Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 2 (REVISED)


Tom Mitchell is the one to watch in this game after  coming off a huge 132 (30d, 9t) last week. He loves playing at Etihad, a ground he knocked up 142 and 100 at last year. He scored 110 on the Blues in round 10, 2015 and my only concern here (small one) is the fact that only Lambert (125) cracked the ton on the Blues last week.

Luke Parker has continued his smashing pre-season with a nice 135 last week. He was tagged by Carrazzo last year against Carlton (obviously won’t happen) and also loves playing under the roof where he scored 120, 128, 119.

So my number one pick last week copped a knock to his head (thanks Steele) and only managed 76pts. Hannebery was on track for 120 but these things happen. If I was totally confident he wasn’t effected by this then and ripe to go this week, he would be in my top 5 again this week. Just slightly risky.

Last time he played the Blues was in the NAB Challenge when he had that 153 and before that in the 2015 season he posted 133.

But I copped some flack about not predicting his concussion so I’ve set up a poll… see how your crystal ball is for this week. All of these guys are top options to carry the ‘C’ for you this week and if I had a top 7, Parker would sit at 6 and Hanna at 7.



Will North Melbourne name Ben Jacobs who was named as the emergency in their win last week? This question will be answered on Thursday, and one that Tom Rockliff will be watching. Firstly, after a win, I’d be surprised if the Roos tinker with their side too much and I feel Rocky will be safe.

So why the concern? Last year, Jacobs tagged Rocky to just 53pts and only 16 touches.  Last week, the Roos didn’t allow any Crow player to score over 100 but this game is at the GABBA and things should be different on Saturday arvo. Rocky has scored 149, 143 and 123 in his last three games on his home ground and should be on fire, if his arm is ok (that’s another story) and if Ben Jacobs is out again.

Speaking of taggers, I found it funny as that Crowley went to Gary Ablett last week, just for old time sake, even though he had no intention of playing on him.

For those young pups out there, these two have massive history, and history that would lean in the favour of Crowley. Gaz last played the Dockers in 2014 and Crowley held him to just 80. But of course, Crowley isn’t at the Dockers anymore and they no longer tag.

Last week, the Bulldogs had 7×100+ scores on the Dockers, however the leading scorers were defenders with 121, 120 and 114. The ball winners were solid but didn’t have the massive impact you’d expect in this game. Hunter (108), Macrae (107), Libba (80) and Bont (80) really failed to smash the scoreboard, considering that the Dockers allowed five Bulldogs to find the ball 30+ times.

Ablett is fit and firing though and already has 134pts in his pocket after running rings around the Bombers last weekend. Get on.


The battle of the big two will take place at the GABBA on Saturday arvo. Goldy is coming off a nice 121 and Stef only 79. Last year when these two battled, Goldy got the honours on both occasions with scores of 103 and 153, compared to Stef’s 96 and 94.

You can’t make either of them captain this week, as the risks are too high. However, I’m tipping Stef to bounce back this week with a nice 120 to claim the honours against Goldy who I predict will score 105. Let’s see if I’m right. What do you think?

Max Gawn is another ruck man who has been spoken about over the last few days after his 146 on the Bombers last year. Berger will be his opponent this time though and although he’ll tear them to bits, the risks with this are obvious after his 78 on the weekend.


43 touches and 137pts is enough to get anyone excited, and when Dangerfield does it, it looks so good. He was simply brilliant on the weekend against the Hawks and will continue that at Manuka Oval on Sunday. Last time he played the Giants he had 110 but I’m tipping this week he has to get some attention from Tom Scully. They just can’t let him run loose… and if they do, good luck to them.

Jordan Lewis is coming of a nice 134 from round one and constantly gets over looked. He is only owned by 3.6% of coaches and if you are one of the lucky ones, lock him in with the ‘C’ this week. He scored 114, 98 and 118 on the Eagles last year and they do bleed points. Rich 123 and Rocky 109 were solid against the Eagles last week, and they lost by 10 goals. With Hodgey on the sidelines, Lewis will step up even more.

In the same game, Sam Mitchell will be great again after his 124 last week. He posted 114, 108 and 117 on the Eagles last year and will dominate like he does every single week.

Jack Steven rocked out a nice 123 last week and meets the Dogs, who Lachie Neale had 32 touches on last weekend. Steven scored 113 and 142 on the Dogs last year and carries a lowest score of only 93 in his last 13 games under the Etihad roof. This guy isn’t slowing down after what many thought was a ‘fluke’ in 2015.

Expect Dusty Martin to bounce back after his poor 75 against his arch nemesis last week. That was Dusty’s 13th score under 95 in a row against the Blues, but this week will be different. In his last 3 games against the Pies he has scored 126, 109 and 107.


Taylor Adams v Richmond @ the MCG: 95 last week in a train wreck and will be better at home on the MCG, a ground Adams has scored 127 and 135 on in his last two games. 107 and 67 on the Tigers last year, expect 120+.

Matt Priddis v Hawthorn @ the MCG: 137 last week was exactly what Priddis does. He struggled against the Hawks last year though with 86 and 87 in his last 2 games.

Jack Viney v Essendon @ the MCG: Anyone playing the Bombers needs to be looked at and Viney is the best option this week after his 115. The Suns’ big 3, Ablett 134, Hall 125 and Prestia 122 all killed it and so will Viney.

Scott Pendlebury v Richmond @ the MCG: 94 and 77 against the Tigers last year, two of his worst scores of 2015. Sadly it’s a pass.

Lachie Neale v Gold Coast @ Domain Stadium: 106 last week and 109 last year on the Suns, could be massive.

Nat Fyfe v Gold Coast @ Domain Stadium: Despite getting thumped, Essendon still managed 4×115+ scores on the Suns last week. Fyfe had 119 on them last year and will smash them, despite his 54 last week after a corkie might have slowed him down.

Jack Macrae v St Kilda @ Etihad Stadium: This ball winning jet who had 117 and 90 on the Saints last year. He’ll be great again.


Gary Ablett scored 134 last week in a 60pt win at home. Reverse that and this week, he’ll lose away from home to the Dockers. This has me slightly worried and therefore he drops from #2 to #3.

Tom Mitchell moves up to #2 as I feel he is one of the safer options for the weekend. Loves Etihad and has a good record against the Blues.

Tom Rockliff comes into the 5, after Ben Jacobs wasn’t named as a potential tagger for him. Danger drops out because of this, but he’s still a great option of course.




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  • Going with Viney. Risky? Yes. Stupid? No. Capable of scoring 130+.

    • Its not even that risky as the lowest he will conceivably score is 80*.

      *note this is in the absence of a concussion.

      • It’s more risky by it’s uniqueness. Because many would be going with a more popular captain (GAJ, Rocky etc.), if Viney doesn’t do well, I’d be one of the very few that will be affected a lot.

  • Agree with Lewis, and I am upset I didnt back him in to be in my team….cos I havent got the balls.

    Great read as always.

    • I stuck with Lewis gladly :)

    • Lewis did this last year… started awesome then went off the rails. In his last 13 games he averaged a bee’s pudenda over 100. If you picked him, it was ballsy for sure!

  • If Jacobs isn’t named, I’ll go with Rocky. If he is, I’ll risk it with Viney. He’s a ball magnet and could see him in the 130+ this week.

    • Yes I have 3/5 in calvins top 5 but am going the Rock as Hacobs out. Playing my brother this week so hope he’s not reading this ( or is this a trick am I just messing with his mind?)

  • Tossing up between Son of God and Son of Todd.

  • Thoughts on a massive risk in Callan Ward? Looked great last week and back at home this week. Thoughts?

    • He’s a long shot to get over 120, but when he does he can go big. I had him one year and he racked up a lazy 165 or so… just doesn’t do it often enough to be a safe captain’s pick

      • Hey Simon. Did you go Seridan in the end for round 1? Or stick with Rich? Win win either way. I went the Howe with Tippa as coverage option which didn’t quite work but ended up with 2065. Going witk Jack Steven for captain this week

        • Didn’t go Sheridan, as I couldn’t understand the hype. Probably can a bit better now, he got about half of Freo’s score! Kudos to those who picked him. I went JJ (from KK) and Rich, so things worked out okay. Only hit 2043 as picked all the wrong rooks on field.

          Good luck with Steven. I wanted to pick him, but couldn’t fit him in. Had him all last year… he goes massive at times, just never when I had the C on him. Always the way ;)

          • haha yeah always. I had no luck last year with my captains. Went danger for round 1 so want to contirnue the trend. Good call on JJ and Rich. Domination!

  • Who are people here wih Viney trading out to get him?

  • How much will Jack Steven get this week?Should I make him my captain

  • Thanks as always for a ripper article Calvin. I’m tempted to give Lachie Neale a run with the C this week.

    Has anyone received any sort of satisfactory response to issues experienced last week? Would be curious to know if anyone got anything different this below which appears to be the new standard response:

    “After further investigation, we have identified that your team was incomplete before lockout and you completed it after Thursday night’s partial lockout.

    Note that once you have saved a completed team, it is impossible in our system to make your team an incomplete team, so it is not possible that you had a completed team before Thursday’s lockout and then somehow made it incomplete.

    As a result your team is not valid for round 1 and you are not able to score points and can therefore still adjust your players. We hope you understand these circumstances and finalise and complete your team prior to round 2 in order to kick start your fantasy season!

    There are still many weekly prizes up for grabs and most leagues are starting in the coming weeks.
    Please let us know if there is anything further we can help you with.

    Good luck for the remainder of the 2016 season.”

    • So wait, all these DT fanatics keen as mustard for the season to start spent hours and hours watching NAB games and fine tuning their teams in time for the season opener simply f–ked up at unprecedented levels?

      And it’s taken this mob this long to figure it out as opposed to having that info at their fingertips on Friday when the unprecedented number of complaints started rolling in?

      Rightio then. Nothing to see here…

      • +1

      • They r full of crap. i made sure my team was saved captain sorted and all reserves picked as i have done for the past 11 years of fantasy football. They wont even offer an apology. The wankers.

      • What do you expect with 2 trades each week to burn? AF promotes ADD Fantasy playing.

        Most RDT players are sticking with their finely tuned and researched teams.

    • I got the same message. Furious is an understatement. That’s like telling a guy he doesn’t know where his willy is. Thurs night I went onto my team a dozen times during the game as we all do and with mates looking also. All week-end my league teams were full and playing. They’ve got a glitch and won’t admit it.

      I will be putting in a team this week…..with S.C. and I’ll not be back (more fool me for only entering one comp this year). Hope to see lots of you there.

      The one thing I will dearly miss is this site, these articles and talking a lot of good fun crap with you folk.

    • The sheer volume of complaints suggests they are wrong.

      • Bunch of pricks. App deleted. Now to watch afl without having to worry about fantasy scores.

    • Their generic email doesn’t explain why we still have unlimited trades and a negative cash balance.

      Also their generic email says “that once you have saved a completed team, it is impossible in our system to make your team an incomplete team” — thats BS as well. Try it. Save a team, then click on the dustbin on a player, log out. log in and your team is incomplete.

      • Now that I think back I was making changes til the last second up to Thursday lockout so there is a chance my team was technically incomplete, however,

        Why do I get 0 for having 1 player short? Shouldn’t I just get the score without that player?

        It was a partial lockout, so if I didn’t lock in 1 player in time can’t I fill the team with non Carlton/Richmond players?

        Penalised for being 1 player short, not by scoring 1 player short but getting 0….rough

        • exactly. i remember first signing in 2 months ago, then selecting Pendlebury’s team as a temporary filler before saving. so at that stage my team was complete and entered into the comp.

          “once you have saved a completed team, it is impossible in our system to make your team an incomplete team”

          is obviously wrong as my team, your team, and many other teams fell through as incomplete

          I’m still deciding whether to use my unlimited trades to go for cash grabs, premiums which have fallen, and rookies which I’ve missed out on.

          • This whole stinking affair caused me to look at Supercoach…hey, way superior. I won’t be back.

          • It’s a ridiculous statement to say “it’s impossible… to make your team incomplete” because that’s obviously what’s happened to lots of people.

            If there’s been a stuff up it’s been by FanHub. I read somewhere they’ve been asking people for screen shots to prove they had complete teams. I mean honestly, who the fark does that?!

            It’s like that time I tried to return a meat pie to 7-11 because it had an intact rubber band in it… literally 3 minutes after I bought it they refused to give me my money back because I didn’t have a receipt.

            They’re treating the DT community like fools. Wonder what would have happened if it’d been Warnie or Calvin’s team…

          • Real dreamteam handles all these lockouts partial lockouts etc flawlessly. It’s just a shame that the afl contracted these clowns instead of virtual sports. IN that case Roy warnie and Calvin would be working for and promoting dt instead of Fantasy and the world would be a better place.

  • I reckon Jack Viney will be in for a massive one this week. Maybe I should just pick a gun playing Essendon each week as captain.

  • Why is parker not looked at?

    • Calvin mentions him in the 2nd paragraph of the article and states he’d have him at No.6 on his list!

      • Parker will be my C this week. I’m still wondering if Hanners will be a late out…

  • AFL fantasy can go fuck itself.

    What a fucking cock up and a waste of time.

  • Jack Steven or Tom Mitchell for Capt, what will they get and why? thanks

  • no sidebottom or swan, a game that collingwood must win and a midfield that got touched up by carlton last week. bucks throws pendles in the guts and watch him explode

  • Jack Steven for me.

    • Yeah he is tempting for sure. MIght have to do it… But then again can’t deny Gaz will shred this weekend

  • What would happen if Roys, Warnies or Calvin’s first round team was called incomplete and wasn’t given points???

    • We’re on the same wavelength here amigo… it casts a shadow over the whole season for lots of DTers, unfortunately. Just not important enough ones

  • Roomie question but how do you get the break evens on my app? I’m happy to pay but not sure where to do it from there? Cheers in advance.

    • pay and go to stats tab or get onto (not exact but get better as season goes on)

  • *rookie

  • Heeney or lambert fwd. And why?

  • After years of playing, I stopped playing last year mainly due to the number of versions of the game and the lack of unity. This year I decided to get back on board and have only signed up to AFL Fantasy therefore I’d be furious if the round 1 issue had happened to me.

    I’m not sure if the people who experienced the issues were relying on the Fantasy app to make the final changes to their team, however if they were I’d suspect that this is the issue.

    In 2014 the app was dreadful. I remember making changes, then saving them, then logging back in to find that the changes hadn’t been made. Also I was able to add the same player twice within the app!!!

    This year I joined an Elite league for the first time. Using the app I was unable to participate in several rounds of trading. I would close the app and reopen it however it appeared that selections had ceased. Then all of a sudden I would have a player that I did not select. As such I have bailed out of Elite and won’t be participating.

    • It’s an absolute joke mate. Bit of banter with mate ruined. Would love some answers. Telling players to email fan hub to get shit answers is a fucking disgrace.


    • Speaking of the app, whenever I switch back to it, the app crashes then I have to re-launch the app. EVERY time.

      I have used the ‘report’ feature more than once to pass on the issue.

    • Fantasy is by FAR the inferior product, yet somehow has all the market. Actually, SC might have its share too, but only about 15k teams in RDT. That makes no sense to me, at all. It’s a slick version over there at the moment. Fantasy shats me no end and I’m only in it ’cause my brother says he’ll bash me in real life if I don’t let him bash me on the fantasy field.

  • Somehow my team was not locked in prior to the partial lockout but was prior to full lockout. As a consequence my first round score does not count but i do have unlimited trades still so can essentially start over with my team for my league. If you were in my shoes what team would you put out if you had the $10M to start again?

  • Jacobs not named… Lock Rocky in for C

  • Nobody looking at Kennedy to kick a bag V the Hawks this weekend?
    Missing Lake, Hodge, Hill, Shiels, Roughead, Hale & Suckling from the GF team last year is a huge hole to fill and the Eagles will be seeking some kind of revenge for last year.

    If the Eagles midfield gets on top, the supply forward could swamp the Hawks, JJK might end up with another swag of goals and another 150+ score.

    Anyone with him in their side eeven tempted to put the C on him?

  • Thoughts on Goddard?

    • Can’t back in any Bombers, will probably lose by 60+ points, so tough to think he’ll get enough ball.

  • Yes I have 3/5 in calvins top 5 but am going the Rock as Hacobs out. Playing my brother this week so hope he’s not reading this ( or is this a trick am I just messing with his mind?)

  • i so want to go hanners C this week!!!!! thoughts???

  • Thoughts on Taylor Adams captain this week?

  • Hanners, Mitchell or Rocky for C?

  • Jump in my Fantasy League: 6W7NJLPK

    There are only a few in so far, but we are all Very experienced. Will be competitive!

    -Experienced only!

  • Wish I had have gone Titch over Hanners to start with.


  • stick with hanners? or trade to danger or priddis?

  • For all of you disgruntled with fanhubs service. Someone start a petition for the afl to use virtualsports again and keep Roy warnie and Calvin. I got 3 trades in 2014 in one week and can prove it for anyone that needs it. They then took a trade off me for finals. Wankers