Big Bash Fantasy: Round One Review and Round Two Preview

The first round of the BBL season is over and it seems like a lot of people had a very good week scoring wise. While last year a score of about 800 was considered good, this year teams easily pushed passed the 1000 barrier… and I was so happy when I first saw my 910 dammit. Without further whining, let’s review round one.

It’s Good to Be Green

I hope you listened to Nic’s Captain’s this week because, let’s be real guys, I nailed it. Shane Watson (109), Glenn Maxwell (107), James Faulkner (111), Aaron Finch (81) and Kevin Pietersen (126) all blew it out of the park with massive scores highlighting how dominant the two green teams were this week. With the exception of Brad Haddin and the most savage bowler on the planet, Nathan Lyon, the top 10 scorers this week were all from the Thunder and the Stars with Andre Russell sitting atop with 182 points. They may have the bye this week, but both teams showed they’re going to be high scoring teams, even without double game rounds.

It’s Time to get Orange

The Big Bash League rarely stops and TONIGHT, round two kicks off with the first game for the Perth Scorchers. Make sure you pay attention when their team is released because you’ll have a chance to fix things up before lockout if, for example, David Willey bats at seven. If you don’t have many Scorchers in your side because of their round one bye, I’d give them a round or two to sort themselves out before brining players in. Remember, they have access to Adam Voges, Shaun Marsh and Nathan Coulter-Nile this week, but they go OUT next week which means their team will probably reshuffle again next week.

Subcontinental’s Subpar Start

It wasn’t a good week for the two Sri Lankan legends, Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara who scored 39 points between them. I should know, I have both of them. Obviously, with the byes this week you probably can’t trade them out this week and that is good, because you should definitely not do that. I mentioned in an earlier article that it might take them a game or two to find their feet, but when they do, they could pay off with some big scores. By that same token, I wouldn’t be trading any quality players out this week nor doing any unnecessary sideways trades. T20 cricket is unpredictable and only one round has passed. You don’t have to conserve trades because you have oodles of them, but back in the players you started with.

Reality Check

Don’t get too comfortable with these massive scores, because round one consisted of five games and three double game teams which means big scores were inevitable with a semi-decent team. Round two will provide us with a big reality check in that regard. Round two consists of three games, no double game teams and byes for the Melbourne Stars and the Sydney Thunder. You’re probably going to have to trade just to field a full side and you certainly won’t be cracking the 1000 barrier this week, so your strategy this round should be survival. Get through round two better than the teams around you and you could shoot up the overall rankings this week.


Captain’s: Round Two

Round two is going to be a very hard round captain’s wise. Most of round one’s highest scorers have the bye and there are no double game rounds, so I recommend playing it safe this week. Here are a few for you to consider.

  1. Aaron Finch: In a round where there are no double games, it’s hard to go passed the domestic king of T20, Aaron Finch. Finch comes off 81 in round one and the Renegades host the Sydney Sixers at Etihad Stadium where Finch has previously scored quite well.
  2. Dwayne Bravo: Bravo batting at six doesn’t really help matters, but he showed that he can score well without batting too high up the order in round one with a score of 70. In round two, I would be satisfied with a captain’s score above 60 and Bravo can certainly produce that.
  3. Shaun Marsh: Marsh has shown that he can be a domestic level bully and excels in the Big Bash League in particular. He’ll only play the one game, unless he’s dropped from the test team, but you should expect him to score well this week, especially at home for the Scorchers.
  4. Brad Haddin: Haddin was the Sixers’ highest scorer in round one and given Henriques doesn’t seem to want to bowl himself, Haddin may do so again in round two. He looked in really good touch, but of course there’s nothing to say he won’t make zero this week. I’m really only basing this off round one.
  5. George Bailey: If the Hurricanes can take anything out of round one it’s you don’t sweep Nathan Lyon… but also that George Bailey is starting to find form after a poor start to the cricket season. The Hurricanes play Brisbane, who have the least threatening bowling line up, at home and so Bailey might be in for another solid score.

A few others to consider, Brad Hodge who looked in good touch, Nathan Coulter-Nile could score big if he gets a bat, Chris Gayle because he’s Chris Gayle and a real smokie for this week is Cameron White. I have nothing to back that up, just a gut feeling.

Final Thoughts

Good luck this week and remember that round two is going to be a very lean week scoring wise, so don’t get your hopes too high. If anything, your focus should be on surviving this week while keeping an eye on round FOUR, which could be another very high scoring week. Set your team up for round four over the next two weeks to maximise three double game rounds and only one bye.



  • Thoughts on Willey as my vc for a loophole?

  • Not sure about ‘but also that George Bailey is starting to find form after a poor start to the cricket season.’

    Bloke is nearly leading SS run scorer and in top knick!

  • How do you known when to trade in blokes like ross and stoinis, who are meant to be cash cows???????? there is no breakevens or anything?

    • If you’re running your team close to the cap then I think you should look at your round to round set up. Making cash will help for maybe a round but mostly you need to work around the best scores possible. Dollar values don’t change that much.

  • Hello Nic,
    Well done on your accurate and reliable predictions and advice for round one. Just wanted your thoughts on my trades for this week. In order to have a full team playing I need to make two trades.
    Pietersen > Klinger (Pietersen is going back to England for the birth of his second child)
    Kallis/Watson/Faulkner > Behrendorff
    Which one should I trade out? Also, will Paris play this evening at the furnace?

    • I think Dorff might miss game one. Worried about him injury wise this season but trading Pietersen is a good call and Klinger will probably be a reliable option.
      Paris might be one to wait a round on, we’ll see what his role is when NCN goes out.

      • Correct, Behrendorff is not in the 13-man squad for the scorchers tonight. He is being rested with the Scorchers having the test players available, as well as giving him more chance for his back.

      • If trading Paris is my only option to field a side tonight….should I go ahead and upgrade to Feketee?

  • Hmmm think I’ll trade Wright, Zampa and Sandhu, just to field a side

    Heat bowlers would be good, as they have the r3 double (already have Cutting).

    Think I’ll grab Fekete and Steketee. Gives me enough cash to turn Wright into Bravo

    Trades approved?

  • Also will O’Keefe play this round because of the fact he is in the 13 man squad for the test

  • Will Coulter-Nile play tonight?

  • Whiteman is apparently injured, oh go to hell

    • Yep…. just found that out myself, got no cash to trade him either. Might as well just hold him cos there’s no options priced below him.

      • He will come straight in when fit, which is supposedly in the new year. It also gives Bancroft a chance, as he is supposedly keeping for the scorchers

  • I have Watto, Maxwell and Russell missing this week and stonis on the bench oh crap

    So Holland comes in for Watto meaning two doghnuts

    Brought White in for Head

  • I need some 2nd opinions

    Trade Wright or Stoinis?

    Trade Faulkner, Maxi or Kallis?

    Fekete, Stekete or Paris?


    • Wright, Maxwell if you have to, Paris

      • Wait, are you trading in one of the bowlers? In that case, choose an ekete, I’m not sure which.

        • Yeah Im trading in the bowlers.
          Im still not sold on whether to trade Maxy or Faulkner. Faulkner is a bit more reliable but Maxy is like 10k less expensive and bats further up. Plus they both bowl pretty much the same.

          • Faulkner is guaranteed a bowl, Maxwell less so. He didn’t bowl the first game (vs. Adelaide) and will struggle to get a bowl if Beer and Zampa are both in the side. With Beer and Hilfenhaus seemingly interchangeable to the Stars depending on different things, I’d back in Faulkner.

      • Good point. But the same argument can be made for Maxwell being mor elikely to bat. Argh my head!

  • Anyone have any thoughts about bringing in Darren Sammy?

  • How do you do the loophole?

    • VC Loophole- Set someone who plays early as VC and someone who plays later as C. If your VC scores well enough to take as Captain, bring on a non playing player and give them the C. This means your VC gets the score. Be careful though, as you receive the lowest score from your bench, unless the lowest is a non-playing zero.

      • Hey just wondering if this loophole can work in the following scenario where neither of the players are C or VC? I have paine on my bench and haddin in my starting 11 and still have 1 trade left this round. If i trade out haddin (risky i know but paine has scored a lot of points) for someone who hasnt played this round will paine automatically come in or will he stay on the bench as i made a trade after he has played?

  • will Doolan be lining up for the Heat?

  • Will Walker be in the renegades starting 11 this round?

    • I seriously doubt they’ll play him over Gannon this week after his first up performance

  • Trade out Kallis, Faulkner or Watson?

  • For Loophole, so if Marsh gets a good score, if I put Watto on the field and Paris on bench and Marsh gets a good score and I put a C on watto will it double Paris’ score or will it double Marsh’s?

  • Forgot to include this is putting VC on Marsh

  • Will Mennie play this round and who to pick out of Paris and Lawford

  • Christ accidentally put C on Ross and gets 50x 2= 100, I’m a lucky man

  • I have the following options for VC tonight and C tomorrow…who should I pick? (I am using the loophole)

    Vice Captains: Ben Cutting OR Kumar Sangakkara

    Captains: Brad Haddin, Aaron Finch, Darren Bravo OR Nic Maddinson


  • plz confirm O’Keefe status… is he gonna play in 4th round?