Preliminary Finals Lockout Chat

Discuss your teams in the comments as we head towards the full lockout and over the finals. Unfortunately no rolling updates today, but follow all of the relevant twitter feeds for the late mail you need. Feel free to post the late outs, subs and any other news (with credible sources) in the comments. Don’t troll!

Be sure to pick your Moneyball teams in the Saturday Slam… guaranteed $2K prize pool (plus the $1K Super Saturday contest). Gotta be in it to win it!



  • @jimothy picken

  • So been forced to trade Hodge and Fyfe.
    Have gone to JPK and Ellis. Any other suggestions?

  • Boyd and Gilbert
    Enright and Higgins/Roberton

  • jpk or gaff?

  • Gilbert and Ellis or Enright and Zaharakis?

  • @cameron Boyd and Gilbert
    @sidney JPK

  • @thomas I would go with 1

  • Anyone considering Roughead for a Unique this week?

  • Is Titchell going to play and if so is he going to miss the vest?????

    • Well he’s named in the 22, and after 40 touches a couple of weeks ago i doubt he’ll be vested.

      • Oh how many times we’ve said that over the last few years!

        I have the same worry. I think my opponent has him too so not the end of the world if it happens.

        • named last on the bench but thats only due to alphabetical order would think jones gets vest from that bench

  • Priddis or Sloane?
    Atm I’ve gone Priddis since West Coast didnt give up a single ton last week. Thoghts?

  • Thoughts on vests for this week?

    I have Armitage and Titch named on the bench along with Atkins (e). Do we think they’re all safe? Titch has me nervous… Rose and Lloyd were the last two Sydney subs, neither are playing. Of their ins this week, only Titch is on the bench.

    Lyons – a good bet to take Adelaides vest ahead of Atkins?

  • who to trade out of james kelly, hibbo, kk, newnes, barlow, bont and blicalvs?

    • Hibbo or KK for mine. The rest have pretty good consistency and better ceilings I think.

    • Tough one,I’d probably go kk since his last month or so’s been pretty average with malceski back. Second choice would be hibbo but he’s got collingwood next week so should do decent

      • alright thanks, would my safest option just be bringing in stef for bont or blicalvs since he’s been pumping out massive tons with leuy out?

  • 1.Jacobs + Hodge to Goldstein + Gilbert
    2. Armitage + Hodge to Ellis + Enright

    pick one

  • I’ve got $450k for a midfield spot. Who will score the most out of Hanley, Barlow and Zaha? I’m thinking barlow, as fyfe is out and he should smash the Dee’s

    • 110, 134, 116 and 149 (oldest)

      The last 4 scores for Barlow against Melbourne. Back to form with 100 last week.

      76 and 90 last two scores for Hanley with 79 and 83 in last two against Hawks.

      Zaha 111 and 131 on Tiges last year but form was a bit different for both teams then.

      So Barlow, Zaha and Hanley in that order.

  • goldy or rocky for Captain?

  • ellis or titchell?

  • which option guys?
    1. bring in stef for blicalvs or move blicalvs to mids for bont
    2. bring in mundy/mcveigh/enright for hibbo
    3. bring in premium mid for bout/barlow

  • jpk or danger?
    opponent has danger

  • Mundy,Picken or heath shaw?

  • Ah Chee or lambo on field

  • I got in Joel Selwood this week

  • Im not sure I want to live anymore

  • Saw Hanners down at Bondi this morning. Assumed they could have been in Melbourne already.
    Anyone know if he’s going to be a late out to rest his back which has clearly hampered him lately??

  • This season ends as it started. Injuries [Swan] and critical late outs [Mitchell]. An even break would be handy.

  • Tarrant at 92 at the half?!!? Now I’ve seen everything.

  • Looks like Spud Spudstein the spud is going to end my season.

  • Did anyone see what happened to A Hall? Why he was limping? He gonna be out?

  • WOOHOO Tarrant, Amon and Downie all on my bench with the E. What I would give for a late out. Please Ross, you have done it before, do it again.

  • Hibberd, Kreuzer. Why this week?

  • I am a WA boy and a West Coast and Freo dual fan. Passionate about WA footy and happy to see both teams do well.

    Although I love my Eagles, when I see Andrew Gaff play he still looks like a skinny weasel. Skinny weasels are notoriously easy to tag. This is why I would never trade him in until he puts on some kg’s. This website goes mostly on the numbers when it comes to the WA teams. I doubt any of these Victorian losers know anything about how the Eagles or Dockers play or have ever watched a game that wasn’t against Hawthorn over East or the Western Derby.

    Goldstein owners, seriously. If you have Rockliff how can you not make the successor-to-Dane-Swan captain after successive 140’s and a solid month of footy after his second rib injury. Learn to realise when it is ok to take risk during the regular season, and when it is time to play it safe. To hear all the complaining now that he produces what he has HISTORICALLY produced makes me lol.

    Don’t worry I’ll be posting my team at the end of the year, just after I win my Grand Final. Currently ranked in the top 1k so if you are below me, don’t bother to respond I’m not interested.

    • Hey climb down from your pedestal. If your ranking is true…………congratulations. it’s nice to stir the pot but sandgroppers have a big clip on the shoulder /that’s why I left 30 odd years ago.

      • He said exactly the same thing last year. No team was posted then and no team will be posted this year.

        • yep..I recall this. And why wait to post the team at the end of the year – why not now? Because he’s an idiotic joke.

  • That being said, my trades were Hodge and Fyfe to McVeigh and JPK. At the time of posting the game has just started so this isn’t a hindsight boasting. The trades were obvious and costed me nothing extra in $. How everyone else couldn’t have done these 2 trades baffles me.

  • I’ll say 1 thing, unlucky for Picken owners, didn’t see that one coming. People who traded in ‘old man’ Boyd over Picken were kissed. Old men break down with calf injuries.

    • You do realise that there are only two weeks to go and that old man just had a week of last week…

      • Milansta thinks he realizes everything. In reality it’s just a bunch of self indulgent egotistical dribble. Don’t know why you bother with him.

  • @Milansta Quite beautiful honestly.
    I am loving your work, keep it up.

  • keeping the faith in Barlow after some down games and producing a 58 point for quarter, love it. Keep this up and hopefully he might get 140 +. Shame everywhere else has been a let down this week. Brought in Titchell and Mackie for Hodge and Yeo so not a bad trade in considering how bad the rest of my teams been minus Rocky as captain:) Jelwood, Swan, Kruezer, Dusty and Bartel! Same boat as a lot I would say?

  • Looking at overall rankings and score for round 21:

    Ranked 3rd for overall score this round (2515) Amanda’s: Bubba’s Bandits (ranked 23rd overall).

    This team had Armitage and Mitchell on the bench. And Luke Hodge on the field.

    Amanda! Whats going on guuuurl? Did you die after round 20?

    • You do realise that in the overall settings they don’t update your team, it is as it was from the week prior so as to avoid copying.

  • @gambler + Stange:

    I recognize you two idiots as typical sheep on this site. Thanks for your standard derogatory comments. Post your teams you jokes.

  • My round score: 2410, look up my team if you like.

    • Why don’t post your team name, you dickless buffoon? You damn well know there’ll be lots of teams with that score.

      Highly unlikely to be your score anyway, as you’ll probably look up someone else’s better team and claim it yours.

    • Milan Franger (Facebook search of your email address).

      2410 this week, nice work. You do realise that your overall ranking is posted next to that? 5173rd overall. That’s not top 1000 like you claimed before.

      • BANG!! How embarrassing finally caught out in the worst possible way. Proof you are nothing but a dirty liar. Not that we really needed it. Seriously how sad do you have to be to come to a DT help site and lie through your teeth hoping that others will respect you? (which they never did). Not just once or twice… FOR YEARS.

        “ranked in the top 1k so if you are below me, don’t bother to respond I’m not interested”

        Well it seems that pretty much everyone who uses this site is ranked higher than you, you deceitful egomaniac.

        Milansta – you are a tool of the highest order. Can’t believe ontop of it you have the gall to call everyone else brainless sheep. Pathetic human.