The Friday Scramble Round 1 Early Edition

FridayScrambleHere we are, on the precipice of greatness.  All of us have the squad that will win the prize this year and finish first!  Well that is what we all like to think anyway.  In reality only one of us has that squad.  The rest of us are playing for league glory only.  But there is nothing wrong with that.  Taking bragging rights and or cash of our mates is still very important!

So tonight we have the first game of the round and that is Carlton v Richmond.  Some of the key things to think about and remember for tonights game are…

All formats will lock the Carlton and Richmond players tonight, however all other players will be available to be moved around.  Fantasy has full lockout as of Saturday’s Melb v GWS game.  The other two formats will have full rolling lockouts this week.

Remember for AF we won’t have final teams for Hawthorn v Geelong prior to lockout, they will only come through on Saturday night given it is a Monday game.  So just beware if you are going to be naming any rookies from those two clubs.

Key ins and outs for tonights game include…

  • No Nathan Broad so get him out of of your line ups now!  So from here we hope that he doesn’t get picked for a few weeks whilst some of our other rookies go up in price a bit.  Have a listen to my chat with Warnie to hear why I don’t think you should start with him.
  • As reported earlier Brett Deledio isn’t playing either.  So another premo will need to come in for him.
  • Jacob Weitering is in for his first ever game.  Given he is a rookie (well an expensive one) and he is actually playing it wouldn’t be a bad idea as we don’t know which other rookies are in just yet.  If you have time to change your side after teams tomorrow and before the bounce you could swap around then if you really don’t want him.
  • Mark Murphy has been named.  But if you are going with him just check for late outs, I’m still not convinced he is 100%.

I had a chat with Warnie earlier about my starting squad as it stands before final teams and also about a few Fantasy strategies and answered a few questions from you guys.  Have a listen, and also check out how my team stands at the bottom of this article.

Things To Remember

  • Don’t Panic!  Only your Tigers and Blues are locked out, all the rest are good to play with tomorrow.
  • Leave yourself some flexibility.  Once the other teams are named tonight you may need to make some changes to your rookies (I think we can count on that) so make sure you don’t paint yourself into a corner and have no way to change them around.
  • Check out Calvin’s Captains.  He has all the info you need about how to enact the Loophole tonight.  If you don’t understand it, check his article, all is revealed.

Get your leagues filled up!  Speaking of leagues…. TF2CRYR7  Last one from me this season.  Jump on in and take me on (unless you jumped in last week’s league).

I’ll be back tomorrow with a regular dose of the scramble for Good Friday.  See you all then!



  • Good luck everyone. Let’s hope we don’t have the injury carnage with fantasy relevant players. In fact, let’s hope all players have a better year injury wise. These guys put their bodies on the line every week for our entertainment.

  • Im scrambling for a Fantasy league. Does anyone have a spare spot in a league for me?

  • Thanks Dunny
    The scramble always great reading!!
    Do you know when rookies are upgraded???
    Is it when the teams are announced or before hand???
    We’ve all got a few in our teams – Davis Tippa……..
    Good luck to you 2016

  • sickos March 23, 2016 11:57 pm
    stef + lonergen + Steel
    Jacobs + Houli + Ben Kennedy
    Stef + Hoult + Gault??

    which option??

    • Sickos
      IMO I like the look of the 1st option
      Wouldn’t choose the last one with Gault as both Steele and Kennedy will out score him both playing in the midfield especially Steele
      His NAB cup form was excellent
      He seemed to play a tagging role but that drew him to the ball more
      He’s become a tackling machine!!!!
      Good luck in 2016

    • Would rather option 3 with Kent?

  • Jade gresham or Brent Macaffer?

  • C. Ellis – Do you take the rookie you know is playing?

    • Yes, but … consider long-term job security over Band-Aid fixes

    • Risky with Deledio and Grigg to come into team maybe next week.

      • Hey Dulcify, need a racing presence in my RDT league if you’re keen? League code: 891147

        Fooz, join too if you’re keen

        Only open for those with DT Talk avatars

  • Geez I wish that they’d get proper photos of the draftees and top up players. The season starts today and those black player outlines are still there!

  • Cheers Dunny
    Speaking of a Scramble, got a few spots left in my AFL Fantasy Classic league, code is 3AYWRWDT, for anyone keen to join

  • Marc Murkhy with a K, bit unusual Lampe? Fantastic write-up, good stuff with everything to know come R1.

  • Great read and cast Dunny, I have a league that needs filling LF7R9WYU for anyone interested.

  • Sheridan (D2), Dea (D5), Jelwood (M4)


    Laird (D2), Howe (D4), Oliver (M7)

  • Please join Fantasy League: H5P6KV9R

  • Last minute league to join. 9 spots left.
    A game every round of the season starting tonight! (inc byes)

  • Any RDT Leagues open

  • Is Kerridge playing in the forward pocket going to reduce his score?
    Not keen on 300k only dishing out 60

  • Is Tippa/Walla eligible to play – I’m not 100% certain of the Don’s rookie requirements…

    Either way – who to start with on the ground: MAdams or Tippa?

    • start Walla.

      Adams might be worth a start after round one, but I’d feel uneasy about his score versus Fremantle in round 1.

  • Great read as always mate.

    just wondering which option would be best?

    1) Dea +Tip (D5+6) Menadue (F6) + M.Crouch (m6)


    2) Dea (D6) Menadue (M8) Tip (F6) + Lonergan (D4)

  • Everyone’s thoughts on Nick Graham, Mitch Duncan, Levi Greenwood?
    How would you rank them – if you had to pick two, who would they be?

    • Graham, Duncan, Greenwood

      Personally i dont see a reason why not to pick graham? I have him over M.Crouch

      Duncan should score 80-100 range, Greenwood- uncertain of his role as of yet due to treloar coming into mid, rumour going that greenwood will be used as a tagger.

  • Guys, can someone please tell me who Tippa is?!

  • Interesting reading as always.

    Johannson or Rich?

    • I have both I think. Can’t keep up with all the changes I’m making… they’re both worthy picks, though I prefer Rich with Beams out and his high %-age of centre bounces attended last match

  • Hey lads, classic league needs fllling up so if you’re taking Fantasy seriously thin join DTA9ZH4R for a competitive league

  • If Ablett or Rocky are late withdrawals – who would score more: Mills or Davis? … i.e. who to put the E. on (for RDT)

    • Mills should be on your field so E on Davis

      • hmm. going in very heavy mids in RDT:

        Danger, Rocky, Ellis, Neale, TAdams, Gaz, MCrouch, Libba (Mills, Menadue, Davis) ….

  • If your a top 2000+ DT player. Please join my League.
    Names King Fisha. Best overall rank was 109th in 2012.
    Code: AHCAZJR3

  • Ryan Davis named in Suns squad


  • Competitive Classic league to join. Long-term (or confident new!) players. Code = MT7XPXH5

  • Competitive Elite Draft League. Live draft on Wednesday 30th March at 2pm. Match-ups start in Round 2. Code = WR469JLK. League name = Hot Mess League

  • Competitive Elite Draft League. Live draft on Wednesday 30th March at 2pm. Match-ups start in Round 2. Code = WR469JLK. Hot Mess League

  • New competitive Elite Draft League. Live draft on Wednesday 30th March at 2pm. Match-ups start in Round 2. Code = WR469JLK

  • Sorry for duplicates – computer went crazy!

  • looking for a POD for approx $300K in the FWD line and came across Cory Gregson. Returning from injury I believe and had pretty solid numbers in NAB. Worth a punt instead of going for Kerridge, De Goey etc?

    • In my B team I’ve gone with Hrovat. The minute it clicks for him he’ll never look back. Don’t have the cajones to roll with him in my real deal team

      • Yeah Hrovat is on my favourites list. Keeping an eye on him for sure. Want to put him or Gregson in… Few hours to get the aggots big enough to do it

        • Let me know how it goes. First beer’s on me if you do either and we ever cross paths :)

          • Im thinking about it too much now. Trying to get the right combo with Lonergon, Howe, Kerridge, Harwood and now Rich as I saw one of your earlier comments. But the combo I end up makes me have 5 Brisbane players in my team which I do not like. Yeah will keep on this site and let ya know what happens. Beers are great!!

          • Beers are better than great, man. They are the nectar of the Gods!

            I’m sure you’ll come up with the perfect combo. I’m going for an off-beat team this year, with picks like Rich instead of Sheridan, Cutler instead of Lonergan and so on.

            Someone else (I think Shags) said it… Brisbane is borderline the most fantasy-relevant team this year. No harm in having 5 of ’em I reckon

  • Any rdt leagues of 16 to join ?

  • If Howe is named and I can get solid rookies on the bench to cover if he is a late out, I will go with him. Otherwise I will swing Lonergon down back, kerridge to the midfield and bring in Gregson or Hrovat.

    • You need a DPP link in the Mids to your Fwds this year (every year!) so go with that option I reckon. If it fails, just join the 200,000 or so others who didn’t jag the right combination either. If it pays off, dine on that sh!t in your league/s all year :)

      • fkn aye! I have Menadue on my mid bench. Put Lonergan in my mid field to have the backline DPP just in cas as well. 1 more hour til the other teams are named!!! yewwww

  • Should I go Houli or Laird? Thanks in advance all!

  • Need one final fantasy player- fun/intermediate! code MH2PTJMK

  • alright guys so i made my team a couple weeks ago and havent had a chance to change it.
    Wondering if this team is still good to go or who i should get rid of

    For fantasy btw
    Def: Mcveigh, kolo, yeo, rosa, harwood, mitch brown (broad, hartley)
    Mids: pendles, lewis, fyfe, rocky, adams, bird, kerridge, mathieson (gore, menegola)
    Ruck: martin, blicavs (currie, nyuon)
    fwd: martin, barlow, simpkin, j anderson, ellis, menadue (Kommer, phillips)
    Remaining salary: 19k

    • get rid of mcveigh, yeo, rosa and mathieson.

      Look for some other premos in your defence, midfield looks ok. Might want one more good scorer in fwd line, e.g. premo, hall or s. gray.

  • Still some places left in a fantasy league – Code: X6HW2RRK

  • Laird + C. Oliver vs T.Adams + M. Brown (ESS)

    Thoughts? cheers.