Finals Week One Lockout Chat

Discuss your teams in the comments as we head towards the full lockout and over round 15. Unfortunately no rolling updates today, but follow all of the relevant twitter feeds for the late mail you need. Feel free to post the late outs, subs and any other news (with credible sources) in the comments. Don’t troll!

Fremantle vs West Coast 

Be sure to pick your Moneyball teams in the Saturday Slam… guaranteed $2K prize pool (plus the $1K Super Saturday contest). Gotta be in it to win it!



  • Titch or Sloane?
    leaning towards titch and already a complete fwd line

  • Devon Smith to J.Selwood or Malceski to Houli/Higgins?

  • fyfe or ellis?

  • Krakouer to Atkins and Heppell to Pendles, Hannebery, neale, fyfe ??

  • Fyfe

  • Too risky to have no DEF cover… and bring in McGuane instead of Dick?

    • If you have Mundy probably, but McGuane is a so much better option than Dick.

      • I moved Mundy to MIDS with Atkins for cover just in case.
        If I need I might go Clurey > Dick next week.

  • Gonna skip on hanners and pendles and go fyfe. Leaves me 200k for next week

  • Oh yeah. 151/6 at quarter time

    • 367/6 at half time. This can’t be sustainable!

      McVeigh 70, Hanners 61, Pendles 50, Parker 45, Titch 84, Swan 57

  • All this handballing of Swan and Titchell is starting to annoy me.

    • Can’t complain ’bout Titch. He’ll hit close to 30 disposals by half time so likely to be subbed off and dropped for next week

      • 21 Handballs to 6 kicks. If this was reversed he would have a ton by now.

        • He’s getting handballs back though, sometimes 3 in a row, and then a kick.

          • Fair enough, but when looking at stats it can get annoying.

            Also as it is finals time now, it is time to be greedy.

  • 301/5 at half time. Good start

  • Tom Mitchell, you da real MVP.


  • Dunny, more like Taylor Adams ruined Parker’s knee.

    Similar to how Anthony Rocca destroyed Bob Murphuy’s leg, and kept him out for a year.

  • My lowest scorer was my captain :(……117 Pendles!

    Mitchell 137 swan 137 McVeigh 125 (just bought in for Browne)

    What a night :D

  • 399/3 What a night! Titch finally gets reward for hard work.

  • Massive start 863/7. Twitch, swan, McVeigh, side bum, hanners and pendles (c)……………. Hope this continues

  • I see Roy is destROYing the bets yet again.

  • 5/748 here with Captain Pendles played. Swan, Pendles, Titchell, Kennedy and my newest trade in of McVeigh:) Probably best start I’ve had in a long time, if not ever:)

  • @ mfawcett : even the sun shines on a dog’s asshole once in a while.

    • been going pretty good all season inside the top 3,000 and was around 700 until the byes that I poorly planned for so for the sun to be shining again…I’m happy:) hope I can keep it up this round as I’ve already moved up over 1000 positions to 1700. I know this won’t last the whole way through but I’m happy with that.

      • Hey mate dont worry about Milansta, no need to explain yourself to him. He’s the biggest f***wit ever on this site by a long way. All last year he claimed to be in the top 100 but never once showed his team. Just a troll who comes here for an ego boost :)


        • Gambler, it is clear what milansta is saying is that the sun occasionally shines on his face.

        • haha Gambler, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

          Albert, Fatknife and yourself give me a good run for my money so shut your yapper.

          • Btw, I dont post my team because that would be Ego boosting.

            If you have such a hard-on to see it though, I have averaged 1967.2 so far this year. Go ahead and look my team up.

            Btw Warnie, your ‘Trader’s’ team only finished 8th in my league by %.

  • Gary Rohan in the best players for the swans, sure he got 2 goals but he had 7 possessions…..Did he tag someone to 0 possessions or something?

    • It isn’t all about the numbers in footy mate.

    • His pace to create pressure and the two goals he scored at critical times were why he was in the bests…

    • Fair enough, I know it’s not all about numbers, but they were VERY low numbers, but valid point

      • Dunno if you have watched a game of footy these days. AFL coaches have spent too much time going to the US to study American Football and are obsessed with ‘yardage’ now. Look at total metres that Rohan carries the ball forward. Then you’ll understand why he was in the bests.

    • Mick Martyn anyone?

  • Colquhoun > McVeigh has worked out well for me, now just hoping Treloar > Hanley does as well because my other coin flip/choice was Sloane who’s tearing it up at the moment!

  • Feeling for those with the C on Goldy. It could be worse, but you’d HAVE to have hoped for more in the first week of the finals!

  • @ Facepalm, Goldy has been overperforming all season. His owners have already gotten more than they deserve.


    • Notice the little “reply” button under comments? No need for @tag.

      Thank you. Given I haven’t been living under a rock all season, this isn’t actually news to me. That said, my comment wasn’t in the context of the entire season; it was about this round – the first week of finals. Thus, the point remains – the C on Goldy this week has been an ill-timed spudnik selection, and I feel for any players that drop out of finals due to it.

  • And that is coming from someone who owns Goldy too.

  • Brought in Spudstein instead of S.Martin and Hannebery. Could get me knocked out. Gilbert a massive bonus though.

  • Massive week unfolding!!
    Hope all u Essendon supporters aren’t too sad LOL!!! Surely Hird has to go!!

  • To be honest I dont think Malthouse should have been sacked. Carlton’s problem is a personnel problem, not a coach or footy department problem. As you can see, Barker coming in has not changed Carlton’s fortunes.

    The same applies to Essendon and all the stress that footy club has been under. To sack Hird for that is a joke. Give him a year without this supplement bullshit over his head to prove himself first.

    Coming from a Blues fan, I suppose you want the worst for Essendon anyway.

    • Malthouse had to be sacked, as he was publicly talking out about the board. The mistake was getting rid of Ratten, as sacking him would be the same as Port sacking Hinkley this year.

      Hird needs to be sacked as well if not just to give the club a fresh start.

  • Who wins:

    Hunter, Bontempelli, Boyd, Neale + 95 vs. A.Pearce, Deledo, Fyfe, Mundy, Barlow

  • Robinson is a beast. 2 weeks ago, my choice was Titchell or Robbo (same price). Scores so far have been 226 vs 281. Robbo was also in the better form, and had a spot in the midfield opened up for him after Beams’ injury. Most people would have gone Titch, but I went Robbo. Goes to show that research and trusting your gut is the best way to go. Now, he better keep up this form, or I’ll look really silly

    • Nice ballsy move mate, what put you over the line?

    • I probably would have made the same decision at that time. Mitchell was my final forward acquisition after round seven given his first three scores, but I’ve considered dropping him more than once. Always had bigger priorities, though.

  • **Milansta & Lachie; totally agree re: Ratten at Carlton!!! Massive improvement in our list needed, but as for Hirdy, well he was implicitly involved in the supplement scandal & it’s all turned to shit on him & the club, so I believe it’s time for him to go & give the club a fresh start!! Plus his players are obviously not “doing it” for the coach!! He’s lost his players, time to go!!!

  • Just drew in my matchup 2395 each….. What does that mean???