Richmond AFL Fantasy Prices 2016

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Dustin Martin FWD/MID $573K

Martin is a premium AFL Fantasy accumulator that should be a definite option if he is available at Round 1 in 2016, last season was the first time he averaged over 100pts in his 6 year career. Martin is as durable as they come missing only 1 game in the last 3 years, he has only missed 4 games since his career started back in 2010. In 2015 Martin exceeded 100pts or more in 13 games 5 of which also exceeded 120pts or more, given a healthy 2016 you can expect similar if not better numbers to help your forward line. Martin will almost be a walk-up start in most AFL Fantasy teams in 2016, he does come with a high price tag but it is surely money well spent.


Brett Deledio FWD $530K

Deledio had a very slow start to the 2015 season missing 4 of his first 6 games and scoring at just an average of 57.0pts in the other 2 games, for the remainder of the year however he averaged 100.9pts and should be a definite prospect for your team in 2016. In his final 15 games of 2015 Deledio exceeded 100pts or more in 8 games with 1 going over the 120pt mark, only 2 scores fell short of 80pts during that same period. Deledio has been a solid points accumulator in AFL Fantasy for many years, he has only fallen short of averaging 90.0pts or more once in his last 8 seasons. Deledio will be a popular choice at the start of the 2016 season, it may be a wise choice to make him part of your initial roster.


Bachar Houli DEF $481K

Houli might provide some much needed stability in your backline this season, he averaged 86.9pts in 2015 exceeding 100pts or more in 6 games with 2 getting over 120pts or more. Houli started the season well averaging 95.8pts from his first 5 games, he also finished the season off with a 97.1pt average from his final 7 games but was a bit flat in his middle 10 games averaging just 75.2pts. If Houli can find a little more consistency over the season then he could be an option down back in your team, he is a solid 80.0pt average player that could break through the 90.0pt average in 2016.


Kane Lambert MID/FWD $353K

Lambert comes in at a low base of just 63.8pts last season, he did average 79.6pts in his final 7 games with the Tigers and could be a play in 2016. Lambert averaged 15.6 Disposals in his first year as an AFL player, his improvement could come from most point scoring areas in 2016. Lambert won’t be a player to retain all season long unless his numbers are high and his breakeven is quite low, there is a definite possibility he could make some important dollars for your team in the early part of next season.


Chris Yarran DEF $374K

The selection of Yarran as a potential target is all dependant on his playing role at his new club Richmond, his career high at the Blues was only 72.8pts. Yarran is coming off an average of just 67.6pts but given the possibility of an improved role at the Tigers he may yet prosper as an AFL Fantasy option, he did exceed 100pts or more in 5 of his last 35 games at the Blues which is quite low but how many other players in his position do you know can crack a ton based on what is a mid-low starting price. Considering the pain most AFL Fantasy coaches went through in their backline last season Yarran is a player to keep an eye on as there could be potential growth in his average, a definite monitor of his position in pre-season games is required in the next few weeks.


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First NameSurnameClubPositionGamesAveragePrice

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  • Lids is LOCKED for me. I would like to start with Dusty, but after spending a little more time looking at prices (and trying to build our first team for release when the game opens), saving a few dollars here and there will be important!

  • I feel Lambert is a bit of a risk, as from memory, he only scored well when he had a lot of midfield time when there were injuries.

    Any love for McBean? He’s been talked up within the club and could be a good rookie to start with.

  • Is there anything on Adam Marcon or Connor Menadue as start up rookies?
    I heard abit of buzz about them late last year.

    • and how about Corey Ellis too?

      • He should get more game time this year

      • Ellis is not a big scorer at all, and while he may get more game time, don’t look for him to be a high accumulator over the course of the season. There are better options out there. Marcon should have similar impact to Lambert in 2016, but guys like Cavka, Tom Phillips and Shane Yarran should get the nod ahead of him around that price.

        • Thanks for the info. Do you keep a close eye on the Tigers as well as the Dogs? ;-)

          • Haha, I’m a Doggies supporter but I focus on draftees and rookie-priced players a lot so I have some good input on rookie picks in general for Fantasy.

          • Cool, nice to know!

  • I’m watching if Townsend gets games, supposedly brought in to help support Cotchin, whether more of a tagger or goon. Since last years support plan didn’t work for Cotch.

  • I’m thinking Cotchin could be a very underpriced smokey for this year.

    Do you think Dan Jackson retiring last year was a factor in Cotchin struggling so much? And could Townsend solve the problem?

  • Dont forget about a young rookie by the name of drummond who done his knee in his debut game last year, he will be ready to rock and roll this year and given oppurtunitys. YELLOW N BLACK!!! GO TIGZ

    • Yeah they have a lot of rookies ready to go blooding over the last couple of Yeats we pay dividens this year (I am also a Tigers supporter)