Essendon players suspended for 12 months

The CAS finding today will see the Essendon 34 suspended for 12 months.

12 players currently listed with the Bombers and 5 who are with other clubs won’t be suiting up in 2016.

This is an opportunity to discuss the Fantasy implications. Unfortunately I don’t have too much time to get into it as we have a AFL Record deadline… and a heap of content to now fix in that! Argh!

Some initial thoughts (apart from feeling VERY sorry for the players invovled).

  • Draftees and fringe players will be gold. Think blokes like Nick Kommer (FWD, $125,000) and Michael Hartley (DEF, $125,000) to play. There will be a heap more.
  • With Bellchambers out, Matthew Leuenberger will definitely be the number one man… but you’d think Shaun McKernan will play every game now –¬†however, he won’t be used as well as Belly up forward. Makes things a little more interesting.
  • Craig Bird is the biggest FWD/MID lock of the season.
  • I think that Matthew Lobbe is on the radar again. Averaged 89 the year before Ryder got to Port.
  • 12 top up players are likely to come in. How they are priced (and who they are) will be quite interesting. We will keep our ear to the ground on that.

Add your thoughts in the comments. We will be recording our next podcast on Wednesday evening and will cover this in detail.



  • horrible news for DT. I thought this year everybody would have different teams.


  • I think all playing bombers players should now receive a 15% tax of there price otherwise its going to be crap

  • Agreed Sam. I loved how this year they made players that didn’t play last yeah not so cheap! Was a great move. they need to do a similar thing here.

    If they don’t everyone is going to have 10-15 Essendon players in their squad.

  • So this is terrible for fantasy and the game as a whole, but moving forward, this obviously increases the stocks of Goddard and Zach Merrett. Has anyone got any initial thoughts on who should rack up the bulk of the points?

    • Goddard should get mid time as will Bird, does anyone think that the prices of all players will change – by all I mean every team?

  • A question is how the top up players will be priced.

    If they’ve played before, price them at their previous average? As much as some hate the ‘tax’ on players, the top ups should definitely be thought about how they are priced. Not just basement, or whatever.

    I think all listed players will retain their announced price. No logic to really change that now.

    • Fantasy need to be very careful how they handle it. They’ve probably lost 10%+ of players who are sick of them making things up as they go along. If they come out with some bizarre prices for top ups it would be disastrous.

      • They’re not making things up as they go, the game is evolving into it’s own. Maybe bigger changes should have been made from the start?

        If you’re referring to the new prices for rookies and a new formula for discounting, as a hardcore coach who wants a challenge, I think it’s moving in the right direction.

        Maybe Fantasy should wait to see what Virtual Sports do in regard to pricing and copy that… then it would obviously be the right thing for most of the vocal people against any development that FanHub/Telstra choose to do to their own game. ;)

        I will be suggesting that top up player prices will be based on their previous average if they have played at AFL level and I would strongly argue that there is a levy applied to other newly listed players if they haven’t made their AFL debut.

        Until we know who they are, I don’t think we can seriously speculate.

        • The Ablett ‘tax’ has been perceived as them ‘making it up as they go along’, as was the DPP changes to guys like Mundy and Clark that were just nonsensical.

          If the Ablett decision was based on preventing teams from being too similar, then why wouldn’t they suddenly bump up the prices of Bird, Leuey etc plus all the rookies and top ups?

          • The Ablett decision, along with a range of other players who fitted the criteria (Thomas, Wells, Kerridge, etc), was to not have players ridiculously under-priced. I still don’t understand why people don’t like that. Their prices reflect the fact that if they were priced following the old protocols, it would be a MASSIVELY different to the past.

            Bird, Leuenberger? Their history doesn’t suggest that they need a tax. If they were to get a tax now, then that would open up a massive can of worms that I wouldn’t want to be sitting on the other side of. No justification on that – and it would be ridiculous to suggest that something should be implemented on them.

            I don’t want to go there.

            As for the DPP additions, well, that one sits with Champion Data who sign off on them. I didn’t love the first round of changes, so I tried to have more input on the rd 12 and 18 ones.. I hope you can see that we got those right.

          • Sorry – a little bit of a vent there. To be honest, I’m not sure why it matters so much to people about what prices we’re given at the start of the year? We’re all playing by the same rules… and some (not pointing at your MGPT), don’t look at things that are different can actually be a positive for the game.

          • The Ablett decision was and is ridiculous.

            He played 6 games, averaged 94 and is priced at 105.

            Prestia played 8 games, averaged 96 and is priced at 89.

            How does that work? That’s based on Ablett’s history of high scoring? Given that Prestia is 23 and improving and Ablett is 31 and possibly way past his best, how can they justify giving Prestia a discount and Ablett a tax? There’s every chance they average the same this year.

            If the decision is based on making sure that everyone doesn’t have the same players then why isn’t Rockliff getting a tax?

            You say it would open a can of worms by giving Bird and Leuenberger a tax (which I’m not suggesting you should do BTW) but you already opened a can of worms by giving it to Ablett. If Thomas, Wells and Kerridge get a tax to ‘keep teams different’ then why not ‘tax’ Rocky, Gibbs, Kolo, Barlow, Seedsman etc just because they’re going to be popular?

            It’s such a terrible change they made and so offputting.

            FWIW, the best thing about Fantasy is you guys, you do a brilliant job of promoting interest in it. It’s really not fair that they make these decisions and then let you guys cop the flak for it.

            I fear that numbers will be way down this year and even more so after that unless some consistency and transparency is introduced. They need to start telling us how the pricing works and why so we can make sense of it.

            Case in point, last year I needed a premo defender in rd5. I went with Hibberd. A week later I find out Mundy (lol) is now a defender. As I already had Newnes and now Hibberd with the r12 bye, buying Mundy would have screwed me for the byes so I had to leave him and it cost me dearly. Now if I had any clue whatsoever that Mundy might be a DEF in rd6 I wouldn’t have got Hibberd in the week before. With Boyd, it was clearly obvious he would gain DEF so good coaches could plan around that. With Mundy it just seemed like a gimmicky decision designed to stir interest, ditto Clark. They just need to stop doing it altogether as it really affects planning. It’s hard to plan my team properly knowing that Pendles, Hartlett, Newnes, Fyfe, Swan etc might get a position change in rd6.

          • dude. chill.

          • I’m on my phone so I don’t have the capacity to reply to the post with the respect it needs, however, I think people have overreacted to the player pricing.

            There’s probably a shitload of examples about how one player could deserve a tax/discount/whatever. There is a structure in place and it’s not Willy Nilly. Everyone gets the same prices and instead of making it a reason not to play, pick those diamonds in the rough like a Prestia if you believe he is under priced.

            Whether the philosophy of pricing is about creating unique teams or whatever… I’m happy to embrace the change and roll with the punches. There’s no written rule as to how prices should be done – like I said, we are all playing with the same prices and salary cap.

            (Except for Roy, he gets an extra $500K… prick).

          • Lol he gets extra 500k and I still beat him

          • Whys Roy get an extra 500k?

          • Warnie has lost all perspective on Fantasy since becoming an AFL puppet.

            This entire DT site has gone to shit and is primarily focused on gambling.

          • Thanks, champs1. We obviously have our affiliation with the AFL now, being contracted by Telstra to provide content. Losing all perspective? Probably trying to look at shit with the glass half full as so many want to bash the game.

            Gambling? We’ve had a relationship with William Hill (formerly Sporting Bet) since 2007. As for Moneyball, which can be seen as gambling, daily fantasy is growing and we would be stupid not to have an affiliate account with them considering we have a fantasy website.

          • Champs1- simple solution is don’t look at the site!!

            And as for fantasy changes it is good for the game to keep it different from other formats. If you don’t like it don’t play it, you have power to choose which formats you want to play.

            Not knowing formulas on how prices are affected and how positions are determined adds to the challenge of the game. As coaches it means we need to adapt and change our plans as we go! More strategy and challenging to do it this way!

            No point having RDT and fantasy as the same game!

  • Hi Warnie
    Very sad for the footy world!!!
    Could any delisted players like Dalgeish or Kavanagh make comebacks????
    Both weren’t hopeless also the likes of Gleeson and Ashby should be looked at seriously now
    Mitch Brown is an absolute lock
    Hopefully Marcus Marigliani makes a comeback as he like MB were great top up players in NAB cup games
    Sad day for your beloved Dons :(

  • That’s fair Warnie. Also, you must be excited that Crowley might play for Essendon haha

  • I don’t think they should adjust the Essendon price. Hope they don’t. But I think one player who has gone up in attractiveness is Parish. I thought Parish was overpriced at $260k. But now they will work his a*** off.

  • With the sub rule dismissed and the likelihood of rookie players getting game time, surely “guns and rookies” approach appeals.

    • if you’re loading up on Essendon rookies, then good luck with a bye structure

      • You would load up on Dons at start and make your cash come bye rounds most should be gone from your team. You should be making two trades a week regardless play the figures my friend

  • I see what ur saying warnie but guys like bird are going to play straight tho mids now were b4 he was probably goung to spend alot of time half fwd so will kill it

  • Lock in Bird and Luey

  • Michael Hibberd’s photo is appropriate .. Looks like a mugshot.

  • As a Bombers supporter. I’m shattered.
    I also genuinely feel sorry for the other teams, especially port and St Kilda. Seriously they should be allowed to reverse that trade.

    Its going to stuff up DT a bit as well.

  • On DT front, Zaha will be on my radar. Poor year last year. Good chance thrown in mid.

  • Lobbe and Bird are just about locks now. ZMerrett, Zaha and Goddard’s stocks rose a heap to. Wingard loses his potential relevancy, as he will have to play more forward now that Monfries is gone, unless Port change their strategies. Not much has changed for Leuenberger imo. Now he will be laying alongside McKernan rather than Bellchambers.

  • The biggest implication I see will not be prices but every week a team will have a bye. Extended bench, more trades? I wonder which way they will lean?

    • Are you serious? Why is any team having a bye?

    • Not sure if serious, but teams will have a bye/training run against the Bombers. Teams playing them twice will be favourable in Fantasy.

      • I realise that it will seem to be a bye from the point of view of getting 4 points. The way Curt put it (extended bench etc) it seemed that he assumed that you would actually not play when scheduled against Essendon.

  • Off the sc track slightly. When the bombers finish last will they get the number one draft pick?
    This would effectively mean a mid table team will get the number one draft pick for cheating.

    • they have also already been penalized 2 rd 1 picks and 2 rd 2 picks that they have missed out on already.
      Them quaifying for the number 1 pick is no different to the blues with there successive no 1 picks after their salary cap breach penalties forced them down the later for a few years (they also missed out on Draft picks from memory)
      so no issue there for me

  • A comment was made earlier that people will have 15 Essendon players in their squad.
    That would be a huge error as it is likely their DT team scores will be significantly less than other teams as they will be generally “chasing” rather than “in possession” of the ball.
    I see Bird, Leuey, Brown and Kommer as certainties at this stage (I only had one of them originally).
    Lobbe certainly seems to be a better option today than he was yesterday.
    We will need to see who the top ups are but I think Essendon’s best 22 will come from their existing list hence I wouldn’t be jumping in with said top ups. Likely to give us plenty of downgrade targets as the weeks go by.

    • – still not sold on Luey – is still 300k
      – I already had Francis in my DEF
      – Bird, Kommer and Brown were already in my FWD
      – At this stage only change is I have brought in Parish to MID
      – Will keep eye on new players prices for potential bargains more for cover and or cash, and of course all Dons Rookies are now to be looked at noting AFL said they can elevate 2 rookies immediately and obtain the other 10 players from other sources
      – Also keep eye on Zharakis but is $415k still and say blokes like Goddard but again he is $500 plus still so want a high output

    • I’d want to know who the 15 players that would be viable options would be:
      1. Bird
      2. Leuenberger
      3. Kommer
      4. Brown
      5. ZMerrett
      6. Francis
      7. Parish
      8. Zaha
      9. Goddard
      10. Baguley
      11. ?
      12. ?
      13. ?
      14. ?
      15. ?

      That’s 4/8 forwards, 3/8 defenders, 1/4 rucks and 2/10 midfielders. If anyone chose all these, who are really the only viable options unless a rookie comes on, they would be putting themselves in a dangerous position.

    • I have to agree here
      sure, they may all be underpriced, but how did all those GWS rookies do in their debut season?

      those bargain basements may all have decent JS, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be scoring a lot of team points
      for the record, the lowest team score last year was 1132 (made by a very poor Carlton vs Collingwood in rd5)

      1132 / 22 is around 50 points, still tempted for your bargain basements?
      or around a peak value of 250-300k?
      didn’t think so
      it’s a no from me

  • i think the top price players like goddard and zaha have become less attractive because they will not get there hands on the ball

  • are laverde and langford options?

  • Give a tax to those that have played AFL before, yes certainly, giving a tax to those players that get picked up and haven’t made their debut, certainly not, itll be a disgrace

  • One thing is certain, Goddard now becomes an angrier man!

    • Goddard now becomes tagged more often, which diminishes his relevancy dramatically

      I hope you like 30s

  • Why should a tax be applied? Both Gold Coast and GWS came in with a lot of rookies/cheap players and I don’t recall any price ‘adjustments’.

  • Bird could become main tagger, detracts from lock factor

    • Ha! Having a tagger would be the least of their worries when they have a decent player who can play in the guts among a team of half-VFL level players.

    • Valid point, but as with most players you want to see what role they are playing early.

    • I’d like to see his role in the preseason comp. I’m always skeptical on bringing in a player who changes teams. Role could be an issue. Especially

      people can get burnt very easily.

      I.e. Malceski wasnt the success that many thought he would be.
      Even beams going to Brissy was a mixed blessing.

      • Difference is Bird’s already at bottom value, so the financial risk of the others isn’t there, just a risk of mediocrity.