Ablett, BEllis, Duncan, (Willis, Wells)
    Ruck: Gawn, Jacobs (Currie, Cox)
    Fwd: Hall, Franklin, DMartin, Kerridge, Walla, S Gray (Kommer, McCarthy)

    fielded one doughnut last week – no choice (S Gray).

    This week will have at least one.

    Can I please get a thought on options below.

    1) Gaz + Wells > Shaw + Petracca + $47K = 2 likely doughnuts
    2) Gaz + Wells > Shaw + MacPherson + $155K = 3 likely doughnuts + cash
    3) Gaz + Wells > Shaw + Mathieson + $177 K = 3 likely doughnuts + more cash


  • With Leslie now out, I’m looking at Kieran Collins from the Bulldogs as my DEF downgrade – any thoughts/background on him?

  • 2 to trade out of:
    If i don’t trade wells, cox is backup.

  • Play Mohr or Hartley?

  • My team AFL FANTASY 130k
    Houli shaw laird mills fantasia dbj (ruggles, byrne.
    Hanners ablett duncan sidebottom hunter mcrouch  rocky menadue (hewett sumner)
    Gawn martin (currie cox)
    Forwards martin dahlhaus kerridge hall petracca macarthy (McGovern crocker).

    How do I improve this team.
    Im stuck please help anyone????
    Im only averaging 1800 that’s pretty shit.
    Advice please .
    Fantasia Rocky  mcrouch menadue houli all killing me. What 2 trades do i do this week.
    Ablett is finished also.

    Please help

    • get macpherson in- break even is low, youll make money, probably for crouch or menadue.

      I’d then upgrade fanatsia, he will start losing you money. Houli though injured for ages, won’tlose you money at the moment. Id look at Vince or Simpson.

      • Thanks mate i went simpson for houli and Macpherson for crouch.
        Next week ill upgrade fantasia. I have 300k now. Hopefully rocky ablett hall and laird will be back.

  • Do I trade Mills or Ruggles???

  • In a bit of a pickle here. Anyone got any trade ideas for me?

    DEF: Shaw,Vince,Fantasia,Mills,DBJ,Byrne (Cameron*,Ruggles*)
    MID: Hannebery,Neale,Coniglio,Titch,Hunter,Keays,Davis,Blakely (Rockliff*,GAJ*)
    RUC: Gawn,Martin (Currie,Frost*)
    FWD: Merrett,Kerridge,Benken,Tippa,Sumner,Wells* (Hall*,McCarthy)

    $171k in the bank


    • McCarthy to MCPherson/Mathieson solid first trade imo.

      Fantasia to Dr T or Simmo or Cameron to whoever you can afford for a 2nd.

    • Fantasia to Simpson probs costs $100k
      Wells to mathieson

  • Thoughts appreciated

    Ablett and crouch out

    Option A- viney and hopper with $90k left
    Option B- treloar and mathieson with $170k left
    Option C- viney and mathieson with $210k left

  • DEF: Shaw, Simpson, Lonergan, Dea, Mills, Tipungwuiti (Hartley, Broad)
    MID: Parker, Danger, Merrett, Viney, Barlow, Wells, Smith, Macpherson (Weller, Davis)
    RUC: Goldy, Naitanui (Currie, Frost)
    FWD: Hall, Franklin, Kerridge,Stringer, Brown, Adams (Hewett, Kommer)

    304,000 in bank

    Can someone please help 1 hour before deadline… i was thinking going…
    1. Brown>Lewis (via Wells)
    2. Hall > Walters


    • Don’t know why you’re still keeping Lonergan. Is no one aware that Hall is not selected to play due to shoulder complications and failing the fitness test? Defence is good, A few of your midfielders are better off in the forward, rucks are decent, forward is okay (other than Stringer who is sometimes inconsistent and Adams isn’t playing either and probably won’t any time soon)

  • Final thoughts on this team? Not thinking about any trades though, quite glad that I have a fully fit 22 for my team despite most other coaches being unable to do the similar.
    DEF: Shaw, Dea, McDonald-Tipungwuti, Harwood, Byrne, Wagner [Boyd, Ruggles]
    MID: Dangerfield(C), S.Mitchell, T.Mitchell, Hunter, Lewis, Duncan, B.Kennedy, MacPherson [Davis, Hewett]
    RUC: Gawn, S.Martin [Cox, Currie]
    FWD: Z.Merrett, D.Martin, Franklin, Kerridge, Petracca, McGovern [Hall, McCarthy]

    I have $50,000 left in the bank, just in case anything goes wrong for Round 10.

  • Adams to Montagna
    Menadue to Dahlhaus?