The Weekend Wash-Up – Round 17

“I hate this game and everything it stands for.” I’m sure that echoes the thoughts of most coaches who experienced Saturday’s pain. Of course there are always a select few who dodged the bullets, if that’s you feel free to walk away and make yourself a coffee. The rest of us have shattered our mugs, what other choice do we have but to vent? It’s time for the weekend wash-up!



7 legends. Yes, seven.

Gunston (161) – This monster score got someone over the 1010 point mark in Match Day! Gunston as captain? I initially laughed, then remembered my ranking. Surely earned himself a Christmas card!

Hodge (140) – I had to gather in my troops for an emergency meeting. It lasted 10 seconds. “This boys, is what a real legend looks like. That’ll be all.” This score is his fourth game in a row over 120, giving him a 3 round average of 140. A few years ago, if a bloke was averaging 116 we’d be locking them away in the Dream Team hall of fame. The fact that Hodge gets mentioned so little proves we’re spoilt if anything, perhaps the Gods are handing out some deserved karma. If you’re being serious about Fantasy, you have Hodge.

Dangerfield (138) – BEAST. It would’ve been nice if Danger had his breakout season during the previous 3 years I’d owned him, but he’s awesome to watch. His tackle numbers allow him to score consistently, we all knew he could go huge! An uber premium for years to come, you get the feeling he will decide some Fantasy finals as a unique this season.

Lambert (94) – Bit of self promotion here, but I saw this coming! Sort of. He has been slowly building up to AFL standards, most importantly Hardwick rates him enough to start him every week. He even runs on the ball! I had him on my field this week in anticipation of this 90, can’t understand how no one else was onto it. (It was complete ass.)

Picken (136) – Are you prepared to be blown away? Picken has average 116 since moving into the midfield in Round 4. That is the second most of any player (Behind Jack Steven). Yes, more than Goldstein. He hasn’t just had a breakout season, he has blown it out of the water. Sadly I opted for Boyd a few weeks back, as good as he as been this season I’d much rather be a Picken owner coming into finals.

Sidebottom (130) – Ok Steele, you’ve earned my faith back. Perhaps we’ll put his poor month down to building his fitness base. That or he was just diseased by my squad, either way he looks cured now. The Man of Steele (Still a better name than Ant-Man) was ripe for the picking last week, and still is.

Priddis (142) – This bloke is a legend if there has ever been one. He won’t be the biggest scorer between Round 18-23, but you know what you will get. I can’t say that about most ‘premiums’ these days! An awesome unique to have.

Boyd can sit out this week and have a good hard think about last weeks actions.



14 losers. Yes, fourteen.

Docherty (56) – I heard Docherty and premium in the same sentence this weekend. I know there’s been some shocking scoring this season but come on…

Ablett (22) – Christ. What is there to say? Yes I traded him in, yes I made him captain and yes I had a semi when he was on 22 in just 10 minutes. Gaz was going head to head with Danger and was on track for 140+. Jesus was finally back to his best, it’s just cruel. Hopefully he returns next season 100% fit, at this stage he will be priced at an average of 95!!!

Pearce (37) – It’s good to have you back Clancee. Who kept him? Too much of a good thing is never a good thing!

Deledio (72) – I feel awkward for putting a score of 70 into the losers, but we can’t get soft. Deledio isn’t quite in the top premium bracket for this exact reason, his role will mean he has quiet days. He’ll average 95, nothing more nothing less.

Gray (67) – I actually passed up on Gray as I thought Port would move him up forward too often for him to break the 100 average barrier. I was made to look like an idiot at the start of the season, and now I have been made to look like even more of an idiot after getting him in for Buddy.

Ziebell (61) – As soon as you think Ziebell could be coming into Fantasy contention, he’ll shove that optimism where the sun doesn’t shine. Potential should not be mistaken for reality. How’s this for a stat, Ziebell hasn’t hit 30 disposals in his last 71 home and away games. That dates back to Round 17, 2011. You can’t expect massive fantasy returns based on that!

Rockliff (53) – This… Wasn’t great. I don’t want to be too harsh on the superstar, but 30 possessions in 2 weeks isn’t a good look. Sure he got tagged, but that’s not the Rocky we know and love. Are his ribs still hurting him? We’ll find out soon enough. Don’t do anything drastic!

Oxley (38) – I hate this game. Oxley’s head was right on the chopping block, then he goes and pumps out a 110. I didn’t mean to be greedy by holding him, a 70 would do. What happened left me apoplectic. How can a player be so irresistibly good one week, then become a human crab the next. He deserved his vest and has seen his last action at my club. Forever.

Paul Roos – Sometimes I truly believe Roos is trying on purpose to make the game look bad. Melbourne are a trainwreck, it turns out crap football stopped winning you Premierships 10 years ago.

Armitage (73) – Has the bubble burst? I can’t say if he was tagged or not, but recent scores suggest that Armo’s short days as an uber premium are over. He has gone over 120 just once in his past 10 games, which now includes 3 scores below 85. Ripe for finals selection, or no longer a top 8 mid? I’m willing to say the former, so pen him down as a no go zone.

Vandenberg (27) – Thank god this wasn’t earlier in the season…

Hogan (43) – He’s a key forward, don’t test your luck or the Gods will rightly punish you.

McVeigh (66) – Sydney could not handle the Eagle’s forward pressure, which ended up hurting McVeigh’s scoring. Sydney have an easy run home and face Adelaide next week, I’m going to switch up my tactics and pick a player on the fall. It can’t do any worse than my trades this week so why not. He’s great value as a POD going into finals. Better than Oxley anyway…

Mitchell (41) – Ok, stop right there and put down whatever your doing. Do we need to start a petition? #FreeTitch? Surprise surprise Mitchell comes on in the final quarter (Why did it take so long?) and lays 5 tackles, has 10 disposals (3 clearances and 7 contested) and Sydney level up the game. Probably co-incidental, even so Mitchell should not be in a vest. Can another club please go and rescue him from Longmire’s wrath! Perhaps Mitchell’s a cat man, that can get under any man’s nerves…

Steele JUST avoided a bake thanks to his previous 2 weeks… And his last quarter.

The Mark Stevens


There wasn’t too much that caught my eye this weekend. Aside from the fact that there was 37 goals in 1 game of football! Was there any Essendon or Port Adelaide staff at the game? How can we have 2 teams scoring over 100 points in the same match. The game is in disarray!!! A few more and we might have to consider changing the rules to reduce scoring… OR, we could acknowledge how great it is to have such an even competition and enjoy the rest of the season. Worry about drastic rule adjustments in the off season.

I should probably touch on the ‘Boo-gate’. I was there, and there is no way these boos are intended to be racist. To be honest, the only reason they exist is because we make such a big deal out of it. Most just boo’d to join in, others did it for a laugh. Some remember back to 05′ when he put the Eagles to the sword. Of course it’s a terrible look, but nothing to do with racism! The sooner we move on the better.


Nominations time, thankfully there was some shining lights this weekend. Get voting!

Picken – Picken owners, don’t let him down. He has you all in his backpack! A stubby could lessen the load.

Hodge – How do you bounce back from a 52? 120, 148, 133, 140, that’s how. Winner of my vote this week, daylight second.

Dangerfield – He is a captaincy lock when playing at the Adelaide oval, what a pick for those who took a massive risk on him. Would be a worthy winner.

There is only 3 nominees this week, these three blokes are carrying the weight of Fantasy addicts around Australia. It would be nice to see some other faces step up!

Who will get your vote?

This Game Sh*ts Me



Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 12.30.33

The Other Bits and Pieces

beams tears


So… There isn’t much I need to say. I thought about losing my collective sh*t, but what’s the point? I was catching bullets left, right and centre and I wasn’t even the worst hit. The Gods have taken no pity this season, and it’s becoming crippling. I managed 1936, which was actually acceptable in comparison. I think I’ll leave it at that. Or with this.



  • RULE CHANGE NEEDED FOR 2016!!!!!!!!!
    A few years ago Heath Shaw caused the introduction of the very useful Reverse Trades button It is time the Grand Poo-bahs of Fantasy Football brought in the GAZZA RULE.

    The Gazza Rule would be simple and would cover situations that arise weekly, far more frequently than the Heath Shaw situation arises. The Gazza Rule would state that should a player for any reason (injury, being vested, whatever) fail to play at least, say, 30% of the game (I’d actually prefer 50%) he is deemed not to have played and the emergency’s score and, in the case of an injured captain, the vice captain’s bonus would apply. Of course, where there is no available emergency score, the original player’s score would have to apply.

    And yep, I am one of those who brought in Ablett last Friday and put the big C on him. Here’s what we Gazza-philes were penalised for that decision:
    – If we assume that Gary would have scored 100 points for a full game (well below par for him), that’s a loss of 156 points, captaincy included. My team is in 5 leagues. Only 2 of my opponents had Ablett and none had him as captain.
    – We have wasted a trade.
    – We have also suffered a $19k loss in his price (not counting any increase in the price of the player we would have brought in if we had not chosen Ablett).

    If the Gazza Rule had been in force I would have got my emergency’s score (Riley Knight 49) and my vice captain’s bonus (Hodge 140), a total improvement of 145 on the 44 I got for Ablett. The Gazza Rule can’t help with the wasted trade or the lost cash, but it can go a long way to helping with the lost points. To emphasise the need for this rule, I also had Tom Mitchell who was green vested (when is this guy going to get the message and seek a trade to some club where he will be appreciated?) and scored 41 in exactly a quarter. The Gazza rule would have given me an extra 27 points for McKernan.

    So if you like the thought of the Gazza Rule to cut down the luck element of Fantasy Football and to increase the skill factor in cases of first half injury problems and vest use, post a reply below to tell the AFL Fantasy boffins “We are tired of it and we won’t take it any more.”

    • Get over it mate. The guy had played 5 games in a year and has a dodgy shoulder. Yes I know it wasn’t his shoulder that he hurt but when you bring in a player like that he carries certain risks. Same with Boyd, Buddy, Rocky etc.

      If copping injuries bothers you go play a different game. It’s part and parcel of fantaay. Plenty of premo mids out there who play 22 games every year who are fit and fresh. I’ve gone without Hodge and Boyd all year because they are big injury/rest risks. So far it’s killed me as they are monstering it, just a decision I made. I also went without Rocky and Ablett due to injury history this year. Again just a decision I made.

      I know you already quit the game once this year so just save us the sob story or man up and get over it. And no, don’t change the rules please AFL, some of us actually enjoy having many different factors to consider when making trades.

    • Wow! Epic post. Feeling better now that you’ve vented?

    • Oh and Tom Mitchell? Huge omission/vest risk. Everyone knew that and that’s the risk you take for having him.

      News for you, there will be huge carnage over the next few weeks. Those people who have overpaid for premos and neglected their bench are about to get rooted. Those people who aren’t paying attention to which teams will be fighting for positions and less likely to rest players, will likely get rooted. Part of the strategy of what makes the game so good.

    • Copping a crap score for an injury is just bad luck… and reality (Gold Coast were equally hurt by losing their captain). I had Gaz as captain too. Oh well.

      The vest has to go though, and that’s not due to Fantasy. It was never a good idea, and the (flawed) rational for it being introduced has been repeatedly disproved. Looking forward to a vest-less 2016 where we don’t have fit players sitting in a red vest unable to replace players with actual injuries.

    • Oh, please you would have been ones of the people crowing all last week about bringing him in and getting top score… well as they say a week is along time in footy… and now you want to change the rules for taking a chance and it not working out…

    • Knee-jerk. It’s part of the game, what happens if your emergency scores below the player who played under 30% (Or 50%!)? Could have happened with Mitchell. Too hard to implement and agree that often you need to understand a players injury risk. Mitchell is a vest risk, you can’t complain. Can’t always have the best of both worlds! Most copped Gaz’s injury, just unlucky. That’s why we vent!

    • I understand the people who say this is part of the game but this rule change would reduce the role luck plays which I can only see as a good thing

    • I reckon thats a good idea mate but i think 30% of the game is a bit much. I reckon it should be below 20-25% or there would be too much of the “Gazza Rule”.

    • If it happens probs only like 5 or 10 % game time

  • On Goodesy, the boo’s are not because the crowd is racist!! Adam Goodes is a flog, nothing more, nothing less. Thats why he gets booed every week. Love the wash up btw

    • I agree, but surely it’s time to put the booing to bed. Whether people boo with racist undertones, it’s discussed every time it happens and therefore a better result would be to just cut it out.

      I’m not a huge Goodes fan as a player for the reasons some are suggesting the boos are for but seriously, there are bogans in the community that will initiate boos for the wrong reasons. If the jeers aren’t taken in the right way from Goodes and it affects him, then we as a footy community should get over it. At the end of the day, it’s now bullying…

      As Matt said, the sooner we move on the better. I guess Boo-biaco was always going to be like that! Haha.

      • Everybody doing the same joke is funny isn’t it? At least when you’re desperate to belong.

      • the media idiots will not let us move on by their need to keep highlighting this…

      • Its actually pronounced Boob-iaco.

        Go for a stroll down Rokeby Road in summer and you’ll know why……

    • Exactamundo

  • Scored 2300 last week, then this week… 1725.. So when does next season start?

  • Surely there’s a shout out for Marc Murphy he is killing it

    • And Roberton. Probably a bit unique. Probably a bit of an understatement.

    • There’s a lot of Murphy fans! I included him last week due to popular demand, now you want more! He has been awesome, however scoring at his price level now.

  • So I need to trade gaz and was thinking picken and use the remaining 30k to upgrade Parker.
    Or I could trade gaz for sloane which gives me cash to trade Steele to bartel.

  • Had Gaz C and Beams and Titch but still got to 1946. Must be a few more legends. Maybe Lambert for those of us who had him as EMG for Beams

  • Is it just me or does that last photo look like Warnie? ;)

  • that Lambert score came out of left field. still, he is getting traded out this week.

  • Not really left field. He is put up some of the most ridiculous VFL numbers of the last couple of years and is now just finding his feet at Richmond. As a Richmond supporter, he is best 22 and has great job security. He will become a very important player for us, and is not a flash in the pan.

  • When are the new DPP’s announced?

  • Hey Matt, any FPL leagues of yours I can join? Finished in the top 3k last season and actually won the DT Talk league! How’s your team coming along?