My Team 2015 – Round 21 – Semi Finals

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  • Need some serious help this round

    DEF Newnes, Hodge, Boyd, Picken, Yeo, Mcveigh (leslie Edwards)
    MID Rocky, Danger, Stevens, Priddis, Fyfe, Neale, Barlow, Wallis (Lambert, atkins)
    RUCK Golds Jacobs (downie, phillips)
    FWD Bartel, Martin, Swan, Riewoldt, Gray, Mitchell (knight, reid)

    30k in the bank

    My two options is barlow for cash and move lambert into the midfield to get mundy for yeo leaving me with $380,000 for next round

    Other option is Barlow for sloane, yeo for ryan griffin/hibberd no money left

    • Sorry $208,000 left in the first option

      • Well you have Boyd and Picken so you are going to have to rethink.

      • If you’re okay with fielding lambert for a week, I’d field him and save the cash to upgrade him next week to a premium, which atleast gives you a premium defender, I’d go option one.

        • Was thinking that but the whole boyd picken thing. My opponent has both of them too and he has luke parker so I think Ill do barlow for menzel, boyd for mundy, leave yeo there for now (I hate this!) and but on edwards for picken for this week, picken should be back next week

  • Desperate times, unfortunately have to choose a defender under 450k. thinking either griffen,hibberd or birchall. Thoughts?

    • Tough call, if probably take a punt on griffen, or maybe whichever leaves you the most cash for next week?

  • Opinions on Enright for Boyd? Think he is more consistent than the likes of Houli, Higgins etc

    Have; Mundy Shaw McVeigh Hibbo Simpson

    • I initially had Enirght in as a transfer for Yeo. Downgraded a rookie and got him in.

      Couldn’t afford Picken or Shaw and felt Enright was the next best. Is consistent reliable and an 89 avg is not bad at all.

      I already have Mundy, Hodge, Boyd, McVeigh, Newnes, Yeo.

      No with Boyd gone though…

  • Any advice welcome on the following two scenarios

    1) Trade out Boyd and Yeo for Shaw and Gilbert
    2) Trade out Boyd and Yeo for Enright and Laird


  • What’s happened to Boyd?!?!

  • rested/sore

  • Boyd + Picken…

    … what is everyone doing? Hold or Fold?

    • It’s either Hold or Play Barlow… Probably going to hold.

      • Ouch. If you can win with cover/donut.. drop Barlow.

        I only have Picken but can cover with a fwe DPP moves with Reid or McGuane

        • Yeah I’m going to have to cover Picken with Clurey, I’m pretty sure he will be named for Friday. I Hope. That or Schade who will probably get the call back up from reserves this week.

    • I’ve got the week off, so I’m holding Boyd… my trade plan was to bring in Picken this week, honestly tossing up copping the 0 just to keep to structure haha

  • Lets rank the following to help people with Boyd/Picken

    Enright, Houli, Laird, Higgins, Birchall, Roberton, KK, Griffen

    I am thinking…

    Laird > Enright > Houli > Higgins > Roberton > KK > Griffen > Birchall

    Laird – gun, could get a 70
    Enright – most consistent, old man vest concern only reason he isn’t (1)? (see Stokes, Kelly, Stevie J etc)
    Houli – high ceiling, could burn you
    Higgins – needs goals to score, has difficult fixtures (which are also fantasy restrictive)
    Roberton – Poor last week but been amazing since r8. Huge differential
    KK – Was good, been wank since Malceski came back
    Griffen – who knows ??? Is he better in the guts or off half back?
    Birchall – Hawthorn defence – bar Hodge – are all the same, just roll the dice and hope you get over 80. Good price

    Anyone else want to contribute? Left out Hibberd/Simpson/Newnes because they are pretty standard picks which you can’t go wrong with / people already have. This is best of the rest…

    • John Freed

      Roberton is out, so not counting him. Higgins was injured last week, so excluding him to. Birchall is to inconsistent to be considered. With the rest, I’d go

      Laird, Enright, Houli, Griffen, Kolodjashnij

      Others even cheaper to consider are:
      Z. Williams, S. Gilbert, J. Geary, T. Cutler

  • Hannebery, Montagna or Dangerfield????

    • John Freed

      Montagna, Hannebery, Danger in that order. But my formula has them within 3 points f each other

  • HairyMan

    Looking for a POD (under 10%) MID under 565k. Any suggestions?

    • John Freed

      Robinson, Caddy, Hill, Murphy, Shiels, Treloar, Redden, Smitchell or Thompson.

  • Which 2 do I get out first barlow,picken, yeo, I’m playing in all my leagues this week so I think I have to get rid of Picken

  • John Freed

    Kelly and Roberton to go. Options include

    1. Laird + Griffen/Hibberd/Simpson
    2. Houli/Enright + Kolodjashnij/Griff/Hibbo/Simo
    3. Mundy + Cutler/Smith/Walker
    or play Pearce and:
    4. Roberton + Daniel-> Mundy + Dick (can play Dick over Pearce)
    5. Kelly + Daniel-> Mundy + Dick/Menzel/Freeman

  • Zaharakis as a unique pickup? 5 round average of 86 and plays gold coast this week!

    • John Freed

      I have him. He’s been solid, nothing special. But new coach and good run home would have him good as a cheaper f6. Jump on!

  • Will titch return next week??
    OR will i have to trade parker to sloane??

    NOTE: I am not playing a league game this week (into prelims)
    So i could hold titch if he is playing next week…

    Anyone know any news?

    • John Freed

      “Expected to miss one, possibly two weeks, as it does involve the eye.” (Source: Sydney Swan’s twitter account) Make what you will of that.

  • Glenn – Fantasia
    Parker – Sloane/I.Smith/Ward
    Hold Ziebell play Fantasia on field
    Or should I look at trading Zibell? I am already holding Armo

  • Boyd -> Hannebery
    James Kelly -> Heppell/Goddard?

  • Who do I trade out of Boyd, Roberton and Titchell?

    • John Freed

      In order:
      Roberton- Form slipping and should be able to get someone decent
      Titchell- May miss 2 weeks
      Boyd- Only a rest, will be back next week

  • Hold armitage or trade?

  • John Freed

    Griffen, Gilbert or Hibberd and why

    • Hibbo, he is under-priced for his potential and he is more consistent than Griff or Gilbo

  • which 2 to trade out of boyd, kelly, mitchell, parker, armitage? i have no mid cover, knights as fwd cover and dick and edwards for defence

  • JC

    My opponent will have at least 2 donuts so do I:
    Trade out Yeo and take 1 donut
    Trade out picken/Titchell and have a full team but hold yeo?

    • tempting to trade yeo the other 2 look like they are getting rested and if the case back in next week

  • who should i bring in:

    hibberd or enright

    hannerbery or dangerfield,

    cheers in advance.

  • Parker and Boyd –> Shiels and McVeigh? decent shout?

  • Who goes first yeo or barlow

  • I have the week off in 4 of my 5 leagues so am basing trades around that.

    Boyd, Mitchell, Parker and Kelly all out.

    Holding Boyd and Mitchell.

    Parker -> Sloane
    Kelly -> Gilbert
    Will wear a donut with no bench cover for Boyd this week.

    Who to play out of Fantasia and Marsh to cover Mitchell??

  • So I have Armitage, Boyd, Mitchell, Parker, Rich, and Ziebell…

    Who is least likely (other than Parker) to come back next week?

  • Which 2 to field out of JKolo, Harmes and Edwards

  • Deztroyer

    team is:
    hodge, newnes, kk, mcveigh, picken*, smith (edwards, dick)
    danger, jwood, sidey, hannabery, rocky, priddis, parker*, armo* (dumont, atkins)
    jacobs, kruz (grif, holmes)
    dusty, swan, crisp, gray, titchel*, lambert (daniels, marsh)

    1st trade is:
    parker – sloane

    2nd trade:
    picken – mundy/shaw
    armo – zaha/n.volt/wingard

  • Laird or Enright?

  • Deztroyer

    armo – sloane
    titchel – goddard

    good trades?

  • Who are the best sub-200K rookies this week? I missed some of the carnage and can afford one downgrade.

  • Trades for this week so far are Rich >Sloane(for the 3rd time) & Parker to Bartel via dpp
    Leaves me $71k for next week hopefully

  • How long is armo out for?

  • Deztroyer

    goddard isnt playing. apparently he didnt board the plane.

    REVERSE trades

    who to trade titchel to:
    lids, motlop, adams, reiwolt, bartel

    fwds i have: dusty, swan, crisp, gray, lambert, titchel.

  • Who should I trade out of Kelly and Mitchell

  • DEF: Hodge, Boyd, McVeigh, Newnes, Simpson, Hibberd (Hamling, Fields)
    MID: Pendlebury, Macrae, Lewis, Kennedy, Rockliff, Bartel, Hanley, Lambert (Dick, Amon)
    RUC: Goldstein, Martin (McKernan, O’Brien)
    FWD: Swan, Martin, Mitchell, Bontempelli, Green, Steele (Reid, Garner

    $60k left

    Opponent has Parker, Steele, Boyd and Goddard and no cash. Can I get away with trying to hold Boyd?

    Looking at going:

    Mitchell & Steele to Hanneberry & Ah Chee

    Any other ideas?

    • goddard on plane to goldcoast, could go boyd to enright then mitchell swapping jimmy up forward to a premo mid that you can afford at worst sloan?????

  • Gilbert and Fye/Heppell/Deledio
    Hall and McVeigh/Laird?

    Also, which of Fyfe, Heppell and Deledio or Mcveigh and Laird should I pick?

  • who would you field out of caleb daniel (dogs have 1st gamer in so he could get the sub)


    riley knight not sure of him being a sub


  • Hi guys need help on who to trade out

    1st trade Parker

    Second trade is one of Titchell,Rich,or J.Kelly who needs to be traded most out of these 3

    cheers :)