Mad Monday – Ep. 56

Another NAB AFL Fantasy season has come to an end with Roy on top of the world winning our league premiership. The boys review the year that was and look ahead to the Match Day games for the first weekend of finals.

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  • Thanks to everyone who has listened this year (and are still listening).

    Next week we start our look at each clubs – starting with the bottom six I believe… the best players, the surprise packets and who we should have on our watch lists for next year.

    The structure is TBA… any ideas would be nice in the comments!

  • Here are 4 players I’ll be watching over the summer,
    One from each position
    Defender: Rory Laird
    Mid: Lachie Leale
    Ruck: Callum Sinclair
    Forward: Kane Lambert

    • Oscar I can see you aren’t taking any risks with your picks.

      All the players you have named have been good this year when they played, so what you are telling us: we already know.

      Btw all those players will cost over 350k next year and some will be over 400. How are you stating anything other than the obvious?

  • Should have been looking at Lachie and Rory this year! …no good next year no the cats outta the bag. Gawn over Sinclair, and Lambert will be a Mid only next year I think.

    My locks for next year will be Big Stef, Adams, Titch and Rocky. I don;t think you can start without those 4 in 2016.

    • Those were people who are not too expensive, not super premos and all except Sinclair I had most of the year

  • Personally I made too many risky picks this year so will get the “reliables” (Like Hibbo haha)
    But i’d take a look at Yeo for sure as when he plays that mid fwd role he looks set for some nice scores and with Brown Mckenzie Schofield Mcgovern Barras i’m confident he won’t be put down back
    Also Lachie Hunter as only two avg scores non vested and will be priced well below what he is capable of

  • I think most of my pre-season thoughts may settle after the drafts/trade period later in the year.
    My current locks – of the guys I didn’t have at all this year:
    Titchell, Gawn, B Ellis, Adams (if he keeps his DPP), Kennedy (Syd)
    Of the guys I had at some stage:
    Yeo (if he keeps his DPP for DEF),
    Of my Keepers:
    Neale, Rocky, ?Goldy – probably too expensive to start, D Martin

    Still looking for that gold nugget to keep in the backline. The defenders were a mixed bag this year.

  • I feel like everyone has to start next season with at least 2 Gold Coast midfielders as if they are all back and firing each of JOM, Prestia, Swallow and GAJ could easily average 100+ and they will all be heavily discounted due to injuries.

    Brad Crouch and Libba will be locks as well if fit for round 1.

  • To make it 5 years in a row my first picked will be pendles, just gets it done. Then it’ll definitely be rocky + stef (not going to cheap out on the rucks again, belly and leuey have scarred me), last year i watched Neale smash it in the last few rounds and figured he may have a breakout this year, so am thinking that may be the case with someone like Sam Gray next year, interesting prospects

  • Give it a rest. Talk about the AFL finals and not who you are gonna pick next year. Your decisions will change 100 times over before your guys get injured before round 1 and you change them yet again.

    Sounds like a bunch of chattering hens.

  • Hey @Warnie

    Why don’t you take your hat off during the 1st video show next year?


  • AFL don’t pay enough for that, Milan.

  • Looks like Mr 5000-rankings is back trolling