My Team 2016 – Round 4

Discuss your team, strategy, players, etc. in this post. Name it up if it’s for RDT or Fantasy as that can make a difference with what you should do. Offer up constructive comments if you want questions answered yourself! Be a giver, not just a taker! This is a great community and we want it to stay that way. We love banter as much as the next person, just keep it clean!

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  • For my first trade i am going Hewett to Ruggles through DPP moves

    for my second trade i am tossing up between a few options

    1. McCarthy to Bryne/Sumner
    2. Nick Graham to caleb daniel or someone under 405 or a downgrade to Bryne/Sumner through DPP
    3. Daniel Rich to Zaha/hunter or someone under 510 or a downgrade to Bryne/Sumner through DPP

    • Mccarthy to Byrne is a good option

      As much as I love Caleb Daniel that trade is too much of a like for like

      Daniel Rich to Zaha is a pretty good improvement and will provide extra points.

      1 or 3 for me really up to you whether you are satisfied with how much cash your team is making or whether you want to increase scoring.

  • Zaharakis + Menadue.


    Duncan + BenKen

  • Please help, RDT here. Want to get Zaha in (for Brouch), and need to trade a Rookie to do it.

    1. Z.Dawson to Ruggles
    2. Hewett to Sumner


  • AF – $47k in the bank
    DEF: Shaw, Sheridan, Longeran, M. Adams, Howe Tippa (Brown Harwood)

    MID: Ablett, Titch, Dangerfield, Adams, Hunter, Mills, Hewett (Gresham, Davis)

    RUCK: Gawn, Martin (Currie, Cox)

    FWD: Hall, Barlow, S. Gray, Kerridge, Wells, Menadue (McCarthy, McGovern)

    1. Howe -> Ruggles and Hewett DPP -> Bryne ($235k left)

    2. ” ” -> ” ” and McCarthy -> Sumner ($247k left)

    3. ” ” -> ” ” and McCarthy -> C. Daniel ($15k left)

    • Option 1. Cash should be the priority, although Howe is playing and Brand isn’t.
      McCarthy might be back and atm Sumner’s role is unknown.

  • Is BenKen > Zaharakis worth it or should I hold BenKen and get Duncan instead?

  • Birchall to Adams
    Zsmith to Goldy

  • Should i trade howe this week? held since round 1 and finally named.

    • You put him in your team for a reason, back him in and see how he goes this week, worst case you can trade him next week

    • Depends if you can upgrade him or don’t have Ruggles who is a better option for cash.

    • Seems like a good time to trade then doesn’t it


  • Hey all, which would you go?

    Barlow > c. Daniel + $428k
    Barlow > zaharakis + $290k
    Barlow > montagna + $185k

    Looking to either possibly make cash for an upgrade to an uber, or get an uber in. Thoughts?

    • IF you are playing AF then probs Barlow to Daniel

      • Yeah it’s AF, potential to make good coin/easy upgrade with Daniel you reckon?

    • Barlow to Monty easily of those 3. 185k is still quite a bit.

      • You reckon he’ll go up much in price? I figured he’s almost topped out, which would mean I could go wells/kerridge to Monty next week?

        • If that’s in your plans for next week then sure makes sense to go one of the other two. Long-term Monty is clearly the best three of the option.

          In terms of selecting between the other 2, I would only go Zaha if you believe that he is a keeper as if you are doing it for the cash grab Daniel is clearly the better option.

  • Thoughts on Tim Obrien FWD – Hawks 125k named on field?

  • Bucking the trend and going Byrne over Ruggles this week.

  • Pick 2 to start on field out of Dea, Walla or Ruggles

    and Papley or McGovern on field?

    • They’re all coin tosses really.

      Ruggles has got Essendon so that could potentially be a positive for him.

      Watching the crows game last week McGovern seemed pretty solid so I’d probably go with him but it’s seriously a hard choice!

  • Really need help guys. Do I trade out BenKen & Mills for Sumner & Zaharakis Or Hewett & Mills to Sumner & Duncan

    • First option for me, I’d much rather keep BenKen over Hewitt (he’s playing and still has money to make while Hewitt isn’t even playing)

  • Could someone please tell me how to DPP trade?? I’d like to trade Hewitt for Ruggles (who doesn’t) via Lonergan. I clicked “T” to trade out Hewitt so that his spot is now black and tried dragging Lonergan to that position, which is obviously wrong. Any help would be appreciated!!

  • Zaha (before he is 600k ish, if he can maintain his scoring) + good amount of cash for upgrades.

    or Titch (paying full price, or, would it be better to wait for him to be a bit cheaper.

  • Oh yeah, don’t forget to check Sunday Bench selections on Shag’s Teams.

  • Trade BenKen to Zaharakis or Mills > Duncan

    • Kennedy and possibly Mills still have cash to make. If you haven’t any other to trade and looking for points I would go with Zaha.

  • Is barlow playing

  • Tippa or Menadue on the field?