Jaeger O’Meara – Deck of DT 2016

Name: Jaeger O’Meara
Club: Gold Coast
Position:  Midfielder
AFL Fantasy: $415,000
Real Dream Team: $322,500
Bye Round: 13
2015 Average: DNP
2015 Games Played: DNP
(2014 Average: 93)
Predicted Average: 92

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Why should I pick him?

Let’s get this clear… if Jaeger O’Meara is fit and firing come round one, you WILL be picking him.

In just his second season, he dominated 2014 where we played all 22 games. He averaged 93 which consisted of 10×100+ scores. The kid is a jet and even in his first year of AFL he averaged 89.

O’Meara ruptured his patella tendon (knee for those non-doctors) in a NEAFL practice match (bloody sh*t NEAFL) in March and therefore failed to play any part in the season.

As hindsight would have it, this might have been a blessing in disguise as he would have been the only decent player left battling the entire midfield work load by himself.

O’Meara was the 2013 Rising Star and is feeling great about his return.

“Everything’s going smoothly with my rehabilitation, and I’m on track to return at the start of the season,” O’Meara said.

This sounds like a man of confidence and a man you sounds be locking in come round one.

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Why shouldn’t I pick him?

As confident as Jaeger is, it appears he is in no rush to get back asap and to be playing the game he was when he averaged 93.

So will he be managed and eased into the season with an easier role?

“With our midfield depth, I might have to develop other areas of my game over the pre-season and learn how to be more damaging going forward, or to play off the wing or halfback,” O’Meara said.

Or will he even be right come round one?

“Whether it’s round one or round five, I’m not fussed. I just want to make sure I get it right.” O’Meara said recently. This doesn’t sound like a guy overly keen to be in our teams from the word go!

He also shares a bye with the likes of Jack Steven, Cotchin, Gibbs, Pendlebury and of course Gary Ablett. Many of these guys will be popular picks and could cause mayhem.

Deck of DT Rating.

KING – At this stage of the early pre-season, O’Meara certainly needs to be in your plans. He has plenty of upside priced at an average of just 75 and should increase this by at least 15pts.

The concerns about him being ready for round one will be answered in time. I honestly think he’ll be fine, but maybe receive a rest at some point before his bye as they will manage their young star.

A new role? This may prove beneficial to his Fantasy game and maybe float through the half back picking up easier touches.

But it’s a no brainer… pencil him in now and be ready to ink him in in a few months time.

Will you take O'Meara at $415K?

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  • Considered a bargain @ $415,000 in fantasy, he is a steal in RDT @ $322,500. Will be in my RDT team at some stage throughout the year but I am actually hoping he does have a later start- round 4 or 5. Will then bring him in after his first two games following cashing out a rookie.
    If named for round 11 would probably have to pick him as his value is simply too good to say NO to.

    • I completely agree with that
      a slow start to the season means that he’ll be ripe for the picking when a fast-acting rookie crashes and burns (Newton this year anyone?)

      not to start with, but potentially nabbing him as a ‘long term’ cheapie M9 for first upgrade looks ideal at this stage, particularly as they’ll nurse him back (or give him NEAFL games)

  • That should read “If named for round 1”. Not 11.

  • Don’t think he is that good a pick. He’s priced at 75 in Afl Fantasy, which doesn’t give him that much upside. I only see him averaging 95 max and would be surprised if he got back smoothly from such a long term injury and played 20+ games at a decent average. That combined with his uncertainty to actually start the season and him saying he might not get too much midfield time….. It’s not exactly filing me with confidence!

    Libba and Crouch are better picks.

  • Great pick, but to many question marks compared to his direct opposition for a role in my side, Crouch and Libba. He is my back-up if anything happens to those two, but at this stage, it’s a pass

  • Gotta have the guy with the best guns in the league on my team

  • Lock him in but if not ready for round one i will not do a GAJ like i did last year

  • If he was priced in AFL Fantasy in line how they’ve been doing it in previous years (30% discount on 2014 average, roughly 65) then I’d be all over him. However, take away that 10 points of value and I’m thinking the risk is probably too high – at least to be called a lock.

    If he’s not 100% for Round 1, he’s a no, either way.

  • If u don’t lock him in round 1 if fit u shouldn’t be playing afl fantasy simple