Grand Final Tactics – Ep. 55

Congratulations if you’ve made it to the Grand Final in your NAB AFL Fantasy Classic or Elite league. We have plenty of challenges this week including a forced Dane Swan trade and the inevitable resting of key Dockers for the biggest round of fantasy footy for the year.

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This year the podcast is a live radio show, broadcast from 6pm in Launceston on 103.7FM, City Park Radio. You can stream it on the website at or by searching for City Park Radio in the Tune In app. If you’re keen to hear more from the boys, they host the Drive show from 5pm.


  • Great job again this year guys – love this site and it plays a massive part in my fantasy football winter, every year.

    Now going into the NFL fantasy season and have 10 spots in my WANFL and looking for 10 coaches who are keen to have a crack at it!

    Go to and follow the fantasy links. Select “Join a League” and enter code 3506933 and password WANFL. Draft is this Saturday morning, 10:30am Perth time. The competition runs through until the end of January, which means it finishes just in time for next seasons AFL comp.

  • Even though I probably come across as a bit of a troll, I live the work you guys do and am very grateful.

    I still think the fantasy website and app are poor, the actual game is brilliant. It’s perfectly designed and it has meant plenty of differentiation between teams. Definitely the best format!

    Would love to see running bounces given a point in the scoring system though. When Adam Saad dashes 50 yards with 3 bounces, surely that’s more impressive than a simple kick?

    • I agree that it would be good to award a players actual impact on the game, as opposed to a shanked kick to nobody for example. Even inside 50s or rebound 50s could be worth an extra point, although then its starting to sound a bit supercoachy…

      and to the DT Talk wrtiers – love the work you boys do on the site!

      • I like the scoring system as it is. Simple, basic stats is why we have always loved Fantasy/DT scoring system over SC – or even Sportal, etc.

        • I am with you all the way Warnie.. been playing Fantasy/Dreamteam for the last 10 years ,, tried supercoach once and did not like the scoring structure … simple is sometimes better

        • I like the fact that efficiency and whatnot isn’t factored in, it’s much better to be able to just watch and know what everything is nice and simple. With that said, I think spoils or the running bounces thing could help bring defenders into actual relevancy, maybe.

  • Great pod again guys. Love your work each week.

    Just thought I’d point out it’s very unlikely the Tigers rest players. If they lose to north, adelaide beats Geelong and the bulldogs beat the lions, then richmond has to play in adelaide week one of finals. In other words, beating north is very important for richmond

    • I think the only player that could ‘rest’ would be Deledio if he’s not 100% with his head after the tackle. He said he has a sore neck, but that could just be the players code talking. I’m sure the Tigers wouldn’t risk him if there is any sign of concussion.

  • Warnie
    Sorry to hear the Dawgs have an unexpected rest this week!!!
    Quick question – maybe next year the finals like SC can be pushed forward a week??
    The HUGE benefit would be that the continual resting of players for the final round wouldn’t affect the outcome of grand final
    Congrats on a wonderful 2015 to all at DTTalk – all contributors to articles are very much appreciated by all

    • Potentially. The default setting could be changed, but I’m not sure how that will fly with everyone. In a way, I like that there is carnage late in the season… makes the two trades per week worth it and for those who have been smart with their benches and decisions should be rewarded. I do also understand how much of a factor luck plays here.

      In saying that, the Fantasy league settings are able to be adjusted at the start of the year by commissioners so you have the flexibility of running your league matches how you would like.

      • Agreed. Bench cover is a big part of overall strategy. As is being aware of which teams are likely to be needing a win in r23.

  • Who should i bring in for swanny in the forward line? choosing between T. Adams, Hall, Gunston, Goddard, Deledio or Wingard?

  • Excellent year boys! Even though this year I haven’t coached as well it’s enjoyable having a laugh listening to you guys. I’m just excited this could well be our last game facing subs… I can’t even remember what it used to feel like without them.

    Never again list: Anyone Ross Lyon coaches!