My Team 2016 – Round 7

Discuss your team, strategy, players, etc. in this post. Name it up if it’s for RDT or Fantasy as that can make a difference with what you should do. Offer up constructive comments if you want questions answered yourself! Be a giver, not just a taker! This is a great community and we want it to stay that way. We love banter as much as the next person, just keep it clean!

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  • Here’s an interesting stat. Beams and Rocky played in 10 games together last year and in those 10 games rocky only averaged 80.8 points (including a 0) Without the 0 he was averaging 90 points.
    4×100+ Scores and 3 of those were 120+. Many say he injury would of affected those but he has just come back from injury so how does this make us certain he is going to score well this week?

    • I don’t think you can take that as a true representation, out of the 11 games they were both named to play in beams actually didn’t play one of them, from memory he was injured in the first minute or during warmup or something.Then in the next he only played 63% game time due to injury. In 2 of them rocky only played 8%,52%, game time and also 1 was a game in between those two injuries. so in reality you can only look at 6 games. out of those 6 games rocky averaged 106. As i previously stated in a year that both players were hit with injuries i dont believe you can get a true representation.

  • Stuck at end of last page…

    This week is a lesson to all who plan ahead…

    Def: Shaw, laird, Fantasia, adams, walla, Wagner (Hartley, ruggles)
    Mid: Ablett, danger, titch, Adams, hunter, Duncan, crouch, mills(summer, blakely)
    Ruc: stef, Gawn
    Fwd: hall, Barlow, gray, kerridge, wells, bkennedy(brown, McCarthy)

    Laird – rocky via mills
    Gray – smith Via sumner leaving $243k


    Bloody rooks survive. Hopefully I can get MAdams and walla out next week

  • With Blakely and Macpherson is it worth getting keays for an extra 40k? He will be playing fwd more with beams back in the side. Next week I plan to get one of the other mid rookies and if blakely and macpherson both hold their spots it may be worth keeping the extra money. Whoever I get is on my bench btw and with blakely I would definitely be able to do davis to macpherson and adams to dusty next week too.

    Thoughts please?

    • Rookie raffle mate. What can I say. Keays was ok, Blakely wasnt that good, Macpherson is a stab in the dark.

  • I think it is a disgrace Port (and the other teams affected) weren’t allowed to have a topup player.
    With Ryder out and Lobbe injured, the lack of ruck stocks has screwed them.

    And before people argue that they should have had better list management, the bombers suspension was handed down AFTER the trading period, not to mention they didnt know the shit over Monfries head before trading him in.

    On a fantasy perspective. We would have had a few new rookies to play with.

    • yep, we did almost get jamar but he went to essendon.

    • damn straight, should of at least got someone for monfries. the team that did the cheating gets the help?

      bring back dean brogan!

    • Nope, it’s horrible list management on Port’s part, simple as that. No club should go into a season with such thin ruck stocks especially considering they knew of the potential for sanctions when picking up Ryder.

  • FMDT, Laird, Adams now S.Gray……sigh

  • Get rid of Matt Crouch or McCarthy ?

  • Field 2 of Byrne, Tipps, Ruggles, Cameron?

    Kent or McCarthy?

  • Anyone else gonna wait another week on rocky? Named CHF and wanna see how he goes with beams since he only averaged 80 with him last year?

  • So rocky or nick roo???


  • Matt Crouch or McCarthy to go first?

    • I’d say McCarthy, unless you plan on using that extra cash this week. M.Crouch will likely score more than McCarthy so keeping him will net you more points for the week

  • RDT dilemma.

    I have Laird and Tucker, and a def full of rookies.

    Josh Smith looks must have on the bubble.

    Im trying to convince myself to trade in Currie on the bubble.

    Will currie hold the r1 position?

    • Smith is a must have and you may have to hold laird and Tucker so Currie could be worth getting. A lot of people wanted 1 ruck bench in af this year but with Currie and Cox it’s a actually worked out. What I did is upgrade a defender to make up for laird out

  • Zorko, roo or rocky this week?

  • Gotta hold Laird now in AF and trade out Sam Gray to Rocky
    Other trade is Dea to Smith

  • Ok one shot to feild

    Feild one of dea, tippa or ruggles? ?


  • Sorry i mean feild 2 players out of dea, tippa and ruggles?


    • I wouldn’t feel confident fielding ruggles so personally I’d go the two bombers. Not that they instill much confidence atm

  • For Dreamteam

    1. Parish to Smith (105k) Dea to Houli (Field Mills Houli)
    2. Mills (mid only) to Smith Parish to Rocky (Field Walla Rocky)

  • Which two to field out of tippa, McGovern and McCarthy?
    Who to get out of Biggs, Yeo, rosa, docherty and Kolo?
    Thoughts would be appreciated :)

  • Hey people, I’ve noticed teams with Laird and Gray are opting to trade Gray over Laird and want to know the thought process behind this. Is it because Laird might come back sooner than expected or is it just because Gray’s a shite fantasy player who can’t even get a game now? Cheers.

    • It’s the latter. People have wanted to trade him out for weeks and finally are in a position where they can easily justify it. If I had them both I’d trade out Gray before Laird, especially since we have no idea whether or not he is out of the team for 1 week or more

    • i’d trade both TBH, potential 3 weeks out for laird too long for me and yes, gray is shite

    • Fair enough people, I had planned on putting up with Gray until the byes but I might trade him out to Rocky and a fattened cash cow to Smith instead (he might be too good a cash cow to pass up on as he’s playing Car this week).

  • laird to vince or rocky (means walla on field instead of smith)?

  • How long is laird out for?

  • Aim to get in 2 of these defenders: Boyd, Vince, Simpson, one this week and one next week.

    Which 2 should I get in and in which order should I get them?

    • Vince then Simpson.
      Boyd will get rested

    • boyd, he really wont get rested with so many doggy defenders out; vince then simpson for me

      • Ok cool, yeah I’m thinking Boyd as he’s been very consistent and much needed in Dogs’ defence. I reckon they won’t rest him that much besides the odd game and I’m ok with that. Simpson I like tbh and is slightly cheaper than Vince but it’s really 50/50.

        Thanks for the feedback guys!

  • Ruggles or Harwood on field?!?