Geelong AFL Fantasy Prices 2016

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Cameron Guthrie MID $468K

Late season games sometimes make you sit up and really take notice, one of the late season gems of 2015 was no doubt Cam Guthrie who averaged 112.0 from his last 6 games. Given more license to run around in the midfield Guthrie thrived, he averaged 27.5 Disposals from those last 6 games. Equally impressive for Guthrie were the 7.7 average tackles and the 7 goals he kicked, 3 of those goals coming against the Hawks in Round 20. With Dangerfield adding to the midfield depth at Geelong Guthrie should be able to go about improving on his 84.6pt average in 2016, a must watch in the pre-season and should be absolutely on your radar as a great point of difference selection.


Joel Selwood MID $541K

Another Cat that should improve on his 2015 average is Joel Selwood, no doubt there will be many an opinion and divided at that whether or not to take him or Dangerfield and which player will have the bigger average. With Selwood the numbers speak for themselves as an inside mid, when the Cats had great midfield depth that pretty much expired at the end of 2014 Selwood averaged 105.3pts between 2009-14 with 6 straight seasons above 100.0pts or more. Selwood is quite durable considering the amount of bandages he goes through each season, it hasn’t stopped him going hard at the ball in the past and won’t stop him in the future. It has to be good news with Dangerfield being added to the mix at Geelong  in 2016, opposition teams will unlikely go to Selwood as a 1st tagging option allowing him to put up some very decent numbers. Selwood would be a safe bet to average back over 100.0pts given a healthy status, a must consider as a premium midfield player.


Patrick Dangerfield MID $589K

Believe it or not (Ripley) 2015 was the first year in which Dangerfield averaged over 100.0pts in AFL Fantasy for a season, the 3 previous years he was a very solid 90’s average player and a very popular pick as a DPP. Inserting Dangerfield in to the Cats and accurately predicting his 2016 season average is fraught with Danger (Pun intended). In the unlikely scenario that Dangerfield is left alone by opposition teams his numbers will be huge, given the likely scenario that he will be tagged by most opposition teams a mid to high 90 average is quite possible but he might even bust through for another quality 100.0pt average. Dangerfield is a well-rounded Fantasy player that can accumulate points in most categories including scoring, Geelong will get a good return on investment and so should any coach willing to take him as a premium player in 2016.


Scott Selwood MID $326K

Scott Selwood will be as popular as vanilla ice cream on a hot day at the beach for the start of the 2016 Home & Away season, his low average places him right in the zone as a quality cash generator just 2 years removed from a 108.4pt average at the Eagles in 2013. A monitoring of injury lists over the summer should be adhered to as he is only 11 weeks post ankle surgery, Selwood has missed 22 of the last 45 possible games via injury or non-selection. Setting your expectations would be wise for Selwood, based on the last 2 years it would not be wise to bank on a full season of quality scoring. If you are selecting Selwood, a quick cash hit and run would likely be your best option given no other areas of concern in your team.


Mitch Duncan MID $442K

An injury interrupted 2015 season restricted Duncan to just a 79.8pt average, all was looking likely for a solid season early on before breaking his foot against the Swans in Round 7 which forced him to miss 7 games. Prior to the injury Duncan put up 133pts vs Richmond in Round 5 & 137pts vs Collingwood in Round 6, now the Tigers score is important as he was only 1 of 4 players to exceed 120pts or more against the yellow & black in the 2015 Home & Away season. Duncan is another watch & see over the pre-season relating to injury news, given a healthy status going in to Round 1 he should be a genuine option to slot in to any team looking for what could be a solid cash generating high average selection.


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  • I have several Geelong players on my watchlist atm – Bartel, Danger, Duncan, Motlop, Blicavs, Guthrie & both Selwoods .. far too many.

    Cameron Guthrie has shown great potential to push into the 100+ averaging mids… Tho hes been flagged as spending more time in a defensive role in 2016 to accommodate the arrival of Danger & S.Selwood, Possibly even Menagola (fingers crossed). Sounds to me alot like the role James Kelly was performing in his last few years where he may have to sacrifice his scoring to lockdown on dangerous opposition forwards, only then to tease us the following week with a freerunning 120+ role. Be careful :)

    Hopefully the cats can bring back the glory days of the ABCS fantasy point piggery.

  • Are Port Adelaide’s prices coming out tomorrow or Tuesday?

  • I like Guthrie a lot. He beasted to end the year last season.

    • …because he was required to play a free-running role. With all of the excess imports to boost the Cats’ midfield, there is no way he would be allowed off the leash to win his own ball. For 2016, he will be a specialist tagger, once again, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up for his Fantasy prospects.

  • What’s the latest with selwoods plantar fasciitis last I heard was on light duties after struggling to run while overseas

  • Stanley could be worth a look imo.

    If he has the right role he could easily average 80+ and we saw this for a few weeks before he went down with the injury.

  • A few of Scott Selwood’s scores were vest affected. Maybe a red mark could be put on the bar of players affected by the vest for that round.

  • What the hell is Geelong’s ruck setup going into 2016?

    Is Blicavs likely to play as a pure mid?