Grand Final Lockout Chat

Discuss your teams in the comments as we head towards the full lockout and during the Grand Final. Unfortunately no rolling updates today, but follow all of the relevant twitter feeds for the late mail you need. Feel free to post the late outs, subs and any other news (with credible sources) in the comments. Don’t troll!

Be sure to pick your Moneyball teams in the Saturday Slam… guaranteed $2K prize pool (plus the $1K Super Saturday contest). Gotta be in it to win it!



  • Ranked 2nd for the round so far!!!! Score of 2522 with Shaw to play and Dick being on my field. Midfield has gone crazy with JPK (119), Hanners (117), Lewis (110), Barlow (136), Priddis (129) and Selwood (140). Also been nice to have tommy mitchell, stef, kelly and the bont this round. Moved up 6000 spots in the rankings!

    • also forgot rocky’s 298 as captain!

    • awesome mate. Similar in my midfield with Captain Rocky, Barlow, Selwood, Hanley, Kennedy and Sloane. Though had a pretty decent back line as well with Mackie, Kelly and Gibson, Newnes alright and Houli my new trade in with my other trade in Picken only getting 70. Also, Stefan Martins 152 and Titchell’s score also helped:)

  • What a crazy round. I’m ranked 523 so far for this round and I have over 2.5 Million dollars worth of players on the bench. I was forced to trade 2 and still have Mcveigh, Swan, and Duncan who I couldnt get rid of due to forced trades sitting there amongst other cash cows I couldnt sell due to forced trades for the past 4 or 5 weeks.

  • I’m starting to see the slight stupidity in putting so much effort and mental energy into something that’s largely out of your control. What’s the point in busting your nuts all year getting to the Granny when it’s played in a week that’s literally a roll of the dice? Even the deepest possible bench you could have is still no match for 10 out of your 30 players being rested, in the week most of play this game to try and achieve.

    Will they introduce 4 trades instead of 2 for the last round of the season? Not in a million years as 90% of their clients are already done for the season so they couldn’t care less how your league final goes.

    • The guy who runs our league took the initiative and played our grand final last week. Lot less players rested and allows higher scoring grand finals. You can change when you start your finals before the season kicks off:)

  • Well it’s all over. Probably few people will read this.
    1.THE FREO thing should not be allowed to happen again..and that means you too B. Scott.
    @2. At least two of my draft Gfs were against ghost teams.why would you play 20 odd rounds and throw it away. Don’t start if you won’t finish /wastes everyones time.