Round 19 Lockout Chat

Discuss your teams in the comments as we head towards the full lockout and over round 15. Unfortunately no rolling updates today, but follow all of the relevant twitter feeds for the late mail you need. Feel free to post the late outs, subs and any other news (with credible sources) in the comments. Don’t troll!

Be sure to pick your Moneyball teams in the Saturday Slam… guaranteed $2K prize pool (plus the $1K Super Saturday contest). Gotta be in it to win it!



  • Caution to the wind is thrown…

    Welcome aboard Gunston and Wingard, may your kind fixtures and small forward prowess propel me into the top 1k.

  • None other than Rocky captain against the no-tag Suns.

    Will push 150. Check back here tomorrow for the I told you so :P

    • I’m actually backing Martin to outscore him but bottled it and went with Rocky just in case of the 180+

  • Can Fantasy Freako stop talking about freakin Ryan Griffen all the time?

  • Brandon Ellis!!! A massive 7pt 2nd half so far!!! Thanks *#%^!!

  • Has Brisbane been on free to air ONCE this season?

    I have 0 recollection of how Rocky kicks or what he actually looks like on field.


  • “Campo says Rory Atkins “gives us something different”

    Oh the irony

  • NicNat out has destroyed any chance for me winning my RDT game, no back-up and had other issues such as Beams and Wines to deal with which took priority:(

    • How inconsiderate of him to screw up your meaningless fantasy team while he indulges himself grieving a relative.

    • I didn’t realise the reason why he was out guys. Thought it was an injury from what little I had heard initially from some guys at work through the grapevine. No need to be so harsh? At work and just saw what the reason was so yeah, actually do feel quite bad for a comment I can’t edit. Thoughts are actually with the guy.

      • Yeah it’s a bit harsh but this whinging about late outs is really tiresome.

        Firstly, injuries and late outs are just part and parcel of the game and people need to learn to just accept that, get good bench cover and not have a hissyfit everytime they lose a player.

        And secondly, do you not think it’s pretty bad for these young guys to be having shoulder surgery, breaking ribs, fracturing cheekbones etc? These guys bust a gut to play this sport for our entertainment and for someone like Wines, this injury could majorly impact his chances of becoming one of the best players in the game. The guy must be devastated. And yet on here people are just moaning about it because it affects their fantasy teams, and at the end of the day fantasy teams are just a bit of fun.

        Having said all this, I don’t know why I’m such a hostile prick. Trolling is just in my DNA I suppose.

        • Even though you’re a “hostile prick” what you said is right on the money.

  • Is there a EPL fantasy league code for dreamteamtalk?

    • Yeah mate, go to this weeks Weekly Wash Up article and Matt has given the code there.

  • Why the fuck is Colquohn sub after last weeks 3 qtr effort.

    • Yeah I know. Hinckley seems determined to crush the souls of all the kids at Port.

      • I played him over Maynard cause I thought he was a shoe in and a better replacement for wines then impey. Hope they get flogged now haha

    • traded out Smith instead of Colquhoun as I thought that was the better choice. Karma coming to bite me hard.

  • OINK!!

  • Was Taylor Adams injured or just decided to spud it up today?

  • Will AFL FANTASY update sam Jacobs score from 99 to 103 after lockout?
    Once a game is closed off, do the scores have to be open again to be changed

  • Funny how pretty much the 2 best fantasy players play for the worst team in the AFL

    • I love these two guys. First two picked next year regardless of price.

      • Especially if Matthew Leuenberger gets traded.. yes !

        Goldy / Martin ruck combo, set and forget.

  • I agree Bobby, jacobs is still sitting on 99 and won’t update. I even tweeted AFLFantasy but no reply !

  • Does anyone know what the situation with Malceski is at the moment. Is he injured?

  • Absolutely kissed on it this week. I was going to trade Wallis to Selwood all week then got drunk before lock out and decided to go Nic Nat to Martin!

    Extremely lucky, although this all really is irrelevant and my condolences go out to the Naitanui family.

  • 1797/17+C Can’t wait to rage trade Yeo

    • 1882/19+C Can’t wait to get rid of McKernan who is on the bench with Nankervis!

    • I did this week…. Unfortunately it meant I had to play Colquhoun…..

  • Just a general fantasy question, who has the highest celing?

    • Aaron Sandilands. His house was specially built for him.

    • Highest individual Dream Team scores, 2000-present, current players (modified from FanFooty)
      Player Year DT
      Lance Franklin 2012 204
      Brent Stanton 2012 193
      Brian Lake 2010 192
      Gary Ablett jnr 2012 190
      Tom Rockliff 2014 190
      Leigh Montagna 2013 189
      Dane Swan 2012 187
      Joel Selwood 2009 185
      Jimmy Bartel 2005 183
      Pearce Hanley 2014 182
      Tom Rockliff 2014 180
      Joel Selwood 2011 178
      Josh J. Kennedy 2011 177
      Gary Ablett jnr 2015 176
      Mark LeCras 2010 176
      Gary Ablett jnr 2011 175

  • #Gunstein

  • Wish I had of left the C on Goldy!!!

  • Another scalp for Ben Jacobs. Nathan Jones restricted to 46. Making sure to never captain a player against NM.

  • Instead of upgrading Edwards had to use my second trade to replace Franklin and have Edwards as D6 with no emergencies…..Well luck is on my side I guess :)

  • 2307 with just a half from newnes left :)

  • Pushing 2400 even with Ellis, Parker, Heppell, Barlow and Yeo spudding it. Could have had a real big one this week :(

  • Worst round I’ve ever had. Malceski, Colquhoun, Heppell, Parker, Priddis, Lambert, Gunston, McVeigh. Had to undo Montagna trade last minute thanks to Deledio.

    • Same as you mate: Malceski, Heppell, Lambert, McVeigh, Simpson, Nankervis (forced to field), Gray