Lockout Week – Ep. 72

It is lockout week! The hours are ticking down before the first lockout of 2016. The Traders cover everything you need to know before the partial lockout on Thursday night at 7:20pm AEDT as well as catch up with a few of their mates.

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  • If Warnie is reading this,
    Thoughts on this Midfield?
    Rocky, Gazza, Steven, Adams, Cripps, MCrouch, Mills, Gresham.

    • Thoughts on cotchin??missed only two games or so in the last 5 years avg over 90. Good perminant M6? Was going B- crouch but 25 games played out of a possible 66 in the last 3 years. Alarm bells anyone??

    • just wondering why people are so keen to go midpriced in defence knowing that there are two or three guys guranteed to be top 6 defenders at year end wouldnt u be best served starting with all of them rather than chasing them all year i personally will be starting with houli shaw and boyd as i think they are the probably the only reliable high scoring defenders others will score well one week then fall off the next i prefer spending on midpricers in the fwd line as i feel the gap in point scoring potential between the mid priced fwds and premos will be a lot closer then in defence: eg i feel comfortable having hall, wells or kerridge over say buddy robinson or dalhaus rather than having suckling sheridan or dan howe over boyd houli and shaw.


      • Good call. I feel its a more practicle strategy. Those mid priced fwds have more money to gain than the def, making quicker upgrades possible if needed.Although i have different def premo’s in mind.

  • So is there going to be a DT League thread this year? I’ve saved a few slots for these.

  • Steele or Hunter as M7?

  • Awesome as always guys

  • Kk and Johanison or Shaw and Lonergan.
    Thoughts please

  • Yes!
    Another 1+ hour podcast!

    Cheers boys! :D

  • Had to sacrifice Robinson to get Selwood in, who would be best bet for F3:
    Greene, Devon Smith, Billings, Hall or Sam Gray?

    • I would say Greene but to save some money Hall is going to hit the ground running this year!

      • I was meant to post this in the My Team but got distracted with the podcast.
        Hall is the safe bet but I like the look of Devon at 0.58%

        • I had Devon last year after about R6. Think he averaged 45 from that point on. Well, that’s what it felt like

  • Great stuff fellas. 1 hour plus again. Love it! Cheers boys :P

  • Howe or harwood?

  • Shaw & Dea or Sheridan & Lonergan???

    • 1st option purely because set and forget shaw and dea should make just as much money sheridan and lonergan put together. ALTHOUGH look for lonergan being a top 10-6 defender come season end

  • Houli and laird or shaw and sheriden?

  • Laird + hauli + nick nat


    Shaw + sheriden + gawn

    • 90 laird + houli 90 + Nick nat 85-90 = 265-270
      Shaw 100 + sheriden 70-75 + gawn 90-100 = 260-275

      Flip a coin my friend or take risk vs reward

  • Tom Mitchell or danger

  • Hey Guys just looking for opinions on this team…(No cash left over)

    Def: Shaw, Harwood, Sheridan, Howe, McDonald-Tipugwuti, Lonergan (Broad, Hartley)
    Mid: Rocky, Ablett, Adams, T Mitchell, Ellis, L Hunter, A Hall, Mills (Davis, Menadue)
    Ruck: Martin, Leuenberger (Currie, Cox)
    Forward: Dusty, Barlow, Wells, Steele, Kerridge, Simpkin (Beech, Kommer)

  • Adams or Parker?

  • Hey guys,can i have your thoughts on heeney v kerridge? Heeney only in 4%

  • I still have a few spots in my Real Dream team League code – 936243 semi serious with some good competition :)

  • Will Kane Lucas get a gig with the coasters mounting injuries? Is he a good bench option?

    • No and no are my uneducated guesses

      • Haha thanks for the unhelpful uneducated answer

        • Haha, you’re welcome. Think about your question for a bit though… won’t we know the answer in just a few short days, regardless of what anyone says?

          Let’s say he doesn’t get a gig, does that help you with your second question?

          If he’s named Ruck Rover then maybe he is a good bench option. If he’s named on an extended bench then maybe not.

          Truth is, you’ll know your answer soon enough. If I was on the WCE selection panel I’d tell you, but I’m not. Any more.

          • All good, I’ll throw another one at you then…
            What’s a good mid bench option, other than Davis at 125k?

          • I currently have Gresham and Menadue (for DPP) as well as Davis. But Gresham goes if he’s not named.

    • I wouldn’t think so

    • I heard Sheeds now out for half a year if that changes anything?

      • He couldn’t get a regular run for Carlton in their worst 5 years in history… nor did he play a single game for the Eagles last year.

        Can’t see how he goes from that form to starter in the Eagles’ best 22, despite the injuries. If he’s selected, he’ll be on borrowed time. And he’ll score about as well as a 16-year-old nerd with bad breath and acne.

    • Slim pickings – As to you other question on other low cost rookies for bench other than Davis – mmm not many I currently have Gore but not sold on him and is yet to get round 1 gig. Otherwise am considering or have the following the following:

      – Mendaue $138k looks like will play round 1
      – Marcon from Tigers now with Lids and Conca is a possibility guy is a mature age player used to be team mate of Lambert, is hard at it and exactly what coach wants (33 is the number Tigers lost the contested position count against Kangas in the final) – he is $125k

      I am Tiger fan, and beauty of them is they play Thursday so you know they are up – downfall is JS – Mendaue has better JS than Marcon but he may cement spot with good showing.

      Note we get 2 trades a week so if Marcon not selected following week just pick lowest priced lowest breakeven selected player and pocket cash.

      Onthat note IMO you should be making 2 trades per week regardless – its a figures game like the share market play it as it is. Even if its not the rookies look at premos and who is playing who etc..and again breakevens.

      – Kane lucas if named – yes
      – Liam Summer – some sort of cloud on him 133k but is palying Thursday so u will know
      – Reid GWS 125k? see if selected
      – Hewett Swans $125k but is hard team to get in and stay in
      – Darcy Mcpherson – agin unlikely to suit up but never know wait for greenlights on Friday night/Saturday morning


      They will be handy as cover though as you know they will play, by cover I mean for any Hawks or Cats you have who are not sure will paly e.g. Daniel Howe as they play Monday and anything could happen. So if you have Broad as M& as emergency and he plays then you can confidently select the likes of Howe on field.

      hope this helps

  • Kennedy or Simpkin at F6? Thanks.

    • Kennedy

    • BenKen pocket rocket.

      • Guess what Callum?

        Made some changes, you wouldn’t believe it I know!

      • Sh!t, really? Simpkin couldn’t get a regular run with Hawthorn while Kennedy couldn’t get a regular run with Collingwood. It’s like running a Melb Cup emergency against a Kyneton Cup placegetter… surely the quality behind Simpkin gets him over the line against Kennedy? Simpkin has bugger all competition for his spot, yet Kennedy gets to compete against a pretty decent midfield for his. I must be looking at this through beer goggles or something…

    • I currently have benken at F6 and believe is in front of Simpkin as he looks a little unfit. Plus believe BenKen will get some mid time and dare I say it Melbourne’s team all round is better so will get more of the ball and give better support.

  • Hunter or Duncan?

    • Duncan

      • Yeah that’s what I was thinking, cheers

        • All good mate, I think Duncan can throw out some 110 plus scores here and there.

          • not sure on Duncans role with a fully fit Cats team, Selwood and Dangers

          • Duncan sure as hell can fire out 110+… that guy is classy as. I was thinking about Caddy towards the end of last year, but he’s no chance now with Danger, Selwood and Duncan to compete against for points.

            At the price, Duncan is very low risk.

  • Thoughts on mzungu ?

  • RDT 746000

  • T Adams, Parker or Jelwood??

  • Ok I’m dropping my team to – believe the hype

    DEF – Houli, Lonergran, Tippa, M Adams, R Harwood, M Dea
    MID – Hanners, Danger, Ablett, Rockliff, S Gray, Hunter, M Crouch, Mills
    RUC – Martin, Golstein
    FWD – Martin, Hall, Barlow, Wells , Simpkin, Kerridge

  • How much free cash is everyone leaving?
    Is it going to be the same as last year R1 to R2 where we can completely reset the team?

  • What is better to do?
    Have lachie hunter at M5 and $170 grand left for upgrades or have a gun

  • Hey lads, Elite League drafting at 7PM Brisbane time tomorrow night (23/03).
    All welcom, looking to fill it quickly, come take on your favourite Irishman :)

    Code – L6P54VNJ

  • I suggest that everyone listens to podcast 34.

  • Hey all 2 spots available in our Classic League if anyone is keen ?

    Code – V7D2F96V

  • Anyone is keen to join my league it’s called 1 – 2000 elite went well last year If your experienced real dream team player join!


  • What does everyone think these guys will average??


  • Why is knowone considering Bastinac? He’s cheap and believe he scored high 80’s in nab

  • Gawn and Bartel
    Martin and Seedsman

    • Martin and Tommy Sheridan.

      Martin is a lock, set and forget. Seedsman and Sheridan will both make cash for an upgrade later on but Sheridan will make it quicker. Bartel may play a variety of roles but less in the middle with Danger which could affect his scoring. Also may miss a few games being rested or through injury with his age.

  • Thoughts on team??
    DEF – Houli, Lonergran, Shaw , Bartel, R Harwood, M Dea (McDonald-Tipungwuti, Ruggles)
    MID – Rockliff, Danger, pendals, Libba, B Crouch, M Crouch , C Oliver, Menadue (Davis, Hewwit)
    RUC – Martin, Gawn (currie, Cox)
    FWD – Robinson, Hall, Barlow, Wells , Kommer, Kerridge (Adams,mccathy)