The Friday Scramble: Round 3

FridayScrambleSo after we were all geniuses in the first round with some big scores having been had, we came back to earth with a crash this week.  Some of our premo’s failed us and the rookies weren’t quite the same.  However, having said that, other guys took their place, and that is what this game is all about.  It isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon.  Players will have up and down weeks and from that we need to be able to select the guys that we believe will average the most across the year, not have the most points in a single week.

So don’t go the knee jerk reactions and just trade out a premo because they had a quiet game.  Remember that you picked them for a reason.  Hold strong!

Who are people looking at trading out?

Now for those that are new to DTTalk and also any of the forms of fantasy that we play, we have a simple rule.  In AFL Fantasy where you have two trades a week you can trade out when someone if they are going to miss games.  However, in RDT and Supercoach you don’t trade out for injury unless they are going to miss more than two weeks.  In those games trades are like gold.  We can’t afford to blow trades for short term injuries.

There is a lot of talk about Rocky being on the chopping block!  Well if you are playing AFL Fantasy then I suggest that is a good idea. We have heard that he will be out for 2 weeks, but some may think that this is a bit optimistic.  If you are of that mindset you may want to trade him out.  If  you are going to trade him out then players that I would be considering would be Luke Parker who is not much more expensive than Rocky in AF, in RDT you could basically straight swap to Fyfe or for a bit less you could get Macrae or Priddis.

Daniel Rich is another that alot of people are looking to trade out after he struggled on the weekend.  In defence of Rich I would put it out there that he came up against one of the only taggers in the league.  The week before remember that he had a great game.  Now he is named after being a chance to miss with a hammy injury.  So just keep an eye on the last minute teams on Friday night as well as any whispers of a late out.  No matter what make sure that you have good bench cover juts in case.

Michael Barlow is the other big name that is on the outer with people.  Particularly our mate Freako who was laying into Barlow left right and centre on twitter!  But the key thing was that Barlow only attended 3 centre bounces for the game and none in the second half.  Most of us picked him up on the understanding that he would be spending more time in the midfield this year.  Clearly (for the first time ever) Ross Lyon has lied to us!  Well he has been named this week, and you have a tough decision to make.  For me, well I am going to hold.  Hopefully he can turn it around.  Given the fact that the Dockers have been ordinary so far, as soon as they start firing hopefully that means that Barlow will come good.

Got Your Rookies?

In RealDreamteam and Supercoach this is the last chance we get to make trades before the prices start to move.  After this weekend the vast majority (all those that have already played two games) will see their price change for the first time, so if you don’t have the big name rookies in your side, you must get them in now.  I won’t steal too much from Jeppa (check out his article from Wednesday) but the ones that you MUST have in your side would include Marcus Adams, Ben Kennedy and Sam Kerridge.  I know the last two aren’t true rookies, but they are certainly rookie priced.  The other that you could really consider is Parish who has been very good in his first two games.


As I said above I will be holding Barlow for now. The thing is, if you are going to downgrade him for cash and rookies, this will mean that you will more than likely have a heap of cash in the bank that isn’t earning you points.  What I would suggest instead is, if you are really keen to trade him out, then I would look to someone that is a little cheaper but still a high scorer or known entity.  So if you don’t have Aaron Hall in RDT you could downgrade Barlow to him and make $90k and still get great scoring.  The other one that you may have missed and could make you some cash is Daniel Wells. That would be my preferred strategy.

Easy decision for me on this one.  I like getting rid of Harwood, he hasn’t been what we thought he would.  But of those two, Ben Kennedy every day of the week.  I know that Supercoach Paige and Jimbob will agree with me.  We have been big fans of his for a few years now and with no vest he is showing exactly what we expected.

This is a question we all face at this time of the year.  My answer is always the same.  You must make cash to get your team upgraded as best you can.  You won’t get that by sideswapping premiums.  So in my opinion you must be getting your rookies right first before you worry about other things.

I like both of these guys.  Crouch is working his way back into things after having a season out of the game.  Whereas Hunter is on fire early, just like his team.  If this is for RDT I would be very cautious as you have limited trades as we know.  However in AF, I would say do it and do it now!  The issue is that Hunter is more costly, so make sure you have the cash to do it, but don’t mortgage the farm.


Things To Remember

  • Leagues are up and running in SC and RDT this week.  So get sledging with your mates!
  • Captains are important now that matchups have started!  Get across everything Calvin had to say earlier in the week.
  • Make sure that you have the key rookies in your side so that you can make yourself some cash.

Another week and our RDT and SC leagues all get started this week.  So best of luck (unless you are playing me of course!) and hopefully you can get your season of to a great start with a win in round one!



  • Thoughts on my trades appreciated..

    Rocky > Steven – (hopefully set and forget top 8 mid years end)
    Harwood > Byrne – (hopefully Byrne makes more cash and nets me nearly 70k)

    Should i be going after more points by chopping Barlow for a Z Merrett or even Zaha in the mids instead of the Harwood trade which isnt going to gain me any points short term???

    Always seem to drop too far down the rankings each season early days…..

    • Keep Barlow for now with munday out, Byrne has BE 23, Hartley has BE -12 if you can afford the extra 22k

  • should i get rid of barlow or duncan?

    • Neither are major concerns currently as barlow should score better this week without mundy in the side. Also named in the guts to start the game but take that with a grain of salt..

  • Scully, Zorko or Gibson in for Rocky?

  • I have got Matt Rosa on my bench and I am wondering who I should I ain off for him either Sheridan, Dea, Hartley, weitering or Anothony McDonald

  • Trade out Brad Crouch or Harwood (D8)? Got Hewett covering Crouch

  • Barlow > Hall with 372k left
    Keep Barlow and upgrade
    Simpkin > Hall with 112k left

  • Who would you rather play in M8 – C Mills or Menadue?

  • Hey guys.

    Anyone know what I should do with B. Crouch?
    I need to offload Rocky, Crouch and Harwood with getting in Adams being essential.


    • Unless you’re willing to hold crouch you’re going to have to miss Adams. If you need some money either Rocky to Hunter or crouch to parish

  • Hey guys in a bit of a pickle, you thoughts would kindly be appreciated thanks!

    Rockliff – Parish
    Barlow – Papley (Leaving 950k for next week)

    Rockliff – Parish
    Gresham – Papley via Menadue DPP (550k left)

    Rocky – Zaharakis
    Gresham – Parish (235k left)

    • I would go 3 if it was me

      • I’d go 1, makes you unique and get 2 gun rookies, then you can grab two premos next week with that bucket load of cash

  • Hey guys
    Who should I bring in out of Laird or JJ?

    • Laird imo. Not sure JJ can keep it up for an extended period. I would go JJ if you need some extra cash for next week.

  • Maccaffer for Hartley or Papley?
    (DPP link with fwd and back available)

    • Hello,

      I would take Papley

      • Thanks Grey. Only concern with Papley is job security – feel like he might be 1 bad game away from being dropped (despite good form), particularly with McGlynn back who may play a similar role.

        who do you think has better JS out of Papley & Hartley?

  • With the late Crouch exclusion I am considering these 2 options –

    Rocky/Crouch to Steven/Graham
    Or to Priddis/M.Crouch

    I’m leaning option 1, anyone wanna talk me out of it?

    • With me owning Steven since the start of the season, I feel like telling you to go option 2 but when I say that, Priddis and Crouch are in their Respective teams best 3 Mids.
      Graham can go below 80 at times so for me I’d go 2 if I could redo my team

  • Biggs and Hall/Zaharakis


    Johannisen and Lambert/langford

    ??? thanks in advance.

  • Rocky & B Crouch to Hall/Hunter or Titch/Parish???

  • Ruggles or Hartley?