My Team 2016 – Round 3

Discuss your team, strategy, players, etc. in this post. Name it up if it’s for RDT or Fantasy as that can make a difference with what you should do. Offer up constructive comments if you want questions answered yourself! Be a giver, not just a taker! This is a great community and we want it to stay that way. We love banter as much as the next person, just keep it clean!

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  • What is Harwood’s break even?

  • rock to parish or zaha?

    • I’d go zaha low be, is a pod and the power seem to be giving away 100’s this year. ️Can you help me out below ️cheers

  • Quick question guys ️cheers
    1) barlow> dusty Hewett on the field for b crouch
    2) b crouch > zaharakis
    3) Harwood to Hartley (d8) Hewett on field for B crouch

  • Has B Kennedy any worthwhile cash still to make ? Has a BE of O.
    Thinking of him as replacement for Macaffer, really nothing else available.

    • If you are looking to make cash as main priority, grab one of the cheaper rookies.

      • Have them Shags, Menadue, Hewett, Dunkley, Davis, Mills.
        Can’t think of anyone else????

  • Rocky + B.Crouch –> Stevens + Parish

    means i have to deal with the sight of harwood and cutler in my team…

    D: Shaw, Rich, Lonergan, Cameron, Adams, Dea (Cutler, Harwood)
    M: Stevens, Gaz, Hannebery, Adams, Duncan, Parish, B.Kennedy, Mills, (Hewett, Davis)
    R: Martin, Sauce (Cox, Currie)
    F: Barlow, Hall, S.Gray, Kerridge, Wells, Menadue (McCarthy, Kent)

    thoughts? any better trades out there?

  • Parish and any mid was thinking Steven or mitchell vs hunter and zaharakis.?

  • which one out of hartley, tippa or cameron on field?

  • Is anyone else concerned with Titch’s time on ground of 73% rd 1 and 77% rd 2?

  • Really unsure on what to do in fantasy this week. My team is:
    Def: Shaw, Lonergan, Cutler, Weitering, Adams, Dea (AMT, Cameron)
    Mids: Mitchell, Ablett, Adams, Rockliff, Selwood, Hunter, Crouch, Mills (Hewett, Davis)
    Rucks: Martin, Jacobs (Currie, Cox)
    Fwd: Barlow, Hall, Gray, Kerridge, Wells, Menadue (McGovern, McCarthy)
    Salary: 8k

    my thoughts were:
    Rocky -> Zaha
    Barlow -> dusty

    Cutler -> Hartley (play AMT on ground)
    Rocky -> Steven/Lewis/Mitchell

    Or go risky with
    Rocky -> Dale Thomas (Menadue to mids and play Hewett on ground)
    Cutler -> Houli/JJ

    Sorry about the long post but really stuck with what to do, thoughts would be greatly appreciated :)

  • Tippa, Dea or Harwood on field?

  • Is it worth going Barlow > Hall?

  • Do I put Dea or Tippa on field?

  • Which combo do you fellas prefer out of interest?

    Parish and Lewis/T.Adams or Hunter and Zaharakis


    • I would probably rather hunter and zaharakis as a risk. Parish has rose in price too much I feel to be picking him up now.

  • Thooughts on final team in RDT everyone. Help would be appreciated.

    DEF: Laird, Houli, Shaw, Lonergan, Dea, Adams (Weitering, Harwood)

    Mids: TMitch, Gaz, Hanners, Hunter, Jelwood, Menadue, Mill (Hewett, DUnkley, Davis)

    Rucks: Martin, Jacobs

    Forwards: ZMerett, Hall, Gray, Barlow, Kerridge Wells (Tip, Petracca)

    Looking at offloading Harwood next week. Hopefully doesn’t drop too much.

    • Forgot Parish. Should read.

      Mids: TMitch, Gaz, Hanners, Hunter, Jelwood, Menadue, Mill, Parish (Hewett, DUnkley, Davis)

  • ALL the Sunday Extended Bench teams will be named shortly HERE soon.

    Does Rich and Robbo make it under their injury clouds.

    Rookies Aaron Mullett, Clayton Oliver, Sam Frost (anyone from dees), Howe, Josh Dunkley, Ryan Harwood, Tom Ruggles, Daniel Menzel, Nakia Cockatoo, George Horlin-Smith, make the cut…


  • Dunkley dropped…

  • Good riddance Howe- the Brett Goodes of 2016

  • Thooughts on final team in RDT CrozaN, Shags and Lachie Neale. Help would be appreciated.

    DEF: Laird, Houli, Shaw, Lonergan, Dea, Adams (Weitering, Harwood)

    Mids: TMitch, Gaz, Hanners, Hunter, Jelwood, Menadue, Mill, Parish (Hewett, DUnkley, Davis)

    Rucks: Martin, Jacobs

    Forwards: ZMerett, Hall, Gray, Barlow, Kerridge Wells (Tip, Petracca)

    Looking at offloading Harwood next week. Hopefully doesn’t drop too much.

  • Dunkley, Gresham, Rocky and B.Crouch out for me means i am gonna have to trade Rocky and B.Crouch unless i want to field Davis and i really don’t wanna do that.

    So my options are now:

    Rocky -> Tich
    B.Crouch -> Parish

    Or do i go with the high risk high reward option in:

    Rocky -> Hunter
    B.Crouch -> Zaha

    Hmmmmm, can’t decide lol.

  • Option 1 for me

    • Risk v Reward, can’t decide if i want to yolo it or go safe with option 1.


      • IMO it simply depends if Zaha can keep an average of around 100 for the season. If you think he will then go option 2. Hunter is good for a 100 point average IMO

  • Trade out Barlow or Viney for Lachie Hunter? Was going to get rid of Barlow but with Mundy out should I trade out Viney instead. Worried about Viney going back to his tagging role like last week.

    • Did he tag last week? From all reports I heard he simply had a bad game…

      • Heard on 2 podcasts that he was tagging but I did not see the game to confirm this.

  • Rocky -> Hunter? + $122 in bank
    Rocky -> Parish? + $276k in bank
    Rocky -> Merrett/Gray/Parker + ~$30-50k in bank

    I’m torn, that extra cash by going Parish will be gold next week for some much needed upgrades but can he keep the scores up?

    DEF: Laird, Shaw, Houli, Weitering, Adams, Dea [I’ve done Harwood -> Hartley, Cameron]
    MID: T.Mitchell, Ablett, (Rockliff), Adams, Duncan, Oliver, Mills, Hewett [Menadue, Davis]
    RUC: Martin, Gawn [Currie, Cox]
    FWD: Martin, Hall, Barlow (holding him), Kerridge, Wells, B.Kennedy [Papley, MccCarthy]

  • Think I’m all set? Just need some final reassurance as always.

    DEF: Shaw,Laird,Lonergan,Cutler,Dea,Adams (Cameron,Byrne)
    MID: T.Mitchell(C),Ablett(VC),Hannebery,Neale,Hunter,Kennedy,Oliver,Mills (Hewett,Davis)
    RUC: Martin,Gawn (Frost,Currie)
    FWD: Barlow,Hall,S.Gray,Kerridge,Wells,Tipungwuti (Menadue,McCarthy)

    $82,000 left for next week.

    Rockliff > T.Mitchell
    Harwood > Byrne

    Good to go?

    • Got Titch captain at the moment but tempted to go GAJ v Carlton

      • Rock to Titch all the way. Maybe hold Harwood (BE 44) then you get a look at both Byrne and Ruggles imo.

        • Yeah not sure on second trade.

          Either Harwood > Byrne OR Oliver > Papley? The other I will do next week.

  • Weitering, Adams or Harwood on field?

  • Ask this question before, but internet froze.
    Has B Kennedy (BE 0) any worthwhile cash still to make????
    Thinking of him as replacement for either Macaffer or Dunkley, really nothing else available (have Hewett, Mills, Davis and Menadue)

  • Dunkley and Gresham not making the team has made my decisions even harder.

    Choice 1:

    Rookie fixing
    Dunkley > Papley
    Gresham > Hewett

    Choice 2:

    Chasing points

    Rocky> Zaha
    Gresham > Parish

    • Letting both Papley and Hewett go you are missing out on potential cash, but the other consideration is JS.
      Damn hard one Shags.

    • LOL Shags we both in same boat.

      We both have Dunkley, Gresham, Rocky and B.Crouch.

      Idnno wtf to do either….

      • Yolo it with me and do

        Rocky -> Hunter
        B.Crouch -> Zaha

        • IF Im going to Yolo, I want Parish tho :P

          • Way i see it, Zaha has a -BE same as Parish…but which one more likely to be a keeper?

            Both going to make money, that is a given.

            I don’t know man, i am liking Zaha.

          • Honestly I was put off by the fact Hunter JJ etc have Hawks this week. I’d like to see the way they score in a game they dont overal dominate.

            they COULD very well score high and even Dominate hawks.

    • I’m the same as you Shags with all 4 guys out and no Papley

      I’m #YOLOing it with

      Rocky -> Zaha

      Gresh -> Parish

      Hawks are most certainly NOT witches hats so there’s no way in hell Hunter is going 130 again.

  • Tryig to help a friend out and im not even to sure.

    He has absolutely no issues and is looking at either

    Sheridan to Laird
    Viney to Dangerfield

    Which would you rather?

    • jealous of those luxury trades. Does he not have a single under performing rookie?

      There are a few decent rookies around.

      • Not a single underperforming rookie. I dont get how he did it haha. I would have recommended changing rookies first if there was issues there but none and he has all the important rooks in adams and papley etc.

        So 100% luxury trade. Most underperforming players he has and wants tog et rid of are viney (worried he will keep tagging), sheridan and barlow.

        I reckon keep barlow so basically viney to anyone under 591k or any defender under 516k

  • Anyone know much about Josh Wagner (Def. $125,000 AF $125,300 DT)?

  • First trade is Rocky to Stevens. What should I do with the second trade?

    1) Cutler –> Byrne (to upgrade B.Crouch to Titch)
    B) B.Crouch –> Parish


    • Probably 1. I reckon the boat has kinda passed on parish in AF and i also dont think he will continue to score as well as he has once he starts versing good opponents

      • yeah good point. i might take a hit on points this week, but this will let me do a nice upgrade next week.

  • Byrne or Ruggles?? I’m bringing in one of them this week and need to know who is the better option. Thinking Byrne might have better JS now that he’s in?

  • For my second trade. Harwood > Byrne OR Oliver > Papley? The other I will do next week.

    • probably harwood –> byrne for me this week.

    • Oliver to Papley….you will be able to have a good look at Byrne

    • Gotta go harwood, he is deadwood at the moment. At least Oliver is getting close to the ball and could easily pump out a good score this week. Harwood on the other hand isnt even getting close to it

  • Stevens and Titch.

    Heart says go with Titch but GWS normally keep Swans to small scores in the mid. So might target him next week and get Stevens this week. Makes sense? What are their BEs?

    • Titchell BE IS 78
      Stevens BE is 113

      Both good options. I reckon Titch though

  • DEF: Shaw, Laird, Lonergan, Adams, Dea, Harwood (Cameron, Hartley)
    MID: Titch, Ablett, Danger, Adams, Rocky, M.Crouch, Mills, Menadue (Hewett,Davis)
    RUC: Martin, Gawn (Currie, Cox)
    FWD: Barlow, Hall, Gray, Kerridge, Wells, Kennedy (McCarthy,McGovern)
    $101k remaining

    Rockliff > Hunter and Harwood > Byrne currently. Anything else i could do? Maybe Gawn > Blicavs?

  • Finalising my trades, which option please.

    Option 1 B Crouch to Hunter and Rocky to Titch, leaves me with Dunkley and Macaffer

    Option 2 Dunkley to B Kennedy and Rocky to Parke, only Macaffer left.

    • Trade Dunkley and Caff, keep Rocky on the bench. You can always upgrade him next week.

      Caff and Dunk are baggage.

      • Thanks Shags.
        At least I get to see Hunter against a good side.

        • Don’t forget I have a rather conservative approach. Grabbing Hunter is a risk/reward strategy which pays high dividends.

          My strategy works better in RDT then it does AF, as I think i don’t take enough risks.

          • My heart was swaying to high reward, but my head tells me to go the conservative approach, mainly because there are no mid rookies with JS.

  • 1 on field.

    McCarthy (vs lions)
    Papley (vs GWS)
    Menadue (vs Crows)

    • Papley at home on SCG.
      McCarthy relies on goals and can’t see Menadue scoring higher than he has.

  • Ok a real 1% question.

    This is one that has bugged me for awhile.

    This week I have no ruck emergency and no midfield emergency.

    I’m concerned Robbo could be a late out, so I have slotted him in the Fwd line.

    The question is, should I have

    1. One emergency in the FWD and DEF line, choosing the one I think will most likely score the highest

    2. Choose 2 emergencies in FWD and DEF line, meaning if 1 is late out I get lowest score, but covers if by extreme chance there is two late outs.

    I.e is the probabilty of getting the lowest score worse than the probability of 2 outs…

    • Lastly, I have 2 DPP fwd/mid into midfield (no cover) whom out of these players would be least likely late outs

      Wells, Bennedy, Barlow, Hall. Kerridge. (I’m going with Hall and Kerridge)

  • Pretty happy with my decision to bring in Zaha :)

  • Need opinions on trades!!!! My team is
    C.Cameron Ruggles Houli Dea Frawley Weitering bench Harwood Ramsay
    Fyfe Parish Wines S.Mitchell Short Kennedy Ablett De Goey bench Davis Barrett
    Goldstein Martin
    D.Martin Wells Kerridge Hall Franklin McCarthy bench McGovern Kommer