My Team 2015 – Round 20 – Finals Week 1

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  • Hodge, picken, Mundy, Boyd, McVeigh, Simpson (hamling, colquhoun)
    Steven, pendles, Lewis, Fyfe, Selwood, rocky, Parker, lambert (krak, harmes)
    Swan, Martin, Goddard, bartell, Mitchell Gray (Reid, marsh)

    Happy with my defence and forward line, just need to upgrade lambert. Also happy with my cover- except f’cking colquoub dropped for no good reason.

    Should I take a punt and being in Neale instead of Steven? Two out of next 4 are at domain, but last is away vs port and also at risk of a rest….

    Should I leave Simpson as my d6 and work on upgrading my bench cover? Or upgrade him to shaw?

    70th overall
    1st for NSW

    • Are you waiting for Lambert to increase in value before upgrading?
      Maybe the better approach this week would be to increase cash reserve for his upgrade.
      Perhaps moving Colq to Barrass would give you enough money to go Lambert > Sloane or similar next week?

      • Hey mate, thanks for the reply…

        I went McKernan –> Reid and Bont –> Neale/Steven. If I had downgraded McKernan and attempted to upgrade Lambert, I wouldn’t be able to afford anoyone worthwhile in my opinion. So i’ve decided to play Lambert and hope that he gets a reasonable score against Richmond. In my opinion he will, as I see Richmond dominated no. of possessions…

        I will either upgrade Lamber next week, or I might continue to hold him as cover and get rid of Colquhoun and Krak for Steven/Stanton/Macrae ect ect ect

      • Upgrading the Bont this week allowed me to have 200k of reserve cash

    • i would go steven. he just seems to be super consistent this year.

      with neale he is a roller coaster. but can monster it up.

      steven just for consistency

    • I vote Neale. Always goes well against the Eagles. 2 Glendinning medals. Ave 117 fantasy points.

  • i.smith – hannabery


    kruz – martin

    • Going by recent averages….

      Kreuzer is most likely going to score somewhere around 80.
      Martin is most likely going to score 110-120 (30-40 more than Kreuzer)

      I.Smith is most likley going to score somewhere around 90.
      Hannebery is most likely going to score somewhere around 115-130 (25-40)

      It’s pretty even… But I’d go with big Stef

    • Agreed. Kruz > Martin will increase your scoring CONSISTENTLY.

      • A warning for those trading in Martin he ave 19 ppg less with a 2nd ruck in the side this season.

  • I’m getting rid of Oxley. I have about $550k to spend.

    Should I get Kade Simpson or James Kelly?

    Aiming to leave behind a reasonable surplus, open to other defender suggestions.

    • Geelong and Kelly are ticking along nicely the past couple of weeks.

      Simpson racked up 31 touches last week but barely kicked the ball.

      Smokey…. Sam Glibert. Scoring pretty much the same as these two guys over the past 3 or so. Would leave you a hefty amount of cash if you take the plunge.

  • DEF Picken, Mundy, Newnes, Hibberd, Simpson, Smith (Clurey, Browne)
    MID Hodge, Priddis, Lewis, Sidebtoom, Rockliff, Armitage, Parker (Glenn, Knights)
    RUCK Goldstein, Jacobs (Downie, Cox)
    FWD Swan, Martin, Bontempelli, Gray, Mitchell, Lambert (Fantasia, Reid)


    I was thinking of a double downgrade this week.

    Glenn/Clurey/Fantasia/Downie > Atkins/Barrass/McGuane/Phillips … leaving me approx $255k for next weeks upgrades (Smith > Premo Mid … etc)

    Or should I be doing something completely different?

    • MD I’m thinking Parker down to Sloane and then you may have enough to get Smith > Kelly or boyd.

      Or just a classic downgrade/upgrade to get Smith out of your team.

      Are you going for league win? Top 4 or Overall

      • Finished 3rd. Good chance I’ll win this week.

        I really want to go Smith > Danger/Premo Mid next week (via Hodge DPP).

        Is it a waste going Parker/Armo to Sloane?

    • Ur team is pretty strong so maybe a double downgrade is a good idea to help with having Smith and Lambert on field next week.

      other option Smith to McVeigh??

  • Hi guys need help with second trade.

    1st trade Mckernan to Holmes leaves me with $242,000


    • You have plenty of options mate… which is always good.
      A couple to consider:
      1. Krakouer > Reid/McGuane as you have no FWD bench cover
      2. Rich/Smith > $500k+ DEF
      3. Throw Burgoyne into DEF and upgrade Rich/Smith to gun MID… perhaps Sloane at discounted fee.
      4. … you have a heap of options to improve your DEF

      Any trade to improve your DEF is going to improve your side.

  • DEF: hodge, shaw, newnes, yeo, malceski, Colquhoun (Maynard, clurey)
    MID: pendlebury, picken, ward, Parker, ebert, mcveigh, selwood, rockliff (lambert, Boston)
    RUC: Martin, kruezer (mckernan, Naismith)
    FWD: gray, Martin, Mitchell, Bartel, bontempelli, Swan (Daniel, Steele)

    Want yeo and colq out.

    Option 1: armitage and hunter via a few dpps leaving $5k
    Option 2: Atkins and Boyd leaving $59k
    Option 3: sloane and j.kelly or hunter leaving $5k

    Can anyone spot anything else?
    I am not opposed to fielding lambert for the week either.

    • Personally i consider Malceski more important to get rid of than Yeo. You never know what role Yeo will get and he might bounce back (however unlikely). Malceski, on the other hand, has been spudding it up all year with only 3 scores over 80.

      • Good point. That restricts my options. Would mean I premo and a rookie and field lambert. Or sloane and hunter. Thoughts?

  • Hey guys. Any thoughts on possible trades?

    DEF: Hodge,Mundy,Yeo,Hibberd,McVeigh,k.Kolodjashnij (Browne,Byrne)
    MID: Lewis,Hannebery,Priddis,Ellis,Neale,Ebert,Rockliff,Steele (Atkins,Glenn)
    RUC: Goldstein,Kreuzer (Downie,Holmes)
    FWD: Swan,Martin,Gray,Mitchell,Dahlhaus,Lambert (Knight,Fantasia)

    $4k in the bank

  • what premo midfielder should i get less then 550k. I have Hannebery,Pendles,Rockliff,sidebottom, armitage, heppel and parker


    DEF: hibberd, mcveigh, smith, malceski, birhall, hodge (Kolo, Clurey)

    MID: parker, selwood, ebert, hannebery, dangerfield, neale, cripps, lewis (walsh, knight)

    RUCK: jacobs, kreuzer (king, nankervis)

    FOR: martin, mitchell, gray, lambert, dahlhaus, swan (freeman, leuenberger)

    CASH: $82,000

    Want to sell leuenberger and malceski but don’t know who to get.

    • I did think leuenberger to reid and play lambert and go malceski to pickem leaving me with $50,000