My Team 2015 – Round 22 – Preliminary Finals

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  • best defender rookie to bring in for clurey (have 165k)?
    mcdonald? z cordy? dick?

    have schade d7 and not happy with his 40s for an emergency

  • Thoughts on how big Josh kennedy will go against the crows?

  • Got $1,122,000 to spend on two mids.

    Option 1: Dangerfield and Ellis
    Option 2: Gaff and Ellis
    Option 3: Gaff and Steven

    Which One?

  • Best player under 527k (any position)

  • maby stevie j, hes been in good form

  • Need a defender and mid/forward for 986k. Who do I get?

  • With only 57k left for second trade Do I:

    Bring in a max 402k player for Lambert such as
    – Hutchings (98 3RA and 120 on weekend)
    – Biggs
    – Ah Chee

    Or go with my original trade of Titchell to Ellis as a unique player in our matchup?

    Or should i just downgrade a bench spot for extra cash for next week if i win?

    Any other options would be a mid/fwd under 402k

    Really stuck pleassssseeeee help

  • @Sidney, Houli and Hall

  • Hey guys please help pick an option!

    1. Hodge & McEvoy – Duryea & Goldy
    2. Hodge & McEvoy – Enright & Sandi
    3. Hodge & McEvoy – Mundy & Kreuzer
    4. Hodge & Simpson – Mundy & Birchall
    5. Hodge & Simpson – Enright & Houli
    6. Hodge & Lambert – Mackie & Greenwood
    7. Hodge & Lambert – Boak & Gilbert
    8. Hodge & Lambert – Ellis & Duryea

    • Goldy will outscore all other options by himself because you HAVE to captain him, are bulldogs even playing with a ruckman this weekend?

      So option 1 for me and Rosa is another option

  • Trade Lambert to a sub 402k player who will be unique or keep him and downgrade a bench player?

    Thinking of Ah Chee vs Gold Coast as my opponent has him

  • Hodge, McVeigh, hibberd, Mundy, newnes, ibbotson (schade, brown)

    Pendlebury, Heppell, Steven, Dangerfield, Sidebottom, Selwood, Rockliff, Lewis (Amon, harmes)

    Goldstein, Jacobs (griffin, Holmes)

    Swan, Martin, Dahlhaus, bartel, Mitchell, knight( Reid, Daniel)

    Thinking hodge to Enright with 140k then could go ibbotson to laird
    Hodge to Boyd then no idea

    Any thoughts would be great

  • Im in a GF this week and the team im up agiasnt is looking like its going to win, I’m brining in a forward, back or mid and i need someone with real x-factor to get that 150. I was thinking like a Sam Mitchell or Roughead with them being down at aurora. Any suggestions on who will go big this week?

    Current Line up is

    DEF: Mundy,Boyd,Mcveigh, Enright, Newnes, Hibberd
    MID: Lewis, Pendls, Redden (trading out), Sloane, Atkins, Lambert , selwood, rocky
    FWD: Swan, Martin, Gray, Mitchell, Bont, Dahl



  • Hodge> Houli

  • what does POD stand for

  • hodge/parker – boyd/ellis or boyd/t.mitchell or enright/any mid

    mids/fwds is have:
    danger, jwood, priddis, rocky, hannabery, sloane, sidey, parker
    dusty, swan, gray, crisp, goddard, lambert

  • have 600k to spend on a Mid, however i want some cash for the GF as i have a good shot in my prelims this week, although i want to have the best possible team as theres no point planning for a Grand Final without winning the Prelim first
    so Which mid should i bring in out of Gaff, Dangerfield or Stevens?

  • DEF: Hodge, Boyd, McVeigh, Mundy, Newnes, Malceski (Clurey, Hamling)
    Mid: Rocky, Pendles, Lewis, Sloane, Goddard, Dangerfield, Selwood, Lambert (Amon, Harmes)
    Ruck: Goldy, Martin (Cox, Holmes)
    FWD: Martin, Swan, Bartel, Gray, Dahlhaus, Knight (Marsh, Reid)
    $161 in bank.

    I know Hodge has to go, but do I double upgrade with sub 500K DEF and FWD like Titchell and Enright or do I do one premo Def upgrade (like Picken) and downgrade elsewhere for next week’s GF. Any advice is much appreciated!

    • if you think you might lose i would get 2 premos enright/titchel, if you think you will win by a decent margin then get picken and set yourself up for next week.

      please comment on mind above

  • Need to replace hodge and fyfe have 200k, thinking shaw and lewis.

    backline boyd, picken, newnes, mcveigh, mundy and HODGE

    Mids danger, priddis, rockliff, neale, steven, lambert, FYFE, wallis

    Thoughts? Have a tough opponent in the semi so I need to get in the perfect trades, he has shaw and lewis so it will help cancel them out if I make the trades