Round 2 Lockout Chat

Head-to-head matches commence this weekend in default leagues. Make sure you team is set before lockout at 7:50pm AEDT.

Discuss everything AFL Fantasy in the comments over the round.


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  • This one is for you Roy, Calvin and Warnie.

  • We’ve got Payet, Dimitri Payet! I just don’t think you understand. He’s Super Slavs man, he’s better than Zidane. We’ve got Dimtri Payet!!!!!!!!!!

  • What is the drivel above me? On serious note I can’t believe I had rocky as Capt and I’ve been sucked in by Barlow two years in a row

  • 1134 with Shaw, Bartel, Titch, Hanners, Shiel, Cripps, Mills and Kerridge.

    Like everyone I had Rocky and Harwood but Kent’s 10 on field didn’t help either.

  • The harder this game gets the better chance for the cream to rise to the top.
    Many players will drop out and the majority will make rage trades. Rockiff has been a fantasy gun for at least two seasons and should stay in your team if playing Rd 3. We picked Hardwood because he was cheap and getting a game. Move him to the bench, he won’t be that bad every week. that said–there may be better options.
    Probably not many of us thought we were going to be overall winners. Not me.
    My goal is to finish top 3000 to 5000 AF. This disaster hasn’t changed that.

    • Definitely agree about your first statement mate. Dreamteam is no walk in the park, I love carnage, it really sorts the men from the boys. However I would trade Harwood at all costs, especially in RDT given he is $260,000!!!

    • I reckon Harwood will be dropped this week anyway. Just depends whether you have more pressing issues…at least he can’t lose money if he’s not playing.

  • 1383 with 6 (shaw, weitering, gibbs, shiel, mills, kerrdige) to come. Looking around at the carnage I would say this is a par score

  • Good Lord. What the hell happened between leaving home in the morning for the footy and checking my side last night? Harwood, Rocky, Lonergan, Sheridan, Gawn amongst others. Will be lucky to get 1800 this week. Feel for those who had the C on Rocky. From chocolates to boiled lollies within a week!

  • 1491 with Hanners, Selwood, Hewett, Mills and Kerridge to go.
    Rocky and Harwood farrrrr

  • Feeling happy rolling the dice with Zaka. Nearly gave Rocky the C. Let’s see how Tich wears it. Also glad I traded up to Nik Nat not Gawn (I think?) but S Grey? Barlow? Sheridan ? Carnage..

  • I reckon theres been a gross overeation to the some of the carnage of this round. Its only round 2. There’s is loooong way to go. A lot of things can happen. There are many unknowns in this game and dealing with one crisis after another is one of the challeges that makes this game so great.
    So you might of put the C on Rocky. That sucks yeah….but it wouldn’t be the first time a captain went down with an injury with bugger all points on the board. Many will have played Titch or Dangerfield as there captain today. Who’s to say they won’t go down with an injury in the first Quarter, though I hope they don’t.
    I’ve see a couple on here talking of quitting! Seriously? Harden up. So maybe its gunna be a bit tougher now to finish top 100 or whatever you aspire.
    That just makes it all the more challenging. Thats good right?
    Besides…pulling out just ruins it for the others in your league.
    Nothing sucks more than realizing your playing a team with 6 players out because no one is managing it.
    Anyway…thats my rant.
    Good luck for the rest of the round.

    • OVER REACT!?!?
      And a friendly passerbyes phone.
      She’s cute too.
      This might actually pay off ;)

    • I think you need to realise that most of the banter about cracking the shits is just us having a laugh and joke, I sure as hell am joking when I have said that I might as well start planning for next season, start researching next season’s rookies, need boxes of tissues because I’m crying so much and YES, grown men do cry.

      It isn’t the ideal start to the season, actually, this would be the worse start I’ve had to a season since I started to get into Fantasy a few seasons back, but we, well most are all going through it with the likes of Rockliff, Barlow, Martin, Martin, Gawn, Mitchell, Sheridan, some of the rooks, it’s a part of the game though, take the good with the bad, take the amazing with the bloody shocking.

      I for one couldn’t care less about making the top 100 in Fantasy, I just play the game against some mates and a few of the members on here I get a long with, top 100 ranking means bugger all to me to be honest.

      Having said all that, I’m something like 1159 with Shaw, Dangerfield, Gaff, Kerridge, Mills, Hewett, Howe to come, got a score of 1991 last week, not great either, shocking start to the season isn’t it, haha.

      I’m also a stats man, especially with the cricket, love cricket stats, so Fantasy is an interest to me, another reason why I play it.

      I’m also not a massive AFL fan, I’m right into cricket, full on, so playing Fantasy get’s me into AFL a lot more and take a lot more interest, it’s tough being a Carlton supporter, especially in South Australia, haha.

    • Its because everyone has the same 30-40 players. Bunch of f**king sheep.

  • Praying to the footy gods that my captain Titchell scores 200 today, i promise i will be a good boy from now on……

    • Gaff is going to come out and smash a 400 point game, just wait, it’ll happen, like this round, why this round, because I seriously need it! haha.

      • Not likely. WCE 2pts at qtr time
        Gaff their highest scorer.
        On 28

        • Need to change their name to:
          West Cough Eagles.
          Couldn’t keep possession if their children were on ransom

  • How nicely has Parish settled into AFL footy, looks great!

    • Has potential to join Heppell, Barlow, Zorko and O’Meara as a great fantasy rookie

  • OMFG i was gonna give Greene another week until you guys started fkn saying that he’s training with the NEAFL side For f**ks sake

  • Break out fantasy game from Scully.
    Didn’t pick that

    • I heard somewhere that he has a chance to star this year as he has a massive tank, which will be extremely beneficial with reduced rotations.

  • If we a re forced to trade Rocky, who do we go to?
    I’m thinking Priddis, Sam Mitchell, Zorko (takes up Rocky’s role), someone else?
    Mid is currently Ablett, Adams, Rocky, Steven, Cripps, MCrouch, Mills, Hewitt.
    With 113k in the bank

    • Definitely need to find a constant performer amid the KARnage.
      Only Hall and Hunter have backed it up for me :(

  • I went out of my way to upgrade Harwood to Wilson over Weitering, that forced the Greene downgrade to De Goey, FMDT This game is such bullshit, and of course this happens when i vs my best mate and he puts in half the effort i put into my team

    • That’s a good learning point, don’t trade out your premium priced players week one unless they are injured/ suspended

      • Mate if you read the before comments you’ll see why, i’m no rookie to this game, been playing it for 6 years now

  • No Geelong player tonned up!!
    Danger only had half what he had last week.
    Scully n Stevie were highest scorers.
    Owned by 0.04%

  • 1450 with hanners, Parker (C), hewett, mills and kerridge still to play.

    Saved by Houli, laird, johannisen, hall & hunter.

    Good bye dean Kent

    • Not sure what happened with him, I feel like he had some sort of family crisis during the week

      • i was so confident of atleast another 60. -3 at halftime had me gasping for air

  • Oh Bartel is starting to get on my nerves. 70 last week and now 52!!!!!!!!!!! Lost 80 points off Houli.

    Has a BE of 140 and is at 450k. rip

  • If anyone knocks out Hanners again this week they will find daily deliveries of rotten eggs at their door all yeah!

  • This round has been absolute utter carnage!

  • Good to see the Yeo-Yeo doing what he does best..

  • lot of teams getting in Rocky this week when he drops MASSIVELY in value:)

  • What the hell happened to Mitch Duncan? 16 points from a full game!

  • 2×16 on my field this week and rocky (C)…1700 if im lucky
    boy am I glad its only round 2

    barlow and harwood to go if rocky is fit. hello dusty and hartley

    • Why? 84 last week and West Coast in the derby next week. Averages 80 against them which isn’t too bad. Hold IMO, sure there’s more pressing issues then sideways trading this early in the season?

  • well that was well played DT Gods after I thought you had your laugh last week (both defenders on bench outscored 2 onthe field) but you were only warming up for a bigger laugh.

    This week my two on the bench in defence (Adams and Tippa) outscored all six defenders onthe field quite comfortably (Shaw, Rich, Sheridan, Lonergan, Softwood and Dea)

    • That’s gotta suck!
      I had Laird n JJ but traded Tippa.
      Adams did outscore 17 others from the bench

  • Gunna go out on a limb here:
    Hanners, Titch, Kennedy and Parker are the best midfield in the AFL this year.
    Pretty good in Fantasy too

  • Anyone cracking the 2k mark this week ? 1850 par ??

  • Great Mark Paps!!
    And slots it thru the middle from 45

  • Hanners just clashed heads!!!
    I just shat myself!!!
    He’s still on tho.
    Swans n Kerridge are sending my score north ;)

  • Would people trade or keep Max Gawn ?

  • 1815 and ranking still went up a fair bit. #weekfromhell

    I think that’s my lowest score ever!

    • I remember a round a few years ago where the par score was 1750, this week was up there! Probably the worst since round 1 last year.

  • 1793 and only dropped 2k spots. 4 tons. Wow.