Hawthorn AFL Fantasy Prices 2016

With each AFL Fantasy team price reveal, Peter from aflratings.com.au takes a look at five potential targets from each club. Click here to read Calvin’s look at the Hawks over on AFL.com.au.

Luke Hodge MID $615K

Hodge is among one of the highest priced AFL Fantasy players to begin the 2016 season, he averaged 111.1pts last year which included 12 games that exceeded 100pts or more with 6 going over 120pts or more. Hodge is entering his 15th year in the AFL and doesn’t appear to be slowing down, the toughest sell to many coaches will be his age combined with paying top dollar. Only 17 players in AFL Fantasy had 6 or more games the exceeded 120pts or more in the 2015 Home & Away season,  Hodge was one of those players and was also quite reliable with only 2 scores fewer than 80pts. Hodge will likely have a low early ownership rate, if he starts hot in 2016 then it could be a while before you can upgrade to him if that’s part of your plan.


Jordan Lewis MID $613K

Lewis has been a quality premium option in the last 2 years in AFL Fantasy, he averaged 110.7pts last year with 13 of his 19 games going for 100pts or more 4 of which were turned in to 120pts or more. Hawthorn are the highest scoring team in AFL Fantasy therefore AFL Fantasy coaches will be paying a premium price to secure the services of many Hawks players, Lewis is certainly amongst the higher priced premium players to begin 2016 and avoiding him early could be costly. Lewis averaged 131.7pts from his first 6 games in 2015, a 101.1 average from his final 13 games has lowered his price to begin this season. If your game plan is to start with reliable premium options then Lewis fits the criteria.


Liam Shiels MID $549K

Shiels is one of the quiet AFL Fantasy achievers at Hawthorn, despite a horrible start to the 2015 season in which he averaged 67.3pts from his first 3 games he finished strongly averaging 105.7pts from his final 15 games. During his late season run Shiels exceeded 100pts or more in 9 of those 15 games with 5 going over 120pts or more. Shiels won’t be a first or second choice of many AFL Fantasy coaches in 2016, but if he can continue his good form he will be a very good point of difference for those willing to take the plunge.


Jack Gunston FWD $510K

While many AFL Fantasy coaches quite correctly look for ball accumulators Gunston provides a different but solid option as a forward, he averaged a career high 92.2pts last year which included 8 games exceeding 100pts or more with 3 going for 120pts or more. Gunston had a season high 161pts against Carlton in Round 17 last year, when he kicked 4 goals or more in a game he exceeded 100pts or more in 5 of 6 Home & Away games in 2015. Gunston is a must consider for putting your forward line together at Round 1, if you decided to pass on him early make sure that he is on your watch list as selecting him at a cheaper price could be well worth it by the end of the 2016 season.


Sam Mitchell MID $547K

Entering his 15th AFL season Mitchell will again be relied upon by those AFL Fantasy coaches that back him in each year, despite his lack of pace he has a fantastic ability to find the football and accumulate points with ease. Mitchell exceeded 100pts or more in 12 of 20 games in 2015 with 4 exceeding 120pts or more, he had a season high 142pts against Fremantle in Round 15. With a slightly high price tag most AFL Fantasy coaches will take time in deciding whether to select Mitchell or not, considering he could have a low ownership rate he would provide a great point of difference if he was able to produce yet another solid year.


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First NameSurnameClubPositionGamesAveragePrice

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  • I think Barlow is a solid choice for the FWD line. 1 off year, he’s a gun.

    • I cant come to Barlow he bit me last year, I finished 264th in AFL fantasy and cant help but think all the weeks I carried him hurt me. He is getting old, they have an extra mid player in Bennell no sub also may mean he spends more time on bench I just cant do it – watch him prove me wrong lol

  • Can’t honestly pick any hawks all are at their maximum price

    • I am trying to decide which uber premo to start with I want one at least, am starting with both premo rucks is risky but what the heck.

      Am tossing up between Lewis, Stevens, Hannebury (currently In my side) – the other 2 Hodge I am ruling out due to age and propensity to get injured or suspended, and Pendlbury because am unsure of role with all new kids at pies plus I don’t like him.

      Hannebury I am not getting as have Mitchell to start

      Its between Lewis and Stevens am going to check their draw

    • What about TAYLOR DUREA? I never considered him but saw him in Jeppas team so did some research.

      1. Is available as a Defender = tick
      2. Is his 3rd or 4th year in system and kid just gets better and with ageing team should see more of it
      3. He last year had 5 scores over 100 – 122/118/111/110/109
      4. His price is affected by 4 vests
      5. Hawks like him
      6. Further to above he finished the year with his last 3 games being finals in which he was not vested in any of them – scoring 92, 110, and then 98 in grand Final
      7. He is $436k and defenders are hard to come by
      8. Eumans predicted average 88

        • Why facepalm?

          Dureya could be a sneaky good pick this year, especially with no subs

        • Wow you really are just an arrogant troll aren’t you?

          The guys just made an intelligent post to start a discussion and once again you jump in with a patronising insult without actually contributing anything constructive.

          If your mum isn’t going to confiscate your phone then hopefully warnie sees sense and bans you. Making the site a worse place.

  • Hartung to breakout this year. Ball magnet and hungry for flag success after missing out last year.

    • Hartung is not a ball-magnet, never in his career has he been. Just because people see that he was a high draft pick who can run, does not mean he is able to consistently win 22+ disposals in games, even if he is given a good go in the midfield. Pass for me, many coaches overestimate his Fantasy worth.

      • 10 full games last year. 6 over 22 touches. the other 4 were 16, 18, 19, 21.

        decent for a second year player.

        • Alright, point noted, but what I was saying is his junior years will be indicative of his potential in the future, and they are good, but not as great as some people are expecting. His tackling and marking numbers have to improve before he is anywhere near selection for me. Besides, I still doubt the validity of people’s claims that he is ready to lock down a role in the Hawthorn midfield, which is still way too strong for him to break into.

  • Is it just me or did anyone even notice this team has got no less that 14 players priced at $125k with another 4 still under 200k, that’s 18 players priced less than 200k

  • Taylor Duryea:
    2015 Season Overview:

    Taylor Duryea played 18/22 games last season, and averaged 78.7. Out of the 18 games, he was vest affected 3 times, with scores of 38, 42, and 22. Taking out these scores, he played 15 games with:

    High Score: 122 and 119.
    Low Score: 57 and 59.

    Take out the sub scores he scored 1316 out of 15 games.
    This lifts his average from 78.7, to a whopping 87.73.

    Now, with the vest gone, Duryea finds himself in an ageing midfield, and likely to get stints, and has proven to have a massive ceiling.

    With defenders looking hard to come buy this season, Taylor Duryea looks like a lock in defense for most teams. He is also priced at the same value as Elliot Yeo who has been seen doing stoppage work.

    Predicted Average: 87.5

    Taylor Duryea is in the bracket around Sam Docherty, who is also looking quite firm this pre-season for a breakout and is definitely a lock for my team.

    • Is Duryea or Docherty a lock for your team?

    • Yeo is in my team currently. I like to have back ups for all my players in case something happens, and Yeo’s backup is Duryea. On the other hand, I don’t see where Docherty will improve his average from besides natural progression. Duryea and Yeo much more likely imo.

    • I find a useful way of comparing player scores is to use time on ground to smooth out the effects of vests, injuries and time management. Natural progression in younger players should see an increase in TOG through the first few years of their careers.

      Through the regular season last year (finals excluded as I believe they can produce statistical outliers), the top 10 ranked defenders (only includes players named as defenders for 2016) by average score were:

      1. M. Boyd
      2. J. McVeigh
      3. H. Shaw
      4. E. Hughes (single game)
      5. C. Enright
      6. J. Bartel
      7. M. Jaensch
      8. R. Laird
      9. B. Houli
      10. K. Simpson

      If you normalise using TOG, the top 10 is (rank by raw average in brackets after name):

      1. M. Boyd (1)
      2. M Jaensch (7)
      3. D. Howe (103)
      4. J. McVeigh (2)
      5. J. Bartel (6)
      6. R. Laird (8)
      7. H. Shaw (3)
      8. T. Duryea (26)
      9. B. Houli (9)
      10. M. Suckling (20)

      This suggests to me that Duryea is a chance to be a top 8 defender in 2016.

  • Oh I see so when you said face palm you mean “duh obviously” interesting comments on Doherty and Yeo

  • Tell me more on Doherty and Yeo

  • People keep saying “he’s in my team” how? It’s not open to play yet is it??

  • When is fantasy a up and running