The Friday Scramble: Round 4

FridayScrambleJust when we thought that the end of the subs vest meant we could trust our players to be out there doing their thing for us on a weekend, we forgot about one big issue… the Late Withdrawal.  Now we had two major ones on the with Brad Crouch and Daniel Rich.  Thankfully Adelaide helped us out by naming Crouch out on Friday allowing most of us to move him to the bench or trade him.  But unless you are a Supercoacher you would have been stung if you had Rich on the field.  Hopefully you had good backup (and that is the thing about this time of year, most of us should have two bench players actually playing).

So what has that got to do with round 4 you ask?  Well not much.  But it just serves as a reminder that you should always keep an eye out on Friday’s to see if anything has happened so that you can make those last minute changes to your side.

Hold or Trade?

There are a couple of very popular picks this week that we need to look at here and to be honest, the answer is very clear cut from my point of view.  First… the easy one.  Aaron Sandilands is now out for what has been listed on the AFL site as being out for 6 weeks.  Clearly you must trade him.  Who to go to?  Well ideally you should be getting in Goldy if you don’t have him and can rustle up the cash.  But if not, then you could have a good hard look at guys like Nic Nat and Max Gawn who are both less than $10k more than Sandi.  For a bit more I would look at Mumford.  For those looking to save some cash and trade down then Kurt Tippett might be one to go with.  He is about 35k cheaper than Aaron but I would be wary selecting him.  So far they have played Collingwood, Carlton and GWS.  His score was boosted by the Carlton game with the other two being in the 80’s.

The other one where people may be tempted to hold is Brad Crouch.  He is listed as being 2-3 weeks away and that would be on top of the one week he has already missed.  Given his injury history I would suspect that Adelaide will try and err on the side of caution, particularly given they are winning games well and can afford to give him the extra time.  For that reason I would be looking to trade him out this week.  There are three ways you can go with this trade and there is one that I would advise against.  Firstly I would be looking at upgrading him to a full premium if you have the cash.  Secondly you could downgrade him to a rookie in his second or third game and use the cash to upgrade another mid pricer and lastly, and the thing I wouldn’t be doing, is straight swapping to another mid pricer.  I don’t advise that as I don’t think you will get the same value for your dollars.  I won’t go into players to look at as there are so many variables in the midfield, but just look for the best value for your team and its structure.

Team Selection

Well the General has visited the Cattery, well sort of.  Corey Enright is being “managed” as the Cats play Essendon, but a bigger concern from that game is that Lincoln McCarthy has been omitted!  Daniel Howe finds himself back in but at the expense of Josh Gibson who has some hamstring soreness.  Daniel Rich comes back in and in that game we see Matera omitted, that will hurt some draft teams.  Probably the one that will have the biggest impact is George Hewett is out!  Chad Wingard is back as is Jack Steele.  We also see Jacob Hopper on the extended bench.

The two biggest ones though are Luke Hodge and Steele Sidebottom are back in for their respective sides.  I see a lot of draft players rejoicing!

Now, don’t panic but Michael Barlow is the last name on the extended bench.  This doesn’t mean anything, we have seen it before.  BUT, make sure you are hot on the final teams late this afternoon.


I don’t mind that in AF.  But only in AF.  Obviously with Hewett out then he must be traded in AF.    But, in the other forms of the game, you should wait a week before picking these guys up.  You may as well see a second game from them before jumping on them.

Great question.  Given the injury to Brad Crouch I would say that he should go before Wells at this stage, however, obviously he hasn’t made the cash we wanted from him.  In RDT Wells has a BE of -24 but in AF his BE is 34.  So what this means for me is that he is definitely staying in RDT at this stage, he has heaps more money to make.  But in AF, I would probably give him one more week at least before he gets upgraded.  To answer your question, he will probably be the first as he will help you get to an ultra premium easily, but don’t trade him yet.

Must say I didn’t think I would ever get two questions about Scully in the one week.  But hey, he probably deserves it.  He has always been touted but never delivered.  Well this time he is delivering with scores of 100, 138 and 119 with the last two v Sydney and Geelong. He does have a few tough games coming up (in fact quite a few).  He faces Port, Hawthorn, Freo, Gold Coast, Bulldogs, Geelong and Sydney all in the next 9 weeks.  The only other team in there that is ‘easier’ but it is away is St Kilda.  So, having said all of that, there is no reason why he can’t continue.  He seems to have picked up the points that Treloar has left behind.  To answer your question I just don’t know that he will finish as a top 8 mid.

No.  No and just incase you missed it No.  He is playing, he is named on the ball.  Yes his scores aren’t what you wanted at 65 and 85.  But, I wouldn’t be sideswapping a player of his potential scoring in a limited trade form of the game.  Now if you were playing AF and you had no other issues in your team I could say yes.  In RDT save your trades as you will need them later on in the season.

Things to Remember

  • If you are going to trade this week be very sure of what you are doing. It is only round 4 and in RDT and SC with those limited trades you don’t want to blow them all early.  In AF you should trade each week to try and improve your side!
  • Don’t trade out on the back of one bad game, Fyfe wasn’t the best in round 1 but has bounced back. Similarly Barlow was serviceable with 99 last week and for that reason would have been a waste of a trade last week.
  • Conversely don’t trade in based on a good game. Can I mention one of our writers here at DTT and his lovechild?  Yes I am talking about Crutton who has a serious amount of love for Toby Greene.  He had a poor R1 then a blinder in R2. But showed that he can stink it up still in R3.  Look at long term trends, not just one good game.
  • Speaking of long term trends, I am still staying away from Jarrad Waite. I am not convinced he will keep this scoring up, nor am I convinced he won’t belt someone and miss some games through suspension.

Best of luck this weekend everyone and hopefully we all do better than I did last week (had a shocker).  As always stay glued to twitter this afternoon for final teams and any late outs.  Catch you all next Friday!  @pkd73



  • Whats everybody think about aaron young is he the real deal?

  • Lonergan to KK/JJ
    Lonergan to Rosa/KK
    Hewett to Sumner??

    What’s the best option lads? Option 3 leaves me 190k to do some upgrades next week

  • Hello friends,

    I am hoping to trade Hewett out, swing Menadue into my midfield, and swing Adams into the forward line to bring in Ruggles in defence? How do I do this?

    Basically how do you use DPP in trades?

    • Click Advanced trades

      Click to trade out Hewett
      Click the S to sub Menadue to the mids and then click the S on Adams to sub him to the fwd line
      Then select Ruggles to trade in.

    • 1. Click trade on Hewitt.
      2. You’ll see an S (swap) next to Menadue to put into mid
      3. You’ll see an S on Adams to put into fwd
      4. Trade in Ruggles

  • Looks like Tucker will be playing. Hill not much training with some sort of injury.

    • I really like the look of Tucker, but need to wait a week as Sunday teams and nothing close to job security. If he scores 70+, he’ll be first in my team next week.

  • This week, my fwds have scared me into making big changes. After selling Barlow and Simpkin, moving M. Adams and Z. Merrett into the fwd line I picked up Ruggles and Zaha.

    How we looking?

    Def: Shaw, Sheridan, Lonergan, Cameron, Dea, McDonald (Ruggles, Hartley)
    Mid: Hannebery, Dangerfield, Zaha, T. Adams, Selwood, Hunter, Davis, Menadue (Mills, Hewett)
    Ruck: Martin, Nic Nat
    Fwd: Martin, Merrett, Hall (C), Wells, Kerridge, M. Adams (Kommer, McCarthy)

    • Kommer and McCarthy on the Fwd bench both not playing is a worry imo. Personally would trade one of them instead of Barlow.

      (obviously on the assumption Barlow doesn’t get dropped. If he does then I can’t really fault your trades)

      • I agree 100%

        I will be honest and state that i have no idea why McCarthy is out – i am assuming it is a rest?. Worsfold has shown more confidence in Kommer over Simpkin, so thought I would keep Kommer in for the long haul when he does get games. Barlow just isn’t playing good footy atm and if i was Lyon, i would rest him up and bring him back for a game against Carlton.

        Everyone is playing Ruggles this week, i dont know which rookie to bench over Ruggles!

  • trade in Duncan with 170k spare or any other mid player except sitch or Steven, if so which one

    • Depends on where that 170k will go, I would prefer you get in someone who will be a top 8 mid like Hanners, Parker or maybe even Merret.

  • Who do you rekin comes in this week fellas?

    Dusty, Merret, Hanners, Parker, Pendles or Ellis

  • Pick 1 to FIELD out of Ruggles,Hartley
    or Byrne & pick 2 to BENCH out of Caff,
    C.Ellis,Mills or Davis ?

  • For my first trade i am going Hewett to Ruggles through DPP moves

    for my second trade i am tossing up between a few options

    1. McCarthy to Bryne/Sumner
    2. Nick Graham to caleb daniel or someone under 405 or a downgrade to Bryne/Sumner through DPP
    3. Daniel Rich to Zaha/hunter or someone under 510 or a downgrade to Bryne/Sumner through DPP

  • B: Houli, Laird, Johannisen, Shaw, Sheridan, Howe (Weitering, Dea)

    M: T.Mitchell, Ablett, Dangerfield, Parish, Viney, Graham, Lonergan, Menadue (Hewett, Davis, Mills)

    R: Gawn, Smith (Currie)

    F: Hall, Martin, Adams, Wells, Kerridge, Barlow (McCarthy, Brown)

    Have no idea what trades to do… Please help!
    Should I be trying to get in Zaha and/or Merrett this week? Only have around $80K in the bank :(

    • I’m thinking Viney out Merrett in.

      Give Sheridan, Graham, Longergan and Barlow one more week to prove themselves.

      Who to play on the field?
      Howe vs Weitering?
      Menadue vs Davis vs Mills?

      So far emergencies are: Dea, Davis, Brown

    • Viney has to go (he is for me too), I was hoping his tagging days were over, but two weeks in a row he’s got a job. Even if they let him run free, how long before they ask him to do a job on Pendles, Sidey or Adams if Pies get on top?

      I like Merret, great form & role and locked in top 6 FWD.

      Other trade make some cash, Hewett to Sumner?

      • Cheers mate. Read this and made me think twice though :/

        Viney racked up 28 disposals against the North Melbourne, 16 of which were contested. His 28 disposals were up on his 2015 average of 24.7 per game. He racked up a solid stat count with 16 kicks, 12 handballs, 2 tackles and 1 mark. Playing on the ball he had a game-high eight inside 50’s and also kicked a goal when he wasn’t delivering it laces out to the Demons forward line. Viney keeps going from strength to strength and with a game against Collingwood on the weekend, there is a high chance of another stellar performance.

        Will wait till next week for cash generation. Gonna see how Ruggles, Byrne and Sumner go.

  • Ok after endless reverse trading I’m almost 99% trade complete on :
    Sheridan to Ruggles & Hewett to Sumner
    leaves me with $400k for upgrades next
    week, thoughts ?

    • Wow, two weeks ago he scored 110+ and so many people want to jump off Sheridan, Can’t wait for his ownership to decrease so I can enjoy.

      • I agree… Sheridan has an avg or 82. But if he doesn’t start scoring around the 90’s I might have no choice but to let him go as well. Deserves another week to prove himself IMO.

  • Quick Scramble : What sounds better? Keep Howe to play over EMac and bring in Sumner or drop Howe and bring in Byrne. Already have the Ruggs

    • Keep Howe, trade out Macca.

    • E Mac’s job security is 100%, he will average 60+ and occasionally go 80-90+, his BE is about 16.
      Howe has almost no job security, stunk the place up in round 2 and has a BE of 40.

      Lets say Howe scored 70 this week against Saints, but gets dropped when Gibson returns next week and doesn’t play for the next 3 games, while Mackenzie steadily scores 60 points each week. Who would you rather?

  • thoughts on:
    1: hewett & viney -> duncan & a.young
    2: ” ” & Barlow -> Duncan & ruggles via dpp
    3: ” ” & Barlow -> Steven & Byrne via dpp
    4: ” ” & Barlow -> Duncan & Fantasia

    • Or Barlow and Viney to Merrett and duncan

      • I’d keep Barlow and see how he goes this round. Duncan breakeven of 113 so you can wait and see how he goes compared for Barlow.

        Viney to Merrett seems good and is what I’ll be doing. Knowing my luck though Viney will prob crack a ton and Merrett will have a shocker.

  • Which two to bring in from Byrne, Sumner and Ruggles?

  • Can only afford to bring one of them in, Zaha or Merrett?

  • worth trading out gibbo for laird ?

  • Thoughts on my 2 options..?

    1st trade is definitely Harwood -> Ruggles.

    But for my 2nd trade I can either do:
    P.Cripps -> Duncan, leaves me with 115k
    McCarthy -> Byrne (via tippa DPP), leaves me with 129k

    I’m not sold on the 2nd option as I don’t really want to trade McCarthy as I think he’ll be back, and it will leave tippa on the bench and Ruggles on the ground.
    But I also want to back Cripps in as I still think he can push 100 average, his last 2 games would have got there barring free kicks…… But on the other hand Duncan is serious value for money….


  • Bench Walla or Dea?

  • Hey guys, doing Hewett to Ruggles via Lonergan DPP
    which leaves me one trade to go Brad Crouch to a premium thats under 620k
    who should i bring in? Zach Merrett? or somebody else?

    • duncan can also allow me to pocket 160k for next week

      • Everyone will go Duncan… you wanna follow the herd (like me) or guarantee a better result by going a non-me trade? I can’t help but think Merrett will fall in a heap at some point. Any other premos you’ve had your eye on? Hannebery? Danger? Ellis? Fyfe? Gaz? Steven? Blic? Neale?

      • I reckon go for one of Lewis or Hanners.

  • Always love a good Friday scramble… got the blood pumping last week with Brouch, and I’m sure those p!ss-taking DT gods have got something great planned to dish us up this week after a side-serve of Daniel Rich last week.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Out of rookies who have not played or been named yet – which one would you put on your midfield bench?

  • What do people think of this …. Lonergan out for Ruggles and Mills out for S.Mitchell
    already have T.Mitchell,Danger, Parker,Ablett,S.Gray, Oliver, Parish Davis and Petracca in midfield…

  • Thanks for the article Dunny. For those in RDT, are you holding or trading Brad Crouch? & if trading, who to?

  • as above… 1. Lonergan to Ruggles and Mills to S.Mitchell.
    2. Sheridan to Ruggles and McCarthy to S.Mitchell..
    which is the better,so hard to choose as I am a Swans Supporter and feel
    that Mills will come good

  • I have $593k to spend on my 2nd trade.

    If i bring in Duncan i have $168k for next week


    Should i bring in a proper premo like Z.Merrett or Parker and have less than 30k in my bank.

    Pls any help would be good, thanks.

    • Definitely Merrett. 2 weeks I wasn’t convinced but 3 weeks of solid, consistent scoring – in wins and losses – does it for me.

      Duncan’s scoring last year wasn’t keeper worthy and v Giants only had 16 in the 2nd qtr before getting slammed.

      Fools gold. I’m trading SAM GRAY for MERRETT.

  • say someone isnt playing in my midfield but i have 2 people selected as emergency on my bench whic score goes through the highest or lowest

  • McCarthy to Bryne/cox/sumner
    Nick Graham to Caleb Danial or mitch duncan

  • Trading Hewitt to Ruggles (via dpp) and not sure which other trade to do:

    Gresham – Parish (with cash l/o) or Hunter (no cash)
    B Crouch – Z Merrett (with cash) or Monty (no cash)

  • I’m so glad everyone has traded Rocckliff out. Down to about 12% ownership….that’s the way.

  • Jest wait ’til Gaz gets injured.

  • Who to start.


  • whos the best defender to get in for seedsman? im thinking either houli or KK?

  • Tippa or Menadue on the field?