Fantasy Freako Wrap – Round 4

freako_download_2015The round 4 edition of the Fantasy Freako Wrap for the 2016 season is now ready for download thanks to our friends at Champion Data.

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  • Thanks for the stats Fantasy Freako

  • It’s a freako warp everyone… Whooooo, spooky!

    • loooooooooool

    • Firstly thanks Freako very informative and very much appreciated
      With Pete from AFL ratings input we’ve got great information at our finger tips

      Secondly on this site we get a lot of crap written by individuals and they have every right to put their opinions forward
      But MGPT’s comments are the MOST accurate I’ve ever read👍
      Maybe he’s writing under a new alias as all the backlash he received
      Leighroy you don’t need to twit every single thing you do with your team as not many care except YOU!!!!
      Maybe limit them to under 100 😉

  • Leighroy Sutton: the new Robert Griffin