My Team 2016 – Round 5

Discuss your team, strategy, players, etc. in this post. Name it up if it’s for RDT or Fantasy as that can make a difference with what you should do. Offer up constructive comments if you want questions answered yourself! Be a giver, not just a taker! This is a great community and we want it to stay that way. We love banter as much as the next person, just keep it clean!

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  • What trades should I look at making have $0 in the kitty

    DEF- Shaw, Houli, Lonergan, Adams, Dea, Ruggles ( Cameron, Hartley )
    MIDS- Steven, Gaz, Hanners, Danger, Zaharakis, Hunter, Crouch, Hewett ( Davis, Sumner )
    RUCKS- Martin, Gawn ( Cox, Currie )
    FWDS- Hall, Dusty, Barlow, Wells, Kerridge, McCarthy ( McGovern, Menadue )

  • Thoughts zmerret or 60k cheaper zaha?

    DEF: Shaw, Laird, Wilson, Adams, Dea, CC (Ruggles, Cowan)
    MID: Ablett, Hanners, Zerrett(C), Adams, Hunter, Mcrouch, Wells, Mills (Davis, Sumner)
    RUC: Stef, Gawn (Currie, Cox)
    FWD: Dusty, Hall, Barlow, Kerridge, Tippa, McGovern (Menadue, McCarthy)
    265k in the bank

    I’m looking at:
    CC> Wagner
    Wilson>Steven (Via Tippa, Merrett DPP)
    Leaving me with 56k to go Barlow>Rocky and downgrade Davis( My only reason for trading CC instead of Davis to Wagner is the extra $$$ as I need rocky next week)

    Thoughts would be appreciated!

  • AFL Fantasy

    Def: Shaw, Sheridan, J. Lonergan, Adams, Dea, Tippa (Cameron, Broad)
    Mid: Tichtell, Ablett, Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Hannebery, Parish, Oliver, Mills (Menadue, Davis)
    Ruc: Martin, Gawn (Cox, Currie)
    Fwd: Martin, Hall, Gray, Kerridge, Wells, BenKen (Kommer, Sumner)

    Bank: $83,000

    leave some trade ideas below

  • There are so many defender rookies on offer, so who is everyone going with and why.

    Here is the list:

    Josh Wagner $166,000 BE -26 plays: Rich. StK, GCS, WB, BL

    Darcy Byrne-Jones $169,000 BE -20 plays: Gee, Rich, Bris,Carl, WCE

    Tom Lee $152,000 BE -16 plays: GWS, Melb, NM, WCE, Ess

    Tom Ruggles $174,000 BE -8 plays: PA, GCS, WCE, Adel, Coll

    Ciaran Byrne $171,000 BE -8 plays: Freo, Ess, Coll, PA, NM

    Based purely on price and BE Lee, DBJ and Wagner are best.
    The biggest dilemma on all of these I think is JS.

    Ruggles is playing despite Enright back in.
    Byrne surely has good BE in the blues as they are playing their rookies.
    Dees seem to have players in and out of the team.
    People say DBJ has good JS (but why?)
    Lee? No idea on JS.

    • Nice Shags, are you leaning towards Wagner. Im tossing up with him and Lee

      • Leaning towards DBJ, after Geelong, Rich, BL, Carl is a good cash making combo IF his JS is ok. People keep saying he has good JS, but no one has yet explained to me why. Has he replaced a long term injury?

        • Same here on DBJ, think he has better JS than Wagner considering the players still to come in at Melbourne.

      • Probably should point out I already have Ruggles too, but added him for general discussion :P

  • Trade Barlow or S Gray?

  • RDT

    Def: Laird, Shaw, Lonners, Dea, Tippa, Adams (Brown, Ruggles)
    Mid: Gaz, Zaha, Sidebum, Danger, Rocky, Hall, Libba, Mills (Mena, Hewitt, Davis)
    Ruck: Jacobs, S.Martin (Cox)
    Fwd: Dusty, Wells, Kerridge, Barlow, Robbo, Kennedy (Papley, McCarthy)

    $183,000 in kitty so can do some upgrades.

    My biggest dilemma is it worth burning a trade.

    Papley has BE 39 so is close to plump as a Cashcow, but I also think he can do better than 22, and still has cash making potential.
    Davis is out, but he really hasnt earnt enough to warrant trading out necessarily, and he is being rested so could be back next week.

    I could do a luxury trade Lonners > Fantasia and Papley > via Brown > (DBJ, Wagner, Byrne) to avoid missing out on those one of those def rookies on the bubble.

    I can upgrade Lonners to any player less than $619,000 (Was thinking Merrett) but I will have a weak (albeit good cash making) defence if not upgrading a premium defender.

    • Genuinely considering losing Lonners for one of the def rookies on the bubble.

      • Load up on cash, grab 2 rookies for lonners and Papley. When rookies dry up go pop on the plump cashcows.

        Hmmmm I am liking it actually.

    • keeping rocky has paid off, damn nice mid field this time of year.

      i think loner to merrett is a good move before he is out of reach. weak cash making defence is no issue with that mid, ruck and fwd line with merrett in plus the lowish scores the premo defenders are putting out.

      • Better pay off, With Robbo, Rocky, Sidebum it has been a painful few weeks.

        If I get Merrett, I have to put a play like Bennedy on the bench which seems lil bit of a point scoring waste…

        Also Merrett already up to $605,800 in RDT, so already at top price….hmmmm

  • trading gray and JJ

    best trade combo:

  • Option 1
    Sheridan to Fantasia
    D Martin to D Wells
    Option 2
    Sheridan to Wagner
    Simpkin to D Wells

  • Def: Shaw, Sheridan, Dea, Tippa, Ruggles, MAdams (Hartley, Byrne)
    Mid: Hanners, Ablett, TAdams, Hunter, MCrouch, Zaha, Lonergan, Davis (Sumner, Menadue)
    Ruck: Martin,Gawn (Cox, Currie)
    Fwd: Barlow, DMartin, Hall, SGray, Kerridge, Wells (McCarthy and Kommer)
    333k in the bank.

    Really stuck on who to move on. Thinking Barlow, Lonergan, Sheridan,MCrouch, Davis, SGray are all canidates to move on. interested to hear others thoughts! Thanks!

  • Lee or Wagner?

  • Dusty to Wells a good trade or not???
    (i know you should stick by your premos… but)

  • DEF: Shaw, Houli, Johannisen, T.Mckenzie, Dea, Ruggles – (Hartley, Cameron)
    MID: A.Hall, Mitchell(C), Priddis, Gaff, Hunter, Dangerfield, T.Adams, Mills – (Menegola, Davis)
    RUC: Martin, Goldstein – (Soldo, Chol)
    FWD: Tipungwuti, Papley, Adams, Kerridge, DeGoey, B. Kennedy – (Grimley, Beech)

    Kind of been stuck with a few bad rookies since I didn’t take enough notice before R1 (my first time playing fantasy).

    Thinking of going:

    JJ + T. McKenzie to Wagner and Merrett (C) via DPP

    But with B.Kennedy and DeGoey questionable this week, is there a better option out there or is Wagner for cash and Merett before he goes up even higher and risking the others not playing a reasonable option?

  • Is it pointless trading out barlow now?

  • My trades in AF this week

    Weitering to Byrne-Jones (think better JS than Wagner)
    B Crouch to Mitchell/Steven…Crouch is late I know, trades past weeks were for cash.

    I still have Lonergan (in the mids), gone for Weitering instead who probably is almost cashed out. It also allows me to swing Lonergan back to defence if need be considering JS questions on DBJ and Ruggles/Byrne whom I already have.

    Was considering Fantasia, but if he produces a 70 then goes any cash appreciation.

    Now just have to decide out of Mitchell and Stevens.

    Do you think I have considered the options ok ?

    • People keep saying Byrne-Jones has better JS, do you know why? Is there a basis to this?

      • I had a look at Port’s injuries and previous omissions and I can’t see atm who would take his spot. He’s efficiency has been good and if he keeps producing he should be ok.

        Melbourne has Matt Jones, Petracca and Vanderburg still to come in after this week

        • imprey will end up taking his spot back if byrne-jones has a shocker.

          • That is the worry for sure. Think it is the same for Wagner, but if Wagner does ok, he still has Jones, Vanderburg and Petracca to compete against.

  • Thoughts on trades???

    JJ -> Fantasia
    Lonergan -> Sidey


    JJ -> Adams
    Lonergan -> Merrett

  • Is it worth trading Stef to Berger as it will help with upgrades elsewhere?

  • Sunday extended Benches to be named ~5pm

    See the changes on Shag’s Teamsheets HERE, as well as my personal Picks for Sunday and Monday game.


  • Sidebottom with 13k in bank


    Zieball with 47k in bank


    Waite with 55k in bank

    • Of those I prefer Sidebum (Makes me sick, cos I started him but traded out because of suspension)

      Ziebell is a great smokey.

      Waite, I dunno, Waite has Tyrone Vickery award written all over him. If he guns again, surely everyone has to sit up and take notice though.

    • Sidey, has the past history performance. Waite won’t keep on producing the same.

  • Mason Cox is confirmed to Debut!!!

  • Looks like tucker probably will start for freo this week.. is he worth picking up over wagner

    Tucker or wanger?

  • he he he, he said wanger.

    wags over daughter for me

  • Tucker wagner or lee

    • I usually play conservative and advise to give a rookie 1 week in AF, just to see their role. Be terrible if he is lock down and scores 10. The other rookie defenders have scores on the board.

      Tucker is also a bit more expensive, so his price is similar to the others even after 1 or 2 price increases.

  • Urgent late news

    Caleb Daniel is out.

  • Please give me some suggestions… so stuck on trades this week.

    DEF: Laird, Sheridan, Lonergan, Adams, Dea, Ruggles (Cameron, Hartley)

    MID: Mitchell, Ablett, Adams, Macrae, Duncan, M. Crouch, Mills, Menadue (Oliver, Davis)

    RUCK: Martin, Gawn (Frost, Currie)

    FWD: Merret, Hall, Barlow, Gray, Wells, Kerridge (Papley, McCarthy)

    I’ve considered moving on the following players: Sheridan, Lonergan, Barlow, Papley, Oliver, Davis.

    • No bench cover in midfield a concern. Davis/Oliver can be traded.

      Since there are a 100 def rookies trade

      Davis/Oliver > via kerridge (bench Menadue) > via Adams > Def rookie (DBJ, Wagner, Lee, Tucker, etc)

  • Not sure who to field in my final rookie spot on ground out of; Clay Cameron, DBJ, Hewett, Menaude, L.McCarthy and M.McGovern (DPP action allows it to be a DEF/MID/FWD) Currently tossing up between Menadue and McCarthy but would appreciate your thoughts :D

  • Trade Sheridan or Lonergan??

  • Bennedy or Callum Mills on field….

  • Whose the best option out of
    J.Steven, Lewis, Fyfe, Sidey, Zerret?