Paul Seedsman – Deck of DT 2016

Name: Paul Seedsman
Team: Adelaide
Position: Defender/Midfielder
AFL Fantasy: $353,000
AFL Dream Team: $371,500
Bye Round: 13
2015 Average: 63.75
2015 Games Played: 12
Predicted Average: 79.52

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Why should I pick him?

TICK – A new club means more opportunity. Seedsman struggled to get a game with the Pies last year and a few injuries along the way didn’t help. He’ll settle nicely in the Crows team and therefore based on that alone, should increase his average.

TICK – The vest rule is gone. Last year, the out of favour Seedsman wore a vest on 5 occasions which hurt is average and pushed it down to under 64. In games when he didn’t wear a vest… he averaged 78! Yep, 78!

TICK – He’s a defender. At the price he is, he only needs to average 75 to make the pick justifiable. We all know defenders suck… and these mid-priced guys could be the answer.

TICK – He can score. We all heard about his 128pts this year when he won the ANZAC Day medal with 31 touches, but he did average 79 back in 2013.

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

CROSS – What will his role be exactly? Will he be a ‘Brodie Smith Type’ or will he be more of a lock-down defender. It will be interesting to see how the Crows use him but over the NAB Challenge we should get more of a picture.

CROSS – He’s not that good. Or is he? This year he was red vested out of three occasions. Once when he had a corkie for 60pts and the other two times were because he couldn’t get a touch and vested in the 3rd term with scores of 56 and 34.

CROSS – He’s sort of strange. I don’t know, he just has this thing about him that I find weird.

Deck of DT Rating.

JACK – Seedsman is a huge mystery in 2016. We know he can score massive but on the other hand we know he can go missing. For me… he’s a huge ‘watch-list’ player over the NAB Challenge. If he is finding the ball and floating up the ground without too much responsibility, he’ll fill a spot in my back line as a cheap defender and not one I’d expect too much from.

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  • Too expensive for a likely 10 point rise, better off going cheap and making some actual cash or splurging on someone who actually gives you an acceptable average regardless of value. With Laird, Jaensch and Smith in that backline I don’t think there’s a huge amount of available points for him with the Crows either, would need to be killing it in NAB.

  • He may even end up playing on the wing.
    Agreed with Matt though, too much risk and not enough reward.

  • Yeah agreed with Matt and Mike – I wouldn’t say a new club means more opportunity at all. With Jaensch, Laird, Smith, Henderson, and now Van Berlo, I can see Seedsman struggling for a HB/Wing role without momentum from the NAB challenge. Add Hampton (GWS) to the mix and things get even more competitive. Way too risky for me at this stage.

  • Is anyone looking at Yeo as a DEF, should be able to have more of a run in the midfield with they key defenders back

    • I’ve had him in from my first set up of the team, recently took him out to give myself a bit more “reliable” high end defense in McVeigh, but I do think he should get that mid time and improve a lot. With that said, priced at 82 I’m willing to give him a few weeks to see what happens, even if averages 100 for a month that shouldn’t blow his price out that far. With that said, I have B. Smith there too, and if I can find the cash to Smith to Yeo I’ll go Yeo.

    • You want to find this seasons Yeo. (Could be seedsman)
      Yeo was awesome last season if youngot on early. I think his role is questionable. Racks it up one week. KPP the next.

      • The hope is that was purely due to their backline being entirely crippled. But who knows, it’s a mystery and a risk, I think he’ll be that oversized mid who pushes forward that he dominated as, but I guess we haven’t seen any evidence yet. The hope is less “get the breakout” and more “maybe get a top 6/10 for 50k unders and lock the spot away all year”.

        As you said though, the real value ship has sailed, that was last year, I guess his draw is that we’ve seen that he is capable of that role and you’d imagine shouldn’t average less, and an 82 average is ok I guess, if disappointing. A Seedsman type definitely has more upside cashwise, but the cost of him being stagnant is far worse.

  • Good write up Calvin. Definitely food for thought and unlike the other guys I see plenty of upside in him and already had him on the watch list.

  • “He’s sort of strange. I don’t know, he just has this thing about him that I find weird.”

    Struggling for criticism there I see lol

    • Soon as I read this I thought this has to be written by Calvin…quick glance down the bottom…yep.
      The heart over rules the head of the stats man :p

  • Great stuff Calvin. I’ve had him in all my pre-season teams so far. I can definitely see him improving at the Crows, making a wing his own. If he gets some time on the wing he could push an 80 average, which is probably enough for a keeper D6, and he’d make you some coin in the process. I really like him, just have to see how he goes in the NAB challenge.